"Adult Stories" the adventures of a lonely housewife

Adult Stories the adventures of a lonely housewife
My pussy doesn't disappoint you and it's as wet for you as it's ever been because I've been fucking you in my mind for days and I'm finally getting you all to myself.

We pull up to the hotel almost at the same time. I look at you through the window and you can see right threw me just by looking in my eyes! We get out of our cars and start heading towards our room.

You keep your eyes down behind me looking at my ass like you're mentally planning everything you're going to do to me. 

The walk to our room seemed like forever and we couldn't get there fast enough. By the time we reached the room, we were both so anxious to have each other that as soon as the door opens, you slam it shut with my back as you stick your tongue down my throat. 

The way you kiss me makes me melt and I know I'm powerless against you. 

While holding me against the door with one arm, you wrestle to get your pants open with the other. You've been wanting my mouth around your dick all day, so once you're finished and your pants hit the floor, you take your tongue out of my mouth and slide me down the door to my knees. (Sex Stories)

I grab your back to stop myself at your chest and raise your shirt over your head. I circle my tongue around your nipple, sucking it and gently biting it because I know it turns you on and the more it turns you on, the hornier it makes me.

 You need my mouth elsewhere, so you continue back sliding me down to my knees and greet my face by rubbing your dick all over it and letting me kiss him hello. 

You're so hard right now, that the next time your dick circled back to my lips, you put him forcefully in my mouth while using the door as your mattress as you start to fuck my face. I can tell by how hard you're going in and out of my mouth what you want me to do, but I don't want you to leave my mouth yet. 

Without stopping, I guide you to the bed on my knees while my mouth continues pleasuring you and you fall back when we reach our destination. I pull off the rest of your clothes and get right back to you. Your dick tastes so good in my mouth, but I want more and you're definitely thinking the same thing, so you push my head down further between your legs to exactly where I want to go. 

My tongue glides down your balls and I suck on them as I pass them on the way to your ass. (XXX Stories)

"Dammmnn baby", you say to me 

as you grab my head while my tongue explores every inch of your ass while my hand strokes your dick at the same tempo I would imagine it going in and out of my pussy. It feels so good, you let my head go so that I'm free to lick and suck wherever I want. While I'm going back and forth from licking and sucking you, you pull my body towards you so you can rub your fingers in and out of my pussy at the same time because you already know you have me drenched in excitement. 

My pussy doesn't disappoint you and it's as wet for you as it's ever been because I've been fucking you in my mind for days and I'm finally getting you all to myself. 

You can tell how bad I want your dick inside of me because of how I move up and down while you finger me, so you throw me on my stomach and give me what I want. I feel every inch of you slide inside of me and my pussy wraps around your dick tight like you've never been inside of me before. 

Your dick is so big, filling up every inch of my pussy and hitting every spot perfectly, that my legs and body start shaking immediately as I cum all over you. 

"Fuuuuucccckkkk you feel so good baby....damn", I scream.

I bite my bottom lip and then beg for you to fuck your pussy harder. The more you fuck me, the more you feel me cum and you feel it pouring out of my pussy, down my leg, and all over your dick, like you're diving in a pool every time you enter me. 

The way you're making me moan and scream your name turns you on even more and makes you grab my hair and fuck me even harder and faster ensuring that anyone close to our room would hear who's pussy it was being fucked. Then you realize that your making me yell so loud has drawn an observer that's watching us threw the slight crack in the drape of the window....