"Adult Stories" Gina's Education 2

Adult Stories Gina's Education 2
Marcy told me "Roy you can't cum in me, you have more ladies to service." I pulled out and got up and went to the redhead who was cleaning Toms cock. She had medium size breast with light purple nipples, nipple rings and a cute little pussy. I noticed another guy between Gina's legs and he was only 5 inches but he fucked her like a dog in heat. I could see cum being pushed out of her pussy with every stroke.

Since our sex life was improving and Gina was starting to open up sexually I need to implement part 2 of my plan.

I play golf with a friend near Birmingham and Tom and his wife our swingers. They are both in their 40s though attractive and well of financially.

He has sandy brown hair about 6' 190 and in great shape. Marcy is about 5-9 long auburn hair slim small tits with a nice body. After golf I had gone to there house a few times and swam with them, she looked awesome in her scantily clad swimsuit.(Sex Stories)

So I told them about my wife and what we did at the adult theater and how I wanted to get her into swinging but we needed to be patient with her. They have a regular dinner at the country club on fridays so I took my wife and arranged to be seated with Tom and Marcy. My wife seemed to enjoy it and she took Gina aside and told her they were having a pool party at their house Sat. at 11 and a cookout would she like to come?

She talked to me on the way home and asked if I would like to go to their house for the party tomorrow. I said sure but if we go I want to pick out the swimsuit you will wear.

" No problem" she said.

The next morning we showered and started to get ready when she asked which of her bathing suits did she want me to wear. I pulled out a skimpy 2 piece lavender  thong and handed it to her. 

"That not mine" she said. 

"Yes it is I bought it for you last week and kept it hidden until now." I replied.

I could see the wheels turning in her head 

" I might as well be naked as wear this."she said

"you will look so sexy and beautiful in it i am sure all  eyes will be on you. I smoothly replied. 

" I am going to wear a wrap around until I feel comfortable" taking her own small stand. 

"No problem" I said.

We drove their and parked, there were about 4 other cars so I assumed about 5 couples would be there including Marcy and Tom. Marcy meet us at the door and kissed me on the lips and hugged me then did the same for Gina. She lead us to the pool were Tom was grilling stakes. All the other guest seemed to know each other but they all came over and welcomed us.

Marcy asked would we like a drink?

"Beer for me and a wine cooler for Gina." I replied as I sat on a lawn chair and Gina sat in between my legs on the same chair. (XXX Stories)

We all started to get our stakes and eat and Tom and Marcy sat next to us and asked if we like the party and if we knew anyone there?

" Other than you too, no one." We had small talk as we finished our meal.

Looking around I noticed people starting to get in the pool, but they were with different partners.

 " Are you ready for a dip in the pool to get refreshed." Marcy asked Gina.

" Yes we are" I replied 

Gina stood up and removed her wrap and all eyes were on her. She looked so sexy. Marcy took her hand and led her into the pool and Tom and I followed. I noticed Tom had a hard on looking at my wifes ass as she walked and so did I. When we were in the water I put my arms around her and started to rub her pusSy through her thong while my cock was rubbing against her ass.

Someone nbsp;said ok girls loose you tops and they ladies took off their top except Gina. I untied her top and pulled it off and threw it out of the pool. She covered her breast with her hands. I put my hands down into her thong  and started to play with her pussy. She turned around into me removing my hands as she turned.

I took my hands and pulled her thong off as I picked her up and started to french kissing her,  kicking her thong away. now she was totally naked with 10 other semi naked people around her. Marcy came up behind her and put her hands on Gina's breast as she rubbed her naked pussy on her ass.

" You are so beautiful and sexy."  She whispered in her ear 

She took Gina's hand and I took the other and lead her out of the pool. We were joined by Tom who impressive cock 7 inches and very thick was sticking straight out. We laid Gina on the lounge chair and Toms cock was in her face and she reached for it and kissed the end of his cock. Marcy let go of her other hand and got between her legs as she kissed first her inner legs and worked her way to her pussy lips.

I could see she was enjoying this so I went behind Marcy and rubbed my cock against her pussy. She raised her ass to make it easier for me. I am 8 inches uncut and thick. Her pussy was so wet so I easily started to enter he . i was in for a surprise as her pussy muscles started to squeeze my cock. I looked up and noticed that Tom was filling her mouth full of cum as his cock head was deep in her throat.

I also noticed everyone was around us watching. As soon as Tom's cock popped out of her mouth another guy started to put his cock in. Marcy turned around and pulling my cock out as she got up. She took my hand and led me to the next adjacent lounger. Another guy with a 9 inch pencil dick was inbetween my wifes legs sticking his cock into her. Tom had another lady suck and clean his cock. She was a red head with a pale body and a small patch of red hair above her pussy.

She had noticed the guy entering her pussy and looked at me. Marcy turned to her and said this is the way we initiate new people and they will each have a turn with you. 

I was fucking Marcy and her pussy was loose but when she clamped with her muscles it was so good like being milked. I noticed Gina was getting into it she was breathing harder and when he came in her.

She she was having a huge orgasam after orgasam . 

Marcy told me "Roy you can't cum in me, you have more ladies to service." I pulled out and got up and went to the redhead who was cleaning Toms cock.  She had medium size breast with light purple nipples, nipple rings and a cute little pussy. I noticed another guy between Gina's legs and he was only 5 inches but he fucked her like a dog in heat. I could see cum being pushed out of her pussy with every stroke.

I love redheads so i thrusted my cock in her tight pussy even though there was a lot of resistance. 

" Don't cum in my pussy please when you get ready to cum put it in my ass".She said.

Damn could this get any better. I looked over and Gina was moving all about lost in pleasure. I have never seen her have more than one orgasam before. The 5 inch guy in her came and the last guy was getting between her legs. he was a huge guy about 6-5 and a cock to match. It was about 11 inches thick as my wife's wrist. she was fixing to have the stretching of her life. 

I couldn't hold out much longer between fucking a awesome redhead and seeing my wife about to take 11 inches was more than I could take. I really want to let me cum explode inside her but I thought not now so I pulled it out and lined it up with her ass.

I could tell this is how she usually fucks becouse her ass took my cock easly and offered no resistance. Three more strokes and I was planting my seed deep into her rectum. This must be how she gets off because she let out a small squill and had a huge orgasium.

As my cock shriveled I looked over and saw the 11 inch guy's cockhead stretching gina's pussy as she gripped the lawnchair until her knuckles were white. He puched more into her as gina was starting to cry. I knew her pussy would never be the same but I was happy she was finally learning to take a big cock.

He was slowly pushing more into her but could only manage about 8 inches. He started to go in and out and I could see the tears in her eyes. He started pushing more into her with each store until  after about 5 minutes she had taken it all in her petite pussy. I saw her stomach bulge as his cockhead flared and shot his seed deep inside her. 

Marcy came over and took my hand leading me toward Gina as he was taking his cock out.

The next part of the initiation is you need to clean you wifes pussy as she cleans all the guys cocks that came in her. 

then she needs to lick your cum out of our pussy and clean our pussys. She was so full of cum and it didn't taste too bad. All the guys were being cleaned by her and when she finished them the ladies stood over her and she had to clean their pusy as they rubbed it in her face.

She must have really liked it because she was going at it . When we had finished  each came over and said welcome to the group.

On they way home she asked me do they meet every week?