"Adult Stories" Hard Drive

Adult Stories Hard Drive
I asked him for more! More! Fuck me!!!!! He obliged with a change of direction which made me eyes almost pop out . I could feel his thickness rubbing against the inside of me i hadnt felt before and at the same time he slid a finger into my ass which I panted at furiously .

I had been with my first boyfriend a total of 7 years . When I met him I had barely turned 18. 
I was innocent, fresh-faced and had only really kissed a couple of guys . 

He was only a year or two older than me and whenever we were together, if he wasn't busy cheating or fighting, the sex and stuff was pretty bad and I was just too scared to leave him . But we did have our moments when we would argue and he would disappear for days without contacting me - and I eventually found the guts to take advantage and live a little .

When I was 19, I was a little thinner than I am now . A very healthy size 12, 5 foot 6 inches tall and fair skinned with medium length straightened brown hair . I wore a head band which I guess made me look a little younger still but I was always smiley and still lived at home so I had no responsibilities .(Sex Stories)
I had always had big boobs . Almost overnight in high school,I went from being flat chested to having the biggest boobs in my year - it certainly felt like that - and now in my last year as a teenager i was a very noticeable 32G . I worked at an italian restaurant in the city centre about 20 hours a week . 
I wore a white blouse with a short black skirt and black tights and little cute black flat shoes . 
And one day, after a pretty big bust up with my boyfriend I had gone into work looking absolutely furious and had no patience for anyone .

It had hit about 4pm on the Friday, it was just starting to get busy and I was getting the bill for a guy who had eaten by himself . Looked like a business type but I hadn't noticed him really . When I returned with the tray of mints and his bill, he introduced himself . 

"You don't look your normal smiley self" he said, hoping it wasn't an awkward remark . "I'm Tom" he said and waved without taking his wrist off the table.(Erotic Stories)
"Oh Hello" I replied, taking a second for my brain to kick into gear before realising he had been in a few times recently, not always alone. 

"You look like you could do with a drink or a day off or something" he giggled trying to make me smile.
"One of those days Tom" I said back forcing a grin and fixing myself a little . Tom was about 30, cute, well dressed and a little shy from what I could see.
He was a nice guy and he wasn't shouting at me so I liked him . "Listen, you're really lovely and I've been in a few times recently and the food tastes better when you bring it" at which I giggled . "I'll leave you my number and if you wanna go for a drink or just get away for a couple hours, maybe you might wanna give me a call or a text or something" he offered looking very nervous and fidgeting with his credit card . 

"I have a boyfriend" I said slowly, but then jotted down my number on his receipt and handed it to him . "Well for the time being" I smiled and started to walk over to the next table . 

I looked back as he was leaving and he turned and waved . I took a huge deep breath when I went back round behind the bar after taking the next order . I had never done anything like that before . It was kinda exciting and by the end of the night I was hoping to check my phone and see that he had messaged me . 
He had ...

We spent the next few nights over the weekend exchanging text messages, the odd picture and by the Monday night it started getting a little personal and a little naughty but we were both holding back what we really wanted to say.

 On the tuesday night, we arranged to meet up and go for a drive heading out towards the lake . It was a summers evening so it was still warm enough and the sun was nice and low . The lake would be much quieter at this time as well so we could have a nice walk around without the hustle and bustle of kids and bbq's and general noise of an otherwise tranquil setting . 

My boyfriend still hadn't bothered to call either and for all I knew he was in a ditch somewhere - but I didn't have that kinda luck . I heard the beep of the horn just after 7pm and I strode downstairs and out to the car . I was more excited than I let on over the phone so you should have seen Toms face when I appeared down the driveway in a little pair of white wedged heels, a short denim skirt and a white knitted off-the-shoulder see-thru jumper and visible black lacey bra underneath . I stepped into the front passenger seat.

"Hi" I said enthusiastically . Toms jaw had dropped and he tried to force out some sort of words but I started laughing and smacked his arm . "Stop staring!" A few short moments passed and as he drove off he managed to string a sentence together . 

"Wow those legs! Those umm...other clothes" he giggled "You look amazing!"

I thanked him and didnt say much as we made our way on to the main road but I could see him checking me out at every opportunity . My legs were nice . I had really smooth skin and nice narrow thighs which were accentuated whenever I wore heels.
I didn't think I was all that attractive but I tried to make an effort and his reaction told me I had done well . Totally different from my usual work clothes or the harry potter t shirts and leggings i normally wear . I wasn't one for fashion .

We had a nice evening walking and talking around the lake . I never told him about my boyfriend but I had intimated I was open to taking risks and living a little more . Hence, why I was out with him . We returned to the car just as it was getting dark and without warning he pinned me against the side window and started kissing me .

 He could clearly take a hint . He was quite tall . About 6'2, rough hands, very strong and fit but never mentioned hitting a gym . He was as old as I had guessed and he was very forceful but passionate in his kissing . I was immediately turned on . He ran his hand through my hair and kissed my neck, softly biting it and ran his other hand down my left arm and then down the side of my thigh.
He moved back to the lips, kissing me nose to nose and slid his hand up my skirt round towards my bum and I slapped him away playfully and pulled away from his lips .I shook my head as I bit my lip and ran my hand down his firm chest, down to his belt which I tugged at teasingly before stepping to the side and getting back in the car . I sat in the passenger seat, breathing quickly, butterflies in my belly and I could feel myself getting wet as I subconsciously ran a finger around my right nipple through my top - which hardened as I done so . 

Tom got back in the car, turned on the engine - "Hometime??" he asked . 

I shrugged my shoulders and looked at him seductively (or so I thought)  . "Yeah"

We must have been doing 70mph when I reached out and put my hand on his which was resting on the gear stick . At the traffic lights, I grabbed his hand firmly and placed it on my thigh and spread my legs open a little bit then looked at him . I felt so wet, it had taken me 15mins to work up the courage just to do that . 

He massaged my thigh for a few seconds then ran his hand down the inside of my leg towards my knee to which I gasped at the sensitivity and he ran his hand back up under my short skirt and gasped himself . "Fuck!" he said with eyes wide open alternating his view between the road and me . 

Tom had felt my soaking wet pussy . Unobstructed . I moaned ever so slightly as his fingers pressed against me gently . He started to ask a question but I just told him to look in the glove box at the next set of lights, at which he found a little black lacey thong falling out into view .

 I reached over and ran my hand down his jeans at the crotch and felt him so stiff like a little tent . He detoured around the back of a housing estate and parked on a dimly lit side road between a row of gardens, neatly fenced off and a row of trees separating the main road from us . I immediately kneeled up in my seat and pushed him back, reaching for the lever under his seat which I pulled, sending him backwards away from the steering wheel and giving us more room to maneouvre . He ran his hand over my breasts as I removed his belt and undone the buttons on his jeans . 

I told him we didnt need to go to the lake and he had just wasted time before yanking down his jeans enough that his cock flopped out to join us .

He was really hard . Thick . Veiny as well . But he wasnt huge . About 6 inches . I had only seen 2 guys cocks before him so I didnt have much to compare it to . 

He tasted good though . I wasted no time taking as much of it into my mouth as I could . Lots of saliva and wanking him as I sucked the head which he loved . I slowed down a little as I got comfortable . Nibbling at the tip . I had put my thumb in my mouth to lubricate it and I massaged his big full balls with my thumb as I sucked on the first inch or two . 

Tom kept referring to me looking so cute and innocent waitressing to now being such a good little slut taking his cock in my mouth with my pussy clearly visible out the side window underneath my short denim skirt which he had reached over and hiked up so he could grab my ass.I giggled but kept his cock in my mouth as I forced his whole cock in my mouth, gagging when it hit the back of my throat and sitting up to take a breath , Saliva ran down from the side of my mouth as I asked him if he had many 19yr olds sucking his cock in his car . He didn't know I was 19 . This made him even hornier . He sat up and pulled his seat forward . His cock still upright and out in the open . Sit back . We need to go somewhere a bit more rural .

The car wheels spun as he took off down the road like a race car driver and turned up into a dirt road towards a farm , he sharply turned left and stopped at a gate .

 He told me to get out the car . He did straight away . The view was amazing. We could see all the way over to the airport and the trees and shrubs behind us blocked the view of the farmhouse . He marched round to my side of the car and pointed to the view before pushing me down on to the bonnet of his car on the passenger side. 

My jaw dropped as he hiked up my skirt and ran his middle finger right along the length of my pussy and slightly fingered me before I felt his cock pressingup against me and enter me slowly . It felt like he was stretching my tight little pussy . He forced it in and put both hands on my ass pushing my cheeks up and away from each other and began fucking me . Short, sharp jolts of cock deep into my cunt . I, like every other girl on the planet, called out for God . 

My breathing became more intense as as I felt the warm hardness penetrate my little pussy . Harder and Faster . I could feel tingling sensations run right through my spine and around my shoulders and down my legs to my knees . I asked him for more! More! Fuck me!!!!! He obliged with a change of direction which made me eyes almost pop out . I could feel his thickness rubbing against the inside of me i hadnt felt before and at the same time he slid a finger into my ass which I panted at furiously .
My fingers extended with the rush of electricity through my body . I had never felt like this before and I never thought about opposing what he was doing . I could hear him moaning . Amazed at how tight I was . He grabbed my hair and pulled me back towards him . A little rough but this was insane . 

Cum inside me I demanded . Cum in my cunt Tom I repeated .

 After a few short bursts I felt an incredible fire inside me . His cum was so warm . I felt it fill me up as Tom roared with orgasmic relief . I just wanted to collapse, my knees felt like jelly . my body writhed with pleasure until my orgasam swept away and Toms cum soothed my need.

 I fixed myself up and sat back in the car with the door open . I could feel dribbles of cum trying to escape so I slipped my thong on and closed the door .

When Tom dropped me off, he asked to see me again . But I said nothing . Smiled . And got out the car . I walked in round the back door about 11pm . 

My dad was just walking out with recycling . "Hey kiddo . I didn't know where you'd gone so I just let that idiot boyfriend of yours wait upstairs" I just smiled to myself . 
"Oh okay Dad, thanks" and I walked up the stairs into my bedroom and closed the door behind me .