"Adult Stories" Jessica & I

Adult Stories Jessica & I
It was a muggy summer day. Jessica and I were outside. We had been sunbathing when we noticed the  rain clouds rolling in. Sure enough... a few moments later heavy rain drops

Sure enough... a few moments later heavy rain drops fell on us. We ran around the front of the house and under the awning. We watched as the front yard flooded and the driveway become a steady stream of water to the ditches. (Sex Stories)

It wasn't long and the storm passed. We decided to run around the yard and play in the puddles. 

Splashing and hoping from puddle to puddle until we reached the backyard. There we saw the largest mud puddles we had ever seen that day. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to toss mud at each other. Eventually we were both so covered in mud, we had to go in for a shower. 

We both dropped our bikinis on the step of the side-door before we headed inside straight into the bathroom. She rinsed first. I watched the dirty water run down her breast. She had full breast. They sagged a bit. Her nipples pointed downward, but still those breast were amazing. They looked so soft and her nipples were a bright pink color. The dirt ran down her breast and onto her stomach. 

She had a scar on the front of her stomach from where she had surgery as a small child. Regardless she was still quite a vision to see even covered in mud. 

Finally the water ran off of her clean enough to switch places. My breast rubbed against hers as we switched places. I kept rinsing until the water was clear enough for me to open my eyes. I felt her arm brush against my hips as she reached over for the soap. She rubbed the bar all over her two hands and worked it down her body for reaching over and rubbing it all over me.

I giggled as she stepped closer to me. My heart was racing so fast. She stepped closer again and leaned in to kiss me. I closed my eyes and knelt down to kiss her back. Her lips were so warm. I couldn't pull away and I didn't want to. I pushed up against her and her back to me. My hand cupped her face and the other moved up her curves to her breast. Her hands grabbed my lower back and pulled me closer to her. She was grinding on me. Our kiss was growing more passionate. (XXX Stories)

My hand that was on her breast moved down her stomach to her pussy. I cupped her labia and slid a finger inside of her while my palm rubbed her clit. We continued kissing and rubbing against each other. Her hand eventually found its way to my pussy. My pussy flushed juices all over her finger. I stopped and moved down to my knees. Shoving my face in her pussy. Licking her. Tasting her. My first taste of pussy that wasn't my own.

She was sweet. Her lips so soft that they were almost creamy. Her clit grew with excitement  as I sucked on it. The shower started to get cold on us. It gave me goosebumps and made my nipples so erect that they were painful. 

I held out for as long as I could, but it eventually got too cold and my knees started to ache. I stood up and reached over to cup her face; kissing her before I shut off the water and stepped out to dry off.