"Adult Stories" Katie Learns How to Please Black Men

Adult Stories Katie Learns How to Please Black Men
I have been seeing a married teacher from Greenville, Al , who is a submissive. She is about 5 ' brown curly hair with big breast and a full figure. She is married to…

I have been seeing a married teacher from Greenville, Al , who is a submissive. She is about 5 ' brown curly hair with big breast and a full figure. She is married to a 6-4 guy who has a 4-5 inch hard pencil dick that can't satisfy her, but she tolerated it till her daughters were grown. Now she is starting to explore her wild side. I am the first cock to make her cum, mine is 8 inches and a very thick uncut cock. I have been training her to use all her holes and do what i tell her to. Tonight i am going to take her to a club which is almost all black.    

I decided to have her wear a short black leather skirt that comes up  half way to her knees. Next she had to wear a white tube top to cover her large breast. She isn't allowed to wear any underwear. I placed some nipple clips on her breast and tightened them tell she screamed thank you.  I made sure her pussy had been freshly and completly shaven. Then i had a surprise for her as i let her open a small jewelry box which held gold nipple clips.(Sex Stories)

Taking off the nipple clips to let the blood rush back into her titties i proceded to suck each nipple. Close your eyes i instructed her. Then i took out a pointed metal tool which is used to put a hole thru her nipples. I put some iodine on the tool and stretched her nipple with my fingers, then taking the point and pushing it thru her nipple. She gritted her teeth but didn't scream. I moved it around stretching the hole but leaving it in as i saw a drop of blood form on her nipple. I took out the tool and then pushed the clip thru her nipple then tighted the ball on the end of the ring. I did the same thing to her other nipple.

Now its time for you next surprise, i am taking you to a club for some fun. We drove to the club and the first thing she said was, why are all the people black? Just do as you are told bitch! She didn't know at the time the bartender was a friend of mine and almost anything was allowed here. We went to a table and my friend sent over 2 drinks of jack and coke. She doesn't drink, but i told her to drink it all in one gulp. My friend had arranged for several of his friends with huge cocks to come over and ask her to dance.(XXX Stories)

 The first black guy was about 6 ' and he took her by her had and dragged her to the dance floor. She looked at me pleedingly, but i just smiled. As they danced his hands were all over her, first under her skirt playing with her ass. Then he had his mouth on her breast while pulling her into his hard cock and rubbing it against her. He lead her l toward the back wall , placing her back against the wall. Take my cock out he orderd her! She unzipped his pants and out popped a 11 inch snake. She got on her knees and sucked it taking most of it down her throat. then he grabbed her by her sensative breast and made her stand as he pulled her skirt up.

 Placing the head of his cock against her pussy lips he shoved it hard into her. She grabbed his head and started to kiss him as he worked more of his cock in and out of her pussy. she wispered in his ear yes, i love it. fuck me i need your cock. Most of the people in the bar had stopped dancing and were watching them. Katie was in a state of please as she was moaning and cumming very hard. He cam and pulled his cock out and left her there aginst the wall.

 Another black guy came over and pulled his cock out and placed it against her puusy as he entered her now cum filled pussy. He fucked her till he had all 9 inches in her then pulled it out. Turn around bitch he said. He pushed her legs apart and placed his cock against her little puckered ass hole. Without being gentle he forced his head into her ass and pushed it all the way in. Katie screamed and struggled put she had nowhere to go. He kept fucking her ass harder and harder till he filled her ass with his cum.

I could tell Katie was spent so i took her to her seat as some people clapped. I gave her another drink, but i didn't have to tell her to drink as she did it willingly. I made her suck my cock until a blak lady approached us and asked if she would lick her pussy. I said sure so Katie had her first taste of black pussy as the lady sat on the table and Katie licke her pussy til she cam.