"Adult Stories" My Wife Cheats with Another Woman

Adult Stories My Wife Cheats with Another Woman
My wife dropped to her knees and started to lick Helen’s smooth bald pussy. I could see her lips were pink and parted. Alice licked and sucked on each lip and then started to lick Helen’s clit in small little circles - not unlike what sends Alice off when I have the pleasure of eating her. It didn’t take long before Helen’s body shook

My late meeting was cancelled so I headed home early to take my wife out to dinner. I didn’t call her as I wanted it to be a surprise.

When I got to the house and I couldn’t find Alice, my wife of 15 years, anywhere. My daughter was getting ready to go out with her friend.

“You seen mum?” I asked.

“Dad, you’re home.” she said giving me a hug.

“Yep, I knew you going out so I wanted to take Mum to dinner.” I said.

“Well go over to Helen’s next door - she drops round there a lot when her husband goes away.” I gave my daughter a hug and headed over to Helen’s and Brads place.

Brad was head of sales for an international water company and traveled quite a bit. Sometimes Helen went with him and other times she stayed home. I would often walk in and Alice and Helen would be sharing a meal and a bottle of wine or two.( Sex Stories)

I got to the door, knocked and waited. Knowing the house was large I tried the handle planning to pop my head in and give the girls a call. It opened.

I walked into the foyer and heard the TV.

I walked to the kitchen - the usual hang out for the ladies and didn’t see them. I noticed a pile of clothes scattered about the room. They included a sundress Alice had been wearing that morning. I walked back to the hall and headed up the stairs.

It was when I got to the top landing I heard the unmistakable sounds of my wife Alice cumming. She was screaming. Loud.

“Yes eat me baby, eat my pussy like a good little girl. You know how mamma likes it!” she yelled.

“Mamma?” I thought. I had never heard her call herself that even during sex with me. She was always submissive. But her tone showed nothing of it right now.

“Suck it yes! Suck it! Oh fuck I cumming again! Ooooohhhooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk” she yelled again.

I was in two minds.

I felt cheated yet totally turned on at the same time.

My mind raced with a million thoughts. Did I bust in? Did I scream and shout? Did I walk away and pretend it didn’t happen? All these possibilities ran through my mind.

I walked closer to the door - it was part the way open. Enough for me to see the full length double mirrors that covered their wardrobe beside the king-size bed.(Erotic Stories)

Alice was lying back propped up on pillows naked. Helen was head down on her pussy sending waves of pleasure through Alice’s body.  She was naked as well and very fucking sexy.

Helen was 28 much younger than her husband Brad who was 45 like myself. Her skin was white with freckles on her arms, legs and face. Her hair was long, red, bright and full of life.

I must admit that maybe one or twice I had looked at Helen longingly as she lay by their pool, which is directly under my study window. Her breasts were pert, smaller then Alice’s but my mouth always watered when I thought about sucking and biting them. Her body was what you would expect with a woman of leisure who lived at the gym.

I pushed door open just a little and I swear the door creaked so loud that Miss Miller at 32 would have heard. But it didn’t stop the girls they were in the pleasure dome and totally enjoying each other.

Alice patted Helen’s hair softly, tenderly even as Helen continued to eat her pussy.

“Baby.” said Alice. “It’s my turn. But first have you been a good? Did you do what I told you to do?” She asked.

Yes Mamma, I’ve been a good girl. I did what you asked me to do.” She replied.

“Well show me then.” Alice beckoned.

Helen jumped up of the bed. Her body, now in full view, was amazing. She was toned all over, her pussy was bald and her nipples stood erect. My mouth started to water and my man tool grew hard.

I watched as Helen pulled out a bag. In the bag was a dildo and a harness.

“Well that is a good girl.” said Alice jumping off the bed and meeting Helen half way.

“Thank you Mamma. I will take good care of it for you as well.” said Helen.

“Well let’s see how this goes. Baby put it on me.” said Alice.

“Yes Mamma.” she replied and started to fit the strap-on dildo to Alice.

My meat throbbed so hard I couldn’t believe what I was seeing my wife who obeys every command and loves it was dominating this beautiful exotic woman. I unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out.

My hand found it instantly and I started to pull slow and very deliberately.  My pants dropped to my ankles and I stood there watching and enjoying the pleasure that I thought only I knew how to give.

“Ok baby on the bed. Mamma wants to fuck you.” said Alice, smacking Helen’s ass as she turned.

“Ohhh yes please!” said Helen eagerly, she ran and jumped on the bed bouncing with excitement.

“How do you want me Mamma?” asked Helen, rolling around the bed spreading her legs wide. She settled into doggy position in the middle of the bed.

“No baby, I want to see your face as I slide inside you. I want to watch as it fills you and see the pleasure I’m giving you. I also want you to see me, your Mamma, enjoying her baby.” she said.

Helen crawled to the end of the bed and laid with there with ass perched right on the side. She had her legs closed and bent. Alice walked to where Helen lay and stood in front of her.

“I’ve been looking forward to this Babe. I thought it about it all week knowing Brad was away and Mike was working late. I knew I was going to have you. I see that you were looking forward to it as well.  Are you ready?” she asked.

 “Yes I’m ready, please! I’m so ready for you.” Helen replied.

Well let me see said Alice as she opened Helen’s legs slowly.

She took her time and looked at her delicious body. My wife standing there admiring, no lusting at my next door neighbours wife almost sent me over the edge.

“Let me see.” said Alice.

She slid two fingers inside Helen’s pleasure place and started to work them in and out slowly.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhh thank you! Oooooohhhhhhhhh thank you!” moaned Helen.

“Hmmm… I know what you need Baby.”

Alice dropped to her knees and started to lick Helen’s smooth bald pussy. I could see her lips were pink and parted. Alice licked and sucked on each lip and then started to lick Helen’s clit in small little circles - not unlike what sends Alice off when I have the pleasure of eating her.

It didn’t take long before Helen’s body shook  

“Mammmmmmuuuuuuuummmmmmaaaaaaaaa!” she moaned. “Pllllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee” she grabbed the back of Alice’s head and forced her face into her pussy and bucked until the wave rode past her gasping and moaning as it went.

“Ok baby you’re ready now.” said Alice.

She stood up and slid the big black strap on dildo into Helen’s nice tight pussy.

“Oh it’s hard - it’s so fucking hard. Mammmmaaaaa.” She screamed. That’s a good girl keep your legs open for me.

Helen strained to open her legs wider and I could see by the look on her face that this was a challenge. But like the good girl she is one she was more than capable of facing up to the challenge.

“Yes that’s good. Do it Mammma. Do it to me. Fuck me! Fuck me with your cock! Fuck meeeee!” Her words are louder with each second and each pump of the black rubber that was invading her womanhood.

“Oh Baba! You are such a good girl!”

“Good Girl! Good girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll aaaaaaarrrhhhhhggggggggggg!” Helen screamed and a mind shuddering orgasm peaked and exploded thought her body. Alice continued to pump her body into Helen’s and Helen continued to scream.

“Yeeeeeeessssssssss aaaaaaaagggggrrrrrhhhhh fuuuuuccckkkkkkk aaaarrrrrggggggggggggghhh!” Again and again the pleasure waves crashed over her like an endless break crashing to the shore. She couldn’t speak, just scream and moan.

“Oh babe that is so good babe.” Shouted Alice over Helen’s moans.

My hand worked furiously on my shaft it was harder than when I was a teenager. I rested against the wall to hold me as I pulled and pulled. I wanted more. I want to be the one inside Helen not a bit of plastic. But I held back.

Alice had stopped pumping and had come to rest inside Helen. Her big, black, thick toy penis was still deep inside Helen’s well ploughed pleasure tunnel.

“Play baby! Play with your clit for me.” Alice demanded.

Helen’s hand went straight to her pussy. She scooped up some of her own pussy juice and started to rub her clit soft and slow to start with, then she started to tear into it. She rubbed her clit hard and fast her face now full of concentration.
“Ohhhhhhh fuuuckkk! Oooohhhhfuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk!” she looked Alice straight in the eyes. “Mamma that’s good. Am I a good girl Mammma?” she pleaded.

“Yes baby. You’re Mamma’s good girl.” Alice replied.

With this Helen dropped back on the bed and her fingers continued to work her clit as the pleasure of unbounded lust blew up inside her.

Alice noticing that Helen had left the planet and headed to the land of lust started to work the dildo back in and out of her again taking Helen to another level altogether where words were meaningless and pleasure reigned.

She fucked her with her strap on for a while until the last waves subside and Helen lay spent on the bed. Sweat was dripping of both their bodies.

Alice unclipped the dildo and it fell to the floor she then fell next to Helen.

“That’s was… Ohhhhh, it was…” Helen said.

“Exhausting” Alice finished.

I quietly tiptoed away. I’ll be coming home early again...