"Adult Stories" Naughty in San Diego

Adult Stories Naughty in San Diego
I tried to sit up and look back but it was dark. I saw a figure of this guy with his pants down rubbing his cock. Then he asked for a condom. Once on, he went behind me and started to drive his raging cock into my wet pussy.

I went home for Thanksgiving to see my parents and my little sis who was getting divorce. It was a nice family meeting, although most attention was on my sis who is three years younger than me with kids.

My mom only questioned me about when I and my boyfriend were getting married again. I answered no to all of her inquisition. They took photos of us together and I hammed it up by pulling up my skirt a little which upset my dad.

Then Sandy came over on Friday.

She's is my old college friend that seemed to bring out the naughty side in me. We had been BFF throughout college but only see each other once a year. She has always got me in trouble. In fact, it was her that took me to a TKE frat party when I was in college and lost my virginity there with three guys who took turns with me.

Even though I was depressed about it for weeks later, I came to realize that I actually liked it. So we decided to go out Saturday night to the Gas Lighter District. I used to be shy and innocent and dress conservatively, but I'm now the hot girl.

I wore a short red dress, halter top that tied around my neck and nothing underneath. I guess I should mention that we are both over 30 and I'm 34c-23-35, 5'5" and 108 pounds. She's now divorced with three kids and not skinny anymore, but does have long blonde hair and big boobs. She was in pants and a loose fitting top.(Sex Stories)

Sandy took a photo of me sitting on her bar stool, as I pulled up my skirt for the photo. When I did, she laughed and said,

"Thanks to me in college, I see you have finally changed from being so innocent. I guess I know what you want to do tonight."

She told me that she hadn't had sex since summer. So we were now trolling for a couple of horny guys. We left at 7pm and had a nice dinner at Jolt'n Joes. It was a sports bar and the guys seemed a little younger.

After some time flirting with no success, we went to a place called The Stage. They had a line to get in but the doorman saw me pulling up my skirt and he let us in. Once inside, all I can say is WOW! It was DJ music and crowded. A couple of guys smiled at us but we went for a drink instead, which was the only one I bought myself all night.

Then we hit the dance floor.

We danced, drank and flirted with a lot of guys, but none of them turned me on. After some time, we went to pee and that is where we ran into a couple of handsome marines. More drinks and dancing and the next thing we were up in the very private Penthouse section with lounge couches and hidden areas.

Tom took me to a couch and we kissed. It wasn't long before his hands were up my skirt. When he found that I wasn't wearing panties, he probed my pussy as I moaned in bliss. Oh yes I wanted that so very much.

Then he took me to a darker hidden area.

With the loud music blasting, he put on a condom and I sat on him with my top untied and breasts in his face ridding him like there was no tomorrow. It felt so good enjoying his cock buried in me that I came with a few orgasms right away.

After some time, he told me to turn over on all fours.

My face was buried in the cushion, my ass propped up, as he entered me doggy style. Holding my hips and pumping me, I moaned in ecstasy as he created another orgasm. Then suddenly he stopped and pulled out. I felt him squirting his semen on my bare ass. Reaching back, I touched the sticky goo and rubbed it into my ass.

As I did I heard him say, "Babe you're still seem hot and horny, so I few of my marine buds are going to enjoy that hot cunt you have. You are very beautiful and your cunt looks so inviting. I hope you are okay with it."(Porn Stories)

I tried to sit up and look back but it was dark. I saw a figure of this guy with his pants down rubbing his cock. Then he asked for a condom. Once on, he went behind me and started to drive his raging cock into my wet pussy. As he put it in me and with me moaning in pleasure from feeling him, Tom bent over to me and said, "Babe I hope you are okay with a few more guys fucking you? If not, we'll stop."

So what was I to do? I love pleasing military guys who serve our country and I was still very horny from too many Martinis, so I moaned, "Oh Yes it feels really good!"

He turned back and said to his friends, "Yeah she's good with it. How's the other one doing?"

I barely heard someone say faintly back, "The fat one wasn't as cooperative, but she finally came around. Don't use up the red head; I want to pop her too."

Then there was some loud laughter that the music tried to drown out and another voice blurted, "Yeah we all want to fuck the red head. She's really hot and I love her tits jiggling as Javier is doing her. My turn next."

I turned back and leaned up on my fore arms so I could breath. He felt really great in me and I was starting to cum again. Another guy came over to me and began playing with my boobs. He kept telling me how firmed they felt and then turned my head to the side, so I could suck on his cock. As I licked his tip, he pushed it into my mouth making me gag. Just as I pulled my head away and with one hand pushed him back, I felt Javier cuming in his condom. As he fell out of me he bellowed, "Who's next?"

Another guy yelled, "My turn!" I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy and then he went into me.

I don't know why, but I yelled, "Oh yes! You feel so good in me. Fuck me! Yes Fuck me! Give me that big cock. Oh Yes!"

He laughed back, "We have a live one this time Tom. You sure can pick the right sluts." Then softly he said to me, "You're very attractive with such a hot body. I'm going to enjoy fucking that hot cunt of yours." I just moaned in elation of feeling his bigger cock in me and started to have another orgasm. I moved my hips back and forth to feel all of him in me and was in such a heightened state of euphoria. I don't know what came over me but I was really enjoying myself, although, I did ask one thing of them. When this new guy went into me, the guy I was sucking on was really getting hard. I could taste precum on his tip.

So I pushed him back and said, "Oh please don't cum in my mouth or on my face. You can fuck me, but please don't splash my face." All I heard back was loud grunting and him blurting, "Too late!" At that moment he blew a huge load of semen on my face and I screamed again, "Please not that!"

I heard one guy laughing while saying, "Dude you really sperm her good. You even have some in her hair." I could feel his goo dripping off my chin and cheeks. Tom came over and wiped it off me and yelled, "Bros, she's a willing fuck, so let's leave her beautiful face alone. Okay?" Then he whispered to me, "Sorry Kathryn, we didn't know you didn't like facials."

I moaned, thank you and went back to enjoy them fucking me. Oh yes I really did enjoy that. I don't know how long I was up there, but after a many lovely orgasms and many more guys, it was over. My butt and inner thighs were drenched with their semen as Tom came over to wipe up the mess. As he was cleaning my butt and legs up, he whispered, "Kathryn, you were the best ever and seemed to enjoy all of us. I would love to take you out on a real date some time and get to know you. Give me your number."

I turned over, pulled down my dress stained with their semen and answered, "Oh Really! You want to get to know me. Or just want another fuck from me!" Then I laughed and said, "But you are right I did like all of the attention. It's been a long time since I've had that type of fun, but I don't want to know you. I have a boyfriend."

He seemed disappointed but suddenly chuckled and replied, "All right then! Thank you for being such a good little slut for us tonight. If you ever want to do it again, let me know." He gave me his cell number. He told me that he's pulling out next month and would love to hook up with me one last time before he is deployed. I do love service guys, so I may call him. I'm not sure just yet.

Tom brought me over to Sandy and she was sitting half naked on a lounger. She saw me and stood. We hugged and she whimpered, "I so sorry Kathryn, I hope you are alright. I didn't mean this to happen." Those were the same words I heard after the frat party, but this time it wasn't me who was upset. Sandy was the one not happy.

So I smiled and answered, "Oh that was exactly what I needed. I hope it was fun for you too." She looked shocked at my comment. Anyway, we made it back to her place by 2 am. I cleaned up and slept on the couch. Her kids woke us up around 7 am and I left for church to hear my father's sermon. Maybe I didn't say that he's a pastor at the local church.

Until next time! I hope you liked my story. Let me know with comments and I'll write another. Maybe about my Irish sex vacation I went on last September.