"Adult Stories" Oh What a Night

Adult Stories Oh What a Night
You try and stand on shaking legs and almost collapse. You reach between your legs a wince when you touch yourself. God you're so tender from that abuse and you laugh because you're soaked to your knees in cum. An arm slides around waist and pulls into a rock hard body. He whispers in your ear “Where do you think your going?” You know it’s Kirt by his Ozzy accent and that alone could melt you into a puddle of goo. He draws the hair from your neck his hot breath making you tingle but when one of his sharp K9’s grasses your skin you gasp for air.

Your friend Sara had moved about 3 years ago and you have been missing her terribly of late. She and you are so much alike and when she lived there you two were inseparable. Your Saturday nights spent bar hopping dressed like a couple of street whores teasing the male population to insanity were legendary nights of fun and you’ve been melancholy thinking about those days. You both divorced about the same time and the two of you building a bond of friendship like brothers in arms as you weathered that storm together. But unfortunately her job transferred her to another state and although you talk every week at the very least you haven’t seen her since she moved. Your vacation time is fast approaching so you give her a call wanting to come out and visit her for a week. She hesitates a second before saying yes, you’re so excited to be going but you make a mental note to find out what the hesitation was about since she’s already talking about all the things she wants to do with you when you get there.(Sex Stories)

You got to Sara’s a few hours ago and you and she are sitting on her patio doing some long overdue catching up. Sure you talk on the phone all the time but there is nothing like face to face time with your BF, laughing and talking about anything and everything, loser guys and hot guys. You ask her about her slight hesitation on the phone and you want to make sure you’re not imposing on some plans she may have. She turns 10 shades of red putting her hand over her face with a laugh and says she too embarrassed to even tell you. You say fuck that spill it you bitch! It has to be something really juicy if Sara is ashamed. She looks to the sky taking a deep breath of resignation knowing you’ll relentlessly ride her ass till she’s dead if she doesn’t fess up right now. Sara is a few years younger than you and keeps herself in great shape. You always loved that about her because it always pushed you to keep up and by God you refused to ever play the frumpy sidekick to anyone. She loves that about you too because when the two of you were together attracting men was like attracting bees to honey. She hangs her head and says “I lost a bet to the biggest bitch at work and I can’t back out. I have to strip at the strip club on Saturday it's amateur night.” Knowing Sara the way you do the last thing you want to know was what the bet was! Her head pops up like she had an epiphany, looks at you for a few seconds then shakes her head dismissively like no never mind. “What?” you ask knowing she was going to ask something. “Would you do it with me?” “I know it’s a lot to ask but I always feel invincible when we hang together!” You mentally slap your forehead, what the fuck were you thinking! You should have let that dog lie! 10,000 reasons fly into your head why you should say no, but for some reason you’re excited about the prospect. After all even at 41 you got a rockin hot body! Why not show it off! Why not let a few guys throw money at you in appreciation. Pleeeeeease Naomi! “I’ll owe you BIG!” You look Sara in the eyes and say “What happens in Illinois stays in Illinois!”

Although I don’t go to strip clubs but once in a blue moon they can be a lot of fun if you’re with the right group of friends. It’s one of my good friends birthday and this was his choice of where to start his party at. All of us are very athletic and I don’t want this to sound gay but my friends are a good looking bunch of guys. We range in age between 35 and 58. I’m the old guy but I guaranty you I can keep up with any of them in most things. Like I said we are a good looking bunch and none of us have problems with getting dates but the goal tonight is to get as many of the strippers to come back to my place for a night of… well let your mind run wild on that a bit. We get inside and the place is rocking already. It’s very busy even for a Saturday night. There must be at least 100 patrons including us. I find out a little later that it’s amateur night and thus the bigger crowed. We’re sitting at a large table just in front of the main stage and it’s the perfect spot to be. When the dancers come off the stage to work the crowd for lap dances we are their first stop. This place is laid out nicely with a large main floor where the stage, bar and general seating is. Then they have the balcony section were the girls take you for a lap dance which is a lot less crowded. The girls are flowing in and out of our table and the amateurs will be taking the stage in a few minutes. To me it’s more fun watching the amateurs than the pros. Maybe it’s because they are everyday woman stepping out of their comfort zone for that thrill of being idolized, desired and lusted for. Then they return home with that hot memory tucked away for days when the kids are screaming, to remind themselves they are more than just the cleaning lady and cook. I let the younger guys take care of inviting the girls to the after party since I am providing the location. I kickback in my chair and watch the stage as the first amateur begins to dance.(XXX Stories)

You and Sara spent the whole week preparing for Saturday night. Making up your costumes practicing your dance moves new hairdo’s nails and toes, tanning. Now you’re standing back stage waiting for your turn. There are a few girls before you and you thought you would be a lot more nervous than you are. Instead you’re kind of ready to go and get your Slut on. You checked out the main room from behind the curtain and were surprised by how many guys were there. One table in particular caught your eye while scanning the room. Pointing it out to Sara you say “I’d fuck every guy at that table!” Sara knows you have a wild but selective sexual side, yet the way you just said that sent a chill of excitement straight up her spine. The crowd cheers for the girl dancing and the DJ announces you and Sara. Please give a warm welcome for Double Trouble! That’s what you guys decided to call yourselves since you were doing this together. The speakers start to pounding out Def Leppard's “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and you take the stage hands in the air smiling from ear to ear. For your costume you cut the sides and ass out of a pair of faded blue jeans shorts and found an old tee with the superwoman logo on the front, you cropped that short so you’re under boob showed off perfectly. You’re so proud you guys had done a great job of choreographing your dance moves with taking it off. The men agree as they cheer you on stopping at the edge of the stage from time to time long enough to have dollar bills stuffed in what little clothing you had left. All those man hands brushing against your skin as they shower you with money is making you wet. You and Sara work the crowd into a tizzy when you start touching each other as you dance. For the big finale you both bend over looking between your legs and slowly slide your panties down to your ankles turn and kick them into the hoard of drool dogs! You guys were beyond a hit and the guys start stomping the floor while you’re throwing kisses to the crowd gathering all the dollars being thrown on the stage.

I turn to Todd and tell him we have got to get those two to come to the party. He gives me the “don’t get your hopes up” face. You guys come back out onto the main floor in your street clothes. You’re wearing a white soft looking knit cotton top that caresses your beautiful braless breasts perfectly. Blue jean shorts with the ass still in them but short and slutty and a pair of cork soled wedges that make your toned leg muscles look spectacular. You guys roll past our table so I boldly stand and clap the rest of the guys follow suit until you have a standing ovation. You both smile and take a theatrical bow. Todd is asking one of the regular strippers if she wants to come to the party tonight. Sara gives Todd the “Oh we love a good party” look and that settled that.

The guys make room and pull up chairs for you at their table. You were going to find Sara’s bitch from work and rub it in her nose that you guys pulled this off in spectacular fashion but “Fuck That” you're with 7 of the most gorgeous guys you ever seen. Each guy in turn introduces himself and you've never had eye contact like that in your life. They didn’t just look at you they dove deep into your eyes, it was hypnotic and sensual, like they were touching your womanhood. Sara pulls a deep breath saying her loins are feeling it too. The confidence these guys exude is palpable, like “no” is not a word they ever hear.

The second you get to the basement where the party is the guys drag to the center were the dancing is. Fuck yeah you love to dance and you start to move that body. Your dancing in between Dave and Todd and they pull their shirts off. Muscular and ripped you just have to touch. Your little hand slides down Dave's chest to his sixpack abs while Todd is grinding his bulging jeans against you tiny ass. Dave reaches out to you with those eyes again and you feel him in the pit of your cunt. Todd’s hands are squeezing your breasts as he continues grind into your ass. Breathless now you realize your hand is between your legs massaging yourself for any relf. The men are removing the women's clothes as they dance and Todd slips your top off over your head. Fuck the need to be naked is overwhelming and you hurry to get out of your shorts. Your fucking cunt is dripping wet and you bury your finger in you deep. Pulling them out sopping wet Dave now naked too, you grab his thickening cock and smear your juice all over it. Everyone starts grouping up in 3’s & 4’s, Todd and Dave lead to one of the many chairs around the room. Sara is eating out one of the strippers while she’s being pounded from behind.

Todd sits in the chair turns you around to sit in his lap. His cock is hard between your legs his shaft slits your pussy lips and you rock your hips to get your juice all over him. He leans you back against his rock hard abs sliding you up enough to get his tip to your spinster. His hard cock pierce's your asshole and slides in deep. He’s thick and stretches you to the max and you can feel every contour of his cock as you stretch around him. Dave brings Bambi one of the strippers over and she straddles your face. You bury your tongue in her virgina and her sweet cum runs into your open mouth. She grinds her cunt against you moaning for more of your tongue. You feel your legs being spread apart farther than they were and the head of Dave’s meat is at your wide open pussy. The smell of sex and the moans woman whose bodies are pushed to the limit send your mind into a sexual frenzy. “Fuck my cunt or get me a real man” you yell at Dave still teasing your opening with the promise of his hard meat. You can’t see a thing with a cunt in your face. You can’t feel Dave’s cock anymore and you're wondering if he took you serious about getting you a real man. You've cum so many times already from Todd fucking your ass your cunt is flow cum like a river now. You feel the sting of a whip on your inner thigh. Hard it cracks you again stinging like a bitch your ass and pussy clench up tight. Bamby lets out a cry as the whip cracks across her ass too. Your thigh is screaming and it’s lit on fire again as that whip welts you once more. Todd groans as you tighten up around him. Dave helps Bambi off you and you can see his cock is hard and large. Now he knees down and slides his tip inside you still teasing you with very short strokes. You wrap your legs around him and pull him into you driving his hard meat deep. Finally you have his cock buried in you and he better fuck you until that maddening itch they put in you is gone! Legs in the air both men use your holes to satisfy their lust, you scream as you feel every inch of them repeatedly plowing into you. Your sweating and screaming clawing at Dave's sides to fuck you harder. Your clit feels like a sledgehammer is hitting it when your body starts to tighten every muscle tense in anticipation of the coming eruption. Then the orgasm tears through your body lighting it on fire as it tries to coup to many sensation at once. Your body spasms hard again as both men blow, pumping your tight holes full of cum you can feel their cocks throbbing inside you until their spent.

You flop in the chair exhausted to the max the itch is gone thank god. You look at Dave his eyes have turned completely black and as he smiles down at you fangs protruding between his lips.

You try and stand on shaking legs and almost collapse. You reach between your legs a wince when you touch yourself. God you're so tender from that abuse and you laugh because you're soaked to your knees in cum. An arm slides around waist and pulls into a rock hard body. He whispers in your ear “Where do you think your going?” You know it’s Kirt by his Ozzy accent and that alone could melt you into a puddle of goo. He draws the hair from your neck his hot breath making you tingle but when one of his sharp K9’s grasses your skin you gasp for air. His hands all over your skin as he toys with your neck sending waves of desire into to your core. You reach behind to get at his cock, it’s thick and slick with another woman’s cream. You drop to your knees and cross your hands behind your back as though the were cuffed. Looking up you tease him with your tongue tasting the tip but nothing more. The sweet cream melts on your tongue and he’s getting hard fast. Now just the head and you suck slowly letting it out of your mouth your lips following its contours to the tip. One of the strippers slides between your legs and begins feasting on your tender sensitive pussy. Licking the cum from your thighs and tormenting your engorged clit is making you wet all over again. His cock is hard as stone now, you take him a little deeper savoring the taste of his meat and the sweet female cream coating it. Impatient with your teasing he grabs two fists full of hair so hard it feels like he’s ripping it out of your scalp. He rams his in cock to balls holding it there until you're beating him with your fists for air. He yanks your head back so you can gulp in air as fast as you can, his stern look tells you this is going to be brutal. Fuck you your eyes flash back, i can take whatever you got and wrap your arms around him digging your nails into ass. He fucks your mouth with reckless abandon, fast then slow gagging and choking you for his amusement. He’s deep throat fucking you now and you can’t breath, you're getting light  head from a lack of oxygen. The room starts going black when you hear him groan pulling out of your throat so he can watch his cum spill from your mouth. You gasp in air and suck hard to finish him off swallowing what you can before he releases you to slump to the floor on top of the stipper under you. You get up just as Todd comes over grabbing the stripper by her ankles and drag her across the room.

You know what going on now, you're going to be fucked in every way until the crack of dawn. You're worried about Sara and look around the room for her as Jason steps in front of you. God he’s fucking gorgeous with a body like Thor. He knees down taking a long sniff of your crotch. “Dave tells me you have the tightest pussy here.” then with a tongue longer than you've ever seen he licks you from asshole to clit making you gush instantly. He eats your cunt and his long tongue is just splitting your labia. He puts his arms between your legs and lifts them over his shoulders, arms and hands supporting your back. You wrap your legs around his head and let him feed on your cum drenched womanhood. You've never felt a rough tongue in you that deep before. The roughness againsts the inside of your vaginal walls is euphoric and you can’t stop the flow of cum that has to be drowning him. Before you can blink your on your knees, ass in the air your head forcefully held down against the carpet. You spread your legs like a good little whore ready for him to have his pleasure with you. FUCK this guy is huge! He shoves his cock in you and you want scream but nothing comes out. It feels like a baseball bat just got shoved in your cunt and it hurts like a mother. Jesus he's so fucking thick and deep your panting for air squeezing your kegel muscles hard to keep from being ripped apart. Fucking Dave had to say you had the tights cunt here! Bastard!  You start to weaken from fighting the pain but he keeps up the assault. Finally you loosen up around his massive member where you can enjoy what he’s doing to you. He so fucking deep he’s touching parts you've never felt before and you can’t stop coming all over his gigantic cock. Your body trembles and shakes from a never ending orgasm as his cock keeps sending wave after wave of pleasure signals to your mind. His nuts clinch and he violently hammers into you knocking you flat on your stomach but he never miss a beat savaging your torn and broken cunt. You lay quivering still coming after he’s walked away your mind is a shattered mess of sexual bliss and pain.

You being to weep as a ray of morning sun bursts through the small basement window and you can’t tell if it's from relief or disappointment that this night is over.