"Adult Stories" The Power Exec

Adult Stories The Power Exec
As I looked deeper into her eyes I recognize a smoldering undertone barely perceptible but obvious in its message. This is further enforced as she slowly withdrew her hand from mine drawing her fingers slowly and delicately across my palm and sending shivers directly to my groin. The message was loud and clear!

Having a business appointment with this power executive Jenna is a bit of a daunting assignment as she has a reputation for being very tough to deal with. I have always had good relationships with women and therefore looked forward to whatever challenges she may offer. Arriving at the Companies business location, I was escorted into the conference room by a very efficient, buxom EA Following her through the door was a rather pleasant start to the day as I found myself introduced to Jenna, an attractive brunette who was seated in an armchair just off of the boardroom table. Her reputation is reinforced in the way that she summarily dismisses the EA with a statement to not disturb us until further notified. I can't help but notice, as Jenna uncrosses her attractive legs and rises to greet me, that the brown leather jacket accents her trim figure with promises of hidden treasures. I quickly chided myself for letting my mind wander during what is supposed to be a business meeting. I relieved my guilty feelings by reminding myself that this is but a preliminary, introductory meeting which is of no significance or consequence and one that I will not have to attend again.(Sex Stories)

As I approach Jenna I allow myself the luxury of admiring her attractive knee-high brown boots resting just below a fashionable mauve skirt. Taking her hand in mine in greeting I receive a hint of cologne that entices my senses. Looking into her brown eyes with a preconceived fixed smile on my face, I am taken aback by her reaction. I recognize the initial, traditional English "nice to meet you" expression but am surprised when it becomes so much more. Looking deeper into her eyes, I recognize a quick change that she obviously didn't mean to convey. The expression transcends beyond words what she intended to share but speaks myriads to me.

As I looked deeper into her eyes I recognize a smoldering undertone barely perceptible but obvious in its message. This is further enforced as she slowly withdrew her hand from mine drawing her fingers slowly and delicately across my palm and sending shivers directly to my groin. The message was loud and clear!

Being the President of my organization, I will probably never visit here again so I decide to be a little more forward than usual to see where it leads. I approach the conference table removing my suit jacket commenting on how warm it is. Dropping the jacket over a chair I gave her no recourse as I tell Jenna to give me her jacket so that she may become more comfortable as well. She hesitated momentarily and then a sly smile accented her soft lips as she removed and handed me the jacket. As our hands meet, I again see that flicker in her eyes that reflects a degree of apprehension as well as smoldering desire.(Erotic Stories)

I now pursue the opportunity to appreciate her breasts which are more apparent through the thin sweater she is wearing. I can just barely discern the outline of her breasts and nipples beneath the fabric. She obviously recognized my interest and inadvertently conveyed her desire with an increased and shorting of breathing. She now realizes the fact that this is turning into much more than a business meeting. Staring into her deep brown eyes I see the level of desire beginning to rise and decide to press the advantage. I close the distance between us until I am in her personal space and lean forward to gaze deeply into her eyes. Jenna anticipates my kissing her and raises her head, her lips soft and inviting, open for the contact.

I avoid her lips and run my tongue from her throat up to her earlobe which I grip between my teeth and tease with my tongue. Releasing your earlobe, I gently and quietly tell her to go and lock the door and on the way back, drop her sweater. I can feel her body shudder as she realizes what I'm saying. She starts to object; but also realizes that boundaries have been crossed. She momentarily stares into my eyes and I inwardly question the wisdom of my actions. Then, she steps back, turns around and heads for the door.

I admired her tight ass as the bottom of the skirt that she wears swishes against the leather of her sexy boots. I know what I want next as my cock jerks in anticipation. As she reaches the door she raises her arm to her breasts and starts to unbutton her sweater. A lowly "Yesss" escapes my lips as my cock stiffens in appreciation and I realize that "the game is on". Jenna stopped at the door and paused as if, for one last time, she was reconsidering the whole situation. Decision made, she quickly raises her hand, turns the lock and removes her sweater. As it's lowered slowly to the floor she pivots on her heel and turns to face me.

She takes two paces towards me when I tell her to stop. I need to savor this moment and drink in the sensuality before me. Noticing her curious expression I tell her that I need to look at her and truly appreciate what I am about to receive. I tell her to drop her skirt and then move her legs apart as I take in the vision before me. A slow smile crosses her lips as she releases the skirt and drops it to the floor. Jenna slowly spread her legs apart and asks if this is what I wanted to see. My eyes are enjoying her heavy breasts, the nipples swollen with excitement, trying to penetrate the fabric that contains them. Her breasts, large but perfectly framed on her chest, are screaming to be licked, sucked and enjoyed. Her arousal is becoming obvious. As I gaze down from her tits to her waist I am thrilled with the garter belt and flesh coloured stockings that highlight her transparent panties. I stare between her legs admiring the dark nest of hair so enticingly contained behind the silken undergarment. I tell her to spread her legs further as I catch a glimpse of her sweet pussy lips pressed against the wet material behind which they attempt to hide.

I tell her to come to me and the excitement, obvious in her face, further increases my own as she now stands before me. Jenna looked up and again tilts her head in invitation for me to join my lips to hers. I again decline as I quickly step behind her and raise my hands up beneath her breasts. The thin satin material only further excites the situation as I take her nipples between my thumbs and fingers, press down and pull them away from her chest. A load moan escapes from her lips as I run my tongue over her neck and ears, gently nipping her neck with my teeth. I slowly move her to the conference table as my hands leave her breasts to quickly unlatch her bra. She shimmies her shoulders in a way that only a woman can and the bra joins her other clothing on the floor. As I recapture her firm tits I feel her press her panty-clad ass back against my stiffening prick. As she rotates her ass against me I reach down to slip her panties over her thighs. Turning her around, I press her against the conference table as I carry on teasing her neck and ears. She commented on the unfairness of my still being dressed as she finds the buttons of my shirt. As her fingernails start making indentations across my chest I reach down between her legs and my fingers flow through her luxurious curls and into the wet swamp that her pussy has become. I can feel her wetness on her thighs as my fingers begin to invade her soaking wet cunt. I slide my wet fingers down beneath her and transfer the moisture across to her rectum as first one and then two begin an invasion of their own. I can feel her hands fumbling with my belt as she tries to get my pants off my body and my cock into her possession. I slip my shoes from my feet as I feel my trousers and shorts hit the floor. I sense Jenna's next move and before she can grasp my cock I push her up and onto the conference table.

Beautiful! Lying before me in all her glory is the uptight executive; lost in the throes of passion, spreading herself for my hard, stiff cock. Before I oblige her, I must taste from the font of her desire. I step back as she again reaches for me and take in this scene of lust. Jenna, the tall ravishing female lies out before me on the conference room table, large breasts with nipples protruding like erasers standing up off her chest. I gaze down between her legs to the unruly brown forest with its slit gaping open centred by two swollen, protruding very wet lips. Her scent is powerful and strains an already turgid cock to its limit. I can feel the precum on my cockhead and am in a quandary as whether to slide this attractive women's mouth over the end or just ram my cock into her inviting pussy. She lies back on the conference table and offers the solution by pulling her legs wide apart, up to her chest and uttering the words "fuck me, now!" Who am I to ignore a ladies request? With my cock firmly in my grasp I step forward and split her lips apart with the fat end of my prick. I stand upright teasing her pussy by spreading her pussy lips wide open with my cockhead. She raises her hips attempting to capture the object of her desire as it moves through her but I continue to tease by sliding it up and down her sopping wet opening. Picking up more of her lubricant on my cock I shift it up to tease her clit which has become more predominant as the activity got underway. "You bastard, quite fucking around and stick that cock into my cunt" are the words of endearment to slide out of the wanton executive's mouth as she continues to try to push her swollen pussy onto my cock. Up to this point, she has neither seen nor touched my cock so she has no idea as to what is going to split her wide open.

I reach forward with one hand and grasp a swollen nipple and squeeze it tightly between my fingers as the head of my cock begins its journey into the executive's hot hole. As she feels the head begin to enter her, her cunt is forced open to the point where it begins to hurt and she thinks that it can stretch no more. Having become accustomed to this reaction I concentrate on continuing to slowly push my cock in while keeping her legs as wide open as possible. I grab Jenna's legs and force them back and over her head in order to open up her cunt even further. I look down between her legs and become even more aroused at the sight of her hairy, wet cunt lips stretching around my fat cock. I watch her face closely as I push more cock into her. Her mouth has fallen open and her eyes are tightly shut in pain as she tries to take all that I have to give. With half of my cock buried between her legs she starts to push up from the table and fuck back. I feel my cock push through her walls and bang into her cervix. I have more to give but she has no room to take it. I slowly withdraw two thirds of my cock and start to slide it back in. Jenna thrusts her cunt up at me and I can tell that she is about to have her first orgasm. As she cums she tries to squeeze my cock but there is little room for movement. As she cums hard, she suddenly drops back onto the table and drifts into darkness.

Well what's a guy to do? I have this gorgeous female stuck on the end of my cock, which won't go down until I cum, and no place to go. I'm contemplating reaching over, hitting the intercom and inviting the cute EA in to lend assistance just as Jenna starts coming around. Her eyes initially reflect fear and uncertainty as to where she is as I lean over and press my lips to hers. Her mouth melts into mine as I start pushing my cock back inside of her. Her juices and a hard cum have loosened her up a bit and the loud, squishy noises of a well lubricated pussy can be heard as I continue to pump myself into her cunt. I reach down to her ass and am amazed at the amount of liquids that have been generated. I soak my finger with them and slowly slide it into Jenna's rectum. I felt her tense and then give way to the inevitable as I began to duplicate the rhythm of my cock pounding into her pussy. It was only moments later that Jenna's hips snapped up as another orgasm gripped her. By now she is soaked in sweat, her hair looks as if she has just stepped from a shower and all of her makeup has turned to liquid. I back off my pace allowing her to screw herself on my cock as she comes down from her cum. Before she has fully recovered I start to piston my cock into her hot hole while I push a second finger into her ass. Looking between our bodies I am amazed as to the elasticity of her pussy as it stretches itself to the limit when I withdraw my cock. Her lubricants glisten on my shaft as I pound it into her. I grasp her leather covered ankles to spread her legs further apart and allow me deeper penetration. She cries in pain as I periodically bottom out against her cervix. My balls start to swell as I feel the impending ejaculation. I sense that Jenna is close to another orgasm as I increase my speed. Jenna's word's of endearment increase in intensity with "Fuck me" being repeated with every penetration of my cock. The last words that I hear from that beautiful mouth is "I'm cumminnng" as I blast my load into her swollen, wet depths. If this girl is in the wrong phase of her cycle she is going to have to do some fancy talking to her spouse!

As I draw my sodden tool from her very wet pussy, I can't help but admire the erotic display that lies before me. I grab my cell phone and capture the evidence of our sexual encounter as it slowly drips out of Jenna's vagina. As she lies there in euphoric bliss I snap a couple more for prosperity and quickly recover my clothes. Jenna is still comatose on the table as I pull out a business card, write the name of my hotel and cell number on the back. I am about to lay the card on her when I suddenly have an inspiration. (I think that the little head is still in control right now!). Still with the card in my hand I walk over and pick up Jenna's panties. They are still wet from her earlier arousal and I gently lift them to my nostrils in appreciation of a desirable woman. Looking back on the slumbering woman I put the panties in my jacket pocket and retrieve her bra. I placed the business card in the bra, folded it over and placed it back on the floor.

Closing the conference room door I proceeded through the foyer where I observed a smirking EA who probably didn't miss much of the afternoon's activities. "Was your meeting successful, Sir?" flowed out of her mouth as her nipples tried to escape from her flattering blouse. I smiled at her and answered, "It was more than successful! In fact, I left Jenna with a little gift that I am sure that she would be happy to share with you. If you enjoy it and would like more give me a call and I will arrange it. Here is my card." I said as I filled out the back with the hotel and phone details. Handing her the card, I said "you may wish to attend to your boss as I have another appointment to keep. Good day"

There was a follow-up to that afternoon but ... that's another story!