"Adult Stories" The Satisfaction of Attraction

Adult Stories The Satisfaction of Attraction
"dropped to her knees and took my black knob in her mouth. My knees buckled, as I watched her jaws working as she sucked it in and out. Compared to her small hands, my hard cock looked enormous."

It was a late night. My cell was on the nightstand, buzzing like crazy. After a flurry of text alerts rang out, I started searching for my phone.

Considering how late it was,  I was surprised that anyone was texting me. I stopped, grabbed the phone, grinning as I realized who it  was - Sarah.When I saw her name flash across the screen, my heart started beating like a drum set. And it was good, news.  She was in the area, and wanted to know if she could stop by, for the rest of the night.

After I read the text, I quickly replied, telling her to head over.

Since I had just gotten back from the gym, I jumped in the shower - then threw some sweats on. I sprayed my cologne, then fixed myself in the mirror before getting my phone and heading downstairs, to unlock the door for my sexy guest.(Sex Stories)

It's been a while, so I was really looking forward to seeing her. I missed her, and I hadn’t seen her voluptuous ass walking around the office, in her insanely tight jeans, in weeks. Plus, we hadn't hung out in months, so it feels like forever since we last had sex.

She was gorgeous, and wore things that made it even more apparent, and it drove men and women crazy. Guys joked about putting her in their spank bank, as much as women did. Her smooth cocoa skin, small waist, and flawlessly sultry ass made her a heartbreaker. The contrast of her dark caramel complexion, mixed with her hazel-brown eyes, and luscious cherry red lips made her look like a goddess, wrapped in human flesh.

I met her when she was interning. We had an in depth interview, I handled her hiring afterwards. I was incredibly impressed by her skillsets - to say the least. She was very eager to demonstrate, and it was very pleasing. Needless to say, she got the job.

A few weeks later, we hung out after a late meeting, grabbed a few drinks at our LocalSpot, sports bar. A few flirtatious smiles, we ended up in the bathroom together, things got interesting and we ended up spending the night, that turned into a weekend long sex session. I made her do things, she never imagined. Now, she can never forget them.

Turns out she’s a freak, that loved sex as much as I do. She made love like a lady, fucked like a nympho, and sucked dick like a porn star. Our chemistry was overpowering, the only thing better, was the kinky sex we had.(Erotic Stories)

After a few quickies at the office,  we started dating.  But since we worked together, we kept it private, so nobody knew about it. It lasted for a few months. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t work out, but the sex since the sex did, so we developed an addiction, that turned into an understanding.  

We ended the relationship because I couldn’t trust her, and after what she put me through, I probably shouldn’t trust her again. But, we continued fucking because the sex was mind blowing, we never stopped, so I  had to trust her, she was my partner in crime.

I was the first man to get her off,  and she screams louder than any woman I have ever fucked, and when she was screaming, she was begging for more.

We would fuck a few times a week, occasionally more when we had the time. We would  spent hours, fucking each others brains out. As soon as I would bust, she would get me hard again. As soon as she would cum, I would get her clit hard again. Her legs would literally go numb, from all the different positions we tried. Her stamina was unbelievable; after her legs gave out, I’d still fuck her until I was satisfied. Sometimes, I would throw her up against the wall, hold there like a rag doll, wrap her legs around my waist and have my way with her for another hour, before I let her down.

She loved when I just, held her down, pinning her legs back against the headboard. She loved it rough, and she liked it dirty, and I couldn’t get enough. Holding her legs back, as I grinned my waist into her’s looking deep into her eyes. She would walk into the room and a my cock would get hard, instantly just thinking about what I was planning on doing to her later. She would notice, and run off to the ladies room.

Our attraction had an unbreakable hold over us, and it lasted longer than we did. We kept up our bad habit for a few months, until things with her boyfriend got serious. Then, went back to once a weak. Even though we tried to stay away from each other, it was impossible. He knew how to love her, but I specialized in pleasing her.

When she finally got to my place, it was one in the morning. As soon as she looked at me, I could see the excitement in her eyes. She wanted it, and it was written all over her  beautiful face. She smirked, as  I nodded , then walked in. As she slide by, the sweet fragrance of her perfume, washed over me. I glanced down at her amazing ass, and I smiled.

She was wearing her usual generous amount of makeup and false eyelashes, cherry red lipstick with her silky long hair tied back in bun. She looked so sexy and fuckable, wearing the skimpiest dress I had ever seen. The outfit she was wearing, with the heels and thigh-highs, made her look like a complete slut - just how I liked her; for nights like this.

The dress was super- short, and it was hugging her body tighter than I was. It was giving me a hard time. I started licking my lips, wishing I could french kiss her pussy right then and there. I wanted to strip her down to nothing, and have my way with her on floor, or up against the wall. And that’s why she wore it - it turned me on.

That dress made her ass look like a masterpiece, painted by a god. I couldn’t wait to see her body completely naked. I kept picture myself behind her, ramming her tight little pussy, while she screamed and moaned for more - like she needed it to survive. The thought of her,  pleading and squirming like that, started turning me on even more than before.

Every time she bent over,  her dress rode up over her thick, smooth thighs - exposing the bottom half of her shapely ass. I tried to ignore it, but my cock almost jumped out of my pants when I saw under her dress, and realized that her thin white thongs was barely covering her pussy. I had to hide my growing erection as we headed towards the living room. I opened our wine, and  start our night.

We started off sitting, relaxing in the living room. She seemed stressed so we started  drinking and smoking, right away. She didn’t want to talk about it, so we never got into what was bothering her, we avoided the topic like an elephant in the room, and kept chatting up the old times.

Despite all the bad times, and everything we had been through, we were still great friends. We shared some amazing moments together, in the short time we dated.. We broke up because I couldn't trust her, but I kept her in my life because I cared about her. Not only did she know how to put it on me, she was always there.

Lately, some distance has come between, but I still cared about her in ways I can’t explain. Even after months without talking, we still end up on my couch with each other laughing it out and staring deep into each others eyes like two childish lovers - getting lost in our kissing and feeling on her each other, smoking and drinking, sharing our memories.

I kept pouring her wine, and we kept smoking - getting higher and higher. As we reminisced over the past, she kept flashing glances of her panties, along with some lusty gazes. Every time she took a hit from the joint, she did it slowly and sensually, seductively wrapping her lips around the tip of the blunt as she pulled on it - almost like she was  telling something.

My eyes kept drifting from her mouth, up her dress. Watching her cross and uncross her legs, as she sat, rocking herself back and forth - teasingly. Naturally, thoughts of her lips massaging the tip of my dick jumped in and out of my head, driving me crazy, making me harder by the second. The fact that I could tell that her panties, were damp from our conversation, only made matters worse.

Sitting across from me with her legs wide open, exposing her panties - barely covering the lips of her perfectly shaved pussy; was torture.  I had to fight the urge to not reach over, grab her, and pin her down on the floor, while I ripped them off of her and licked my way to her first orgasm.

When she finally noticed the bulge in my pants, she just smiled. As usual. She started touching it, and rubbing it.  As we kept talking, she started grabbing at it harder, sliding her hands  up and down the shaft of my dick-- gently squeezing it - teasing me while she stroked it. licking her lips, and looking into my eyes, as we kissed. She was breathing heavier, getting turned on by the size of the snake coiled up in my pants.

The conversation, quickly turned to sex, and we started sharing our fantasies with each other. It didn’t take us long to end up in the bedroom, on the bed - all over each other. By the end of the conversation, she was grinding her slippery pussy against my leg. She was dripping wet from our talk, my fingers were soaked. I kept telling her, how I was going to fill her up with the thickest cock she’s ever had - me teasing her about how hard I was going to have to push, to make it fit- made her hotter by the second.

Me being aggressive like that - made her hotter than a cup of tea.The only thing she wanted more than me, was rough sex with me. By the way she was forcing my hand, she wanted it now.

I closed the gap between us, grabbed her tightly, kissing her soft lips aggessively. Her body felt perfect, I could literally feel her melting under my touch. Her skin felt softer than cotton balls. Even though she was a sexual deva, she was the softest thing I had ever felt. And thought of her soft body pressed up against me my chiseled chest, felt amazing.

I could sense, from her thirsty kisses, she was extremely horny and wanted to be fucked, harder than ever before. She let out a soft moan and arched her hips forward to meet my probing fingers, as I fingered her. Her pussy was so wet and warm, that in a matter of strokes, my dick grew from pillow soft, to rock hard. As my hands roamed between her legs, her kisses got rougher, grabbing at her firm tits and round ass.

Her pussy was so hot and wet, from us feeling on each other. She started pulling down my pants, and jerking me off.  I could feel my cock growing under her hand as she stroked it, inch by inch it grow longer. I wrap my arms around her, sliding my hand further up cuffing her pussy. She was soaking wet, from me pushing all of her buttons.

She stood up, next to the bed. While standing in front of me, her stomach inches from my nose, she let her white, lace panties fall to the floor. I reached over, and pulled her dress up over her shoulders, throwing it to the side, on the floor. Her long, pointy pink nipples had been poking through her dress the whole night,  so I wasn’t surprised to see that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her perky, round tits looked amazing. They bounced and jiggled uncontrollably, as they sprung free from her dress. My mouth dipped down to her breast, sucking her nobs, pinching them between my lips while rubbing the ends of them with the my tongue.

Before getting down on my knees, I bent over and positioned myself between her open legs. My eyes were locked on her perfectly shaved pussy, now inches from my lips. My mouth watered, as I licked in between her inner thighs, teasing her. The salty-sweet taste of her pussy teased the tip of my tongue, as I licked up and down her inner thigh. Her legs quivering from the heat of my tongue.

I started rubbing her pink pussy lips, with my lips - coating them with my warm spit. Savoring the sweet scent of her pussy, with each lick,  I watched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head,  She squirmed and quivered in pleasure as I played with her ripe clit. Rubbing her slit with my fingers, then plugging her warm hole with my tongue. I could feel her clit harden as I stroked it. I kept teasing her, as I enjoyed her, sinking my tongue deep inside her. Then Listening to her moan, was encouraging and it made me rock hard.

She looked down at me with intense desire in her eyes, using her both hands to spread herself open for me, while I licked her dry. Her body trembled with pleasure.

Her clit was still stiff from playing with it; licking it up and down, swirling my fingers and tongue around it. breath sharply at the feel of my fingers, knuckle deep, inside her. I tightened my grip around her thighs, as I grabbed her ass, pulling her into my face, as she pushed her pussy into my lips and mouth. She started rolling her hips against the rim of my tongue. I was making long, deep strokes with my fingers inside her, while flicking my tongue over her clit when  I felt her body jerk in ecstasy.

My fingers are covered with her slippery juices as I put it in her mouth. She sucked it,mumbling under her breath about how good she tasted. As she licked it off, sliding her  tongue down my finger, all I could think about was her doing the same to my dick.

I kneeled down in front of her, opening her legs further apart, and spreading her lips with my fingertips. I started fingering her, again. She grabbed the side of the bed, clenching it,  as I lifting her up off the bed,  her body twisted and turned, writhing in pleasure. She started driving her hips into me, humping my fingers uncontrollable, as they worked her  body. Her pussy contracting around my fingers as she came.

She screamed out in pleasure, as her tight body flooded my fingers with her juices, drenching my hands. Her body could  barely handle me licking her swollen clit, teasing it with my tongue as I extending her orgasm. Her body was overloaded with pleasure, and her heart was beating so fast, and so hard against her chest I thought it was going to explode.

She came up to me, dropped to her knees and took my black knob in her mouth. My knees buckled, as I watched her jaws working as she sucked it in and out. Compared to her small hands, my hard cock looked enormous. She barely covered the tip of it with her mouth, struggling to make it fit. Her lips stretched around the head of my cock like a suction cup.

I looked down at her, watching her as she sucked it. I sat back enjoying it - her hands twisting and turning me in and out of her mouth, as she jerked it. I started to stand up, pushing her back unto the bed, she kept stroking it with hand. Jamming the other between her legs, to play with herself. Her wrist was moving back and forth, as she ran her hand up and  down to her pussy.