"Adult Stories" Sex on a Train with Lina

Adult Stories Sex on a Train with Lina
Lina looked around the room. She knew what she had to do. Slowly she pulled up her skirt and walked over to where I sat. "That’s a good girl. Now lay over my lap." Her undies were gone and her red pubes were covered in pussy juice. Slowly she laid herself over my knees. I rubbed her ass cheeks moving her just a little, not needing to but just wanting her to know where she was and who was in charge.

“I arrived at the station forty minutes early. I went through the ticket barrier and headed to my carriage. It was going to be an 8 hour train ride. I had learned to book a sleeper as I made this trip every three months to see my clients in the north of the country. 

I settled in and was drinking my first scotch when the cabin door flew open a cute red haired girl walked in, bumping her bags on the door and chair as she went. Finally making it all the way in she threw her stuff on the bottom bunk of our two person room. 

“Oh shit, I can’t believe this on a fucking train. This is so uncivilised, why not have a sodding plane to fly me to the fucking conference!”( Sex Stories)

From her accent I established she was British. 

I smiled and poured myself another drink. I poured her one as well. 

“Well seems that you might need one of these.” I said as I passed her the glass.
“Oh finally something has gone right. Thank you, I am Lina.” She said exasperated. 

“Well hello Lina. I’m Dale. It’s nice to meet you.” I said passing her the glass. 

Lina’s hair was dark red, coloured I’m sure and she had it scrunched up into a bun.  Her skin was white as the mountain snow.  She was shapely but dressed to compliment her figure. 

Her breasts stood firm and were defiantly more than a handful.  Lina wasn’t tall but again her Jimmy Choo’s more than made up for her stature. Perfectly matched with a black pair of sheer stockings with imitation lace running right up the back of them as far as I could see. 

She tossed her drink down and shoved her glass back to me. I could tell the girl knew how to drink and her language was very pub like… but she also was a bit pompous thinking her world should be gold lined and cater to her.  

“Would you like another?” I asked as she started to ruffle through one of her bags.

“Does a bear shit in the woods?” she replied “Of course I do.”(Erotic Stories)

Arrogance was good company to her pompous attitude and I wondered whether she thought I was here to serve her or something. If she did she had a rude shock awaiting her. I poured her another glass and passed it too her. Again she shot it down. 

“You do know that you can sip it. We are not drinking Bombay Whisky.” I said getting a bit miffed at her non respectful attitude. 

“So what are you the drink daddy or something?” she chirped back.

“No, but I am the guy who bought this bottle on the train so I could enjoy it while I was traveling. If I was your Dad I would have put you over my knee and spanked that chip off your shoulder.” I said leaving all cards were on the table. 

“Excuse me. Who do you think you are? Spank me? Chip on my shoulder? Who do you think you are?” She snapped her face turning red. 

“I told you I’m Dale and the person you will be sharing the carriage with for the next 8 hours. I don’t really want to sit and listen to your pompous crap that you believe you need to spout to prove you have some type of justified existence.” I said firmly but not too harshly but leaving nothing to misunderstand.

Lina tossed her bag under her bed and laid flat looking at the upper bunk. As she did the shunt of the train shook the windows and we were off. I poured myself another scotch as I watch the people not going anywhere pass by my window until the station was far behind. 

It was an hour into the trip and I was engrossed in my new book. The Scotch had kicked in  and I was feeling very mellow. Lina had been sleeping or sulking, either way I didn’t care she was quiet and left me alone. My eyes begun to hurt so I closed my book. Deciding not to jump up on the top bunk just yet, I grabbed a blanket and pulled it me to have a nap in the arm chair.  

I woke a few hours later as the train jolted.

Opening my eyes I noticed Lina under her blanket her legs pulled up high in the air. The blanket covered her completely. Her shoes lay on the ground. I looked harder rubbing my eyes to focus better then I heard her soft faint sounds. She was… Yes. Lina was playing with her pussy. 

“Oh mmmm ohhhhhhh.” she sighed. So soft, but so unmistakable.

For a moment I listened to this interesting soul pleasure herself. The motion of the train the sound of her pleasure took hold of me and I could not just sit there any longer. I went from sleep to raging hard-on. I wanted to play with Lina too. 

“So does that feel good?” 

She stopped and dropped her legs. She turned to look at me even redder faced then before. 
“Well did it feel good?” I asked again.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She stammered. The look on her face was like a school kid that just got caught playing hooky. 

“I am talking about you playing with yourself. Pretty simple I watched you and listen to you. I know what you were doing.” I said showing a soft concern.

“Yes it does or did feel good, I don’t know what happened the motion of the train just soothed me and my hand found well you know what… and well you were asleep.” She rattled off in quick succession.

“Its ok Lina. Don’t be shy. It happens to everyone on a train. Don’t stop playing just forget I’m here.”
Lina’s hand had already found its pitch and it was in good time bringing her pleasure rate back to where it was before my interruption. 

“I'm impressed.” I said. 

“Thank you.” she replied.

“I just can’t stop I feel like I am going to burst.” She said the pitch in her voice growing and growing. 
She came. 

She kept her screams deep inside. I thought she was going to explode. Her eyes bulged and her body thrashed about on the bed until the wave of pleasure released her from the pleasure trip. 

“That was lovely Lina really lovely.” She looked at me I could see she wanted cock. Clit fiddle had got her going she now needed something to douse the flame that raged inside her pussy. 

“Dale I want to fuck, will you fuck me?” she demanded. 

“No not yet. I’m not ready.” Although my cock throbbed inside my pants she needed to wait to be taught that not everything you want you get. 

“I need you to stand up and pull the curtain closed on the cabin door window. Then lock it.” 

Lina jumped to her feet and did as I requested. 

“Now come over here and lay over my lap. I want to spank you for the distasteful attitude that you displayed earlier.”

“Spank me! What? NO I never!” She stuttered and stammered. 

“If you want a good fucking you will do as I tell you.” I said, sure she would comply. 

“No! I can fuck anyone on this train. No I won’t! No!” With each word she sounded more defiant.

“Ok then. Go find someone but please use their cabin.” I said.

Lina looked around the room. She knew what she had to do. Slowly she pulled up her skirt and walked over to where I sat. 

“That’s a good girl. Now lay over my knees.”

Her undies were gone and her red pubes were covered in pussy juice. Slowly she laid herself over my knees. 
“You know what? Most loud mouthed, uncouth people like you are always better after a good spanking. You will thank me for this later.”

I could see her head mulling over every word. She wanted to run but she needed to stay. 

I rubbed her ass cheeks moving her just a little, not needing to but just wanting her to know where she was and who was in charge. 

“Whack whack whack!” Three spanks to each cheek not hard but not soft either. Full hands fingers open. They made a fine redness on Lina’s butt. 

Again another three and another. Lina squirmed under the onslaught but stayed in place. 

You can stand now. Lina pulled her skirt down as she stood. A tear was in the corner of one eye and others had already spilled onto her cheeks. 

“Now if you want that fucking kneel over the bed.” Again she did as I asked. 

Kneeling with her face to the wall I lifted her skirt her ass cheeks glowed red and I could feel the heat radiate off them. 

Her pussy was still shining and extra wet. I grabbed a condom that I keep in my wallet and slipped it on. Then I slipped my cock inside Lina’s waiting pleasure part. 

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss! thank you Dale.” I smiled as her words penetrated the air. “Please give me that good fucking now.” 

With each thrust she moaned and the movement of the train only added to the pleasure making it impossible to completely stay in one rhythm. 

Lina bucked back as I thrust into her again and again. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, MY PUSSY NEEDS THAT COCK ,FUCK MEEEEEE” she wailed. 

I was sure not only the porter could hear but the driver of the train could as well over his engine. Lina screamed again and again unable to control the emotions or pleasure coming from inside her. 

I pulled out holding tight to our protection. 

Lina read my mind and lay on her back I moved between her legs lifting them locking them into the bed above after pushing them back as far was possible. I grabbed hold of my cock and shoved it back into Lina red hot pleasure hole. 

Lina bucked back as fierce as I bucked into her - our bodies clashing in an unbridled war of lust. My pelvis hitting her clit with every clash.

Lina’s hands found my hips pulling me deeper inside. Her red painted nails dug into my flesh as I pounded deeper and deeper under hers. 

I couldn’t stop the train had left the station and so had I. It was a one way journey to pleasure town and I had no brakes. Momentum changed and I felt my fresh hot cum pour into the rubber protector. Gush after gush. 

“Aaaaggghhhhhh!” Lina screamed “Aggghhhhhh yesssssssssssssss Dalllllllllllleeeeee aaaaaarrggggggggh” she screamed in slow motion letting out every bit of pleasure that was built up inside her.

I could not hold it in either “Yessssss take it take it alllllllllll ahhhhh yesssss.” I called as the ultimate conclusion came to a gasping soul shaking ending. 

Sweat dripped off me as I stood up taking my used protection and disposing of it. I grabbed a pair of boxers out of my bag and started to clean myself. 

“No don’t use those. Come here I will do that for you.” Said Lina hungrily.

She got of the bed onto her knees and licked and sucked my cock, balls and groin clean. It was so good.
“Oh fuck Dale that was something!” She said when she had finished licking her lips. 

“Something? That’s interesting.” I replied as the aftershocks made my cock flick. “Something good I hope.”

“Good. Yep that’s a word for it. Fucking amazing is another.” She said still catching her breath. 

I slumped into the chair well pleased with what had just happened. I watched as Lina straightening herself up. 
“I’m hungry I going for food.” She said as she turned and opened the door.

I pulled the blanket over me as she walked out. Lying back I caught my breath as the door closed behind her. 
The door opened again, I opened my eyes, and Lina was there.

“I almost forgot… Thank You.”