"Adult Stories" A Short Blonde with Big Boobs and Loose Morals

Adult Stories A Short Blonde with Big Boobs and Loose Morals
I asked my husband what he wanted for his brithday. “I don’t know babe, how about a small blonde with big boobs and loose morals…” he replied. What was a girl to do?...

My husband’s 45th birthday was around the corner and as usual he had not made much fuss about it. The kids had all grown and moved away - the most he got from them was a chat on Skype and maybe a card. I found him in the garage tinkering with his new remote control helicopter.

“Martin it’s your birthday in two weeks’ time. You’re turning the big 45.” I said excitedly.

“Yes babe that’s right” he replied.(Sex Stories)

“Well I was wondering what you would like to do and what present you want.”

“Babe you know me, all is good. I have you so I don’t need anything else.” he said.

“Bunny please be serious for one minute we need to make arrangements.” I pressed.

“What about we go to that little Thai place for dinner?” he said being ever so humble.

“Ok theThai Castle for dinner, that’s great. So what do you want me to get you?” I asked knowing that Martin never wants anything except to see the family, especially me, smile.

“I don’t know babe, how about a small blonde with big boobs loose morals…” he replied. This was one of his standard throw away lines when he really didn’t have anything in mind.

I kissed him on the head, went inside and made the reservation for dinner. Martin and I had been married 25 years and together for 2 more years before that. I knew he loved me. He not only told me so every day, but he showed it in everything he did. Our life together was great, we had raised our kids very successfully. And although we had become suburbanised, Martin always more than made up for that in the bedroom. 

Fact is he fucked me silly most nights with his awesome manhood. It took me a while to fit him into me at first, but now he had he fits perfectly into all three of my holes. Or Martin’s pleasure places as I like to call them. (Erotic Stories)

Over the next few days I pushed Martin about what he would like, again running into dead ends.

“Nothing Babe, I am fine. It’s all good I don’t need anything.” Over and over he would reply.

I spoke to one of my friends explaining my frustrations at his lack of help with a present.

“Jules you know him better than anyone, what do you think he would like?”

“What about you wear some sexy clothing and give him a night to remember?” said Jules with a little glint in her eyes.

Getting fucked good and proper by Martin fortunately was a given most days. The thought of it sent pleasure pulses to my bald pussy.

I sat on the bus on the way home with Jule’s words running around in my mind like a scrabble game looking for their right spot to make a sentence.  The bus stopped and let on some more passengers.  A short blonde girl with boobs that made even me stare took the seat next to me.

“My feet are killing me, bloody high heels! What’s the point of them other making you taller for a good… well you know?” she said

“Very true don’t like them myself but they are part of being a woman and I do like being a woman.” I said.

She put out her hand, “I am Mel nice to meet you. I just moved to the big smoke from the country.” she said.

I shook her hand “I’m Angie, lived here all my life.” I said with a grin.

As we sat talking I found out that Mel had moved from a mining town in Western Australia and was temping while looking for a job. She was staying in a backpacker’s and making loads of acquaintances.

“You see Angie these girls open doors.” she said pointing at her more than ample breasts. “And if you know how to use them well you can just about get anything you want.” She said this quite straight like she was talking about the weather.

All of a sudden Jules and Martin’s words came flooding back to me and the sentence on the Scrabble board was clear right in front of me.

“You know babe maybe just a short blonde with big boobs and lose morals.” kept going around my head.

I could not get the thought out of my head and each day I caught the bus at the same time I looked out for Mel. I didn’t know what I was doing. 27 years together we had never been with another person both of us loyal. But the thought of Martin using his cock with my permission on another woman turned me on in a way I had never felt before. It consumed me day and night.

I had heard about dating sites or meat markets one of the guys at work called them. He told me you can get whatever you like on there you just need to look and ask.

I spent most of a day at work online looking up short blonds. It made my pussy twitch and pulse every profile I read; thinking “Is the girl his going to fuck?”

I plucked up the courage to sent out a few messages being as nice but as straight as possible. When I logged off and went home for the day I was satisfied but nervous. I kept thinking that I’d asked other girls if they wanted to get fucked by my husband! Thinning about it made me cross my legs and pulse my hole and made me start to cum as I was sitting on the bus. My pussy walls closed tighter then before and every bump and movement took me higher. I could feel the pleasure rush run through me and I started to feel hot and clammy. I couldn’t stop. My face felt flushed and I bit my lip and did my best to hide it as I came good, deep and strong.All of a sudden the bus stopped with a big jerk bringing me back to my senses.  I looked around thinking for sure I was busted, but the world just went on at its own pace. It seemed everyone was in their own world and didn’t even care at all.

I sat back letting the pleasure rush move through my body. As I turned I saw her. Mel. Sitting on the seat across from me. She just smiled. “Holy shit!” I thought.  “She saw me. She knows!” Pleasure slipped to nervous and back to butterflies again.   I was so glad when my stop came. I stood up and waited for the back doors to open.

Mel rushed up to me. “Angie take my number with you. Let’s catch up for a drink some time. If I can drag you off that seat I mean”. Laughter accompanied her every word.

She was so right. I was soaked. My dress was wet and the seat I was sitting on that was just about to be claimed by two guys in business suits on had small wet spot on it.  I reached out and took her card.

“That would be nice.” I said rushing out the door.

The cool night air hit me and I brought my butterflies back under control with a few deep breaths. I was so wet, like never before. I walked home and headed for the shower. Martin walked into the bathroom after me.

“What no hello?” he quipped.

I finished taking off my clothes and tossed then on the floor. My pussy ached.

“Just what I need.” I said as I bent over our marble basin.

Martin stood there with a puzzled look on his face.

“Well don’t just stand there get that fucking beautiful cock out and fuck me.” Martin pulled out his massive cock and pulled it for a second or two making it hard enough to slide inside me, lube was defiantly not needed. I felt him grab my hips. The tip of his cock split my outer lips apart. He just sat at the entrance of my joy tunnel.

“Martin stop playing just fuck me, fuck me hard.” I demanded.

“Ok baby hold on and take this.” He said I could feel his smile burning on my back.

The full force of his cock ripped into me as he pulled me back by my hips ensuring each thrust of his body was met by mine. His cock was huge and with each stroke it got bigger. I could feel my walls spreading and I loved every second of it.

“Yesses that’s it fuck me.” I screamed. “Shove that cock right up me, fuck me, deep baby you know I love it deep.” I screamed again.

Martin knows how I like it. I could see his face in the mirror he was shocked by the words I was screaming.  Usually I need prompting and he needs to drag it out of me or when I have had a few drinks. But mostly I am quiet. By the look on his face and the feel of his growing pleasure rod assured me he liked it too. 

The thought of Martin fucking Mel slipped into my already overloaded mind. My body shook my legs could barely hold me. I trembled with Martin’s onslaught.

My mind blew and I gushed out everywhere. I came so hard the Martin had to hold on tight like a rodeo rider with an unbroken horse. My pussy squeezed and churned as all of my lower muscles and nerves become one mass of pleasure being fed over and over by the massive cock thrusting in and out of me.

“Cum Martin cum! Don’t wait cum!” I called through the moans of pleasure still shuddering through my body.

“All right baby, take this.” he yelled.

Sinking his fingers tighter into me and thrusting so fast all I could do was hold on as he used my body as I loved so much. My 2nd orgasm hit me from out of the blue and shook me again. I couldn’t even talk it was so strong. All I could do was hold on the tap and absorb the pleasure his love was giving me.

“Oh yeah babe, here we go here we goooo!” Martin screamed.

Knowing that was Martin’s sure sign of his impending explosion. I pulled away dropping to my knees in front of him. Martin grabbed his cock.

“What are you doing! Fuck what?” he screamed as he tried to hold the torrents of cum that were exploding inside him.

“On my face. Cum all over my face!” I screamed

I felt the hot sticky man liquid hit my cheek then another lot on my chin. It was hot and sticky and run down my face. My hand had fallen between my legs and was working my clit and sliding in and out of me as the last drops of his cum dripped of my face. I licked the cum around my lips. It tasted so good.

Martin stood there not knowing what to do next.

“Wow fuck that was awesome, Angie where did that come from?” he asked.

“Oh just something I have wanted to try baby, thank you!”

I stood and got in the shower. As I turned the water on Martin put his cock back in his pants.

“Well Babe if there is ever anything else you wanted to try, don’t forget to ask.” he said as he smiled and walked out of the room…