"Adult Stories" Through his Eyes

Adult Stories Through his Eyes
I lay down as she straddles me backwards. She starts riding her dick, and I can feel her tightening her muscles as she goes up and releasing them when she goes down. All I hear is her wetness splashing on my legs.

I see the eyes in my peripheral staring at us while I'm tearing this pussy up. My first instinct is to jump up and run to the door to see who this is, but as wet as she is right now, there's no way in hell I'm getting out!

Since this person wants to be nosy, I'll just show them what they obviously came to see! I position my girl so her face is down in the pillow, then lift one of her legs up displaying her soaked pussy to our visitor. I slide my dick out slowly, just enough for the head to stay inside, but far enough to show her juices slathered all over my shaft. I shove it back it in hard and she moans in agony and pleasure. I do this quite a few times. It's driving her crazy and it must be getting a rise out of our voyeur because I hear muffled taps on the wall.

This dude is actually jacking off watching me smash my girl through the hotel window. You gotta be bold to do some shit like that, but how she's screaming, I'd probably watch too! Oblivious to what's going on, I pull her up by her hair backwards and kiss her sloppily while I rub her wet, swollen clit.

"I wanna see that ass while you ride daddy, ok baby?", I say in her ear, then lick and bite her lobe which makes her even wetter.(Sex Stories)

"I want to give you whatever you want baby!, she pants hoarsely. Just put him back inside of me!"

I lay down as she straddles me backwards. She starts riding her dick, and I can feel her tightening her muscles as she goes up and releasing them when she goes down. All I hear is her wetness splashing on my legs. She always starts grinding and popping her ass up and down on me like she's giving me a lap dance in the strip club. To be honest, I love that shit!

Her hair, damp and messy, was jumping on and off her sweat-soaked back as she went up and down, so of course, I had no choice but to grab it and put an amazing arch in her back! I swear the way we fuck, it should be put on tape...I know one person, who's watching it for free right now, would buy it!

"Is someone knocking on the door?", she barely whispers out.

"Nah, that's not our room!", I assure her not wanting to mess up our session by telling her a dude is outside of our room jacking off to us fucking.(XXX Stories)

"Baby, I want to try something!", she says as she lifts off of me, leaving me standing straight up in the air. I never know what to expect from this one! "You better not let me fall", she snickers as she looks to be doing something on the ground on the side of the bed.

All of a sudden, I see her feet emerge on the side of the bed. She's in a headstand on the side of the bed with her legs open and her pussy exposed and ready to take a pounding that it's never experienced! Just when I thought I couldn't get any harder, the thoughts running through my mind put me at another level.

Next thing I know, I was "knee deep" in her pussy, bringing out sounds I'd never heard from her before. The sounds of knocking on the wall got louder, but she didn't even notice through her screams. I couldn't control myself anymore and nutted so hard in her pussy that it made both of us shake.

Normally, I have to recuperate for a while after cuming like that, but I was still hard as a rock, pouncing in and out of that pussy like nothing ever happened. I started to feel her body shaking vigorously as she grabbed my ankles and yelled something inaudible, then hot gushes of liquid splashed all over me about three times. I was making her pussy squirt for the first time and I can't even describe how that made me feel.

Her body went limp and fell down out of the headstand position and she was trembling and yelling oh God like he was in the room with us. There was no more knocking sound on the wall by the window. I laid on the bed, worn out in a good way while she pulled her limp body onto the bed next to me, still shaking every few seconds!

"Wow, baby that was so amazing! I can't believe you made me squirt! I've been wanting to experience that since the first time I ever saw it on a porno! I swear that's why this is your pussy", she says.

Then my phone rang. Damn, always at the wrong time. She sighed because she knew what that meant. I didn't want to leave her, but I had to go make money. I definitely planned on a second round in the spa tub. I got dressed as her eyes followed me around the room, exchanged "love you's", kissed her soft lips goodbye, and headed out the door.

As I left the room, I shook my head and laughed to myself as I spotted our peeping Tom's cum on the wall under the window. Yeah, we gave you a hell of a show didn't we, I mumbled jokingly to myself on my way to the car. If my girl only knew.....