"Adult Stories" Thumbing a lift

Adult Stories Thumbing a lift
I was in the army and had some leave,I had a friend in Leeds so as usual I was on the A1 thumbing a lift. It was the main truckers route and they were good at picking up soldiers,they got some company and so we had no trouble getting a lift.

I had been on the road for just five minutes when a truck pulled up,I opened the cab door and was surprised to find a young woman behind the wheel. I climbed in and said my name was Jed and thanks for the lift, she told me her name was Mary and asked how far I was going and that she was delivering to Coventry. I told her I was making my way to Newark and that I was sorry it wasn't further, she laughed at that and the ice was broker making the following talk easy and pleasant.(Sex Stories)

   I found out she had been driving for six years and the rig was her own bought and paid for,I thought she was taking a chance picking up strangers and said so ,to my surprise she said but you yourself take a risk too just because I'm a woman makes no difference does it. I had no comeback to that I was being sexist and I apologized to her. I had already taken in her looks and judged her to be early twenties, a slender frame but well formed and short brown hair being at work she had no makeup but she had no need of it as her skin was lightly tanned and her pink lips were full and for the most were smiling.I thought she smiled cute.

  The music she put on was a mixture of artists,turned out they were Irish and none where known to me but they sounded good,I asked who a singer was singing I needed you it was a male artist with a silky delivery and though not the best voice  was easy to listen to,that's Daniel o Donnell and he is from Donegal. The musicians were good,I had an ear for good music and listened more to it than the actual songs.I had been up early and it had been tiring, I was finding it hard to keep awake but the trade of for a lift was company to talk with so relieving the boredom of the road. I saw her glancing at me and I saw no sign of annoyance on her face,I suppose she knew I was going to drift off and told me to make myself comfortable and nod of if I liked. I so wanted to stay awake as she was great to be with and so easy on the eye but I had never been a good passenger,I was OK driving but just sitting as shotgun more often than not sent me drifting into sleep.(Porn Stories)

   How long I had been asleep for I had no idea but I was well into a dream with both Mary and myself making love, she was working my shaft making it come alive. The dream was so real I could feel each finger as it spread along my hardening cock,I hadn't noticed we had stopped moving normally it would have woke me but for now the only thing I wanted was her and her magic fingers,I could feel them rise and fall as she worked on me. I wanted to last forever but knew the time was near,my hand found hers and stopped her movements but the sudden squeeze made me let go and wake up. I thought that might do the trick she said as her head bent over to fill her face with my cock,she was good and had done this before I thought exposing the head so her tongue could glide around it using only her lips and breath. As she took me deeper I could feel her breath as it left her nose,it was such a sexual buzz for me at least.I could feel myself getting ready to shoot my load but before I did she stopped,not yet she said I want some more pleasure from you yet. She had me get up and sit on the dashboard and then opened the curtain behind revealing the sleeping bay ,Mary pulled sliding out a panel the ends of which had a wire that she attached to the roof of the cab. I said that was unusual,not much call for a double bed on the road I joked but I had other things on my mind just then as my shirt was being undone. I knew we were parked on the side of the road as I had seen out of the windows just how close we were to it, I just knew truckers would have seen inside getting a good view and now I was being stripped naked still sat on the dashboard. I thought two can play your game so lifted her t shirt over her head ,she had the skimpiest white bra underneath and so I had no need to undo it but like the t shirt just lifted it over her head. She made no protest and had a smile a mile wide,thought you were never going to get going Jed. I liked her using my name it felt right somehow.

   When we had undressed each other she climbed into the sleeping bay and I followed eager to resume our assault on each other, her boobs were so inviting I held one while kissing and sucking the other. The result was instant the nipples hardened and her back arched pushing them towards me,I bit the one I had in my mouth moving my teeth sideways the nipple being rolled between. Screaming she called me a pig but never pulled back but pushed even further into me. Her hand grasped my sack rolling my balls against each other,her touch was so light the only thing I felt was my balls rubbing one another. The sensation was driving me mad and I wanted to feel her too,it was impossible to get down the bed so I turned so we were in the 69, I was hoping she would suck me as I licked and fingered her moist pussy but instead she slavered on my anus then blew air onto it,I was flexing my hole every time she did this. I was going down on her pussy but she said to tongue her anus and if I liked finger her when I had moistened the area,I needed no telling twice and as she was doing it to me I knew the pleasure she would get. We both moved in line with our fingering my cock rubbing on her  when she shoved her finger up as far as it would go,my cum shot out and seemed to pump for ages I was fingering her anus and licking her pussy as she herself let flow with her juices,I tried to lap every drop before turning round and laying next to her.

   People could see in and as we were in the sleeping bay they would have been able to get a good view of us naked. I was past caring and thinking how good my first experience was,it would be nice to do it again with Mary but she had a shipment to deliver and I had mother waiting for me. We dressed as best we could in the confines of the cab and for the most part in silence ,having returned to our seats we both spoke the same words( thanks for the first time). I had thought she was experienced but she only knew sex through porn films and had wanted to try it for real. All too soon Newark was coming up and we would have to go our separate ways but I knew I would never forget Mary.