"Adult Stories" Welcome home my love

Adult Stories Welcome home my love
I loved that sight and she knew it too. Her hips moved into me and soon I would need to release myself. Maria's lust was so intense already excited from my oral adventure it just needed a little more to push her over again. I leaned onto her and put my hands around her cheeks.

It was around eight in the evening when I came home to find my friend Maria there. She is working for a company where she has to travel sometimes and it could be days and occasionally a week or two until she comes home. To spend these days alone is not always easy but seeing us again after a few days certainly leads to nice welcome moments and sometimes they tend to be more intense for bot of us. At this particular day she'd been away for over a week and it also had not been completely sure which day she was back so I was happy and a bit surprised when it was still before the weekend when I was coming home after work to find her there. She stood in the kitchen making something to eat after her travel. Her bags not yet unpacked standing in the floor I could smell the coffee she already had to get her strength back from sitting in an airplane with the bad meals and distasteful things like tomato juice for some hours.

Maria is a fine slender girl with long dyed blonde hair and so a nice and sexy little butt. For some seconds I just stood there in the door watching her back before I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her slim shoulders. Her hair smelled like a fresh shower and was not yet completely dry but I did not mind. I was happy that she was finally here and so was she when I put a gentle kiss on her cheek.

 "Hello my love, how I missed you." I whispered in her ear.

"I missed you too." She said and leaned back into my arms her hands coming up to meet mine. 

Somehow I found it quite arousing to feel her again virtually smelling her clean skin. I always loved how she smelled. I pulled her closer into me and let my lips wander to her ears. Maria was a bit ticklish right behind her earlobe and I loved it to take care of that small spot. So was it no wonder that she giggled when the tip of my tongue slightly circeled under her right ear. I breathed against the moistened skin and Maria just leaned into me turning around in my embracing so she would look me right into the eyes. (Sex Stories)

"What do you think you are doing?" She asked with a whisper.

"Let me show you what I have in mind little angle." I answered and put a gentle kiss on her lips. 

A smile curved around them and her grey-colored eyes light up so sweet that I just had to give her another kiss. Longer and more intense now I hold afterwards her lower lip between mine for a second as I pulled back. Maria was breathing a bit harder now and I could feel the weight of her body as she pushed herself against me. This time it was she who was more demanding and when her lips met mine again I felt her sweet little tongue probing its way into my mouth. What began with a gentle kiss ended now in a game of two very hungry cats and it seemed as if minutes were turning into hours while we just enjoying us kissing and kissing after a long time we did not met.

"Gosh," I murmured between my breath, "It seems my tigress is back." 

She smiled and made a sound much like a purring cat. Her hands moved around my back and she let them slide down to my ass grasping and pushing my pelvis against hers.

 "You wanted to show me something, remember?" She said and licked the tip of my nose .

 "How could I just forget." I said smiling and took her by her hand to go with her upstairs. On the way we lost most of our clothes and when we came into the bedroom we both were just dressed in the undergarments.

While I had just simple shorts on Maria had still a white chemise and her tight little white slip. Together with her long blonde hair falling around her shoulders and her firm breasts poking against the soft fabric she was quite a sight I could never withstand. Maria smiled so sweet letting herself fall onto the bed and pulling me halfway with her.

Slowly I touched her soft skin around her ankles and pulled her again to me. Looking right into her eyes I took her right little foot up and kissed gently her big toe. She giggled and pushed it a bit into my lips so I started to suckle it a little bit further and let my tongue stroke around the point of her toe. Along the way I let my fingers cautiously massage the sole of her foot. She was also very sensitive there and soon I tickled her sole so she would giggle again. But my grip was firm and her attempt to free it only half-hearted. I licked and kissed her sole gently sending shivers done her leg and up her spine.

"Hey I give up." She said then something cheeky came into her eyes. 

"Now you should surrender my dear or I will take a hostage." Laughingly she let her free left foot come up and pushed it against the fabric between my legs. I felt some heat rising in my hips when her foot slowly stroked through my shorts right at my semi-erect shaft.

"Oh my, I guess resistance is futile." I whispered smiling and took a long deep kiss at her toe stroking my tongue around it.

 Maria's smile was overwhelming and her right foot pushed a little bit harder against my manliness. I grabbed her left foot with my hand. (Porn Stories)

"Gotcha." I said and pushed her legs apart while coming down on my knees before the bed.

 Slowly I began to kiss her inner tights stroking both with my hands. My hands came to her slip and I pulled it down her long legs revealing her treasure grove. She was covered with nice brown hair above it but shaved clean around her sweet vulva. Just to see it made me hard and I wanted to taste her juices devouring every drop she would give. But it was not yet the time because I wanted her to be longing for the the moment giving all of it.

So I began to kiss and stroke her tights again, gently first and crawling closer in between. Maria let herself fall onto the bed and watched me her head halfway erected. Her eyes were filled with lust when I looked up while I came near her vulva. But just my breath was the only thing that touched her there while my hands and lips caressed all around it in close circles. Here and there I let them briefly touch her labia just accidentally of course. I could see her labia beginning to moisten and smiled. Maria was watching me closely while one of her hands squeezed her breast lovingly. When I breathed against her moistening labia she shivered slightly and it became more intense when my lips pressed against her freshly shaved skin. I kissed it as soft and as much as I did downstairs with her lips and Maria moaned softly. My tongue pressed slowly against her labia pushing them apart. Slowly I sucked them into my mouth and stroked my tongue around them while I pushed my face right into her. Her pubic hair was tickling my nose and I smelled the shower gel she had used mingled with the smell of her skin underneath.

I let go of her labia and began to flick the tip of my tongue at the edge of her vulva and back to her labia. Then I let the flat of my tongue cover her vulva and licked it slowly up and down until she was severely wet with my spittle. My lips nibbling at her labia I sucked it in again this time I let my tongue tickle at her clitoris and she moaned harder. Gently I sucked her clit between my lips and played it for a few seconds with the tip of my tongue. Maria groaned louder and her hip came up to push right into my face.

 I helped her and put my right hand between her legs and cheeks slowly stroking the thumb over her labia. I could feel her wet juice pouring out of her against my finger. Slowly I massaged her wetness into her lips and mixed it with the spittle which was drooling now from my tongue. I loved how she smelled and tasted when she was horny like a cat. My kisses and licks took care of her wet spot between her legs and I let my tongue slowly poke into her. She answered with another moan and I began to tongue fuck her slowly. 

Her hips began to move with a demanding pace and she grabbed my hair pushing me between her legs. I could hardly breath when she pushed my face against her innermost and my tongue ran as deep as it went into her while my nose rubbed into her labia and sometimes against her clitoris. I let my right hand stroll down her cheeks slowly pushing them apart. When finally needed some air ai pulled my tongue out and took Maria's labia in my mouth again caressing her clitoris with gentle sucks.

"Oh don't stop." She managed to whisper. 

I tried to look up and would have smiled if I was not so much occupied with the most delicious meal I had for some time. When my moist fingers found her little anus I pushed the tip slightly in and while her clit was all on my tongue she cried softly out and I could feel her whole body shaking. Her hand pushed me harder into her and I felt her fingernails at crawling over my scalp. 

My finger went a bit deeper into her tight ass and I let it twist a bit around while I sucked her sensitive clit. Her shaking became frenetical and her climax came with a sudden scream. My tongue sent her shiver after shiver and for a moment she pushed my head with all might between her legs before she collapsed onto the bed.

Breathing hard Maria managed to look up and her smile was more than lovingly. I kissed dutifully her wet vulva and licked her labia clean sending again some shivers into her. Then I crawled up and onto her giving her a long and deep kiss so she could would have the pleasure of tasting her love juice from my lips.

"Welcome home my love." I whispered before another kiss.

Her lips closed on mine and she licked around my mouth before she entered for a long deep kiss.

 "Lets take care now of the unpacking." She said and her hand wandered down between my legs gently stroking against the fabric and my penis underneath. 

"Oh love unpacking." I answered and let my own hands stroll over her back pulling her chemise upwards.

 I turned around and took Maria with me so that I was lying on my back and she on me. We kissed another deep and intense kiss then she sit up and pulled her chemise over her head baring her lovely shaped breasts. They had been always one of my favorite sights of all the many she had. 

We both are in our twenties and her breasts very firm with small nipples poking out like small mountain tops from her gently outwards coming aureolas. I let my hands wander from her hips upwards slightly squeezing her breasts and she let a welcoming moan escape. 

"I know you would love this." She said moving closer for another kiss. 

All the while I began to massage her breasts stroking and squeezing them but never touching her nipples nor the sensitive areaola around it. Maria moaned louder while she moved her hips over my pelvis and rubbed my penis and shorts. She was still wet from my saliva and her juices and could feel the warm rising between my legs.

I could do and watch this for eternity but all the touching of her breasts without giving her nipples the attention they wished so dearly my little Maria was getting anxious and she grabbed my hands and pushed them over her tits with a strong grip. I smiled and her nipples felt so hard under my palms. She leaned over me and I pulled her breast to my lips blowing cold air over her erect nipple. She was trembling a little bit and my tongue went out for a nice touchdown.

 Maria giggled feeling the wet warmness circling around the areola of her right breast caressing the nipple and feeling the thumb and for finger of my other hand on the one of her left tit. I licked and kissed my way over and gave the other side the same attention then sucking her into my mouth. Her hips stopped moving for a moment and she pushed her breast into my face. 

"Oh please suck me baby." She said and so I did. 

Again I changed the sides sucking her other breast more feverously always letting my hand massaging my saliva into the wet side I had to leave. This could go on for a while but now her hips were moving again and I pushed mine upwards to meet hers with more force.

Maria laughed about this small reminder of her promise. 

"So there is still a visitor to beg for joining our party." She said and slowly she leaned over my face to kiss me pressing her bare breast against mine. 

Her lips wandered deeper along my chin and down my throat to settle on my own nipples while her hands wandered even further and into my shorts. When she immediately found what she was searching for already hard and aroused her eyes focused on mine and she smiled delighted crawling a bit deeper and pulling my shorts a bit down so the head of my penis welcomed the fresh and cool air. 

With a lovingly smile she gave him a good kiss before she let her lips mover over the top and half pushing her head over it and half sucking him in. I felt my foreskin being pushed away when it moved in between her lips and her tongue gave my penis a wet and hot welcome. She flicked it around licking it and sucking while pulling the shorts completely out of the way.

Her right hand began to grasp my shaft and slowly stroking it up and down when her tongue was still very occupied with the glans sending shivers through my body. Then she let go of it and licked with her flattened tongue all over my slightly hairy shaft.

 She loved my to be not so cleanly shaven there and feel the hairs wet on her lips. Maria pulled my penis away and her hand massaged the shaft while she plunged her face into my pubic hair kissing licking and breathing it in.

 Her other hand took my balls and massaged then too then she licked downwards and sucked at first one and then the other into her mouth. Her eyes watched me and I smiled letting my own right hand ruffle her gorgeous hair. For minutes she gave my penis the pleasures only her mouth could grant carefully and slowly so that I would not shoot already before she felt me deep inside her own body. When she suckled on my glans again her hands moving between her own legs I could no longer withstand and pulled her away and onto the bed again.

Maria smiled and I kissed her deeply caressing her tits with my hands and let my hard penis rub against her inner tight. I could feel her wetness and sat up for a glance of her young aroused body lying just there to be pleased and giving pleasures only a loved one grants.

I let the tip of my penis brush against her vulva slowly rubbing it up and down her excited wet skin. The tip of my penis strolled through her pubic hair and I smiled by the look and feel of it. Then I pushed my penis gently against her labia and her lips opened like the blossoms of a flower in the morning sun. Maria moaned delighted when I pushed myself further in.

She was very wet and I felt the heat when her vagina surrounded the tip of my penis. I moaned myself a bit by this sensation and pushed my pelvis against her to fully enter my love. Her hip came up and pressed against mine and for some seconds we just enjoyed the feeling to be combined. Then I slowly pulled my penis out until it the tip rested just at her entering and it was totally engulfed in her juices.

 This time I entered her with a single thrust and Maria moaned again. Now I took up a slow pace of moving in and out enjoying the tight grip of her vagina around my penis. She took up the pace and we worked into a nice and slow fucking which became faster and faster very soon.

Our hips moving in conjunction I leaned myself over her and kissed her lips. Maria let her tongue probe into my mouth as my penis did between her legs. Her hands grabbed my asscheeks and she pushed me hard into her. I could feel her fingers pulling my cheeks apart her nails massaging. I grabbed her legs and pushed them up and under my shoulders. We both moaned now and our pace was becoming really intense. I could feel the sweat pouring down my spine and saw Maria wet and aroused under me. Her tits were bouncing in time with every thrust of my pelvis into hers.

I loved that sight and she knew it too. Her hips moved into me and soon I would need to release myself. Maria's lust was so intense already excited from my oral adventure it just needed a little more to push her over again. I leaned onto her and put my hands around her cheeks. 

She loved what I wanted to do now and in pleasant anticipation Maria pushed her ass onto the bed when my fingertip was right at her little butt hole. 

"Yes, make my little butt coming with us." She moaned and I took a harder pace also letting the finger probe into her when my manliness thrusted deep into her love grove. This was enough for my tigress and I could feel her muscles contracting around my penis squeezing it tightly so I let her milk me when I was shooting my own orgasm into her womb with a satisfied moan.

Maria's hot breath on my cheek was the next thing I realised and her wide smile when she said 

"Now I am really home."