"Adult Stories" Young sexy but taken

Adult Stories Young sexy but taken
I had known Steph for years and she lived across the street,I see her in her room with her boyfriend sometimes but not very often but then again I very rarely see them together at all I wonder how he can keep away from her.I could see her tidying her clothes it was one of the things I liked about her she kept her room clean and she herself was always well turned out,never much makeup but with her skin she didn't need it.

I had had a long night pounding my beat, it took most of the shift to get round twice. There had been a lot of small incidents so the paperwork took me past the 10pm Finnish time,I could have left it till I was back on duty but I was used to filling in the forms fresh from my memory and not having to rely on my pocket book so it was almost 1am before I settled into my house. 

I noticed Steph had her light on and her curtains were drawn.her shape could be seen as she moved about the room graceful as if she were dancing,she did that a lot and it always got me aroused.I would have loved a dance with her  but who was I kidding. Someone stood up next to her and they kissed I suppose it was her boyfriend, when they had finished she got on her knees and it looked like she was sucking him.(Sex Stories)

After her light went out I settled down and dreamed it was me she had gone down on,some chance but I lived in hope. I saw her as I left the house and we walked together, she looked tired and we both knew why that was. 

I asked her if she had a fulfilled night, It was a bit churlish I know but I couldn't get the picture of them out of my head. She looked at me and I knew she was embarrassed.

 I had photos I had taken of her through her bedroom window some fully clothed some partly dressed and two nude ones, I liked the semi nude ones best but the one that got me hard was the one of her clearly sucking her boyfriend.

She made some story up about meeting her mum so we parted,a pity but I would see her again and I too walked into town.(Porn Stories)

 I was so wrapped up in my thoughts of Steph I was in the high street before I knew it, it was a raised voice that brought me back to the real world and to start with was annoyed but then I saw it was Steph and her boyfriend. 
she told him not to see her again and that she never wanted to see him. 

Far from angry he looked pleased with himself but Steph looked distraught, I made my way to her and led her to a seat and put my arm round her while she composed herself. I was pleased she was so close I could feel her body warmth and I was getting myself worked up,I hoped she didn't see the bulge I had but she was too upset I guess. I suggested going for a coffee but she asked if I would walk her home.

   The walk was over so soon and I was annoyed that her boyfriend was at her door waiting for her,he came to her and said you didn't waste much time did you, but Steph told him I had been in town and saw us split up and walked me home after I had settled down. That stopped him as he apologised to her and thanked me for taking care of her,he took her hand and led her to her door leaving me alone and totally miserable.

 I went back to my place and I could see them sat on her bed kissing and soon she was lying down with his hand up her dress. I watched them till they started to get dressed and it was then I loaded the shots onto my laptop along with all the others I had taken over the last few years.

I knew they would be the only thing I would have as it was plain to see she was never going to be mine.