"Sex Stories" Accidental Love

Sex Stories Accidental Love
Its the story when I wrongly got tangled with my BF's Dad in his farmhouse.  It started as I was so horny and my BF told me to meet him at his farm house at 7 in the evening with very provocative outfit he got me the other day.  I was eagerly looking forward for the moment i visit my BF farm house that i forgot to see my mobile for the text message my BF has sent that he has to leave town due to some urgency and that he will be back only after 5 days.  

I on the other hand got a nice bath shaved my pussy and got ready with the dress my BF had got for me.  It was a purple blue top backless and a matching micro mini skirt with barely covered my ass.  I hired a taxi and went to my BF farmhouse which was good 27 km away from town deserted without any human population.(Sex Stories)

The taxi went back and I opened the gate and went in and knocked the door and fortunately the door was open.  It was a windy full moon night and due to the skimpy dress i was wearing I was feeling cold and I was definitely in the mood of getting warm by the hard pounding I was thinking of getting from my boyfriend.  I called him 2-3 times "Honey, I am here" but I didnt get any response.  Again I called "Sweetheart" but again no reply.  I thought that he is in the mood of scaring me so I called out loud "Oh then you are in the mood of playing hide and seek and scare me?? Lets see who finds whom?" and I started undressing my top and unzipped my skirt(as I was not wearing any bra only my thongs) I tossed my top and skirt outside and locked the door and I had almost slip my thongs upto my heels that I heard a voice "Hey, what are you doing??" only to find my BF dad TED standing right behind me in his shorts and me bending over to remove my thong only to show him my ASSHOLE on full display...!!!

I quickly covered my boobs but only to find that he has already seen me naked and he was moving towards me.  I quickly placed one hand on my pussy and covered my boobs with my other hand and closed my eyes not to make eye contact with Ted.  Then after a few minutes I sensed hot breath on my lips only to find another lips planting a kiss on it to follow.  It was TED.  He had closed the door and closed the only opportunity for me to have my dress back to cover my modesty.  I quickly opened my eyes to find a grin smile on Ted face which was thinking something else to do with me. He started to kiss me gently then slowly trying to part my lips to make way for his tongue to investigate my mouth and it felt good to me that I gave in myself and let him kiss me a little more and while doing he had already taken my hands off my boobs and pussy and my privates where on display and easily accessible to him.  I surrendered myself as I felt a tingling in my stomach due to his mature touch that I gave myself to Ted and I think Ted found out it when I Kissed him BACK.(Porn Stories)

He took off my thongs which was in my ankles and I was NUDE infront of my BF dad Ted who was still a stranger to me as we have never met before.  I had only seen him on photo but not in person.  I said "sorry Ted I was here as Matt told me that he will meet me here in the evening.  So I came here. Please open the door I ll leave right now!" for which he replied Matt has gone out of town and he will not be home till next saturday.  Then I thought due to the excitement for looking forward to meet matt I forgot my phone in my room itself and also forgot to check messages before leaving due to which I am here NAKED infront of Matt's Dad. I said sorry and tried to move towards the door with my back and ass towards Ted and found that the door was still locked only to hear "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING?" from Ted.  I said Im going back home.  for which he replied after all this dont you think you are missing something?? he said and jumped at me kissing me harder this time.  And as I was hungry for some Manhood I gave up and started kissing him back with my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs around his torso.  He was lifting me like a doll and Really he was a good kisser.

We took me to his bedroom all the way kissing and started to slide his short only to show the erect cock of 9" long 2.5" thick shaft pointing directly towards me.  I had never seen a cock such big as Matt was the only man I have ever been with.  He started licking my pussy and brought me to orgasm 5-6 times only by his touch.  He then started playing with my navel studs which was dangling around my waist and then moved upwards to suck my boobs and finally resting his lips on mine for another round of hard kissing action.

While kissing his Cock was rock hard and was rubbing my inner thighs each time he used to hump on me while kissing.  Then the moment came for which I accidentally fell for that is when Ted parted my pussy lips to make way for his monster shaft to penetrate me.  He was very gentle and as he was well experienced he slowly entered me and then took it out then again entered a littler bit deeper until I found his full 9" cock burried inside my pussy as I felt his public hair kissing my crouch.  Then he started pumping in me and I thought its bad as I am cheating on my BF but then I thought what about the pleasure Ted is giving me.  After all Ted is Matt's Dad.  I am not cheating on anybody else.  And I cleared my mind and started shouting "Come on Ted, I am your girl now! Fuck me I am all yours" and started moaning hard. Hearing this Ted god excited and started pumping hard and hard and hard and he suddenly stopped and said as Matt's not gonna be home till next saturday and as you are my girl now we have whole 7 days to fuck like rabbits" he said.  Hearing this I said "Oh Teddy, you naughty!!" and closed my eyes with my hands and he took it off my eyes and kissed me once again and started fucking me.  Then he lifted me and told me to be on all fours and I obliged.   I went on the edge of the bed and I was poked by Ted's Erect Cock at my Ass entrance for which I panicked and said "Ted?? Sweety??" for which he replied dont worry DOLL its coming next we have whole week to discover each other for which i giggled a little bit and showed his cock the entrance he was looking for.. my LOVE HOLE... my pussy..  and we started fucking in doggy style.  Ted had a pet cat which was constantly staring at me getting fucked by Ted and I got scared and Ted realised and made it ran away.  

Then again he said to ride him.  I was in sexual fantasy.  I was doing everything he was asking me to do and he was a good kisser and also a good lover making love to me very good. I rode him for 20 minutes but yet he didnt give up.  I had 10 orgasm in the whole love making session but Ted had yet had the stamina to fuck me.  Then I said Ted give it to me baby I want you to Cum inside me.  For which he said "Anything for you my Princess" and started fucking me again in doggy style.  After a good 20 minute fuck I sensed his cock was twitching and he was going to load his cum in me.  So I started banging back so that I can get his full cock inside me and then I felt a hot semen spurts hitting my vaginal walls which was the honey that Ted was depositing in me as a result of all the love making we did from past 5 hours.  It was almost 1 AM on the clock that I didnt noticed that its been full 5 hours till we started to make love.

Then he slept beside me both naked and we drifted to sleep for a few hours only when the sun rays hit us on our windows to wake us up and I found Ted looking directly at me saying You are so beautiful!! I said thanks teddy baby. To which he said TEDDY BABY?? and I said "yes baby I already have your seed in me so you are Teddy and I have your Baby" and giggled. Then Ted lifted me up in his arms and took me to his swimming pool outside his farm house still naked (both) and dropped me in the pool and It surprised me but when Ted also jumped in I thought he had something on his mind.  Then he came behind me started kissing me and whispered in my ears "Princess Ready for Round II doll??" he said.  Hearing him calling me "PRINCESS" I was flattered and I nodded Yes and he started fucking me right there in the pool while both being half immersed in the pool and fucking each other which I had never done before.  He started fucking me out there in the open and then he came again inside me after a good 20 min fuck and said that was a goood morning breakfast and told me come lets hit for the shower and make something for the breakfast to eat.

We hit the shower and again started to make love again while I gave him a blowjob in the shower and he kissed me as he already was a good kisser.  We were all alone outside the town about 27 kms with nobody to disturb or question us.  I came out of the shower naked and handed a towel to Ted and wrapped myself with another towel.  We both headed to the kitchen and I prepared Sandwich and he commented that the sandwich he had yesterday on me was more delicious that the one that I had prepared today for which I said" You naughty, shut up I am your Son's GF dont you remember??" for which he said "NO" and laughed evil.  

We had our breakfast and I went to put my dress in the washing machine so that I can leave and Ted said you are mine for a week hence you shouldn't be wearing anything and you would remain in your birthday suit till you are here.  For which I said "Birthday Suit?? Naked all day wiggling my ass to you so that you get turn on and Fuck my ass right? and what if some visitors came by only to find me naked wandering around your farm house??" He said dont worry about the visitors just wiggle that round bubble butt for me so that I can fuck you all week long thats it!! Ha Ha Ha very funny!! You are kidding right?? I said and he replied "I am never serious before!!" And I said okay anyway I have left my mobile in town and nobody gonna find me that I am here!!

We went horse riding in his farm house while me being naked the horse riding made me so horny that Ted came there to teach me horse riding and I ended up riding his Cock instead of Horse once again.  Then We went to his Sheep farm and were cleaning things around only to find two sheeps in heat which made Ted fuck me once again.  It was like a fuck fiesta for me.  I was getting all love I imagined to get but not with Matt but his father Teddy.  Then we went for a walk in his farm near the lake which was so beautiful that I had never been in such a nice place again NAKED and went fishing in the boat with me on Ted's Lap while his Erect Cock was poking my butt cheeks from his trousers.  We catched few fish then had our lunch with fried fish and came back to farm house.  We were watchign TV when suddenly dont know why TED got an idea told me that he will take me shopping to town but I had to be naked all the way.  I was scared as if someone catches me with him and that too naked it will be a big problem.  But he challenged that he will do anything I wish If I accompany him to shop butt naked.  I said DEAL and we went to town and it was almost dark.  So all the way to the shopping mall we drove and we didnt find anyone watching us. Ted parked his car on the darker side of the parking lot so that nobody sees me naked.  I went inside as there were less customers there are nobody saw me naked entering the shopping mall except the CC camera I guess.  I was wearing a big HAT so that I dont get caught.  We finished our shopping and went back to car and drove off to farm house again.

I was happy that I completed the challenge of being naked all the way long to the shopping mall and back for which Ted laughed with a grin and told me that "YOU wore a HAT!!" and said so your lost.  I was dumbstruck and he told so dumbo you have to punished for the act and said you are going to get your backdoor fucked by me today and went to the kitchen to prepare meal for the dinner.  I was still naked and ashamed and frightened that I was going to have Anal Sex with TED's 9" cock after dinner and I finished my dinner in the thought of imagining him fucking my ASSHOLE.  We finished our dishes and Ted lifted me in his arms and took me to his bedroom and started getting naked.  I asked him how long you have been horny for me?? for which he said ever since you have come to this farmhouse.  He made on all my fours and I felt something spurt on my Asshole. It was the Lube.  Then It struck me.  It was all planned.  I am just been an ASSHOLE who is going to get her ass hole drilled. and then he entered my ass.  Oh I said Teddy be slow plz honey and he took it out and again entered me slowly and tried to insert some more and again took it out and again third time rammed it all the way in as I took a deep breath only to find his manhood buried inside my asshole.  He slowly started pumping in and said oh princess you are so tight you are squeezing me so tight and starting fucking me.  He pumped me for a good 1 hour and ejaculated inside me and his honey was trapped inside me ass hole and we both slept there in the arms of each other.  

This went along till saturday and we were fucking like newly wed couples and on saturday Ted asked me I had plan and said why shouldnt we get married here?? I said jokingly here?? are you kidding me and I dont have a wedding gown to wear!! to which he replied how about getting married naked.  And he took me out in the sun and said I Tedd mathews take you jennifer Kelly as my Beloved Wife and you Jennifer Kelly take me Tedd Mathews as your beloved husband?? for which I said "Yess I DO!" and he said now I can kiss the bride and fuck her and he planted a big kiss on my lips and inserted his cock inside my pussy!! Suddenly I asked him dont it be the other way around getting married first then have sex but we had sex first then get ...... for which we both ended in laughter.  Then Ted dropped me to my home and said he will remember this whole week as its the most memorable thing that ever happen to him.  And I was very sad that it ended.  I slowly stepped towards my home without turning back to see Ted looking at me.

This is how I cheated on my BF with his own....