"Sex Stories" The BLACK Night OUT

Sex Stories The BLACK Night OUT
He asked me what I want and as I was thinking of getting fucked by Joey I suddenly blurted out "GIVE IT TO ME BABY I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME" and I put my hand on my mouth suddenly and again tried to cover my boobs and pussy infront of those 3 black guys surrounding us. Joey replied Babes if you need my cock you have to satisfy my friends here as well. This is how my first BLACK GANG BANG started.

It was the weekend party night.  And I was all set to rock the dance floor.  I was waiting for the moment I leave my home to visit the club grabbing everybody's attention on me by wearing such provocative seductive dress.  

I was preparing myself for this day.  I got a nice shower, shaved off my pussy and body hair for a silky smooth skin.  Put on a layer or make up with 2 shade Red lipstick matching my Oil Red Deep V front party dress which showed much more skin upto my navel and was backless which ended just above my butt cheeks and went on to put Dolce perfume to match my style.(Sex Stories)

I left my home at 9 for the night club and without a pass I was at the entrance of the night club where the guard stopped me for the ID and the pass.  I seductively winked at him and dont know why he let me in without arguing much.  I was happy that I made it to the club.  

Straight away I went inside to the bar area and ordered tequila and took a shot keeping my clutch on the bar and settled myself on the chair.  I noticed a handsome checking me out from head to toe and I got excited by the thought of I grabbed attention of atleast someone. I finished my drink and jumped on the dance floor to have someone only to find a guy moving behind me and grinding his crouch area to my ass and trying to grope my stomach from behind.  I let him do it as we were dancing and there were much crowd and I let him grind his crouch for sometime.  After I turned towards him and whispered in his ears better luck next time handsome and left the dance floor. I was feeling very awkard even though I was waiting for this moment but being without my BFF courtney made me not to enjoy the clubbing.  So I ordered another tequila and took a shot and stepped out of the club, and to my surprise i didnt find any taxi to get back home.

I started walking and also the area was so inhabitat that nobody was seen walking the street even though the night club was on full.  I was walking when I heard a voice "ARENT YOU LOOKINGYA FOR ME BABES??" and I was frightened to hear such a deep voice and I saw a Black figure coming out of the shadows with a grin smile.. I replied "Definitely Not!!" and started walking away with clipping my heels away from him.  He suddenly stopped me and said "YO SMELL YA GOOD, wanna join me for a drink??" I said no thanks and started walking away but again he stopped me and said You are definitely looking for some fun.(XXX Stories)

I didnt respond and started walking.

He again interrupted me and said I wanna kiss YOU!!! Just give me a kiss and I ll let you go..

I feared for him and didnt respond nor tried to walk away.

He again asked Yo babes is it means that you are okay to kiss me???

Again I didnt respond and which led him advance towards me and planted a kiss on my lips.

Oh my gosh... It was electric... I havent been kissed by anyone in public ever out in the open and that too a black guy.  His kiss sent electric jolts in my spine and I was spell bound by his Kiss..

He said Oh lady you really liked the kiss huh??? I didnt respond but inside I was really turned on by the kiss.

He again took hold of my hair and again put his lips on mine this time harder to kiss me more passionately and I surrendered myself to his masculinity and I really have to say he was a very good kisser.

He broke the kiss after a good 5 minute only to find me still in the spell of him swirling his tongue inside my mouth.  He asked me NOW would you like to join me?? and I readily answered YES!!! He took me to his car and while walking towards his car his hands were on my bare back caressing the sheer smoothness of my skin and pulling myself towards him.  He was around 6.5 ft and I seemed very small to his enormous size.

We drove towards his place and all the way I was watching the monster inside his trouser which was making a dent thinking of the size and how I am gonna take it.. And He was looking at my milky thighs which was showing off when my dress rode up while sitting in the car.  It was deserted area with a lonely house in between and he drove me inside.  He stepped outside the car and opened the door on my side and took my hand to take me inside his house.  I was walking hand in hand with perfect stranger whom I met and I just realised that I dont even ask his name..

He took me inside and once inside he started kissing me harder and lifted me as I was so small compare to his enormous body size, and I was like a small rag doll to him.  While he lifted me I dropped my purse and was kissing him back and he took me upstairs to his bedroom and as he had already sensed that I was not wearing any bra he took the shoulder straps down to see my 35D boobs and he unzipped the dress to reveal my sexy curves to him and he did something that I had never imagined before.  He took my thongs off me by his mouth all the way kissing my smooth legs.  

I was now perfectly naked infront of my black lover who was still dressed, I jumped to open his belt and he was removing his T Shirt. Once I dropped his trousers down I saw the huge bulge he had in his boxers and I slid his boxers down to see the biggest DICK I ve ever seen. It was almost 12" and 2.2" thick i guess.  He removed his boxers and was standing infront of me stark naked and my mouth gaped wide open to see the view of such a huge man with monster dick.  He asked me YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE BABES?? and I said Yes.

I took his monster cock in my mouth and started blowing him in and out of my mouth with both hands I cant take his member as it was so huge.  I suddenly stopped and asked him I am giving you a blowjob and I dont even know your name!?? He replied Joey. I said jennifer.. And again get back to business of giving him a blow job.  He was enjoying as I licked his member from Base to Tip with my tongue flickering.  He enjoyed every moment as I heard his moans in between.

I heard him grunt and he said I am gonna cum baby and started to unload his cum in my mouth.  I tried to swallow as much as I can but he shoot so much inside my mouth that a few drops spilled out of my mouth even though I tried to close and contain it to fall off my mouth.  I received a mouthful of his salty cum but yet I havent been fucked and my pussy was waiting to be pounded by this hard monster of Joey.

I asked Joey to fuck me and even though he has just now cummed his member was ready for the action and he jumped on the bed and started sucking my boobs and started eating my pussy.  Oh gosh he is such a good pussy eater that I came just the moment he hit my G Spot and I climaxed and cummed right on his face.  He licked my pussy juice with pleasure and stood up only to have his COCK in hand and he was trying to put it in my pussy.  I closed my eyes and was thinking of the pleasure this COCK is gonna give and was waiting and I didnt feel anything near my pussy lips.  I panicked and opened my eyes only to find Joey with a grin Smile along with his 3 friends surrounded the bed while I was laying naked!!

He asked me what I want and as I was thinking of getting fucked by Joey I suddenly blurted out "GIVE IT TO ME BABY I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME" and I put my hand on my mouth suddenly and again tried to cover my boobs and pussy infront of those 3 black guys surrounding us.  Joey replied Babes if you need my cock you have to satisfy my friends here as well.  This is how my first BLACK GANG BANG started.

I said NO please give my clothes back I ll go home now.  I jumped off the bed and tried looking for my Red party dress but it was nowhere to be seen.  They might just have hid anywhere.  Joey said dont you want me to fuck you.  I said yes but not with your friends.  He said dont you wanna feel the FUN, JOY and PLEASURE you get with all these dicks filling your holes.  I dont know what spell he had on me that I walked towards his friends and started unbuckle their pants to discover their monsters.  They undressed themselves and lifted me towards the bed and as I got a glimpse of 3 cocks around 8-10 inch standing erect which will soon discover me inside through my holes.  Oh the sight was so ecstatic that I gave up for the pleasure its gonna give me.

The first one took bit on my nippes and was fondling with my navel studs and another was caressing my boobs while the third one was eating my pussy.  I didnt asked for their named and I just said I WANT Y'ALL TO FUCK ME and I took the first BLACK DICK inside my pussy and it was I ll call him J1 and he started to pump inside me. He was huge but I havent lubricated his member which made it rough even though my pussy juices were lubricating his cock.  I was giving a blow job to both J2 and J3 one and one and suddenly J1 lifted me so that I rode him.  He was huge that once I sat on him his cock was well inside my womb.  I was jus riding him that I felt a finger on my ass it was J3 and I turned back to look at him he was using his spit of lubricate his member so that he can fuck my ass.  I again looked at J1 and started kissing him when J3 entered my ass and both the cocks filled my holes and I was like their bitch.

Both the cocks where pumping inside me like a hot piston and I was moaning so loud that suddenly J2 took place infront of me to put his cock in my mouth.  Now I was having my first 4some and that too with black cocks.  I was having a very good time and three of them where fucking me like I am their bitch.  I started shouting Oh come on fuck me yess fuck me fuck me and then I felt J3 fill my Ass with his CUM and he retreated and J2 took his place and started fucking my well used ASS HOLE lubricated by J3 cum trapped inside.  I cleaned J3 cum giving him a blowjob and J1 and J2 fucked me for well 20 minutes until I realised that both have cum inside me without protection when I felt both their CUM spurt hit my pussy insides.

I cleaned their cocks and they left me panting on the bed with the pleasures they gave me I was waiting for the King of COCKS Joey to fuck me.  I called him and he was playing with his cock making ready to fuck me and he did.  He came over me and inserted his 12 inch cock inside me in one go and I moaned Oh you are HUGEeeee and he started pounding me.  I was moaning Ummm UHHH yeah fuck me fuck me he fucked me so good that I hit my orgasm 2-3 times in between.  Then the moment came when I felt his cock fill his seeds inside my unprotected womb and collapsed on top of me while his chest pressed my boobs and said BABES I HAVE NEVER BEEN WITH ANY GIRL LIKE YOU WHO TOOK MY WHOLE DICK INSIDE and I giggled and said "I am No Ordinary Girl" and slept in his embrace.  I woke a hour after and Joey was still sleeping I searched for my dress it was on the shelf I wore it didnt mind taking the thongs to wear and stormed out of the house.

I found a taxi and I was heading back to my home when taxi driver was looking at me through his mirror of my foiled lipstick and uncombed hair.  I said just drive quickly and was just on the thought of what just happened.????