"Sex Stories" Cynthias Workout

Sex Stories Cynthias Workout
Cynthia had went to a local gym which she done twice a week for some years with her friend. Today she had went alone as her friend was not able to come with her. At 53 years old and a little overweight she enjoyed the time working on the treadmill and working out on the various equipment. Walking on the treadmill her beautiful blonde hair swung back and forth with each step and her 36DD breasts snapped up and down with the concussion of each step.

Cynthia had never had children so her breasts remained firm. Her buttocks oversized yet hard with a mixture of muscle and fat, it bounced with each step snapping firmly back into place before the next.

The women liked working out at this facility as it was a womens only club and the only men were employee's. Some of the men were well trained in physical therapy whilst others were there in more supportive roles such as spotting for weightlifting and other forms of exercise.

Both women knew all the faces and they wore their respective name tags. Fraternizing with members was generally discouraged but it did happen people being people. Today, Cynthia noticed a new man in the club distant across the room. From a distance his body looked quite impressive. He looked about 6' tall with jet black hair and even from the distance she could see he was quite muscular and could make out the definition in his arms and legs. He was wearing a blue shirt along with red shorts but at this distance she noticed little more.(Sex Stories)

She watched while walking on the treadmill as the man walked from member to member across the room stopping, talking and then shaking hands and moving on to the next station. Cynthia thought, “He must be a new employee and he is introducing himself to people.”

As he drew closer to where she was walking on the treadmill she noticed several times that he had looked over towards her, each time she shifted her head as to look away then peeked back. A few times their eyes locked and Cynthia felt both embarrassed yet somehow excited.

When he came to the station next to the line of treadmills he was turned somewhat sideways to her. She gazed at his strong well defined arms. His massive muscular legs were well sculpted and thick as tree trunks. His shorts were not loose but not skin tight either. She could tell his buttocks was well defined.(Adult Stories)

He started showing the women he was speaking with how to use the equipment in proper form. Cynthia could not hear the conversation and she tried hard to keep her eyes straight ahead rather than look towards him. She glanced over out the side of her eye as he stepped to the woman's side bending down to apparently adjust the exercise machine. Cynthia saw the expanse of his chest was big with thick black hair. The man appeared to be in his 20's, perhaps 25 or 26 years old. Out of the corner of her eye she looked downwards towards his legs as they spread wide in a crouched tripod position. She could see that what was under them pressed against the shorts as they tightened around him as he knelt down. His legs thick with black hair. She turned her head quickly to try and catch a better look and he was staring right into her eyes and smiled.

Cynthia quickly turned her head away as if she were caught. The man shook the women's hand and then came to a women only two treadmills down from her. Cynthia grew nervous so much so she stumbled a few times. She thought, “I should get off this now and walk away. Or should I? Oh my gosh, what do I do?”

Before she had a chance to make up her mind he stepped to the side of her and said, “Hello! My name is Raphael. I am a new instructor here.” He had an accent that she could not quite place.

Cynthia turned to him smiling and said, “I... Ummm... I am Cindy... I mean, I am Cynthia...”

She was nervous, trying to have her eyes stay on him. He was big, powerful and very attractive. He was wearing some sort of cologne that did not help her nerves at all.

Raphael replied, “Its a pleasure to meet you Cynthia. Have you been coming here long?”

Cynthia replied, “Why? Umm... I've been here for about an hour.”

“Oh, so you are a new member.” Raphael responded.

“No, I mean... I misunderstood,” she tried laugh. “I've been here for two years.”

Cynthia thought in her mind, “Oh my gosh. I am making an ass of myself. Should I apologize? Should I go? What am I thinking? I am engaged! Think that.”

Before she had a chance to say another word Raphael reached across the front of her and placed his hand on her farthest hand coming near face to face with her. He said, “You need to hold the handle firmly Cynthia as like its something you love. We wouldn't want any accidents.” He squeezed her hand firmly unto the treadmill grip and peered into her eyes.

She could smell the cologne and his accent felt like his words went right through her. His eyes were a beautiful blue and she could feel his breath on her.

He smiled at her letting go of her hand. Before she could even breathe he knelt down and said, “When you walk on the treadmill you must try keep your steps even. Your gait is off a bit and this can cause damage to your knee.”

Raphael reached up and set the treadmill on its slowest speed. Cynthia did not have time to even say a word when he said, “Here let me show you.”

Raphael bent down taking his left hand and place it against the back of her calf and slid it upwards to the middle of the back of her thigh. He placed his other hand on her chin and said, “Now walk.”

Cynthia did not know what to do, she felt like her entire face would be red but it was not. Raphael began helping move and lift her leg in step with the machine. “See,” he said, “This for you is a much more natural movement. You need lift your thigh a bit higher than you do with your other leg.”

He held her leg and said, “Now you do it.”

Cynthia tried but it did not feel quite natural to her. “Keep trying.” he said. “I wont let go.” He squeezed her thick thigh a few times.

This went on for several minutes and Cynthia did not know what to do. She could feel herself growing wet between her legs hearing his voice, accent and the scent of the cologne.

“That's better,” Raphael said as he released her leg. He stood up. “I'll get you on top...” and he paused, “of your exercise plan and more if your willing.”

He put his hand out. Cynthia did not know what to do. Thoughts were flying in and out of her head. She automatically extended her hand and he shook it and quickly moved away to the next women.

Cynthia tried reeling in what was going through her head, “If he'd had run his hand up into my crotch I'd have came,” she thought. “I feel like I am soaked. I'm engaged!”

She tried focus on her step but her head was reeling and she remembered what her fiance' had told her, “Rick told me that I am sensual and I cant stop it. Its who I am. Sexy. Beautiful. But... Oh my gosh. Maybe I am just imagining things, that's probably it. What would a guy like that see in me? I am 53, old enough to be his mother! Shit. I am so horny right now. Think. Think. Walk. Walk. Walk.”

Cynthia put headphones on to try and get things out of her mind. She closed her eyes trying listen to the music and walk and walk. She could not get the thoughts in her mind to leave.

It only seemed like a few minutes when she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Charles, “We closed 5 minutes ago. You should hit the shower. I'll have someone wait and lock up after your done.”

Charles was not a well sculpted man. He was very big, perhaps 6' 4” more like a linebacker in football. Cynthia remembered him showing the ladies how to bench press and dead lift weight. He lifted near 450 pounds with what appeared to be little effort.

Cynthia replied, “Oh! I am so sorry. I wasn't paying attention to the time! I'll just get dressed and leave.”

“That's ok,” he responded. “Take your time. Take a shower. Its important you cool your core down as its hot outside.”

Cynthia turned the machine off and stepped down. She didn't even realize she'd done quite a workout. She suddenly became aware of her scent, her crotch was soaked and the wet spot was clearly apparent in her pink shorts.

She went into the locker room where another women was just getting dressed after her shower. They'd spoken a few times, her name was Shirley. She said, “Hi Cynthia! How are you today?” and Cynthia replied, “I am great! How are you?”

Cynthia began taking off her clothes carefully trying not to expose her soaked pink shorts. She walked over grabbing a fresh towel from a table.

Shirley and Cynthia began talking. She'd thought it was only a few moments but it was near 15 minutes. Shirley said, “I am so late! I have to run! Did you see that new guy? What a hunk! He kept looking at you over and over. I think he has a thing for you!”

Before Cynthia could respond Shirley said, “See you later hun!” and walked out.

What Cynthia did not know is that Raphael was a close friend of Charles who had just told Cynthia the club had closed.

The reason that Charles did not interrupt Cynthia earlier before closing as is normally done is Raphael and he had talked. “There is something about her,” Raphael said. “I can tell. She is like the lioness. Beautiful, sensual. I could feel her as though she were in heat, her passion wanting to break free and lavish itself upon me.”

Charles thought him rather ridiculous, “You Latin lovers. I'd bet you a weeks pay your wrong. Dont get me wrong. She's an attractive women. I've helped her many times. In fact once I was working with her and her nipples were so erect I thought they would bust through her halter shirt she was wearing. I mean, dude, they must have been a half-inch. I tried hinting at her a few times and she paid absolutely no attention at all. But come to mention it, I did notice her shorts were soaked between her legs. I could smell her too. It sure was'nt sweat!”

Raphael told him, “You, my friend do not know how to feel a women. You see that which is physical. I feel that which is sensual. Like bee's find their ways to the perfect flower or a bird to the most luscious fruit. Cynthia is like the women from many years past. She is the lioness, when in heat the lioness released turns into the tiger with endless passion released. Women today are not in touch with the foundation of their womanhood. They cannot give pure passion as it has been removed from them, trained out by a culture which has them value many other things. They place those things before that which lay at the core of a woman, the reason they are a women. The passion, the ability to breed. The ability to bring forward the seed of a man over and over.”

Charles slapped him on the back, “My friend. You go ahead. I'll go buy the makeup you will need when she slaps the shit out of your face red as a tomato.”

Charles began walk away and tossed Raphael the keys, “Lock up after me.”

Cynthia was in the shower room. Walking over to the showers each was an individual stall generous in space unlike men's showers which tended to all be open.

Within the shower stall was soap and a folded up seat jutting from under the shower head should someone wish to sit down. On both sides of the stall were metal hand bars to help assist standing up or bending down. Towards the back of the stall was a small shelf for personal items such as body wash. On the outside was a towel rod with another little shelf above it.

Cynthia hung the fresh towel on the towel rod.

She stepped into a stall and turned on the shower adjusting the temperature. She wet her body and stepped back from the shower head her skin glistening in the soft light. She took the bar of soap and opened it up and began soaping up.

She did not know that Raphael was peeking around the entrance from the locker room.

He took off his shirt and then his shorts. His penis hung down thick and long. Erect Raphael was about 10” and his width measured about 1 ¼ inches across. He grabbed up a bottle filled with lavender scented massage oil used at the gym in daily practice though most women did not use it.

The shower and the lights were controlled by a remote control. Raphael snuck into the shower room as Cynthia lathered up. When he was two stalls away from her he pressed two buttons and the shower went silent and the lights went dark. Since there were no windows in the room the only light coming in was from the locker room entrance and in the shower itself was near pitch dark.

Cynthia said, “Oh shoot!” She yelled out, “Hello! I am still in here! Anyone? Hello? I am still in here just finishing up!”

Raphael had moved to the stall and set the oil on the shelf. He moved forward grabbing the towel and threw it behind him unto the floor.

Cynthia had tried again to have someone respond but to no avail. She reached began feel her way along the stall wall and then reached her arm outside to get the towel. She felt the bar but no towel was there.

Raphael made his move stepping to the front opening and then in to the stall. Cynthia could barely make out a figure but she stepped back. “Wha... What... Is someone in here?”

Raphael set the remote on the shelf near the shower entrance and moved forward his hands grabbed Cynthia's arms and pressed her against the back wall.

Before she could say anything Raphael said, “I know you. From the moment I saw you I felt you staring at me. I know you felt it too. You are the most sensual women I have ever felt and I know that you want me. When I was near you I could smell your heat coming from between your legs. Let yourself loose upon me Cynthia and I shall satisfy your beautiful body over and over.

Cynthia did not know what to do, what to even say. Before she had a chance she felt his lips and tongue raging over the side of her neck. His cologne wafting into her nose. His lips met hers kissing her deeply then working across her face to the other side of her neck.

Cynthia tried thinking, “I am engaged... I... I... I cant do this.”

Raphael whispered in her ear, “You are the most beautiful, the lioness, allow yourself to be in heat. Your name is that of the moon, bright, beautiful and most sensual of all things in the sky. Take me.” He said.

His hand moved down across her soap covered breast and down over her stomach then between her legs. He gently moved it back and forth still caressing her neck and face with his lips. Cynthia began to breath heavily as he again pressed his lips against hers using his tongue and licking across her lips.

She let go and opened her mouth and his tongue darted in to meet hers. Taking her right hand he directed it down to his manhood. He slid it up and down his shaft then closed her hand around it. His penis jumping to erection.

Raphael removed his hand from hers and placed it upon her breast moving his fingers over her nipple which was already fully erect as her passion became aroused all the time continuing to rub his hand between her legs. Cynthia was soaking wet between her legs as her body gave forth the liquid to lubricate a mans entry.

He moved her a bit so she was directly under the shower head and sat her into the small seat. He knelt down and spread her legs apart wide with both hands. It was very dark but he had no problem finding her as he moved his head between her legs and began lightly lapping away at her with his tongue.

Cynthia began to wriggle around in the seat a bit small moans coming from her, “Ummmm.... mmmmm... Uhhh...”

Raphael took his hands away from her legs and slid them up over her breasts and across her face then back down her breasts. He began rolling her erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers causing her to twitch as sensations shot through her.

He pushed his tongue as far out as he could and then pressed his face hard into her moving up and down the full length of her vagina, labia and clitoris. Up and down over and over all the time toying with her erect nipples.

It did not take long, Cynthia put her hands around the back of his head and began thrusting her crotch into his face. Suddenly she shuddered feeling what was like a shock run through her loins. It was strong enough that her feet lifted off the ground. Moments later again and she moaned out, “Uhhuuhuuhuuh”. She gasped for a breath of air, then another, her chest heaved. She pressed herself hard into his face, once, then twice, “Uuhhhhhuhhuh.... Ohhh-huhuhuh” and suddenly her body convulsed. Wave after wave of orgasms ran through her. Her feet lifted off the ground and her thighs were were trembling uncontrolled. “Agghhhahahhahha... Ahhhhahahhahggghahhha...” she screamed out as over and over waves of pleasure shot through her like electrical shocks.

She tried to push Raphael's head away but he rapidly moved his hands unto hers and held them at her sides continuing to run his tongue up and down her. Cynthia again began forcing her crotch into him with upwards motions her buttocks coming off the chair and then down again with each long lap across her.

Her entire body suddenly rocked once, then twice and she let out a long loud scream, “Aggghhhhahahhahhhahhahha” and fluid began flowing from within her. Raphael eagerly began lapping it up whilst Cynthia sat shaking and twitching. He quickly released her hands and she moved them up atop her breasts as she shook and trembled, moaning over and over.

She was completely unprepared for what came next as Raphael placed his hand between her legs and thrust two fingers up within her rapidly he began pounding them in and out across her G-spot. Her legs, body, hands were as if they were flailing about uncontrolled and she burst forth. Spray after spray after spray of her juice flew forth from within her. Raphael's hand was soaked and her fluid ran down the length of his arm dripping off his elbow.

He removed his fingers and again dove his face in lapping away at her. Cynthia's body bobbed up and down, moans and groans were all she could muster as she tried catch her breath. Her legs and thighs continued shaking violently. Her arms and hands seemed try reach out to grab things not there. Spittle came from her mouth ran down her chin and unto her chest. There was nothing she could say, the only sound from her was “ehh ehh ehh” followed by a gasp for air over and over.

Raphael stood up and stepped back, he took the remote and pressed a button and the lights came on. He sat it back down. He saw Cynthia half leaning to one side shaking still with a trail of spittle hanging from her mouth unto her upper chest. Her blond hair disheveled from her snapping movements while she had orgasmed over and over

Walking towards her he sat her back straight up in the chair, her body glistening in the light and her nipples standing fully erect jutting out ½ inch from her now gently quivering breasts.

She now saw his penis, 10 inches long. It bent slightly upwards with some curvature. He brought it towards her face and she could see some of his white liquid had already came forth. A small thick line of it extended from his penis hole down its red head. His sack was bigger than any she had ever saw before. He ran the tip of his penis across her lips and said to her, “Taste me.”

Cynthia opened her mouth and her tongue came out to meet him. She took the white juice unto it and then with her right hand grabbed around the base of his penis and slid it upwards with a firm grip forcing what was within it out unto her tongue while staring up at him.

Slithering her tongue over his erect member she spread the thick white seed around the tip of it for a few moments. Then slowly she took him into her mouth deeper and deeper sliding her tongue rapidly back and forth across the bottom of his penis. When she felt him nearing her throat she began sliding him back out again slaving her tongue to and fro. When she'd reached the tip of his penis she kissed and licked it feverishly only to again slide slowly down on him again.

Within a matter of a few minutes on her downward and upward licking at Raphael he began to spill into her mouth first in small amounts appearing all over her tongue and lips as she move up and down him. Then more and more as strings of thick white semen came forth out her lips stticking to her chin and slowly dripping down atop her breasts and cleavage creeping down her stomach.

Raphael moved his hands down unto her head and said, “I am about to explode” moving her head off his penis. Cynthia went back down unto him and using her right hand moved his hand to the back of her head. She began moving up and down him faster and faster. She again moved her hand up to his and pushed at his hand. Raphael got the message and put both his hands on the back of her head.

He began pushing his pulsating shaft in and out of her mouth. Striking the back of her throat she gagged on the intrusion, “Alcaacghk” and then another, “akucghckkk.”

Raphael pulled her head backwards and some his seed spilling from her mouth downwards unto her heaving chest. Raphael pulled her forward again, “Uucgghhucck”... “ackkcaugkcgg”. Cynthia felt his penis pinned against the back of her throat and tried resist the feeling of choking. Before she knew what happened Raphael moved a hand to her neck and pulled hard at her neck moving her forward in the seat while bending her head upwards. He pushed and his penis slid into her throat. She gagged and using her hand tried pushing him off herbut it was too late. He thrust once then twice and exploded into her throat over and over and over holding her head hard against him.

His hot cum blew out the bottom of Cynthia's lip and then her nostrils several times dripping down atop her breasts and chest. Raphael finally stopped ejaculating and pulled back from her. Cynthia gasped for air and coughed sending more of his sperm out her mouth. Long stringy strands hung off her nose, lips and chin reaching down to her chest and breasts.

She looked up at Raphael and he saw the results of his ejaculations. A soaked round area around her nose, upper lip, lips and chin lay thick with his seed. A river of his semen had traveled down between her breasts, stomach and into her pubic hair.

He pulled her up off the seat and before she could react he spun her around. He pulled her back in the shower stall around her stomach between the two hand bars. She felt a poke, then another between her legs and then felt the tip of his swollen penis hit it mark. “Ahhhahhahaa,” she yelled as he slipped into her. She grabbed the metal bars with each hand to try and get stable as he pushed up into her again, then again until his full length was in her.

Raphael put his hands on her shoulders and began to slowly slide his length in and out of her. Cynthia grabbed the metal bars on her sides tightly as she felt him his manhood go deep inside her then almost all the way out of her over and over. “Mmmmmm... Mmmmmmm....” she said as he continued.

This went on for several minutes and Cynthia said, “Oh... It feels so good. Dont stop. Yea... Mmmm. Fuck me baby.”

Raphael took his right hand off her shoulder and reached down around the front of her and began running his fingers up and down across her clitoris and labia while with his left reached around and began squeezing at her breast. Cynthia began moaning first softly and then growing as he continued to work her with his hand while entering in and out of her slowly.

Raphael bent over and whispered in Cynthia's ear, “I am going to take you. Over and over I will fill you with my seed until you beg me that you can take no more. Then I will take you again. Your pussy is so warm, tight and inviting. I wish all my friends were here so they too might enjoy you.”

The sound and thought of this near made Cynthia cum. Raphael began rubbing at her clitoris more feverishly and began moving in and out of her faster. Cynthia's moan grew louder, “Uuuuhhhhh.... Mmmmuhhuhuhhh.... Take me... T-T-Take M-M-Me” she said.

Her thighs began to quiver and shake as she felt Raphael getting more aggressive.

A few moments passed and he took his left arm and moved it down across her stomach and placed his full torso weight upon hers causing her to bend over. In and out he thrust into Cynthia. She began to feel the tip of his penis slide across her G-Spot due to its curvature. She near jumped out of her skin as his manhood kept striking at it over and over. Her thighs began shaking more violently and her moans began turning into screams.

Raphael sensing that Cynthia was getting near the point of orgasm wrapped both his left and right arms around her just above her stomach to get leverage for what was coming next.

Suddenly he began slamming his penis into her, “Slap slap slap slap” as he hammered into her vagina. Concussions of his body slamming into her buttocks sent waves of motion through her buttocks. Her breasts flew forward and back with each concussion. “Ahhahhahhahhhhahh.... Ahahahhahhhahha... Ahahhahhahaaa Fuck Me! Fuck me!” she screamed out.

Raphael thrust hard into her while grabbing her hard with his arms still wrapped around her. He lifted with unto his toes near forcing Cynthia up into the air atop his penis. Once, twice then three times. She screamed out, “Ohhhhhh shit!!! Ahhahhhaa..... Oh... I am... Ahhahhahhah!!!”

Raphael slammed into her again, “Slap slap slap slap” as the hard concussions sent waves through her body and then he thrust hard up into her and held the position. Cynthia'ss body convulsed as she broke into orgasm after orgasm screaming and shrieking. She let go of the metal chair rails her body shaking and quivering as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her. Her torso and head jerked upwards and down and her mouth was agape and she muttered, “uhhhuhh uhhhuhuh” over and over.

Raphael supported her weight with his massive arms. Again he went near out of her and thrust deep in again near lifting her off the ground.

Cynthia spilled, fluid poured from her spraying unto her thighs. Her body shaking and convulsing uncontrollably as she gasped for breaths of air her chest heaving in and out. She had never felt like this before. She was near incoherent not knowing where she was, no thoughts could she try form in her mind as wave after wave after wave of orgasms swept over her.

Raphael was near ready to explode. He slid near out of her then rapidly up again unto his toes, holding for a second and then again and again. On his forth thrust upwards he exploded into her. His massive balls letting loose spray after spray after spray of his semen deep into Cynthia's womb.

Cynthias breathing was rapid, her body convulsing over and over and over. “Heheh heheh heheh heheh” is all that came forth from her as she felt him fill her womb over and over seemingly non stop.

Raphael held her there for a few minutes while he catch his breath, his penis still at full staff deep inside her. Cynthia dangled held up by his massive arms twitching and shaking. Spittle dripping from her mouth unto the floor.

He pulled her out of the shower stall unto the tile floor. He removed his manhood from her and immediately his seed began leaving her womb running down her inner thighs now clenched together quivering and twitching. Gently laid her down on her side unto the tile floor removing his penis from inside her. Cynthia's eyes were shut as he turned her so she lay flat on the floor and spread her legs apart.

Raphael walked over grabbed the towel,oil and his shirt taking out his cellphone. He quickly took some video as Cynthia lay there her eyes closed and body twitching. He panned the cellphone in on her starting at her head.

His semen still clung to her face in a near 4 inch soaked ring covering her nose, part of her cheeks, lips and chin. Several thick streaks stretched back towards her ears.

He panned down across her torso capturing her quivering breasts and half inch erect nipples glistening in the light. A white glaze of his seed altered the color of pinkness of her right areole and nipple.

Raphael knelt down and spread her legs apart and panned the camera in capturing the sizeable ¾ inch white stream flowing out of her and down her buttocks forming a puddle on the floor.

He stood up and grabbed his pants and then set them down about 4 feet above her head and off to the right of her. He inserted he bunched it up and then set his phone on it upright and adjusted it so Cynthia's naked body lay in its view recording what was to come next.

Setting the oil bottle down next to her side he spread her legs a bit wider and maneuvered himself between them and positioned himself over her in a push up stance. He looked down upon her. Cynthia's chest and face still spattered with his semen.

He reached downwards and rubbed his penis up and down her labia a few times and then pushed it hard against her clitoris and again moved it up and down. Hey eyes opened wide as though she had just been snapped from a deep sleep. Her body jerked with each flick across her clitoris.

Before she was able to mutter a single word Raphael slid himself into her once more. She brought her arms up in an attempt to stop him but Raphael grabbed them both pinning them at both sides of her head. In and out he slowly worked himself atop her in his push up stance.

“N-N-No M-More... More”, she said once, then again.

Raphael ignored her plea and began moving faster in and out of her. Cynthia's body began to react, she could not control the passion surging up inside her. She snapped her head from side to side several times as if trying to shake off what she was feeling having no idea it was being filmed on the cellphone.

She lifted her legs upwards and wider to accommodate him. Raphael still holding her arms let himself down atop her feeling her chest heave up and down. His face was just an inch from hers. He took both his arms rapidly off her wrists and grabbed her upper arms then sliding them under her back still trapping her upper arms.

He stared into her eyes and she stared back as he began ramming his manhood in and out of her using his grip around her for leverage his semen still lay fresh on her face. With each thrust in she let out a squeal, “Eehehheww” and Raphael could smell her breath followed by her making a gasp for air.

As he rammed in and out he then said to her, “You are mine. I shall have you over and over whenever I want you. Do you understand?”

Cynthia's eyes fell off his gaze not knowing what to say. “What? How?...” questions ran though her mind but she could not focus on any thoughts as he continued to thrust into her harder and harder.

“You will see”, he said. “You are mine to do with as I please.”

At that moment using his toes he gripped them against the tile floor for more leverage. He slid his hands further down her back towards her waist still trapping her arms. Raphael began savagely slamming himself into her. He lifted with his arms at her waist causing her to arch and then thrust his manhood deep in her with an upwards motion pushing with his toes.

Cynthia responded to this change yelling, “Ohhh!!! Ohhh!!! Aghhghhhhhghh!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!!” feeling herself building towards an orgasm the likes she'd not had before. “I cant! No! Aggahhhh!”, she yelled out.

Raphael thrust again hard into her and held himself pressed deep in her, “You...” and again “Are” and again “Mine!” he said

Cynthia exploded into orgasm after orgasm the likes she'd never felt before. Raphael could feel her body shaking and trembling under him. He felt her try and push her arms outwards and felt her legs flailing on each side of him. He thrust hard into her over and over as she gasped and lost completely control of her bodily movements while the cellphone captured all of it.

Feeling himself about to explode Raphael pulled his manhood from her and quickly slid himself up on her. His near bursting balls filled with semen he was perched just over her breasts. He slid his hand unto his manhood and began to jerk it up and down.

Ready to cum he moved up closer pointing his penis at her face. In an explosion his hot seed came forth spraying stream after stream of his sticky white cum unto her face and into her blond hair. Nine enormous ejaculations came forth and Cynthia's face was near fully coated with his gooey white juice.

There was nothing Cynthia could do. Her eyes remained shut as her body shook and trembled. Raphael reached over to his phone and held it over her face recording he head slowly moving from side to side occasionally twitching. Her jaw trembled and her teeth chattered as if she were in a freezer.

He stood up and grabbed the oil. He opened the top and sprayed a generous amount atop her chest then knelt down and rubbed it all over her. He slid his hand into her crotch and sprayed oil down again rubbing it in. Cynthia jerked to and fro but her strength had been taken from her.

Raphael scooped up all the items and walked out into the locker room setting them down on one of the benches. Re-entering the shower room he grabbed Cynthia up and carried her out to the locker room. She was near limp as he set her down on the bench in front of her open locker.

He reached and grabbing her undies. He began wiping off her face with them and jerking his still stiff manhood with his other hand. Working her undies all over her face they quickly absorbed his semen. Then he worked it over her chest, breasts and then down between her legs causing her again to quiver and twitch.

He slid her feet into the openings and then pulled them up as far as he could and then began working his manhood again. He reached in and grabbed her bra and began putting it on her with his free hand. He pushed his penis against her face reaching behind and fastened the bra's clasp.

Cynthia had tight nylon pants in her locker which he began to put on her and then rapidly went back with his hand jerking his still stiff member.

She was starting to come around and he helped her to stand up her weight leaning on him. He pulled up her panties and then her pants. He grabbed her with one arm tightly and put his lips to hers kissing her and then thrust his tongue into her mouth and continued jerking his stiff member.

Feeling himself near ready to cum again he turned her around against the lockers and reached down pulling the front of her nylon pants down some and then pulled the part around her waist open.

Feverishly he began to jerk-off and right as he was about to cum he put his penis against her just above the waist band. He exploded sending spray after spray of his seed against her and down into her pants and undies as she just stood and watched it happen. She could feel the hot liquid running into her pants and undies soaking them. Soon she felt liquid crawling down her inner thigh of her right leg.

He bent over and kissed her again and she began kissing him back.

Soon she sat herself down on the bench trying gather her thoughts. Her mind was reeling with what just happened. Was she attacked or did she take part? What would she do now? What just happened?

Raphael put on his clothes on and said to her, “You are incredible. I've never been with anyone like you.” and he kissed her once more.

Handing her a blouse from her locker she put it on. Raphael grabbed up the miscellaneous items and the two walked out of the locker area. Raphael walked her to the outer door, kissed her and let her out. Not a word was said.

He went back into the locker area and cleaned the area up completely, shut off all the lights and went into the office area. He looked up her name and entered her phone number and email address into his phone.

When Cynthia arrived back home her thoughts had cleared but she still found it hard to believe that this had just happened. She was scared, excited and was quite sure she'd never ever had an experience like this before. She remembered things he had said to her and her unbelievable orgasms. She decided without a doubt that she liked it, in fact, loved it but did not know what to do.

She stepped out of her car and noticed the vinyl drivers seat was soaked from Raphael's unusual last act unto her. Cynthia unlocked her house door and stepped in. She decided she needed to shower fast before her fiance' might come over.

She went upstairs and took off her top. When she removed her nylon pants she could feel they were slick and both the front and buttocks area were soaked. She slid them off her and saw her alabaster skin still wet. She removed her completely soaked undies and balled them up in her hand.

As if her hands were under Rafael's control she pressed them against her naked chest and rubbed them over her breasts and then up to her face and then tasted them. “What am I doing?”, she thought.

She put the undies into the plastic bag and stepped into the shower again both excited and confused. Wetting herself down she grabbed the bar of soap and began soaping herself up, flashbacks began coming forth in her mind. She moved the soap down between her legs and began rubbing it against her. She let the soap fall to the ground and began stroking herself thinking about what he had done to her. Quickly she had spasms of orgasms run through her.

“What am I doing!!!”, she said aloud. She grabbed her shampoo and suds up her hair and then rinsed and did it again a second time before turning off the shower. She looked downwards and the vision of the seat under the shower at the club popped into her head as if she were there. She remembered seeing his penis before her face and then tasting him as he went into her mouth.

Cynthia shook her head back and forth as if trying get the visions out of her head.

She went into her bedroom and got dressed not knowing what might happen next..