"Sex Stories" Fire Alarm

Sex Stories Fire Alarm
A highly erotic story about a fire alarm, a teacher and a class mate. There is a fire alarm but it all goes perfectly wrong when there is a threesome between a teacher and two classmates.

Zac put his hand up and said "can i go to the bathroom" Mrs Chenron, a beautiful brunette milf about 5 and a half feet tall complied. Soon after she left to go to the staff room to get some worksheet's which she did often. Whilst waiting me and my friend Annah decided to do some math. In the middle of an equation a high pitched irratating sound rings loudly through my ears. We all head down to the oval which was classic emergency fire drill. On the way down we realised that Mrs Chenron and Zac were missing, Annah said "it'll be fine" and kept walking, i protested but she refused to go looking for them. We got split apart and i lost track of her, I then decided I'd go looking for Zac as i secretly had a massive crush on him and thought about him often. Some nights i just lay in bed and thought about him as my wet, warm finger slowly corresed the outside of my wet pussy running up and down with a finger sliding into my warm, moist pussy. I worked my pussy hard rubbing the top of my clitorous wit my index and middle finger fastly moving back and forwards from left to right until all i could think about was how my whole body was becoming tense with  a massive orgasm. (Sex Stories)

I arrived to the mens bathroom, noone was there so i decided to check the staff room for Mrs Chenron. As i started walking torwards the staff room i heard a soft grunt like sound. As i got closer i realised it was a male, it was Zac. I walked into the staff room and walked down the hall slowly, looking left to right hearing for the sound. I passed Mr Ford's office along with Mr's Bent's and Mr Wiltkins' office. The noise was starting to get much louder, i kept walking. There was one office with an open door. The noise was coming from in there. I walked very slowly, tip toed to the door and pushed it open slowly. I saw zac from behing, i did'nt know what was happening, his pants were pulled down and his shirt was pulled up. I looked cloder and realised there was somone sucking his dick. My body instanlty was overcome by a sexual tingle. I was shocked but at the same time it made me super horny and i could feel my warm cunt becoming warm. Zac looked up at the roof and moaned a few words I tried to work out what he siad. Then i realised there was a sighn on the door, i looked at it. It read "Lisa Chenron" I looked back at Zac he was thrusting his waist, back and forth, back and forth. He moaned "Oh Mrs chenron" Louder then before and I realised thats what he kept on saying over and over again as if he was preaching a religion. After i heard I gasped and said "Oh shit", Zac turned aroun looked at me and pulled his pants up, i only got a glimpse of his penis and I lusted for it so much.(Erotic Stories)

Mrs Chenron stood up wiped her upper lip and ran over to me, she grabbed my arms tightly and said "why are you here" I looked confusly trying to get it together and spit out some words that made sense "there was a fi-fi-fire alarm" i said, i was so nervous. Mrs Chenron started laughing "Oh shit" she said in the middle of giggles, she pointed at a broken fire alarm on the wall and continued "Zac presssed it while i was sucking his phat cock... did you like what you saw?" she asked me. I stood there still consumed by shock she lightly rubbed the back of her hand down my cheeck and grabbed my pussy "Well tell me, did you?" she said. Filled wit exitment, nerves and shock i blurted out "um yeah" awkwardly. The next few moments were a blur next thing i new Mrs Chenron was taking my clothes off.