"Sex Stories" My Friend Wes

Sex Stories My Friend Wes
Mom and I moved a lot after she and Dad got divorced. The first place we lived was the nicest but it turned out to be too expensive when my dad wouldn’t come up with any money for us to live on. It was a huge apartment complex but there were some nice houses on the street further north from us where I befriended Wesley, an older kid who I think was eighteen or so at the time. He’d converted their basement to a huge bedroom complete with big screen TV and pool table.

His dad wasn’t home much, so Wes was left on his own and he took advantage of it. Wes would have a bunch of girls over when he could. I went to school but he was a drop out. I’d go over after school and occasionally he’d have a porn movie playing. That was a big thing for me because I’d never seen one. (Sex Stories)

The first time an XXX movie was playing Wes had two of us guys and a girl over and we were all watching. Well in the end Wes got to make out with the girl a little but to all of our disappointment, she bailed before anything got more serious. Things pretty much went that way for a few weeks. I’d get dry mouth when the guys would jack off and truth be told was excited by the sight but fought back the urge to get involved with cock.

My mom had to get us on state insurance so she scheduled us both with doctor visits. I got the rest of the day off, so I went over to Wes place for the first time during the day. He was there alone and was watching a porno movie. I plopped down and centered on what was going on onscreen.

Wes started jacking off while watching, which wasn’t uncommon so it didn’t bother me much. I think I was comfortable enough to jack off myself although at that time I was doing it inside my pants but as I recall I was frustrated at not being able to get off.

Anyway, the movie was good.

When Wes got up to piss, I’ll admit to watching him walk over to the bathroom with his erection bobbing up and down. It was probably small by normal standards but it looked huge to me. When he came back and sat next to me on the big couch I got nervous.(Erotic Stories)

I continued watching the movie but was watching Wes out of my peripheral vision and of course he was jacking off again. Made my stomach all-tight and I was real nervous but truth is I was also excited.

When a girl-girl scene came onscreen Wes started going a lot faster and breathing differently. I think I was aware that something was coming up and that this would not be the same old stuff. When he was ready to shoot, Wes reached up, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down to his cock. To my surprise I opened my mouth and let him stick his dick in it.

As I closed my mouth around his dick, Wes balls let loose and he cummed inside me. The spurt was hot and with typical teenage power, hit the back of my throat making me gag. And Wes cummed a lot, which also made it difficult.

But it was the first sex I’d ever had and I got so excited that I took out my cock and jacked off with him still in my mouth. The more excited I got the better job I did on his cock. He soon was erect again. I had my first orgasm that way.

Wes kept my head in his lap and my mouth on his cock. I ended up giving him a really long slow blowjob until he cummed in my mouth a second time. There was much less cum this time and much easier to do, although my jaws really hurt afterwards.

It was the most exciting thing I had ever done … and I was hooked on cocks.

After that I’d give Wes blowjobs whenever we could sneak one in, usually every day or two. And he said I got really good at it.

But on the start of our fourth month at that place my mom couldn’t make rent and we had to move. Sadly I never saw Wes again.

So began my career of cock sucking…