"Sex Stories" The Rest Area

Sex Stories The Rest Area
Before I gave my first blowjob, I’d had a few experiences with guys, where I played with one guy’s cock for a while before he stroked me off and another instance where I sucked a guy for just a little bit before he got me off. In both cases the guys seemed more satisfied than I was and I never got the chance to pursue taking another guy’s load. However, one night while riding around with a drinking bud, he mentioned that we should go to the rest area and ‘roll some queers.’

I was naive and had no idea what he was talking about or what was happening at the rest areas until he explained that ‘they’ hung out there, seeming surprised that I didn't know that.

Well, that set the stage for me. A few weeks later, after a night out with no luck with the ladies, I remembered my friend’s comments.

I guess I’d committed myself to making something happen because before I headed to the rest area I went home and took a shower, making sure to wash my cock and balls carefully.

It was only a few miles to my destination so I soon pulled in one of the parking spaces, unsure what to do next.(Sex Stories)

As I sat in my car, I noticed some guys hanging around on the sidewalk and watched their behavior.

After a while, it was soon obvious that they were ‘cruising’ the place.  

Still not knowing what to do, I just stayed in my car.

In a few minutes someone pulled in the space next to me.  I noticed him leaning up in his seat looking over at me from time to time.  Being somewhat unsure and afraid, I made no move.   But in a few minutes the guy got out of his car and came to my window and asked, “Do you have the time?”

That started a short conversation about nothing in particular until he asked, “Can I sit in the car with you for a while since it’s cool outside?”

He was a cute younger guy, probable twenty or so... as clean cut as Clark Kent, black horn-rim glasses, moderate height, moderate good looks and a red bow tie…I was twenty eight at the time...so I agreed.(Erotic Stories)

He wasn't in the car a minute or two until he reached over and put his hand on my thigh, asking, “Would you like to play around?”

I just nodded and choked out, “yeah.”

That was all he need. He knelt on the seat and turned sideways on the seat and reached over and started unbuckling my belt, unbutton and unzipping my Levis.

I rose up to let him pull my pants down. Once they were down to my knees, he slowly stroked my already super hard dick, bringing a drop of pre-cum to the tip. 

He asked, “Do you want me to take care of that?”

And again, all I could do was nod.

As he leaned over to suck my cock I was in a trance. This was really happening. I knew if he stayed down there too long it would be all over for me.

My girlfriend at the time had always been good about swallowing when she gave me head and I had been thinking about how lucky she was.

OK. As I said, since my girlfriend had been swallowing my cum for many years and I had been envious of her having that pleasure, I guess it was without question that I would swallow the first time I had the opportunity.

My new friend at the rest area was doing a nice job of stroking me while he slowly sucked me, taking his time. 

I knew I'd cum quickly because it was so good, so I pulled him up and said, 'Let me suck you for a while', knowing that I wanted to finish him off first.

He leaned back in the seat and I unbuckled his belt, lowered his zipper and pulled down his pants. He had a nice average size uncut cock that popped out of his underwear as I pulled them down. It was a bit thicker than mine and I slowly went to work on it.

It was such a turn on to feel his hard cock after all my years of doing without…so hard yet with that soft silky skin. Being careful to keep my teeth out of the way, I took him in my mouth. I slowly sucked him, really enjoying the feel of his cock.

Remembering that my girlfriend could usual get me off when she fondled my balls while sucking me so I started doing that to him.

Being as he was young, I actually felt his cock head swell that last little bit and got really hard before his cock started to actually rapidly twitch and spasm. 

It all happened so fast that by the time I realized what was really happening, I felt the first warm squirt of cum hit my tongue. He squirted strongly three or four more times and with each one I automatically swallowed as he shot. It seemed so easy.  And I stayed with it until I squeezed out all of his cum and his cock started to go soft.

Even then I squeezed out a final drop of his cum and licked it off to finish.

Then he went down on me again, doing a great job getting me off while I savored the lingering taste of his warm cum on my lips and in my mouth.

We thanked each other as he left and I drove home with the aftertaste keeping the memory of my first load fresh cum in my mind.

That night I chose to not even brush my teeth so I could enjoy the taste as I went to sleep. I was hooked.