"Sex Stories" Strange Adult Theater Fun

Sex Stories Strange Adult Theater Fun
The other was a small adult theater. I’d not been to the theater before, so I checked its times and found it was open. I’d heard that guys and couples go there to play at night. Of course it wasn't night, in fact it was midafternoon, but I decided to go there anyway. I figured that if things didn't work out I'd just head to the bookstore and find some guy to suck my cock through a glory hole.

When I arrived at the theater it wasn’t crowded. Only a few people in the theater part and a couple more looking at stuff in the shopping area.

One or two guys looked at me as I entered the theater area, but none followed me in. I'm only 5 foot 8, 180 lbs. and my cock, at 6 inches and cut, was not huge.

However it did get nice and hard and was able to handle multiple cums in a fairly short time. I’d been with both men and women before, both one on one and as a couple. I definitely preferred couple play when everyone sucks cock and eats cum. But today I'd take a warm mouth from anyone.(Sex Stories)

It was very dark in the theater area but I could see movement as I stood at the back letting my eyes adjust. Soon I could make out guys in the last row jerking off.

In the middle of the theater there were two guys sitting together and as I watched, one bent over and started to suck the other guy’s cock.

As my eyes adjusted more, I noticed a couch area off to the side. There was a guy there with a woman who was playing with his hard cock. I moved over nearer to them and watched as the guy blew a load in her mouth! She kept on sucking and swallowed it all. Good girl, I thought to myself.

One of the other guys that was in the back row had also moved over next to me and was rubbing his cock through his pants. It didn’t appear to be a large cock. And he soon confirmed my guess when he pulled it out and started jacking it off for me to see. When I’d watched a couple of minutes, he smiled and asked, “Do you like what I’m doing?”(Adult Stories)

I told him, “Yes, so keep it up.”

By now my cock had grown and was straining to get out of my pants. Suddenly another guy's hand reached from my other side and grabbed my cock through my pants.

Without even thinking about it, I unzipped and let him pull it out.

Once out he stroked it a few times and I was about ready to cum. Then the guy jerking off for me bent down and took me in his mouth. He didn’t suck long before he made me shoot a load into his mouth. He took it all without missing a drop.

The guy that was jacking me off had stood and had his cock out and in my face. Not wanting to be rude, I took it in my hands and jerked him a few times. He quickly shot his load all over my lap. I hadn't expect him to cum that fast, but was not upset that he did. I like making a man cum fast.

I looked over at the woman who’d sucked off the guy on the couch. I saw he was gone so I move over to sit beside her.

She smiled and reached for my limp cock. When she played with it a little, it started to inflate a little. She decided that some more stimulation was needed so she bent down and nursed the tip, probing and prying at the pee-slit with the tip of my tongue. Soon she was lapping at the velvety head and running her tongue in circles around the rim exploring.

Then she swallowed it down but only a half inch at a time. She went little by little obviously enjoying and savor every last little bit of it. She was down to where she was taking the whole thing deep in her throat and at the same time sticking her tongue out underneath my cock, reaching out to massaging my balls with the tip of her tongue. At the same time allowing her throat muscles to clamp on tight with a hungry milking action.

Then she slowly back my cock out while she moved her mouth's focus to the back side of my ball sack underneath.

She draped my balls gently over her cheek as she flicked her tongue, licking and probing, jabbing and lapping, locking onto my ‘taint’ and massaging it with thrusts of her tongue. Then taking my balls one by one into her hungry mouth. I moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” as she took them both at once, locking them in and softly running her tongue around them. Warming them up, coaxing more cum to collect, and caressing them with gentle sucks and strokes of her tongue and then back to my cock head again.

Soon I was sitting there with a nice boner. She was indeed a good girl. After sucking my prick she stood up, lifted her dress, dropped her panties and bent over in front of me. I stood up, dropped my pants and underwear and started to guide my now hard prick to her pussy.

Reaching between her legs, she took my cock but instead of sliding into her pussy I felt it slide easily into her ass. And what a nice feeling that was.

As I started stroking into her I did a reach around for her pussy and then realized why I hadn’t been invited into her pussy. She didn’t have one. She had a hard cock instead.

In the dark I’d thought she was female but she wasn’t. She was a very passable CD. And I didn’t mind at all. I just started stroking her cock as I fucked her ass.

Soon she was moaning and I felt her cock pump a hot load in my hand. That did it for me. Pushed over the edge, I shot a good load, my second of the day, into her fucked ass, filled her up with cum.

As I pulled out I felt it run down onto her legs.

After that things got messy in a hurry. With nothing to clean myself with, I was starting to pull up my pants and underwear when suddenly a guy took me in his mouth. As I stared down at him, he sucked and licked my cock clean and then worked on her cock and sucked all the cum off her legs and out of her ass. Very nice of him I thought.

I needed a break so I went out into the shopping area and found a soda machine. I stood outside the door slowly dinking it down and feeling spent. I watched others start to show up. Soon I was a little refreshed so went back to the theater to see if there was any action happening.

As soon as I could see in the dark again I was surprised to find that the CD was taking more cock and sucking them off as fast as she could. Guys were gathered around her, egging her on to suck and fuck and eat cum. And she was only too happy to comply.

She was already covered in the cum from several guys, from face to ass to cock. Her cock covered with cum didn’t stop other guys from sucking her clean and that looked hot as hell.

As I stood there watching the debauchery, I heard a female voice behind me say, "She isn't the only one here who can take all those cocks."

She moved forward and I saw that she was a smallish brunette with a nice set of tits and round tight ass. The kind that looked like you could bounce a quarter off it.

She quickly moved to the center of the crowd and dropped her panties, lifted her dress off over her head and stood there naked.

The guys stopped playing with the CD to at her.

Then she announced, “I want all the cock and cum that you guys can give me."

Surging forward as one, they nearly mobbed her.

She looked like she was in trouble but as I moved closer I saw they all had hard cock and she had one in each hand and one in her mouth.

Soon she had a cock in each hand and two in her mouth. Four at once. What a gal.

It wasn't long before the cocks she was stroking shot their loads all over her and were quickly replaced by two others.

From all the moaning, the cocks in her mouth seemed to be enjoying themselves. As I marveled at her talents, they both filled her mouth with cum. Like a real trouper, she tried to swallow it but some oozed out of the corners her mouth but most went down the hatch.

As they pulled out a nice sized cock took their place. I was surprised when I saw the cock now in her mouth belonged to the CD. She was fucking the woman's mouth so hard that her balls were slapping the woman’s face. She soon blew her load also.

The girl stood up, pushed everyone back and announced, “It's time to fuck.”

She got on all fours on the couch. One guy quickly went under her in a 69 position and started eating her pussy as she sucked his cock.

It wasn't long before a really nice 8 inch cook slid into her pussy from behind.

The guy underneath just kept licking and sucking as the 8 inch cock in her pussy slipped into his mouth every now and then.

After a few minutes the guy eating her pussy moaned, “Uuuum,” and filed her mouth with a load of his hot salty cum. When he moved away, I saw my chance. I quickly moved under her and took his place. I couldn't resist eating that pussy and sucking the big cock at the same time.

She took me down her throat completely as I fastened my mouth on her pussy as it was being fucked.

She started bucking and moaning, “ugh, ugh, ugh,” so I knew she was cumming. Then her pussy gushed and I sucked it all down.

By then the cock in her pussy was shooting his load too.

Undaunted, I swallowed them both as much as I could.

When he pulled out I got to suck him a couple of minutes before he left. And that was great.

Then another cock slid into her willing pussy. She moaned, “Ohmyfuckinggod,” and took her mouth off my cock long enough to say, "ASS IN MY ASS."  And then she went back to sucking me off.

The cock in her pussy slid out across my tongue and I saw even in the dark as it slid easily into her pretty butt. He buried himself balls deep in her ass as I sucked her pussy and his cock as much as I could.

Suddenly I needed to cum again. Load number three shot into her sucking mouth as I ate her soaking pussy.

The previous cock's cum was almost all gone from her pussy and the other cock in her ass was pulsing. I watched as it shot a load of hot cum into her bowels.

He pulled out and his cum spilled all over my face.

I slowly got out from under her and sat up.

She swung around and giggled as she licked my face clean. What a gal.

Spent, I left the theater and briefly thought about going to the bookstore and finding a glory hole, but I decided that I was too dehydrated from cumming in a guy’s mouth, the CD's ass and the gal’s mouth. That had taken all the moisture from my body.

On the way home I wondered if I’d be recovered enough to go back there tomorrow. Fuck, who am I kidding....of course I would.