"Sex Stories" Unleashed a Beast

Sex Stories Unleashed a Beast
My wife Barbara and I’d been fantasizing and talking about swinging for a good while and it would really get things hot while having sex and talking about it. I created a profile on a lifestyle site and started looking around. At first when Barbara found out that I’d done this she was taken back but when she started checking out the site she warmed up to the idea.

We started chatting with some single guys and found one, Victor that she really took an interest in. For a month or so she would chat with Vic online and things were heating up between the two of them. We finally setup a meeting with Vic and booked a hotel room for the night. She was getting excited about meeting Vic but was also nervous. Their chats got hotter as the day approached.

The evening came for our meeting with Vic and we checked into the Radisson Hotels in Arlington and called Vic with the room number.  

Barb took a shower and started to get ready for Vic arrival. She wore some sexy black pants with no panties and a hot halter top that showed her cleavage well. We were anxiously waiting for his arrival when we heard a knock on the door. Barbara decided she would answer the door. (Sex Stories)

She invited Vic in and he shook my hand and then pulled Barbara close to him and gave her a passionate kiss. Vic warm mouth devoured hers. His tongue flicking hers as he bit on her lip. His hands went straight for her breasts and kneaded them through her halter. Her pussy felt wet and tingling, gaping, begging for his cock.

Vic broke the kiss and looked down at Barbara with a suggestion of a smile. Just a slight curve to the corners of his mouth.

We headed downstairs to go to the bar.  As we walked down the hall of the hotel they held hands and I followed behind them. We got to the bar and sat in a booth in a corner for some privacy.(Porn Stories)

Barbara sat next to Vic and I sat across from them. We talked and had a few drinks and got to know each other. We talked about how we got into this and how this was our first time meeting someone. I could see that now Vic and Barbara each had their hands under the table. They each had their hands on each other's thigh. Every few minutes Vic would slide his hand up higher and eventually was at the top of her thigh resting his hand between her legs.

We finished our drinks and Barbara said, “I’m ready to go back to the room.”

As we headed out of the bar I said, “I need to go to the men's room. You can go on to the elevator and I’ll meet you there.”

When I came back out I had a good view of the elevator so I stood there for a couple of minutes. They were making out while they were waiting for me. I held my position for a little while so they could continue heating each other up.

When I got to the elevator they didn't notice me right away.  I saw that she had her hand on his cock outside of his pants and he was rubbing her pussy through her pants.

Later Barbara had told me that her pussy was so wet that it had soaked her pants and she had never been that wet before.

I opened the door and they both kind of jumped. I asked, “How’s it going?”

And red faced, Barbara said, “Great.”

As the elevator door closed Vic asked Barbara, “Are you ok with this?”

And she said, “Oh yeah.”

As the elevator took us back up to our floor Vic reached the nape of her neck and untied the tie string to her halter top and pulled it off, exposing her firm breasts.

When she looked at me I just shrugged.

Handing me the halter top, Vic said, “Give me your pants.”

Cheeks red, she whispered, “I don’t have any panties on.”  

“What’s your point?” he asked.

With just a short hesitation Barbara reached down and unzipped her pants and let them slip off her hips and down to the floor leaving her standing naked in the elevator with only her high heels on. Red face but defiant she stepped out of her pants which were puddled around her feet. She bent over picked them up and handed them to Vic.

When we arrived at our floor, Barbara cheeks red but head held high walked 10 paces behind us to our room. We had a suit where the bedroom was in a loft.

We headed upstairs and Barbara excused herself to go to the bathroom.

She told me later that she was so hot and turned on but almost had a panic attack in the bathroom about what was about to take place.

Barbara had decided in the bar that she was going to go through with it and fuck Vic tonight but had no idea that it would involve getting naked in the elevator and then walking naked down the hall.

Still naked she came out.

Vic was sitting on the bed and I was sitting on a chair.

Barbara sat down next to Vic on the bed and they continued the make out session that had started in the elevator. Vic started playing with her nipples and she let out a slight, “Ummmmm.”

Barbara told Vic to stand in front of her and she undid his jeans and slid them down enough to pull out his cock. She was almost in shock by his size. She knew from in the elevator that he was larger than me but didn't realize how much until this moment. He had the thickest cock she had ever seen.

She started licking the head of his cock and then took him into her mouth. She was sucking him in and out of her mouth trying to take him deeper and deeper in her throat.

I was starting to be a little jealous but was still getting aroused by both its size and seeing my beautiful wife sucking another man's huge cock.

Vic then pushed Barbara down on her back on the bed and kneeled between her legs. Running his hand up her thigh, he rubbed her clit and slid a finger inside her pussy.

Barbara moaned as he did this because this was the first time in years that another man had touched her there.

Vic then started to lick her clit while he finger fucked her pussy.

I could tell how wet she was by how easily he slid another finger into her.

Barbara was now moaning louder and louder and breathing very heavy and I knew she was close to reaching an orgasm.

With a little shout, Barbara came for the first time as Vic continued licking every inch of her pussy.

She told him, “I want you to fuck me…now,” so he moved on top of her, positioning himself between her legs.

Barbara was super nervous but knew there was no turning back at this point. Besides she had a great desire to feel Vic inside her.

Vic started rubbing the head of his cock along her slit and then pushed the head between the delicate lips of her pussy and inside her.

Barbara let out a long, “Uuuuuuugh,” as he entered her and said, “Go slow so I can get used to your size.”

 Vic took his time slowly pushing in and out of her, going a little deeper each time.

Barbara said, “Ouch.”

And Vic asked, “Are you ok?”

She said, “Yes. Don’t stop.”

Now my head was really spinning because I was letting Vic fuck my wife Barbara. I had to clear my head so I went downstairs for a little while.

Barbara and Vic were so caught up in what they were doing that they didn't even know I left the room. I could hear Barbara moaning more and more and saying how good he felt inside her. The noises of them fucking were getting louder and I could tell that she was cumming all over his cock.

Things got quiet for a few seconds and then I could heard Vic tell her how tight her pussy felt on his cock. then her cries of pleasure started again.

I went back upstairs to see what was going on and found that Vic was now behind Barbara with her in the doggie position. Vic was slowing sliding his cock in and out of her pussy, giving her his full length and then out to the tip of his cock and back in again.

Barbara motioned for me to come to the edge of the bed. As I stared down at her she pulled my cock out of my briefs and started sucking me.

As she sucked me, I could feel and hear Barbara moaning on my cock from the fucking Vic was giving to her.

I couldn't take the jealous feelings I was still having so after a few minutes I pulled my cock out of her mouth and went back downstairs.

It was a form of torture. I could hear them fucking for another 20 minutes or so then I heard Vic moaning and grunting and I knew that he was cumming.

Vic had pulled his cock out of Barbara’s pussy and shot his cum all over her ass.

Things got quiet again but I couldn't bring myself to go back upstairs.

After another 15 minutes I heard kissing and then Vic came downstairs.

When he saw me he asked, “Is everything okay?”

And I said, “Its fine.”

“Are you sure you aren’t feeling a little left out?” Vic said, noticing that I was staring at his cum covered cock.

I just kinda hung my head instead of answering.

“Could you do me a favor? My cock is covered with cum and your wife’s pussy juicy. Could you clean it off for me so it doesn’t stain my pants?”

“Sure. Let me get a wet cloth,” I said as I stood to go to go to the bathroom.

“No,” said Vic, “With your mouth.”

When I realized that he was serious I went to my knees. Leaning down, I took his sticky flaccid cock into my mouth. Then as Vic watched I cleaned his cock of their combined sexual fluids.

As I moved my mouth on his shaft trying to get all the cum off I felt his cock twitch. I could feel Vic growing and hardening in my mouth. And what started out a simple cock cleaning turned into a full-fledged blowjob.

I backed off and work the head a little with my lips and tongue before I slowly took him back in my mouth.

Once Vic was balls deep I clinched and unclenched my mouth like I was open and closing my fist. A trick I learned from a previous girlfriend. Except she did it with her pussy instead of her mouth. In later years as I perfected it better I was able to get guys off this way without ever moving my mouth up and down. 

Then I'd back off until my lip were around the base of the head. Then I’d slowly move my clinched lips up and down Vic’s thick shaft. I nurse his hard cock with my warm moist mouth until I felt him getting close, then I'd back off.  In between working his cock, I gave his balls some attention.

When I was finally going to let him cum I waited until the last second and back off where only the head was in my mouth. That way his cum spewed right on my tongue so I got the full taste.    

Once Vic was drained even more than before I licked him clean again.   

As I was licking, I raised Vic’s legs up to my shoulders and rimmed him. When my tongue hit his ass-hole Vic purred like a kitten. I used the noises he was making to dictate what I did with my tongue.  I didn’t eat him because there was no penetration, only licking.

After dressing Vic shook my hand said, “Thank you for a nice evening.”  I’ll have to admit that it made me more than a little uncomfortable to be naked and shaking hands with a man that was fully dressed. He said, “I’ll be leave us for the night.”

Covering up my discomfort, I told Vic, “We’ve got your email address so we’ll be getting in touch with you again soon,” and he left.

I went back upstairs to find Barbara laying on the bed naked with a big smile on her face. I asked her, “Did you have fun?”

She gave a girlish giggle and she said, “Yes I loved it. I wish it could have gone on longer but Vic was concerned because you never came back upstairs.”

I laid on the bed next to her and started rubbing her freshly fucked pussy. She was wetter than I’d ever felt her and her pussy was so hot inside. And I could tell that she was a little stretched from taking Vic’s huge cock inside her.

She said, “It hurt when Vic first started fucking me but it was a good hurt and I could feel him stretching me. I never felt anything quite like it before and I loved it.”

When I climbed on top of Barbara and slid my cock inside her it felt different after Vic had fucked her. We had a really hot fucking session after that until I exploded deep inside her and we collapsed on the bed and crashed for the night.

We ended up meeting Vic again several times as he became her regular boy toy and Barbara enjoyed his large cock every chance she could. As we became more and more comfortable with each other we even started letting Vic play bare back because he was safe. After that we would both fill her with our cum. The first time we both cummed inside her was so hot for Barbara. She felt so naughty and loved having two men fill her pussy.

We were now full swingers and I knew that I’d unleashed a beast in her that I never knew existed.