"Sex Stories" Wagner Park

Sex Stories Wagner Park
When I did catch up with him he’d stepped off the trail into the bushes and was taking a piss. Without a word I sunk to my knees beside him and stared with awe at the first adult cock that I’d ever seen.

I’d found the park on a gay web-site that rated cruise site and gave tips about the best time to go and what to look out for. So I can’t say that I was completely innocent about what went on there. The Wagner Park had been there for years. I’d even played junior league games on the baseball fields and had never once imagined what went on here in the woods across the big parking lot. Actually back then I was so naïve that I didn’t even know that things like that even went on. Other than curiosity I’m still not sure what prompted me to split off from my buddies at lunch and ride my bike there.

The park was near enough to the high school that on my ten speed I made there in less than twenty minutes.  I was surprised at how many guys were hanging out in that section of the park at that time of the day. There were  guys hanging around there of every shape size and description...from a big flannel shirt wearing red neck walking his dog to a salesman type in a white shirt and tie enjoying his brown bag lunch out in the fresh air away from his job. 

I got a lot of interesting looks and even though I look a couple of years older than my eighteen years in broad day light I still looked young enough for them to be cautious.

I rode my bike over the foot bridge and around the walking trail, scooping out several likely places to step off the trail into the bushes and have a little privacy. I saw a couple of guys walking together but noting out of the way.(Sex Stories)

I got back to school late and missed my next class. Thankfully it was study hall so I didn’t miss anything. Mrs. Gibson never took roll so I was never even missed.

Thanks to a good head light on my bike I came back that night around ten, hid my bike in the bushes and sat down on a bench near the turnaround in the corner of the parking lot. I didn’t sit there long before someone else showed up. A big red headed guy.

I didn’t know the ropes yet so I didn’t recognize his signal that he was interested so I didn’t follow him across the foot bridge into the dark. When I didn’t respond he stopped on the foot bridge and looked back my way.

When he made eye contact, he headed on up the footpath.

He walked a few feet and again stopped, looked back and made eye contact.

Finally getting the hint, I nervously got up and slowly followed him. Once he was sure I was following he walked on, pausing occasionally so I could catch up with him.

When I did catch up with him he’d stepped off the trail into the bushes and was taking a piss. Without a word I sunk to my knees beside him and stared with awe at the first adult cock that I’d ever seen.(XXX Stories)

When he finished pissing he turned slightly putting his cock mere inches from my face. It was so near that I could see the moonlight glistening off little beads of piss that linger in his pee-slit waiting for him to shake it. Mesmerized, I reached out and touched it.

I’m not sure what I expected but it felt warm. And both soft and hard. Like a piece of flesh covered steel. I could the feel the power, a power I would find grew even greater as his cock got harder.
As I knelt there trance like with his flaccid cock held between my thumb and forefinger, he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me forward. As the head neared my lips my mouth of its own volition opened and he slipped the head of his cock into my mouth. He still hadn’t shaken it so it tasted a little pissy. I needn’t have worried though. After he moved it around in my mouth a little the pissy taste was washed away to be replaced with a salty male taste...not unpleasant but different.

I could feel his cock hardening and growing in my mouth. This being my first time and me not really knowing what to do, I started swirling my tongue around the head. Beginner or not, five minutes into sucking his dick the red head started laughing. Kind of like a small giggle followed by some all-out laughter. I smile and asked, "What's so funny?"

He said, "You give some damn good head. Nobody’s ever sucked my dick like that before."

My confidence bolstered by his compliment I say, "Well it's about to get even better."  Then while stroking his dick with my left hand, I pulled his pants down lower and took his nut sack into my mouth. His demeanour changed from funny to surprise to pleasure. While his balls were in my mouth he just closed his eyes, leaned his head back and enjoyed the oral attention.

Pushing forward, I took him as deep as I could down my throat. He moaned, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” and put both his hands on my head. 

"That feels good,” he groaned. “Keep sucking."

Then he started pushing my head up and down, moving my mouth on his shaft as if giving me permission to make him cum.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuccccck.  Oh man you're gonna make me cum. Oh god, don't stop now...don't stop...oh fucking yeah."

He was just going on and on while I tighten my lips around his sensitive cockhead. His legs were shaking now too. I push his cock in as far as I could into my mouth and down my throat. When I massaged the underside with my supple tongue his balls pull up really tight.

"Ohhhhhh fuccccck...here it is...I’m cummmmming...oh god, I’m cummmmming...please swallow it. Oh shit..." then like a machine gun, his load spewed across my tongue, hit the back of my throat and oozed on down my throat into my belly. I looked up and his mouth was working like a fish out of water. He was unable to breathe. His eyes were kinda rolled back in his head as I continue to slowly bob up and down trying to swallow what he was feeding me.

Soon the pulsing stopped and I pull off. As his arms hang limply at his side, I licked his nut sack and dick clean. When he opened his eyes and smiled at me I asked, “Did I do good?"

He nodded and zipped up his pants. Before he could walk away I gave him my phone number and told him that I’d be more than happy to blow him again. “When you call ask for Charles,” I said.

He said, "Thanks, we'll see," and then leaving me there still on my knees, walked away.

As I rode my bike home I wondered what my friends would think about what I’d just done. Chuckling to myself, I thought that if James knew, he’d probably want me to suck his cock too. But I don’t guess it really mattered what they though. All that really mattered was what I thought about it. Licking my lips I taste the salty taste of his cum and thought that it had been fun and I planned to do it again soon…real soon.

As I peddled on through the night towards home I found myself wondering if James really would let me suck his cock.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that Sunday evening as a good time to be in the park. I’d been several times and now knew the ropes better and had more confidence. Again I was sitting on the bench on the turnaround. From there I had an unobstructed view of the park entrance. I could see any arriving police in amply time to hop on my bike and exit the park via the wood without ever being seen. I fortunately never had to execute this plan but it was nice to know I was prepared.

A white Chevy El Camino pick-up pulled into the turnaround and stopped at the curb near me. I got up and moved near the pickup giving him the opportunity to make contact. When he didn’t take the opportunity I paused by the open driver’s window and said, “Lovely night we’re having isn’t it.” I got some kind of unintelligible comment back. Leaning down I saw the driver was mid-20s and alone. Leaning down to the window I asked, “Do you like to play?”

When he looked at me like I was crazy, I bluntly asked him, “Do you want your dick sucked?”

For a minute he was stunned. Then he said, “Yes.”

I went around and got in on the passenger’s side. He was short so he had to scoot the seat back so I could get in. by the time I got seated and shut the door, he had his pants open. His cock wasn’t hard yet but it was out.

Turning and kneeling on the seat, I put my face in his lap. I took him in my mouth and started sucking. As he hardened in my mouth, he leaned his head bock and purred like a kitten.

Not in any hurry I took my time and made his cock feel good. Head still back, he casually stroked my hair and continued to purr. When I sensed the time was right I accelerated my mouth action. Lips clamped tight around his hard shaft, my mouth was quickly bobbing up and down his shaft when he cummed with a scream. He cummed so hard that he lost his breath. For a minute I thought I’d given him a heart attack but he finally gasp and started breathing.