"Sex tips" The Sex Positions That Work Every Time

Sex tips The Sex Positions That Work Every Time
If you're not having orgasms during sex, don't give up. Maybe you just haven't found your signature move yet (yes, a lot of women have one). Here, eight women dish on the sex positions that guarantee the big O for them over and over again. Perhaps one of these moves is your ticket too?

1. I showed him how to touch me...:

"I can give myself an orgasm in three minutes flat, rubbing my clitoris in little circles—slowing, then building momentum, and repeat. But when my boyfriend is down there, he bypasses my clitoris and goes right in. It's hot and I love that he's eager, but I never orgasm that way (and it's really hard for me to get off during sex). I finally grabbed his hand and guided his thumb over my clitoris just how I do it. He calls it my magic button now." —Dana P., 31

2. A chair creates the perfect angle...:

"I have my husband sit in a kitchen chair—or any kind that doesn't have arms. This gives me the freedom to ride him, moving my body up and down, while holding on to his shoulders." —Katie L., 29. (sex advice)

3. We use the C.A.T. position...:

"The only way missionary works for me is if we do it C.A.T. style (coital alignment technique). I stiffen my legs and point my toes while he grinds on me. Not only does he feel great, inside, but this position allows him to rub up on my clitoris too, which is highly stimulating." —Lauren W., 31

4. I like to stand up...:

"I like when my boyfriend gives me oral crouching down while I'm standing. I steady myself against the wall and run my fingers through his hair, sometimes pulling it. The combination of his mouth and the fact that I'm in the power position always works." —Jennifer K., 27

5. I lay on my stomach...

"I lay down flat on my belly. I prop my butt up a little, by digging my toes into the bed. It gives him just enough space to enter me —and the friction of the sheets against my body feels extra-wonderful." —Devon R, 37

6. A twist on reverse cowgirl...

"He lays on his back. I sit on him with my back to him and my legs bent and feet resting in between his. We take turns: He thrusts up and down. I rock back and forth." —Kyle, 22

7. We use the side of the bed...

"I slide to the edge of the bed and steady my feet on the rug. He stands, enters and thrusts, while playing with my breasts." —Kara, 29

8. I love anal sex...

"I know a lot of girls don't like anal but it works for me. We use lube, he's gentle, and he reaches around to touch me in the front." —Donna, 22