"Sex Stories" 24 Hour Lock UP

Sex Stories 24 Hour Lock UP
Arriving at 9am sharp, we exchange pleasant conversation and a glass of Motte Chandon to break the ice. I survey your room and notice a very appropriately sized dining table that would suit my purpose. I love a lady donned in white lace and demand you retire to your bedroom to dress appropriately.

You appear wearing a long white silk gown - hair flowing, looking gorgeous and smelling delightful. Such beauty and temptressness just makes me well up inside with desire for you.

Opening your gown you reveal a sumptuous lace Basque leading down to attached suspenders and elegant white lace stockings. Your breasts are full and thrusting, nipples hard and protruding. You let the gown slip to the floor and do a twirl. The skimpy white lace knickers suit you well and show off the sexy curves of your bottom.(Porn Stories)

I sidle over and run my hands down your body, enjoying every curve and crevise, cupping your breast and playfully tweaking your nipples. You shudder with desire...

Embracing you, I run my hands through your hair as I kiss you long and deeply, our tongues entwined in what seems like an age. As we kiss I guide you over to the table.

As we reach the table I turn you round to face the table and bend you gently over, laying you flat on your stomach, but with your legs on the floor. I move to your front and take each hand in turn clasping a soft hand cuff to each and reaching out handcuff you over the edge of the table to each leg.

Your arms are outstretched now, but not uncomfortable, still lying flat on your stomach over the table.

I move to your rear and entice your legs wide - as wide as they will go. Again soft handcuffing your ankles to a leg of the table.

I have you now bent over the table, arms and legs spreadeagled, looking as desirable as any woman could possibly get. Such a picture of total helplessnes - bound but comfortable - just waiting for what comes next! I am getting very turned on now!

I approach your lovely bottom, donned with lacy knickers and legs spreadeagled. SMACK. left cheek takes a playful slap. You squeek with surprise, but not pain. SMACK - right cheek takes one.
I run my hot hand up your inner thigh and in one movement run my hand from clit to ass - all the way along your sensuous zone.I feel you tighten up - and are getting wet.
SMACK - SMACK again followed by the gentle touch over your ever wetting pussy.

Taking the side of your knickers in one hand I clasp them together revealing the full curves of your delicious rear. Pulling up, your knickers ride into your crack. I pull tighter, to show all the curves of your pussy.
SMACK - SMACK on bare reddening cheeks. With each SMACK I pull up tighter on your knickers, digging ever deeper into your crack. I run my other hand up and down the folds, feeling your hardening clit... I wrap your pussy around your knickers and play with your damn pussy lips.

I slip my hand into my pocket and pull a pen-knife, I one swift movement I cut through your knickers and let them drop to the floor. Oh such a sight! Spreadeagled legs, curvaceous rear all there just for me.

I drop to my knees and bury myself between those inviting cheeks. My tongue gets to work deep inside those folds, working from clit to ass, up and down, delving into every crevase and orifice it finds.
SMACK - SMACK, with each smack you tense, clasping me deep between your cheeks. I feel you quiver, as my tongue works hard on your tasty clit... I do so love to suck and lick a clit for hours!! Yummy

I have you now - squirming at my mercy - I delve 1,2,3 fingers deep inside you seeking the G-Spot as I continue to take your clit in my mouth - sucking a flicking my tongue across it... You yelp and shudder with orgasm (hopefully)...but I continue until you are spent with multiple orgasms and beg me to stop.

I release you from your cuffs, but insist you remain laid over the table. Beckoning you backwards, you move toward me until your hands are on the front edge of the table. You are still bent over but now your breasts are hanging enticingly below you. I slip below and ease each one out of the basque and into my grasp. Facing up, I take each one and gently caress and cup, sucking each nipple until they are hard and erect.

From my pocket I take a length of Japanese silk rope. I wrap the rope in a figure 8 around your breasts until they are pouting and thrusting forward, engaging ever more tongue work.

I stand you up and walk you to your bed, laying you on your back. Your breasts are thrusting upwards, now tied and held, for me to play with. I take yet more rope and bend each of your legs up so your heels are touching your ass, bounding each one tightly in this position. Your arms are still free, so I roll you over and take your arms behind your back, tying your wrists.

I have you now, doggy style, legs bound, arms behind ya back, head on pillow, legs wide.

I strip - at last - and by god do I have a hard on!!

Seeing you there all trussed up - legs wide, pussy wet, ass shining red - nuff to get any guy off.... but no not yet!!

I climb on the bed and sit astride your head. Lifting you up I beckon you to take me in the mouth. You oblige, taking me deep as I hold your shoulders up. 

WOW, you are good at this... taking me deep and swirling you tongue around my circumcised head... Such a smooth action.. I clasp all your hair in both hands and guide you up and down my swollen cock... I see you have a little trick - delving your tongue right into the eye of me cock - sending injections of tingle to me balls.... Oh so good...
I run my hands through your hair caressing your scalp and you suck me deep as ever... Tis so good I must stop and enjoy you...

I lay you down as I get up and proceed back to your lovely ass.

I arch your back, and stretch your trussed legs as far apart as they will go. Your asshole is so up for it!!....

Stretching your buttocks wide I delve my tongue into your ass, probing as deep as it will go, rimming and delving until you’re a wet as hell. I run a finger around your ass gently enticing you to relax and open up. Soona finger slips inside and moves around in and out. You are loosening up now as two fingers go in gently as possible. 
I reach over to my shirt and pull a bottle of Baby Oil from my top pocket. Pouring the poil over your ass and down you crack.
I now pull your ass cheeks wide around your ass and delve three oiled fingers inside. You are so relaxed they just glide in and out.

I raise my rock hard cock and rub it up and down you lips and over your clit, culminating in a deep drive into your dripping pussy. You gasp as the full 10 inches glides in right to the hilt. I begin to thrust into you in a slow rhythic motion whilst my fingers continue to delve in and out of you ass in unison with my thrusts.

I feel you tense and gasp with yet another orgasm, gripping my cock so tightly!

I withdraw and stand up over you. Holding your ass cheeks as wide as possible I slip my cock into your totally relaxed ass. Again you gasp as I slide gentle into the full length. Hmmm so tight in there, so desirable!.

I ride you up and down deep into your ass, then switch and thrust all the way into your pussy.

I up the pace thrusting faster and faster switching ass to pussy every 10 thrusts…. I feel an orgasm welling in my balls as you orgasm once more.

Pulling out I move to your front and raise you up onto you knees . You are upright now but hands still tied behind your back and kneeling in front of me.

You open you mouth and I slip my swollen cock in. I know you can take it deep, so you swallow me whole. I start to move in and out of your mouth and you feel my cock swelling as it reaches orgasm.

With one final thrust I explode my load deep into your mouth. You continue to suck and thrust down as each spasm explodes more cum into your mouth. You do not swallow but let the cum spill out dripping over your chin and onto your breasts.

I am spent, but you lick every last drop out of me again spilling the remainder over your breasts. I withdraw and rub the cum all over those delightful mounds of loveliness.

We’ve been at it for at least 3 hours and are knackered. Well I am – hope you are!!

After untying you we go to shower. In the hot steam we chat and I lathe your body with shower gel, making sure every crevice is soaped up, and paying special attention to your pussy andd clit. Likewise you lathe my body from top to toe, working lather up and down my cock – which duly obliges by getting as hard as a rock again. 
You have you right hand on my cock and move to my side where you left hand explores my ass crack, working lather up and down. As you get to my asshole you thrust a finger deep inside – guess you need that for ‘revenge’… I love it and you work your finger in and out as you rub my cock up and down.

As we kiss my left hand drops to find your lathered pussy, where 3 fingers rub you in and out and over your clit. My right hand finds your asshole and slips a finger in. We both are covered in lather masturbating each other in slow uniform rhythm.

I feel you tighten up and you up the pace on my cock and ass – I speed up to keep pace enjoying every moment.

I tell you I am about to cum and you drop to your knees to take my load full on. I oblige and again unleash a full load of cum deep in you mouth, but this time you take it all in a swallow deeply.. You just love the taste apparently!!

I drop to my knees and lose myself in your pussy, flicking that harden clit whilst thrusting up with three fingers in your pussy and one in your ass. You grab the back of my head and hold me firmly in your pussy til you orgasm with a shrill.

We leave the shower, dry and collapse exhausted on your bed. Lying side by side and kissing tenderly. We discuss our exploits and what we both liked the most and how it could be even better. We finish the champagne and and decide to pop out for a bite to eat.

You dress and that mini-skirt sure shows off those lovely legs!!

At the Restaurant we sit side by side in the corner and I just can’t resist running my hand up the inside of your thighs. I am surprised you have no knickers on but that just turns me on more as I have easy access to your pussy. You open your legs, under the table, allowing me to slide right up and caress you wettenning lips and pussy. I can even slip a couple of fingers inside… Hmmm… damp fingers taste so nice!!
And you just can’t resist it grabbing my hardened cock through my trousers – gently smoothing your hand over it as it grows right up to my pocket, where you twiddle with its knob.

We have to stop as our food is delivered – but I just can’t wait to get you back to your locked room!! The day is yet young and I have at least 12 hours left!!

We take time over our meal and enjoy a few courses and yet more wine – we need to recover and get some energy back in oursleves for the session to come.

We finish up and make our way back to the ‘lock up’. Closing the door you demand I strip whilst you get changed into more appropriate attire – gulp…

You emerge from your closet dressed in a Red Bask, black knickers and thigh length black leather boots – what a sight to behold. You are clutching a riding crop. 

As you smack the riding crop against your hand you look me in the eye and say “Time you had a lesson, young man!”.

My cock immediately springs to a hard erection that makes you chuckle. You demand I assume a doggey position on your bed, to which I duly oblige. Moving round the bed you reach underneath and pull out a length of rope from each corner… You bound each hand an pull the rope taught to the two front legs. You bound each of my thighs and pull extra hard as you bound my legs to the bottom legs – stretching my ass wide.

I can’t move as you stand over my rear and give me a solid whack with the crop right on my left cheek. God that really hurt – WHACK – right cheek… blimey this is painful. WHACK WHACK more blows rain – you chuckle as you see the red welts appear on my ass.

You stop and reach between my legs to grab my cock, which you pull sharply back towards you bending it painfully. Ouch I cry, but there is no let up. You cup my balls in your other hand and pull them tight – squeezing until a yelp. This is pain and pleasure – OMG!!

You continue to whack my ass and yank my cock and balls for an age it seems, until my ass is red as hell.

You climb on the bed and position yourself infront of me lying on your back. You raise your legs right up over your head so your pussy is thrust out in front of you. Grabbing my head you jam me deep into you. Reaching for your crop you whack my ass as you demand a good licking. I oblige delving my tongue between your lips hunting for your clit. I suck it deep into my mouth, holding it there whilst I flick it with my tongue.

You groan with pleasure and grip harder on my head whilst whacking my ass for more. I move my tongue down to your pussy which you open wide for me. In it goes flittering about making you squirm… You demand more and more faster and faster as you reach orgasm… I finally suck hard on your clit so it completely enters my mouth, and drive it hard in clamp my teeth around it as you arch to orgasm, letting out a shrill of orgasmic pleasure.

Still you demand more and I continue buried in your pussy as waves of orgasm come over you. Clamping you legs around my head, I have no choice but to satisfy you over and over whilst my tongue is still enjoying such a wonderful clit and pussy.

Finally you let up and move to my rear. I hear a draw shuffle and you take out a vibrator. You oil my ass, as I did yours, and proceed to drive the vibrator deep into me. Oh so nice, as you gently move it in and out. 

You roll onto your back and shift up to take my cock in your mouth. Whilst still thrusting the vibrator into me you milk my cock and flitter my nob.. I can’t hold on the pain of the Vibrator in my tight ass and the pleasure of the milking makes me cum desperately into your inviting mouth. You milk me good and dry before swallowing the lot.

Getting up you replace the dildo with a butt plug, that sure is painful as it goes in… but once there very nice. WHACK WHACk you continue to crop me hitting the butt plug each time.

I can take no more and beg of mercy. You lay down in front of me a we kiss deeply. “So nice” you say “And let that be a lesson to you!”

Untied we decide to finish off with a bath, where we again sit either end playing with each other.

We reckon we have to call it a day, and so make plans for our next encounter – exchanging Emails and promising to come up with some exciting new ideas to fulfill our inner desires.

OMG that was good… Roll on next ‘Lock Up’!!