"Sex Stories" 40th Reunion

Sex Stories 40th Reunion
This story is 100% fantasy, none of the names or places is real and none of the events have occurred in real life to my knowledge. Any similarity between this story and any actual event(s) or person(s) is purely coincidental. 

Often in life little bits of a conversation or a phrase used by another leads my mind to run wild in an erotic fantasy. And so it is with this story. It is based entirely on one phrase written to me via a text message by member of www.xhamster.com. To protect this person’s identity I will not divulge the actual statement used, but it is in this story. If you are the one that wrote the words you will know, and trust me, my mind was on you the entire time I was writing my fantasy.

The ice in my scotch would have made a tinkling sound on the side of the glass if it weren’t for the music playing from a local band in the hotel conference room. I swirled the ice in the remaining scotch and slugged it down, this was my second drink and I was feeling a buzz as I had not eaten before arriving for the first high school reunion I had ever attended. I had taken a red eye flight home so had little sl**p and running around town visiting a couple old business acquaintances had worn me out. “I should have had a nap,” I thought to myself as I had not slept in nearly 24-hours.(Adult Stories)

The rock group, specializing in 50’s and 60’s rock and roll was pounding out the song “Tequila” and old favorite written in 1958 and played at nearly every high school function that I attended up until my graduation in 1967. I looked around and saw a waitress with a large tray, “Just in time Sweetie,” I hollered over the sound of the band, “I need that scotch.”

“Here you go Daddy,” she responded, “but you’d better slow down or you won’t make it till dinner.” There was something about this 40 something waitress that clicked in my brain, yes, at 61 I was old enough to be her father, but she seemed to have a maturity beyond her years and I guess calling her “Sweetie” was my way of flirting.

I am single, having screwed up a marriage and a couple relationships, so hitting on a waitress wasn’t something foreign to me, but I was harmless as I was only back home for a couple days and then back to my job in construction. I didn’t know the woman, nor did she know me, and she responded to my “Sweetie” with “Daddy” and I guessed it was to remind me not to get too fresh as with my gray hair and weathered look I could not be mistaken for someone her age.

I accepted her remark in good humor, paid her with a nice tip, and took the glass from her. She had long fingers and although her nails were closely trimmed, they were very nicely manicured and a pretty shade of pink. I hated garish nails on the younger set, “what is up with black finger nail polish?” I heard myself asking the waitress.

“Pardon me,” she responded as she looked at her nails.

“Oh Shit,” I said, “Did I say that out loud?”

“You sure did, I think I need to cut you off that scotch,” she replied with a nice smile.

“I guess I was just noticing that your nails are well done and so many younger people have such horrible colors on their nails, sorry to confuse you.”

“No problem,” she replied as she turned to leave.

I watched her work her way through the crowd; she was dressed in a nice uniform of black slacks, white blouse, and a little black vest. Yes, I’m a letch, as she walked off I was looking at her ass admiring the way it moved in the very thin fabric of a loose fitting pant. “I hate black pants” I thought, “A guy can’t see panty lines in a dark room with black…”

I cut myself off mid-thought, “Whew,” I thought, “I was just thinking it and not saying it out loud. After the comment about fingernails I needed to be careful about that. As a carpenter working on my own I was accustomed to verbalizing my displeasure with things as there was generally no one around to hear me. And with a couple drinks under my belt any inhibition I may have had was nearly gone.

The band was now struggling through the song, “A Summer Place,” This version was an old Letterman song and these guys were butchering it not only musically but the lead singer had no clue how to create the mood of the original piece by The Lettermen. “What the hell,” I muttered, and took a slug of the scotch.

The amber liquid warmed my throat and numbed the uneasy feeling I had about attending this function. I looked around the room and recognized most of the classmates, the jocks were hanging out in a group, bragging about their great games that only got better in the last 45 years, the car guys (we called them greasers) were hanging out showing pictures of their hot rods, and of course there were the “cool k**s”. They looked just as old as the rest of us, but made sure their hair, clothes, and tans were perfect and not wanting anything to do with my crowd, the “un-cool k**s”.

I knew this was a mistake, “people never change,” I muttered as I looked over at the 6’ 4” class president who moved easily between the jocks and cool k**s. His dad was a banker and he took up where the old man left off and of course was so full of himself that he stunk. I did note that he was on his second marriage; guess the cheerleader he married must have gotten sick of him, or perhaps the snotty little bitch wouldn’t play whatever game this creep had in mind, “Who knows?” I thought.

I felt a bump in the middle of my back and turned to say, “woops, sorry to be in the way.”

It was Sweetie again; she was making her rounds and had a tray full of empties. “Oh, its you again, how you doing Daddy, need another?” She had such a smooth easy style that I felt at ease with her even though we had never met.

“Oh, that’s right, I cut you off with that drink,” she said with a smile. Her hair, sort of reddish brown, was cut short and really was very attractive and I thought it probably made her look younger than she actually was. “So where is your wife, can I get her a drink Daddy?”

“Just me Sweetie” I mocked with the cute name theme we had going, “I’m just standing here all alone in a room full of strangers.”

“This is your class reunion isn’t it?”

“Sure is,” I said as the band broke up for a short break, “I’d better lower my voice,” I said as the room quieted with no music. “This is my class but I have been all around the country since graduation as a carpenter and this is my first reunion.”

“Well you’d better mingle,” she said with a smile, “do I need to find you a date?”

“No, I’ll just stand here and wait for the hottest chick in the room to fall all over me, drag me back to her room, and have her way with me.”

“Now that is a neat idea, which one of these is the hottest chick in the room?” she asked as she pretended to look around.

“Well that is debatable,” I said, “I don’t see my ex-wife here, she was pretty hot but I screwed that deal up.”

“I’d better get back to work or I’ll get fired, I’ll keep an eye out for you, when I find a hot chick I’ll send her your way.”

As she was talking I admired her figure, her breasts were medium size and she had a slender build but not skinny. Her face was bright and cheery and she was not all covered up with make-up, I guess you’d say natural beauty. As she turned to leave someone brushed against her arm and this pulled her vest open a bit, in this light the white blouse seemed translucent and I swore I could see a dark circle of her areola but can’t be sure of it. But I did notice a very prominent nipple and knew she was braless.

My cock responded even with nearly 3-drinks down, but then a hard cock and a cum are two different things when alcohol is involved. I brushed the thought aside as I was not intending for a one-night stand, I had a plane to catch and getting out of the room with a woman on my shirt tail would be a problem. But yet, she was looking pretty hot through the haze of this medium grade scotch.

I walked around the room, made a few contacts to say hi, and had the same opinion of most as I did earlier. There was little interest for me in this group and staying through the whole thing seemed foolish. I grabbed another scotch in the bar and sat down at a table to drink it in peace.

I am not sure what happened after that, for some reason the fourth drink must have really hit me hard, I woke in the pre-dawn darkness of my hotel room and I could feel the soft hand of a woman slowly running up and down my chest. She’d pause on my nipple for a moment, making small circles around it and then slowly move down to my belly and stop for a second. 

I knew it was a dream, I must have had another drink or two and stumbled back to the room and now was dreaming of some hot chick getting ready to have her way with me. That was my joke to the waitress and somehow it had turned into a dream.

As much as I knew it was a dream, I felt the warmth of a bare body next to me and could swear I felt the softness of a breast pressed against my arm, which by the way seemed paralyzed from not moving it.

As I lay there trying to clear my mind I felt the hand move again, this time up to my nipple, then back down but this time it did not stop. The hand went down to my cock, hard as a rock from my deep sl**p, and it stroked it softly with fingers closing around it. As my mind struggled to become alert I had the thought, “I never have a full sex dream.”

For me dreams about sex always start with a few simple sexual moves, but when it comes to the detail of the act I always wake up to find my hand on my cock. But I knew my left arm was numb from laying on it so it couldn’t be that. I moved my right hand, “nope, no cock there,” and it was at that point that the hand on my cock became more aggressive. The movement quickened and the hand moved to cup my balls. 

That was it, I knew it wasn’t a dream; I tried to roll over but felt like I was glued to the bed, I must not have moved all night. As I struggled to move I heard a very soft clear voice, “do you want to play now Daddy?’

I was shocked, but still a little heavy headed from drinking too much, “I must have really hung one on,” I said with a thick tongue.

“No, you didn’t get past your 4th drink, or at least I think it was only four of them,” Sweetie said, “Now lets play, I have been waiting for you all night!” With that she rolled over on top of me with a pouty look on her face, “Come on Daddy, I want to show you just how much I want you.”

I could feel her all over me, we were both naked and my cock was jabbing her in the belly. My natural reaction was to arch my back bringing my hard-on in contact with her pussy. She was warm and wet, but I decided that ramming my cock into her might not be the best thing as I really wasn’t clear about any of this.

Sweetie felt my hesitation and before I had a second to think about it spread her legs on either side of me and impaled herself with my cock. I slid into her in one easy motion and I was flooded with pleasure her silky wet pussy hugging me snugly. I felt her face near mine and again, nature took over. I found her lips in the darkness and was greeted with her parted lips. My tongue met hers and we were instantly locked in a deep wet kiss with her hips starting to move up and down on my cock.

I am no great lover, conqueror of woman, I am just an average guy and this sort of thing never happens. I have no clear memory on the last time I was actually with a woman, but it was not within the last year at least. Work took a lot out of me as the carpentry field is tough on older guys that still work on the job every day.

I moved my hands onto her back and felt the softness and warmth of her bare skin and slowly moved my hands down her back until I felt the rise of her butt. I had admired this part of her earlier but with the dark pants was unable to tell just how nicely shaped she was. I was starting to get into her motion, pushing back into her each time she raised off me. Her breasts were pressed into my chest as she carried the motion primarily with her hips.

As Sweetie paused a moment, feeling me thrust deep into her wet pussy, I felt I had to get some clarity. With my cock deep in her pussy I moved my hands back up to her shoulders and gently rolled her over, never leaving her pussy. Now that I was on top I placed my hands on either side of her shoulders and raised up a bit so I could see her.

Her face was bathed in the early morning light and she was almost aglow, her face as fresh as when we had first met. 

“Don’t stop, please, I need you so badly,” Sweetie begged while looking directly into my eyes, “I want you inside me, I want you to take me anyway you want, but don’t stop.”

I had never had a woman say such things and it really made me want to throw all caution to the wind and fuck her hard, but my better sense took over for a moment.

“Who the heck are you?” I asked in mock anger, “I have never awaken to such an erotic moment and I won’t stop, but I need to know what the hell happened last night.”

“We’ll talk about it later, don’t break the spell with talk,” Sweetie said as she raised her head and kissed my chest softly. Her lips were soft and full and her gentle touch was so erotic. “I think you must have been very tired and when I found you at the table you were lying with your head on your arms snoring like you were sawing logs. Now, I want to play!”

I knew that we were going to finish this, my cock was throbbing inside her but with as much as I had to drink I was afraid I’d not be able to keep up with her, or finish it as she wanted. I felt her move her legs so her heels were locked behind my knees, “Come-on Daddy, lets get dirty,” she said and pulled my face towards hers for another long deep kiss.

I responded as before with my tongue and began a slow withdrawal from her pussy. She shuddered with the movement and before she had a chance to respond I plunged deep into her again. With her legs in this position I had full access to her pussy and this time went balls deep into her waiting pussy.

After a few seconds inside her I started a slow pull out again with the intent of another deep plunge, but she had other plans. I thought she was pinned tightly to the bed, but before I realized it she had slid out from under me, pushing me onto my side. She kissed me lightly and then said, “Let me do what I do so well, it is my turn to be in control.”

With this she sat up, turned, and went down on my cock. Her hand found my erection and after a couple slow strokes she bent and licked the tip. Her tongue felt rough, but so sensuous as she teased me more. She licked my slit under the tip and I nearly jumped out of my skin with the pleasure this brought.

“Hmmm,” she said, “guess I found the spot.”

“Yes, but too much of that and you are going to have a face full,” I warned as I felt myself relax on the bed.

“Well you’d better not cum yet, we have all day to play and I want all you have to give.”

She did not say another word but instead used her lips and tongue to stimulate the full length of my cock, first sliding her tongue along the entire length of my shaft and sliding her moistened lips back up to the tip. After about four trips up and down I felt her tongue swirl around the tip of my cock and then she sucked my cock into her warm wet mouth. I reacted with a gentle thrust to meet her downward motion and she started to bob her head up and down in a rhythmic motion. But this only lasted for short time and I felt her movement on the bed.

I started to move, but she did not let my cock out of her mouth and grunted, “uh ah” and continued to suck on my cock as she crawled between my legs. She rested her arms on either side of my parted legs and began to work my cock with her mouth. I could feel her breasts rubbing against my legs and it occurred to me that I hadn’t had the pleasure of touching them or seeing them. I remembered the dark areoles and wanted desperately to pleasure her, as well as me, by sucking and massaging them.

The pleasure she was giving me was causing me to quickly reach a point where I knew I was going to loose control. I had no idea what her plans were, but I wanted a good fuck as long as she was willing. I moved my hands and touched her face with my finger tips hoping she’d get the message, but she seemed intent on finishing me this way.

So instead of waiting till I was over the top I raised my knees disturbing her rhythm. Sweetie pulled off my cock, replacing her mouth with her hand. She kept stroking my spit covered shaft and looked up at me, “Are you getting close Daddy?” and smiled as if she knew I was.

“Yes, let’s fuck,” I said with as much authority as I could muster with my cum ready to spurt into her hand, “If you don’t let up it is going to be wasted.”

“Oh baby, cum is never wasted if I am around,” she whispered as I felt her rise to her knees. She kept stroking my cock as she crawled forward and only pulled her hand away to get into position to mount me. As soon as she had her knees planted on either side of me I felt her hand guide me into position.”

“Now fuck me Daddy, I want all you can give, but when you are ready to cum I want it in my mouth.”

I had little choice in the matter as it seemed and instinct took over as I plunged deep inside her. She was hotter and wetter than before and my cock slid easily all the way into her. She sat straight up and began a rhythmic motion with her pelvis and never let my cock leave her pussy. We were locked into a motion that I wanted to last for hours, but all too soon all the action she had given me told me I was close.

I slowed my motion a bit and in the brighter light from the rising sun I could see her bathed in light. Her fair skin was so soft and her breasts were topped with beautiful dark brow areoles and nipples that were so fantastic that it pushed me nearer the edge just seeing them. I ran my hands over her erect nipples, feeling them respond to my touch.

She moaned softly then quickened her movement and then stopped and I felt her tighten her pelvic muscles and knew she was cumming. She remained motionless for a few seconds as she was hit by the first wave of her pleasure, then I felt her hand between us and she began rugging her clit adding to the pleasure. I felt her nipples harden further and pulled her close to me so I could suck them into my mouth. I got lost in the moment and worked them over, first one, then the other. She moaned and I looked up to see her biting her lip, then she removed her hand and began rocking against my cock with a furry. I was hard pressed to keep up with her but I could tell she was wanting to cum again before I did.

I edged by hand between us and started rubbing my knuckles against her clit and as I did she shouted, “I’m cumming, don’t stop, I want all you can give.” I forgot about her pervious demand to cum in her mouth and removed my hand, placing both on her hips.

With all my strength I began ramming my hard cock in and out of her as she skillfully rode me never missing a beat. I knew I was close, I wanted to cum so badly but wanted her to be as happy with this as I was so tried to take my mind off the motion and pleasure.

It was impossible, I was so near that I felt like I was going to explode, my cock began to swell and I knew I was out of control. She must have sensed it and jumped off me and grabbed my cock in both hands. She jerked my cock up and down a few times, then sucked me into her mouth and took me all the way into her throat.

I am not a rough lover, but she had me in a fever pitch so I placed my hands on both sides of her face and pulled her off a bit and then as best I could while on my back began to fuck her mouth. She responded with a gagging sound that could only be interrupted as “yeah, yeah,” and I knew the moment had arrived. I let go of her face and grunted, “Oh Sweetie, I’m gonna cummmm,” and let go the first blast on her upstroke. The cum spurted out, some on her lips, the rest in her waiting mouth, then she pulled off completely taking my cock in her hand.

“Come on Daddy, more, more,” she said in a raspy voice, and she continued to jerk me off as I blasted her with another load. This one hit her on the nose and into her open mouth and then I lost all control as I sent spurt after spurt into her mouth.

Each jerk of my cock was like someone was squeezing my balls forcing the cum out of them. As I felt the end coming she must have sensed me and took my cock into her mouth gently and slowly sucked and licked me till it was over.

I was spent, exhausted from the effort. Sweetie pulled off me, saying, “Are you okay?”

I was lying very still; heart beating like a drum in my chest, all I could say was, “yeah!”

She wiped her face off with her fingers, and then cleaned them with her tongue, “you taste so yummy,” she said. “I can’t wait for the next time!”

We lay side by side in the after glow of this hot sexual encounter, neither of wanting to move but knowing that the hotel maid service would be around I was the first to move. I rolled over to face her, and brushed the palm of my hand across her still erect nipple. “You are one amazing woman,” I said and then leaned over to kiss her.

“I don’t even know your name or anything about you.” I said as I rolled back over on my back still out of breath.

She sat up, looked at the clock, “Oh gosh, I need to get home and get ready for work, I am working a luncheon today.”

I was disappointed, by the way she talked she had planned on more time with me, yet I really didn’t know her and had no right to place demands on her.

She headed to the bathroom where she must have left her clothes. It didn’t take a minute for her to dress, “I will shower at home,” she said from the half closed bathroom door.

She walked out the bathroom, dressed as I had seen her the night before, and stopped for one last tender kiss. As she stood up she said, “Let’s do this again,” and walked to the door.

“How do I get hold of you, what is your name,” I said desperate for details.

“You can just call me Sweetie, and anytime you want to play I will be here. Gotta run, I will call your room this afternoon,” and she opened the door leaving me lying on the bed wondering if this was a dream or reality!