"Sex Stories" After 10 years of marriage

Sex Stories After 10 years of marriage
After 10 years of marriage any couple goes through some stale patches in the bedroom, Sara and I usually got through these times with various activities toys, role play, some bondage, Sara loved me to dominate her and make her do dirty things. We also discussed our fantasies, which always got us hot while we were making love; of course threesomes came up from time to time and although Sara got really turned on at this she said she could never go through with it with either another girl or another man. But the fantasies were always fun and very dirty; anyway eventually fantasies did become reality.

On a trip to London for our vacation, I arranged to meet up with an old uni friend as we hadn’t seen each other for years, Sara had met Craig on a number of occasions and they had always got on and as always she flirted with him as she did with every man we met. This had become a new thing for us we had both started to flirt with other people when we out and talk about what we could do in a threesome with them, we even got to the stage where I would pull Sara’s usually short skirts up in bars and clubs so other men could see how lucky I was, being slim brunette and firm tits it was always so easy to get men to drool over her. So this meant Sara was looking forward to seeing Craig.(Adult Stories)

The plan was he was going to spend the day showing us some sights, however when he arrived he had brought his fiancé as she said she would drive them home so Craig could have a drink and not get a room for the night. Sara held back her flirting and was a little disappointed, although she did flirt with them both a little, the day was really enjoyable and I said we’d Craig and Katie out for a meal. After the meal and a few glasses of wine Sara began to tell Craig and Katie about our little games and Craig became very interested in the subject, Katie said that she could never do anything like that as she was to shy. But Sara said it made her feel so sexy when she knew other men want to fuck her, and she decided Katie should see us in action so she judge for herself, so we went to a lively bar with a dance floor.

With a quite a few more drinks for everyone but Katie we were really ready to show off to Craig, Katie and whoever else was watching. Sara and I started slowly by her adjusting her stockings in front of a group of men by the bar they all nudged each other and gave Sara encouraging looks, Sara smiled sweetly and walked on to the dance floor with me. Craig and Katie followed and Craig’s eyes were wide open at Sara’s display but Katie didn’t look as impressed. On the dark dance floor Sara and I began to dance provocatively, with my hands reaching behind her and raising her skirt up showing of her black lacy thong and stockings, Sara gasped as I pulled her thong deep into her ass, this was the most exposed she had ever been in public and she whispered “I’m going to fuck you hard tonight you dirty sod, stop showing off for Craig”. I glanced at him he had a massive smile on his face but Katie looked disgusted, just then Sara jumped when I looked she said someone had just grabbed her and put his fingers between her legs, asking if she was ok she whispered in said “oh my god, that has made me feel so dirty and my pussy is getting really wet thinking about another man touching me there”, my cock began to swell onto her leg making her smile.

Craig saw all this and as he was d***k decide he wanted to join in and began to pull Katie’s skirt up, at which point she slapped him really hard and stormed off he followed her, while we looked at each other then went to the bar to wait for them. When he came back, he told us Katie had took off and told that was it and he could make his own way home but as the last train had gone he was stuck, so of course we said he could come to our hotel. We had plenty of alcohol in our room so as soon as we got back we all had a quick couple of drinks and it was obvious that we were all more than a little d***k. I apologized to Craig that our behaviour had caused what had happened, he said it was ok and that Katie had always been very unadventurous when it comes to sex. Sara said she was going to put her robe on in the bathroom as she passed me I said quietly that she should leave her lingerie and heels on, she replied why, if Craig was sl**ping we wouldn’t be doing anything, I said masterfully to her she’ll do as she’s told and I was going to fuck her in the bathroom when Craig was asl**p. I could see this helped to revive her horny feelings from before as she liked me to use her when I wanted.

Whilst Sara was in the bathroom Craig said he wished Katie was up for things like Sara as it looked so much fun, I told him about the man grabbing Sara and how she got turned on when it happened. Sara heard me telling him when she came back looking damn hot in her robe which was short and silky and just showed her stocking tops, she said “I cant believe you’ve told him that, Craig will think I’m a slut”. 
Craig replied” No, no Sara its so horny and you look so hot I cant blame Lee for wanting to show you off or the man for grabbing you, it got me hard just watching” Sara smiled and asked if we both wanted more drinks, I said yes we will but your going to take your robe of so Craig can get a proper look at my fine woman. 
“Erm I don’t think so it’s a bit different than in the bar” Sara said sharply, “I’m sorry but you will do what your told,” I said strongly “You know I’m in control” Craig looked at us both not knowing what to do, I explained that this was another thing we did, that Sara liked me to be a little dominant over her. Although she wasn’t entirely comfortable she took off her robe, when she saw Craig’s eyes light up and his cock begin to swell she flushed with excitement, I reached up and stroked the front of her thong which by now was very damp. She served us drinks bending over to show Craig her lovely tits nestled in her small tight lacy bra, and again when she served me so Craig got an eyeful of her thong disappearing up her ass. “Right sit on my lap, Craig was sat directly opposite us and had a good view of Sara’s body and I could see how excited he was. “See Sara I knew you’d like it, you dirty little minx,” she murmured “ohh I feel so wet and horny now. You are definitely going to have to fuck me later”. 
“Ok but I think Craig deserves a little show” Sara’s body stiffened on my lap, we’d never been this far before, and she wasn’t sure what I had in mind. I pulled her back down onto my chest I sat back in the chair. Reaching round her waist I grabbed her thighs and began to pull them apart, she resisted and said “No” Craig was now stroking the front of his pants as the swelling was getting uncomfortable. “Sara you’ll do as your told, you know I don’t take no for an answer when were playing.” (We do have a safe word and I may have even stopped if she said it.) She lent back and said “How far are you going to go? I’m not sure about this”, I replied “Look I’m in control and you’ll do as I say.” Sara looked apprehensive but turned back to look at Craig smiling and rubbing his cock, finally pulling her legs apart I sneaked a finger into her wet hot pussy, bringing up to her lips I said “see your loving this you dirty bitch” and she licked her juices from my fingers, Craig let out a little moan at this. 

I shifted slightly so I could undo Sara’s bra again she struggled but this time she had no choice as I f***efully removed it from her, letting her nice pert tits free, her nipples were rock hard as I reached round to squeeze them, “Hmm, hmm” she groaned, and began to massage her tits while my hands went back to her pussy. “So do like what you see Craig?” Craig said in a shaky voice “She looks fantastic I bet she’s a really good fuck.” I just nodded and pulled her thong down over her stockings, Sara was completely on show now and her pussy was begining to run with juices, as she wiggled about on my lap with excitement.

“You look really uncomfortable Craig, just take you cock out and Sara has something to look at” he took no time in getting his cock out which was so stiff it sprang straight up. I heard Sara moan gasp at seeing another mans cock, by this time I was rubbing her clit, every time my thumb went over it she gave a little shudder, I put my feet through her legs and pulled them back onto the chair. While I reached under her to losesen my painfully swollen cock out of my pants, pulling straight up underneath so it was held in between the cheeks of her ass, meaning every time she moved her ass cheeks squeezed along the shaft. Craig was slowly stroking his cock not wanting to cum, so he could enjoy viewing Sara’s body, she was now fingering herself I could tell she was really turned on as she was being quite rough with herself. I put my arms round her waist appreciating that another man wanted to fuck Sara, I wrapped my arms round Sara’s and pulled them off her pussy this completely pinned her to me and I could see over her shoulder and just make out the entrance to her wet pussy. “I bet you would love to touch her now, wouldn’t you Craig?” Sara said “what are you doing? I thought we were just putting a show on for him and that was it.”
Craig blurted out “Oh I would love to touch her and play with that hot body, but only if your both ok with it”. 

“Sara will do as she’s told and I’ve said you can so come over here and do what you want to her.” As Craig moved over Sara began to struggle a little more “Lee no please I not sure” (No safe word!) I pulled back firmly on her body completely exposing her to the advancing Craig, Sara looked at me then back to Craig struggled a little more but I pulled back and she gave in. Craig reached out and slowly squeezed her tits, I felt her gasp as he took on of her nipples into his mouth, and a hand went to her pussy, “oh my god she is wet through”; “I knew you’d love this you dirty little bitch” I said smiling at Sara she just moaned as I watched two of Craig fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, I thought I was going to cum as hers ass moved around on my cock. Sara was moaning with pleasure as Craig worked her pussy, then he brought his fingers up to her mouth “lick it off like you did with Lee’s fingers, that was so horny” Sara obliged taking his fingers deep into her mouth “right Craig I think we should take her to the bed now” Craig nodded and I felt Sara’s body stiffen again with apprehension, I slapped her thigh “remember your going to do what I say” she nodded meekly I knew she wasn’t sure about this going any further but she was so turned on I decided to carry on pushing the limit. As Craig stood up his cock was at our eye level, his cock was about my size with a little bend in it, but mine was a bit thicker, I knew Sara would appreciate the sight of his cock as she hadn’t seen anyone else but mine since we got married. I reached up and held her head pulling it forward to Craig’s cock, she opened her mouth and Craig slid into it as Sara sc****d her teeth along his shaft, he shudders and some cum leaked out of my cock as I saw him slide into my wife’s mouth. My fingers pulled her pussy apart as I rubbed her clit, her muffled moans were the proof she was enjoying herself, Craig pulled out and Sara and I stood up her thong fell to the floor as I rubbed my cock between her legs feeling her hold ups rub on the end. Craig laid back on the bed with his feet touching the floor, he stroked his cock, I bent Sara over to suck him again while I slowly pushed inside her pussy brings lots of juices out a smearing them around her anus, she moaned when I did this because she knew I was going to fuck her tight ass. I pulled her shoulders up stopping her sucking Craig, she looked behind at me unsure again as she had always said she wouldn’t let anyone but me fuck her. I pushed her forward, she struggled with me, as Craig looked on, “Listen you’ll do what I want” I ordered her, grabbing her by her waist I lifted her off her feet and pushed her onto Craig, he put his legs between hers and guided his cock into her pussy, as I pushed her onto him I felt her pussy give way and part as he slid into her. Sara gasped “oh my god, oh yes fuck me like I’m a slut” and she started to ride him hard. By this time I was ready to explode so I stood back and watched Craig fuck my wife tight wet pussy, I grabbed her hips forcing them down onto his cock, as I moved to place my cock at the entrance of her ass. There was loads of lubrication there from her pussy but I still had to f***e my self into her ass, she screamed with dirty pleasure as she received her first double penetration. Both Craig and I then began to fuck Sara as hard as we could, writhed about and moaned deeply as she feel our cocks inside her, as they rubbed together through the walls of her ass and pussy, Sara’s body began to shuddered as orgasm after orgasm raced through her body, she became weaker and began to collapse breathless onto Craig. Who by the looks of it was about to cum himself, I could feel his cock jerk inside Sara as his cum shot into her. When I felt this I began to come into her ass she began to moan again as another orgasm flooded her body, I pulled her off Craig, as I pulled out of her and our combined juices ran down her legs. Placing Sara on the bed next to Craig I could see her pussy dripping with her juices and our cum. “Good girl, you should always do as I say!” Sara just smiled as she stroked her soaked pussy!