"Sex Stories" After sex treat

Sex Stories After sex treat
A couple of months ago my girlfriend invited her friend from out of town to visit us for a weekend. I have to say out of all my girls friends shes by far the hottest and the most interesting of all. My girlfriend is very attractive but her friend is in a whole other level. My girl is about 5.4 skinny and blond hair, blue eyes, and nice ass, she lacks in the tits department but they are still very nice b cups with pink nipples. As a guy who loves tits my girls best friend is perfect. 

Her name is Jackie she has short short dark red hair, green eyes, nice big ass shes about 5.4 as well and she very perky natural dds with nice pink nipples also just an amazing figure. she has very small waist and nice lips. In all honesty id leave my girl for her if she didn't live out of town. anyway my girls friend came to town on Friday and she was going to leave on Monday morning. we all decided to out both Friday and Saturday to the clubs. my girl was dressed in a small purple dress that barely covered her ass, underneath she had her usual black push up bra and matching thong. since we live in a one-bed room apartment while she was getting dressing she started giving me head while Jackie was getting dressed in our living room. my girl is quite good at giving head she started very soft around the tip of my dick and then got really into it to the point i think she forgot we had company. (Sex Stories)

I was getting close when i realized i heard foot steps coming towards the door and then a knock. Jackie ask "you guys ready" my girl answered "in a sec i think hes close to coming" Jackie answered " ok well don't spill any on your dress. my girl smiled and got back to sucking me off. I had forgotten how sexual their conversations are and how comfortable they are with their sexuality that had turned me on all the more and blew my load in her mouth and just like he said she didn't spill a drop and swallowed my cum. as we came out of the room Jackie have my girl a high five and gave me a wink all i could do was just smile and wink back at her. Jackie was wearing a very tight red v neck top that made her tits look all the more beautiful and a nice black skirt. at the club we were having a great time i felt proud as i danced with two smoking hot girls since back in my high schooldays i pretty much had no game lol. anyway my girl decided to go sit down and have a drink while my and Jackie danced. her ass was great against my hips i was starting to imagine fucking her and began to get hard, don't really know if she noticed but i noticed my girl watching us so i toned it down and moved less to reduce my boner. but having my hands on her waist was just getting to be too much so i said i was tired and went to sit with Natalia. as the night went on i danced with Jackie more because Natalia cant hold her drinks too well and gets tired easily. every song that passed our dance become little more dirty and i took the opportunity when i saw that Natalia was passed out on the table to put my hands close to her inner thighs. then all of a sudden Natalia taps my should and scares the crap out me saying she wants to call it a night, Jackie agreed and he made our way home by taxi. in the taxi i had Natalia passed out on my lap and noticed Jackie skirt was kinda high up and i could see a little or her panties they were white. (Erotic Stories)

When we got home i took Natalia into the bed room and started to undress her so that she could go to bed, as i started Natalia woke up and started to undo my pants and said loudly "i want you to fuck me". already turned on and buzzed my self i pulled my pants of and got my dick out and lubed her pussy with my spit and started to slid in with no problem because she was soo wet. i had completely forgotten i had not even closed the door and started to trust so hard on her pussy it sounded like loud clapping. the more i pounded the more i forgot Jackie was even there to the point when i pulled out and busted all over Natalia face and dress that i had no removed. she looked so hot and i was still very much horny but Natalia decided to pass out on me so i headed towards the bath room and noticed Jackie was topless in the living room, her tits were just amazing perfectly round perky and nice nipples. she looked at me and said " way to go champ, you could probably hear that a block away, BTW you dick is hanging out". 

I quickly tucked my dick back in my boxers but it was still hard.i noticed that Jackie didn't bother to cover her self and continued to take her clothes off. she dropped her skirt to reveal her beautiful ass and her white thong and then sat on the couch to remove her heels. my dick sprang back to life. Jackie smiled and said " wow nice, no wonder shes always saying how good you are". i smiled and said " she probably exaggerates", without even thinking like a dumb ass. she laughed and said " well seeing as i didn't get to witness that little event earlier and your clearly not looking away from my tits you show me your dick". i smiled a little nervously and moved closer to her and pulled down my boxers. she smiled so beautifully motioned my to come closer to the couch. it was a dream come true Jackie almost completely naked in front of me and my dick only a few inches from her face. she looked up, smiled and said " well what are you waiting for". With those word i moved in closer and my dick hit her mouth, her lips were warm and wet and with a big smile she licked the tip of my head. In an instant my dick was deep in her mouth, i could feel her tongue moving all around. 

It was great she started moving her head up and down and i could feel my dick becoming hard and harder. she pushed my dick deeper every time and would pull it out and suck on my balls then sucked on my dick again. after a few minutes she pulled my dick out and asked who was better at blowjobs. I answered Natalia to see her reaction. she smiled and said oh well lets see who's better at sex. with that she pulled me down and sat me down on the couch and she stood up and removed her panties and put them put to my nose. i inhaled and it smelled great. he got up on my dick and slid down, HER PUSSY WAS AMAZING, it was unbelievably tight and soo hot it almost made me bust right there and then. she then looked at me and said " hows my pussy compare" i said" feels like i was a virgin till now". he smiled and started to move her hips back and forth, the feeling of my dick sliding inside of her was incredible i was in heaven. She continued to increases her speed and started moving her hips up and down. i was very close to blowing my load inside of her, so i tolled her to get up and started doing her from behind. her ass pounding on my hips started to get louder and we heard Natalia say keep i down in a slurred voice, in the instance Jackie pulled out and walked towards the bed room to check on her. Jackie signaled it was ok and sat and spread her legs on the table. 

I got up quick and pushed my dick deep inside her and started to fuck her harder and harder until we hear Natalia getting up from the bed. i quickly pulled out and walked to the kitchen. Jackie sat on the couch covered my boxers with her clothes. Natalia came out and said "hey, why are you naked and what was that noise". Jackie said "oh sorry im so sorry i was masturbating just got to horny hearing you both fuck." Natalia " ahah its kool don't worry, wait where is he?" Jackie said " he went out to get some drinks and snacks he said" Natalia said "oh, that ass hole came all over my face and dress." Jackie "i can see that aahaha" Natalia "well im off to bed im beat don't forget to get dressed before he comes". Jackie" no problem im almost don't ahah". I waited a few minutes in the kitchen but my dick started to get soft and then i head Jackie come into the kitchen. Jackie "oh man, the little guys down for the count hugh well lets see if i can help him". Excited to hear that she started to suck on him again and in no time he was hard as a rock. he lips were tight around my dick and her movement was perfect. I was getting close when he pulled away and said, "you better get those snacks and drinks". then he handed me my boxers and walked away. i watched her get dressed and heard her say tomorrow and then laid down. I unfortunately had to calm my dick down and head out to get drinks. but knew more fun was on its way...