"Sex Stories" Agents Provocateur!

Sex Stories Agents Provocateur!
When I returned to the estate agent's office, it was closed. I cursed myself for hanging around too much whilst viewing the property. Nicola had given me the keys so that I could do a cursory check before deciding if my wife needed to view it as well. In truth I knew on first glance it wasn't what we wanted, but, having got the hots over Nicola, who was covering holiday leave in the local office, I succumbed to the urge of having a quick wank whilst visualizing her being fucked over the desk. This made me late and the office closed for the half day on Wednesdays. On top of that, I had an appointment at the new cafe come gallery up the road to pick up a job, I didn't need any further delay.

I was about to put the keys through the letterbox when Nicola appeared in the doorway to the back offices, she spotted me and gestured for me to wait. She unlocked the door and asked me in, locking the door behind us, 'Just a precaution' she commented, 'some people still try the door, even when it says "closed" on the sign.' I had to follow her through to the back offices, where she ushered me into a small room that contained a few filing cabinets, and a desk with a chair on either side of it.(Sex Stories)

'Grab a seat' she said, sitting down behind her desk.

Nicola looked at me over the tidy work surface as I sat down in the chair opposite. I handed the property keys over to her. 'Well, what do you think?' she asked me, dropping the keys into her desk drawer.

'Not bad, bit small, I'll have to see what my wife thinks when she gets back.'

'Not the property! What do think about me?

'Sorry?', I asked, 'What do you mean?'

'Do you fancy me?'

'I. . . err. . .why do you ask?' My face felt flushed, I was caught short. Did she have some sort of mind reading gift or something?(Adult Stories)

'Look, I'm absolutely dying for a shag, I was just on my way upstairs to the Ladies room for a bit of self-relief, when I saw you at the door and I thought, "Hello, here's an opportunity".' Her gaze was steady and direct, 'So, do you fancy screwing me? A simple "yes" or "no" will do.'

I nodded, dumbly.

'Thank God for that!' she gasped, 'I'm so fucking horny, I'll probably be cumming before you get your pants down!'

She stood up and started to undo the buttons on her blouse, 'You can fuck me on the desk.'

She leaned on the edge of the desk, still unbuttoning her blouse. I pulled her skirt up over her hips, exposing her black, lacy panties. Her blouse now completely undone, she pulled it open, big tits spilling out of a white bra.

'Sorry they don't match' she said, looking down at her panties, 'I didn't have the time this morning.'

'Not a problem, we'll just take these off.' I dragged her panties down, letting them fall to her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them across the floor. Her dark thatch was neatly trimmed back and shaved away from her bikini line, I helped myself to a handful of her pussy.

'Ooohhh, that feels good' she growled, gyrating her hips against my hand. I used my free hand to undo my pants and with a struggle I managed to get them free of my hardened cock and down to my knees, they dropped to my feet, the belt buckle clunking on the tiled floor.

Nicola lifted herself up onto the desk positioning the cheeks of her ass at the edge, her big, creamy thighs fell open leaving her well manicured twat open to the imminent intrusion of my eager cock. I grabbed the shaft, the tip oozed with slippery fluid. Nicola leaned back and opened her legs even wider, raising her high heeled feet into the air. My engorged knob end nudged her fleshy lips and I held her waist, sliding the whole length into her.

'Oh fuck. . .yes, that feels. . .oh! . .do me. . .do me!'

Her cunt was filled with a warm, syrupy heat that massaged my prick's knobbly shaft. I pulled my whole cock out of her and then pushed it back in again, the effect was amazing, she practically lifted her whole body off the table as I impaled her up to the hilt. I repeated the action again and again, she was nearly screaming with pleasure, pleading with me to do it faster and my cock was starting to twitch with the rising sensation of the oncoming spunk-up. I slowed my thrusting, pushing her hips down onto the desk.

She lifted her head 'Don't do that. . .! Why are you stopping?!?'

'I'm going to cum if I don't'

God! I WANT you to cum. . .please, please cum in my cunt!'

I grasped her thighs with a grip that was bound to leave bruises and pumped her pussy with rapid strokes. The rising tension in my balls started almost immediately, I could feel the whole of my groin jerking involuntarily, 'Ohhhh. . .ohhhhh, yeah, oh that's sooooo. . . ohhh!' My twitching ball sack jerked and spasmed, releasing its full load. 'Fuck! You fit, gorgeous bitch!' I pumped her twat so hard that the desk started scr****g along the floor. Nicola groaned while I released a tirade of various descriptions, my cock disgorging thick, creamy spurts up into her cunt.

This sent her into her own orgasmic rapture, I felt her pvc high heels pulling into my buttocks, making me thrust my hard pole deep into her quivering cunt. She let loose with an equivalent foul mouthed volley, her back arched so far off the desk, I thought her bra was going to burst open. After much gasping and panting, she lay back down and released my ass from the sweaty grip of her shoes. 'Woooohh! That's a relief!' she sighed, 'I thought my pussy was going to burst if I didn't get fucked, I'd have have probably grabbed the first male in sight if you hadn't arrived.'

It was nice to be appreciated, so, now the good deed was done, I had to get off to my meeting. I slid my wilting cock out and made my excuses, explaining that I had an appointment at the cafe while I pulled up my pants. Nicola made herself as presentable as possible and ushered me out of the offices, 'Don't forget your panties' I quipped. She made a witty reply and shut the door behind me. Composing myself, I went up the street to my half hour late appointment. The street was bustling with tourists as usual and I ended up getting waylaid by a coachload of Germans looking for the local brewery. After 10 frantic minutes of broken English and sign language I managed to make it to the cafe, which was very busy inside. A very attractive blonde girl with braided hair wearing a blue apron attended to me.

'I'm looking for Colin, we've got a meeting.'

'He's had to go out but said the things you need are in the back office.'

She motioned for me to follow her round the serving counter and through a doorway that utilized those rubber strips instead of a solid door and through a further door that lead into a small room. 'On there' she said, pointing to a table 'You'll need to sign the receipt for the stuff.'

I went to the side and picked up the pen to fill in the receipt. As I was doing this I felt a pair of hands grab my balls. 'Woahhh, what you doing?' The girl was right behind me, her nimble fingers were tugging down my zipper.

'I know what you've been up to' she whispered in hushed, mocking tones.

'What?' My zipper was down and she was pulling on my pants, I tried to keep them up.

'C'mon handsome, be a good boy for Aunt Hannah' She tugged furiously and my pants and boxers slipped from my fingers and slid down my legs. 'Nicola's been telling on you. Now turn around.'

Surprisingly strong hands helped me to turn and face her, my cock was expanding as I looked into her gorgeous eyes. She looked down at it and giggled. I groaned loudly when she tickled my balls, teasing me into a full erection.

'Ssssh!' She placed a finger against my lips and proceeded to wank me off with a highly satisfying technique. I swallowed hard, caught by the sheer surprise of the situation.

She looked me me in the eyes, her pupils were dilated. 'You'll have to be quick' she whispered, 'the others will soon miss me.'

Her deliciously light touch slid up and down my throbbing shaft at quite a pace, my breathing was rapid and sounded extremely loud as she operated in silence, chewing at her bottom lip as she concentrated on the task. I moaned softly, she looked me in the eyes again. She was really pretty.

'Are you ready to cum?' she asked, in a hushed voice.

I nodded, my eyes half closed with the pleasure of the sensations rushing through my cock. She crouched down onto her haunches and opened her mouth, sticking her pink tongue out over her bottom lip. What a sight! I shuddered with lust, those eyes, wide and innocent looked up at me and I splashed her pretty face with hot spunk. She pulled my cock towards her mouth and the thick wads coated her tongue and lips, dribbling onto her chin. As quickly as it started, it was over and she was stood again, wiping her face and chin with her fingers and sticking them into her mouth to clean them. My hands shook as I pulled up my pants and struggled to fasten them over my bulging crotch.

'I'd better go, you just relax and sign the receipt, make sure that's gone down before you come out' she said, pointing to my bulge. She blew me a kiss and left, still wiping her face on her sleeves. I tried to compose myself before signing things, then, gathering up the folder of material I left the room and made my way out and with the folder strategically placed in front of me, I entered the throng of the cafe.

'Did you get everything?' Hannah was serving a customer, her smiling face was slightly flushed.

'Yes thanks, tell Colin I'll be in touch.'

'Right. . . will do' she moved off and disappeared behind the counter.

I left the cafe, still stunned and somewhat disappointed that I didn't manage to get my hands on her or even kiss her in any way. Never mind, beggars can't be choosers, that's for sure. I was on my way down the street when a voice from behind stopped me in my tracks.

'Alright "handsome"?' It was Nicola, emerging from the doorway of a clothes shop. 'Did you meet Hannah, then?' Her voice had a sarcastic edge to it.

I turned and raised my eyebrows, 'What the FUCK was all THAT about?' I asked, ushering her round a corner, off the busy street.

'Just my treat. Hannah's such a slut, she'll do anything for a mouth full of spunk, it's how she gets off. . .you know. . .later.' She made a circular motion with her finger near the groin region, it needed no further explanation. 'Anyway, are you trying to tell me you didn't enjoy it?'

'No, it was nice - just unexpected.'

'The best things usually are, if you know what I mean.' She winked at me, laughing. 'Don't forget, I'm coming round to value your property on Monday. Will your wife be home?'

'No, she's in the Midlands for a two-day seminar, come exhibition. I'll have to show you round myself.'

'Good, because you'll have to repay me for that little favour I just did you and I don't mean Hannah's hand job.'

'I thought I did YOU the favour.'

'Dream on' she quipped 'Just be ready to get down to some lengthy action, I booked a full hour for the appointment. Is there any clothes preferences?'

I looked at her quizzically.

'Not you, obviously. What do you want me to wear? Short skirt? Stockings? Any preference for colour of underwear?'

'White. . .oh. . .and high heels. Black, shiny ones!'

'Pervert!' she said, with a toothy grin, 'I'll do my best. See you then.' and off she went and I watched her go, my eyes transfixed on her swaying hips.


I waited nervously as the appointed hour approached. I had been "priming" the shotgun all morning, looking at porn on the Internet and stroking my eager cock. I'd almost blown my wad a couple of times, but managed to hold onto it - just.

The doorbell rang, I crammed my prick back into my pants while I went to answer it. I steadied myself, opened the door and. . .

'Hello, I'm Dawn, I've come to do the valuation.' She looked at me 'Nicola was called back to Head Office at short notice so you've got me instead.'

I hoped I hadn't looked too disappointed 'Come in.' 

She brushed past me, I caught a faint whiff of a familiar perfume. She was young, I'd say about twenty one or twenty two maybe, her face was attractive enough, well made up and her long, dark hair had a nice gloss to it. She obviously didn't have any confidence issues and she was tall, very tall. A quick glance at her feet revealed a pair of stiletto shoes with a wicked four inches of spiked heel. Very nice indeed!

'The lounge is through there' I was impressed by her gorgeous figure, everything in the right place, her bubble shaped ass stretched her black skirt and her legs looked long and curvy. Once in the lounge, she turned around to take in the room, I stole a glance over her large tits which were fighting to escape from a white blouse, the top three buttons were either left undone on purpose or she couldn't fasten them due to excess strain on the material.

'Nice' she commented

'Yes, very'

She looked at me and gave me a wry smile. 'Nicola warned me about you.'

'Oh yeah? Nothing bad, I hope.'

'Hmmmm, depends on what you call bad.'

'What do you call bad?' I asked.

'Well.' she twisted a piece of hair around a finger 'for a start, preferring your women to wear white underwear. . .'

God! Couldn't that woman keep her mouth shut?!?!? 'Oh. . .well, you know. . ' I smiled sheepishly.

'I've done as you requested.'

I looked at her with raised eyebrows 'What's that?'

She beckoned me over with a waggling finger 'Come and look.'

I went to her and she pulled the struggling blouse away from her chest, nodding down towards her large tits. I peered in, two rather large orbs were strapped into a white, lace bra, the flesh spilling over the cups.

'Do you like them?' she asked.

'Very nice. . .and the rest?'

She took hold of the hem of her skirt and pulled it up her thighs, stocking tops came into view, held up by white straps and she stopped just short of showing me the full-on view of her white panties, leaving me with a just glimpse of crotch.

'Now yours.' nodding toward my crotch.

I undid my pants and pushed them down, stirrings in my jersey style boxers pushed against the soft material. She raised an inquisitive eyebrow. I pushed my boxers down and stood upright, my thickening prick swayed and twitched under her scrutinizing gaze.

'Just like Nicola said, thick and juicy.' She wrapped her fingers around my cockshaft and slowly pulled her hand up and down. I lost balance slightly, groaning with delight as a deliciously gentle wank session ensued. She held my gaze, 'This is nice, you are going to fuck me. . . aren't you?' That eyebrow raised again.

I nodded then took her hand away from my throbbing dick. 'On the sofa.' She moved to the sofa and lay back on it 'No, on all fours.'

She complied with my request, turning herself over and offering her plump ass up into the air. I knelt behind her, my knob inches away from her crotch. I pulled her skirt up the rest of the way and was greeted by the delicious sight of her pantie clad ass with the white straps of her suspender belt hugging the curves of her large, firm thighs.

'Phwoar! Now that IS a nice sight!' I tugged the pantie crotch to one side and slid a finger in up to the knuckle, wiggling it about.

'Ooooh' she groaned 'Lovely, but I'd prefer something a bit thicker.'

'Your wish is my command.' I removed my finger and pushed the tip of my distended organ into the gap between the top of her thighs, the puffy lips of her cunt swallowed it up and sucked me in, the edge of her panties tickled my shaft. 'Oh fuck! Yeah, that's feels good'

'Umnph. . . ohhh!' Little groans escaped her lips, I could see her knuckles turning white as her fingers gripped the arm of the sofa. The material of her skirt came in useful, scrunched between my fingers, I used it to steady her hips while I pumped furiously. 'Fuck! This is gonna be quick!' she groaned '. . .ohhhh. . .too quick. . .too quick!'

I slowed my pace.

'No, no! Don't!'

I pumped faster again, my thighs slapping the back of hers. 'Ohhh yes. . please. . .yes. . .oh. . .oh. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ohhhhhhhhhh!' Jesus! That WAS quick! Her body spent, she dropped her head onto the sofa's arm while I still pumped her sopping cunt. It was no use, her pussy had slackened its grip too much.

I withdrew my slippery cock 'I need you to turn over.' I stood up while she turned onto her back and I returned to the sofa, kneeling astride her torso. 'Open your blouse and pull your bra up for me.' She unbuttoned her top while I wanked my cock. 'Quickly!'

I could feel the fluid rush beginning to stir in my nuts, she grabbed the rim of her bra and jerked it up to her neck. She stared wide eyed at the watery pre-cum fluid that was seeping out of my knob and dripping onto her ribcage. I groaned again, the beautiful sight of her large tits with big, dark nipples pointing at the ceiling was so sexy. The suspension as my dick tensed and thickened in between my fingers felt like it would last forever.

'Oh, shit! Oh!' she cried out as her face caught the full blast of the first thick wad, she turned her head to the side, a second spurt arched over the sofa arm and splattered down across her hair and face. I felt dizzy with pleasure as successive pulses of orgasm sent thick ropes onto the slopes of her tits and dripped across her belly. I had to steady myself with the back of the sofa, the final weak drops ran down onto my fingers.

She was drenched! Spunk caked her hair and face and a sloppy white trail of splodges and streams ran over her tits and belly, pooling in her naval. 'For fuck's sake! Where did all that come from, you messy bastard! Look at the state of me!'

'Sorry, you were just such a turn on.'

'Yeah, thanks' she replied sarcastically 'Now go and get me a towel or something to mop this mess up with.'

One ruined towel, a bit of deft work with a sponge and half an hour later, Dawn had completed her evaluation of the house and I was completely naked, pinning her against the wall in the hallway trying to stick my tongue down her throat. My hard cock twitched as it brushed against the fabric of her skirt. She tried in vain to push me away. I had surprised her when she came back down after looking over the bedrooms, jumping out from behind the stairs, stark bollock naked.

'No! I need to get to get back to the office,' she pleaded, twisting her head to one side.

I let go of her and stepped back, cock swaying, 'Oh come on, ring them, tell them you'll be late.'

'I can't, I've got a schedule to keep to,' she tugged at the front of her skirt, 'Look at that! I'ts all covered in goo!' She wiped at it with saliva covered fingers.

I approached her again, she looked at me with those big eyes, 'You're fucking gorgeous, you know that, don't you?' I reached out and cupped her big tits, pushing them up.

'Flattery will get you everywhere' she grinned.

Massaging slowly, I used my thumbs to stimulate the nipple area, the large nubs started to poke against her blouse, making little tents in the material.

'Ohhh, that feels sooo nice,' she cooed, pushing them out towards me. This time there were no arguments, my tongue slid into her mouth and we kissed each other hungrily, passionately. She reached into her handbag which was on the floor and fished her mobile phone out, punching in the required digits.

She cocked her ear to the phone while I tackled her blouse, the fabric pulling open over the big orbs as I flicked the buttons undone.

'Hello, it's Dawn. . . .oh, hello, what you doing back so soon?'

I pulled her blouse open and dragged her bra up over her tits. She looked at me and silently mouthed 'It's Nicola'

Cupping her breasts again, I dipped my mouth down and sucked each of the nipples in turn, 'Ohh. . .sorry. . .ohh, I was just calling. . .' I swirled my tongue round an erect nipple, 'Oooohhh! Hang on a minute.' She held the phone away from her and tugged my head up by the hair. Yanking it up, she locked her mouth onto mine and kissed me hard and fast, then she shoved me back down to her nipples and carried on the conversation, 'Hi. . . yeah, he certainly is. . .mmm, uh-uh,. . .thick and juicy, just like you said. . .(laughs). . .there was definitely plenty of juice. . .'

By now I had dragged her skirt up her thighs, bunching it round her waist. I pulled her panties down and slid them off, tossing them on top of her handbag. She was still chatting into the phone, 'Yeah, push that one back by, say. . .' she looked down at me, 'How long do reckon you'll be?' I smiled and stuck my face into her cunt spearing my tongue up into the fleshy lips and flicking it against her clit. 'Mmmmnn! Oh! Oh. . .oh!. . . make it an hour Nicola. . .ohmmmnn!. . .What?. . .ohmmmm. . .he's (heavy gasps). . .eating my pussy. . . oooohhhhmmm!' She grabbed my hair again, pulling my head back, 'She WANTS to speak to you!'

Wiping Dawn's juices from around my mouth, I stood up and took the phone, 'Hello.' Dawn wrapped her fingers round my prick and tugged it slowly, her fingers gently nudging the knob-end. I groaned down the phone.

'What's she doing?' Came Nicola's high pitched voice.


'Just tell me!'

'She's wanking my cock,' heavy breathing came over the line, '. . .and it feels so fucking good, I want to spunk all over her.' Dawn shook her head. 'But she doesn't want me to. . . oh, that feels nice. . .so I'm going to fuck her up against the wall, a good old fashioned knee trembler. . .'

'The lucky Bitch! Pass her back!'

I gave Dawn the phone back, she carried on pulling at my hard dick, which was beginning to look rather purple and swollen. 'Yes? . . .do what?. . .you're joking you filthy cow!' Dawn looked disgusted, I could hear Nicola's voice pleading down the phone. Dawn put the phone on the sill at the side of us, I looked at her quizzically. 'I'm leaving the line open so she can hear us fucking. . .the dirty cow!' she shouted the last few words with a smile on her face. She pulled me forward by the dick and guided me into position. I lowered myself just enough to position my knob under her cunt, her fingers still tugged at it as she inserted the tip into her cunt. She kept her hand there, fingers massaging the shaft as it slid into her pussy, then extracting her hand as I reached the hilt.

Holding myself all the way in, I gave small thrusts with my hips, keeping her ass pinned against the wall. She moaned loudly, maximum effect for Nicola's benefit, her eyebrows arched 'You too!' she whispered. I rolled my eyes and groaned and moaned. Eventually the groans needed no emphasis and we were fucking rampantly. Dirty squelching noises emanated from Dawn's cunt, I picked the phone up and held it near our groins. Dawn was too far gone to notice, she was breathing raggedly and moaning loudly at the impending cum. I couldn't resist holding the phone to her face as she went through the ecstatic throes of orgasm, she moaned into it, her face twisted with pleasure and amusement at the same time.

She took the phone off me, 'Did you hear that you filthy bitch?. . . .You bet it was fucking good!' I started to pummel her twat with hard strokes, grasping her waist. 'Ughn. . .ughn. . . . .my God! He's fucking me. . .so. . .ughn. . .hard!' I looked into her eyes, desire was flooding my groin area, she could see it. 'No! You CANT! Don't!'

'What?!?! What's he doing?. . . .Dawn!' Nicola's small voice screamed down the phone.

I held her hands up over her head, pinning them against the wall. 'Bastard! Don't you fucking well dare. . . '

I did. My cock twitched and spasmed, I tried to kiss her but she turned her head away and I ended up kissing her throat. Breathing heavily against her neck, I spurted thick strings of spunk up into her belly, each spurt was delicious and draining. Finally, I let go of her and she pushed me back, cutting Nicola's still ranting voice off the phone.

'Bastard! How could you? What if I get pregnant?'

Steadying myself against the stair rail, I looked her in the eyes, 'You won't, I've had a vasectomy.' A cynical look was shot my way. 'Honestly. Last year.'

She picked her panties up and stepped into them 'If you're having me on. . .' She pulled her skirt back down and smoothed the creases out.

'I'm not. Why would I?' Mooching over I said, cautiously 'You angry with me?'

'Yes!. . .Well. . .no, but you should have told me!'



We kissed passionately, 'Anyway, I'd better get back, "Bitch Face" will probably be in the Ladies room getting herself off by now.' She laughed, all trace of anger had left her face. She was so attractive when she smiled. I kissed her again, sliding my tongue in.

'Err, no way!' she protested, pulling back fro me.

'O.K., maybe next time.' I shrugged my shoulders.

'Maybe.' She smiled mischievously, 'I'll get some extra towels in at the office and you can come round. Who knows, maybe Nicola might be persuaded to join in, I don't think it'd take much.'

'Now hold that thought.'

She left and I set about the task of covering up any telltale signs. I promised myself no wanking until after my wife had returned home and I'd given her a good seeing to in her business clothes.