"Sex Stories" Alix & Ludivine

Sex Stories Alix & Ludivine
We are two beautiful twin s****rs. We sl**p together in the same bed since ever. Our late parents were very permissive because of our cuteness. We are blond, blue-eyed. We love sport clothes, always in track or sweat suits. We love sneakers, tennis, basket, skate shoes.

Now, at the age of 18, and still never touched by men, we continue to love each other very very much indeed. We live by our own, making lesbian porn films as a living. We are very well known in our community. We have our own production company. We make a tremendous amount of money for each film we shoot. We cast ourselves and also other girls.(Sex Stories)

Another fetish of ours is wearing diapers, doing our hair with ponytails and sucking our thumbs.

We also like smoking a lot, it gives us a careless style that we like to cherish.

Strange at it appears

Alix and me are tranquilly masturbating ourselves on the king-size bed in our room when her cell phone rings.

A – Yes!
The voice – Hello Alix, this is John speaking. How are you?
A – Well, thanks, and you?
J – I was wondering if I could come and visit you and Ludivine, I'm free for the time being.
A – Yeah, why not, you come when it is the most convenient to you.
J – OK, just the time to pack something, in about an hour, OK?
A – That's fine, see you John!
L – John, our cousin who we haven't seen in years, how come that he contacts us just now?
A – I don't know, wait and see.

Saying that, she continues masturbating herself, as if she has stopped during the call! The grey sweat pant is darkening between her thighs. She wears one of mines, one of my beloved. It has torn knees and is so baggy that the base of each legs is also torn. It is also covered with inscriptions in non-erasable markers. Such as 'Peace & Love', 'Born to be free', 'Lesbian Forever, Forever Lesbian' 'Save Water, Shower Together!'.

During this time, I rub my pussy like a 1st class whore! I moan and giggle a lot. That makes my s****r laugh a lot. I squirt in the unlined Adidas polyamide pant in which I sweat a lot. It flows between my buttocks, that feels so good!

It is now ringing, I stand up and my fluids flow down my pants right in my rubber boots! It makes some funny noises when I go downstairs to open the door.

Here stands my cousin, beautiful as an Apollon! He wears torn jeans, trashed Convs, a baggy sweat shirt that has lived as much as the rest of his clothes. He smiles with bright white teeth. He as a backpack in pink camo!(Erotic Stories)

J – Hello cous'! How are you love?
L – Very fine, and you? What brings you there?
J – I remembered that I had two beautiful and very cute cousines, so I phoned and here am I!
L – Come and enter our modest home.
J – Modest, fuck, what a palace! Moneys flows in fountains for you as I see!
L – Fountains of squirt!

That makes him laugh a lot, a very loud laugh, not at all vulgar.

I let him enter. He throws his bag carelessly on the tiled floor. I guide him upstairs to our slipping room. Alix is still masturbating herself. She continues when John enters the room.

A – Hello John, what a beauty my cousin!
J – You too my love!

He comes on the bed and kisses Alix on the mouth. She doesn't seem to care.

L – And me?

He comes and also kisses me on the mouth.

J – Nice piercings you have there Ludivine, very modern!

He licks my cheeks piercings, my pride, not everybody has such beautiful and modern piercings! He kisses me then once more on the mouth and his tongue is very quickly going out to try and meet mine. I was never kissed by a guy before and I must say that him being my cousin excites me thousand times more than if I were with the sexiest male actor in the world! He has an exquisite touch. His tongue is pierced as mine. Our piercings shock together and make pleasant metallic noises.

OMG, that is not possible! I begin to warm between my legs. What is happening? I thought that I was exclusively lesbian! He makes me lay on my back. He spreads my legs and comes between my hips. He still kisses me with some vigour. I continue sweating in my rain suit. It is very slippery inside it. I like it very much. My nipples are squished under his muscular breast.

I feel his hands going between my legs, on my pussy, still over the pants. His dick is very hard on my pubis. I continue wetting a lot. The fragrance is filling-up the room. It seems to arouse him a lot. He fondles my pussy while I purr like a pussy cat!

I lower my pant to make my pussy appear in all its magnificence. John admires my piercings. My clit is fiercely dressed like a flag in the wind. He tritures it and my juices flow like a river. The bed is once more going to be very wet, I don't care!

Alix has also revealed her intimate treasure. She continues to rub it with pleasure, she must have reached her 10th orgasm since we began this morning! The sweat pant is completely soaked by her juices. She takes it and putting it in her mouth sucks it and she likes it my slut s****r! She exploits every drop of her juices. She puts it aside and comes to me.

John has unbuttoned his pants and let his dick make its way outside. The searching head is sniffing and being attracted by my pussy goes quickly inside it. I don't knew this kind of pleasure other than using dildos, but his flesh is warm, living, exciting, pulsating, he comes and goes back and forth, his rhythm is synchronised with my respiration. We make a perfect couple. I don't want to let him go!

During this time, Alix rubs my breast and kisses me eagerly. Sometimes she also manages to kiss John.

John is ejaculating a lot of sperm inside my pussy. It flows outside my cunt and having managed to put me on my side, it allows Alix to come and lick it. She likes it this slut whore! She also licks John's balls. He is completely hairless. We have shaved pussies.

When John's penis becomes smooth again, he goes out of my cunt. Alix finishes licking it, letting my pleasure remain at a certain level.

L – John you're such a great fucker!
J – Yes, I know love, I'm Better than dildos!
A – I also would like to have your penis in my cunt! I would like to be fucked like a wet slut! Fuck me hard John!
J – As you wish little whore!

Alix sucks his dick like an ice cream. She does it very well for a beginner! John is amazingly coming hard again quickly! He puts his cock inside my s****r's cunt and makes her cum once more. She cries her pleasure very loudly! He has a great stock of sperm left in his balls and fills easily her pussy. I come and lick her cunt and John's balls as well. The melange is very delicious. I like it very much!

When John has finished fucking my s****r, he let us make a 69 to clean ourselves. He enjoys the spectacle! We do it with many slurping noises, like pigs that we are!

We then all go asl**p.