"Sex Stories" All tied up

Sex Stories All tied up
Thanks to the positive feedback on my first story- here is another true story about my girlfriend and I. Read my last story Helping my girlfriend get some release for some background and a description of my girlfriend Claire. Anyway, this was about two years ago, after we had been dating for about two years already. Even from the beginning of our fooling around, I most enjoyed playing with and exploring her gorgeous body, and I always came the hardest after a few hours of getting her pussy nice and slippery and swollen with my fingers.

Being very open with each other about what we wanted sexually (I’ll write another time about the few times I talked her into anal), Claire brought up the idea of getting some handcuffs. I asked her why and she just smiled innocently, batting her eyes and denying any knowledge of her intent. So we went out and to the local adult store and Claire picked out some black fuzzy metal handcuffs- heavy, but cushioned and with a safety release of course. (XXX Stories)

So for a few weeks, whenever we were in bed making out, stripping each other’s clothes off, she would get this look in her eyes, and ask, innocent as could be, “Want to use the handcuffs?” I would gladly agree, and slap them on her wrists, holding her hands above her head with one hand as we lay naked in the bed. I would pleasure her for literally hours this way, but after her second or third orgasm, or sometimes even the first, her clit would become so sensitive that the touch of my lubed fingers was just too much. She would squirm and kick her legs, squeezing her slender muscular thighs around my hand, blocking my access to her wet vagina. So the solution? Well, once again, it was Claire’s suggestion and then my online purchase that got us a set of “Under Bed Restraint Straps,” or just “the straps” as we hence referred to them. 

Finally, one sunny Friday morning, the package arrived. Just home from classes and with a long night of parties ahead, Claire tore open the package and helped me get the straps setup under the bed. The way they work is simple- just four velcro hand/ankle restraints attached at a central point that goes under the middle of the bed. Anyway, as soon as they were set up Claire stripped naked and lay in the middle of our queen sized bed, her arms and legs stretched out toward the four corners of the bed. I helped her get strapped in- cuffing both of her hands and feet to the corners of the bed and tightening the straps to keep her from being able to move her arms or legs at all. Finally satisfied with the security of the straps, Claire invited me to lay beside her, with one leg under hers and the other over it, and my head resting on her arm. I started by slowly kissing her, my erection pressing against her hip through my boxers as we made out and I gently caressed her waist and sides, kneading around the base of her breasts and then tweaking and licking and biting her sensitive nipples until they were dark pink and fully engorged. 

As she arched her back and moaned she was held in place securely, and she whispered in my ear something I would come to here almost whenever I strapped her down- “I’m yours- do whatever you want to me.” Taking her advice, I generously lubed up my first two fingers on my right hand with the thick water-based lubricant that she prefers and rubbed it all over her warm slit. She made just about the only movement that she could and angled her hips back, welcoming my fingers inside her. With two slippery fingers I rubbed her clit, sucking and biting her nipple while I played with the other with my other hand. She gasped as I pushed both fingers deep inside of her and curled them up, doing almost a “come here motion” with both fingers, rubbing her sensitive G spot. I then slipped my fingers in and out, each time rubbing their entire length along her clitoris, before plunging them back inside her. 

With all of this stimulation, and her getting my absolute attention, it wasn’t long before Claire was telling me that she was getting close. I felt her pussy start to tighten around my fingers, and watched as all of her muscles contracted, signaling the start of her orgasm. As her legs strained against the straps, they held firm, allowing me full access to her slippery shaved pussy when she would usually be struggling to stop me. “Ohhhhhhh, Stop!” she begged me, lifting her head and straining at all four straps. I just continued rubbing her clit in fast little circles, and then dipping both fingers in to tickle her G spot. Soon, as I was rubbing her clit, she again arched her back and thrust her hips skyward, but now a river of cum came gushing out of her small lips, and I watched and felt as her pussy contracted, squeezing my fingers out as she continued to moan and cum.

Eventually her orgasm subsided, and she lay, eyes closed and panting in a puddle of her own cum. After a few minutes of cuddling and discussing how much fun we had, she caught her breath and asked me if I wanted to finger her some more. Delighted at the request, my cock still hard, I lay next to her and rubbed and fingered her to another three orgasms, and she squirted more and more with each one. This was the first time that I had ever had such good access to her pussy, even when she thought it was starting to feel too intense, and she loved it as I she came into my hand again and again. As I rubbed her wet pussy lips, she repeated that I could “do whatever I wanted to her,“ putting an odd emphasis on “whatever.” Taking this as a hint, I inched my hand lower, gently probing her asshole with my slippery finger. I slipped my right hand underneath her ass and sunk two fingers into her tight hole to get them wet as I rubbed her clit with my left hand. Then, while sucking her tender nipple, I pushed my slippery middle finger into her ass. She moaned, and I slid my left hand down, sliding two fingers into her pussy, and thrusting them in and out alongside my middle finger in her ass until she came.

After innumerable hard orgasms, her pussy was the most swollen and wet I had ever seen it. She couldn’t take my fingers anymore, but was ready for my aching cock. I shed my boxers quickly and got on top of her, grabbing her ass with both hands as I easily thrust my cock all of the way into her tight wet snatch. After hours of pleasuring her and only dry-humping her leg, I unleashed myself upon her, kissing her and pulling her hips into mine with every thrust. As I was about to cum, she told me to stop, feeling my pace slowing as I edged towards orgasm. I unstrapped her and she bent over in the middle of the bed, bracing herself against the headboard with both hands, her gorgeous tits dangling below her and her pink pussy begging to be fucked. I kneeled behind her and used my hand to rub the head of my cock up and down her slit and against her clit. Then I pushed into her, putting my hand on her ass and spreading her round little ass cheeks to look down at her cute little asshole and my fat cock gliding in and out of her folds. I reached around to rub her clit, feeling my dick sliding against my fingers as I fucked her hard and fast, her tits swaying. Finally I came, bent over her and using my hand to hold my cock inside of her squeezing pussy as I pumped my load deep inside her.

We both collapsed in the bed and mopped up the lube and cum that was all over both of us. We both slept naked, in the middle of the day, for a couple of hours, eventually waking up, showering and getting dressed to go out. The parties that night were fun, by my best memories of college will always be meeting Claire and starting the sexual exploration that we continue to this day. 

That’s all for now, I have to go take care of myself after recalling all this in such detail, but once again, comments and questions are appreciated.