"Sex Stories" Anna's First Time

Sex Stories Anna's First Time
When I was 11 my parents had these friends who lived out in the country, they had a daughter named Michelle who was 3 years older than me (14). Every 3-months we would go out to their farm and spend a weekend with them, of course I would always stay in Michelle's room whenever we did.

Michelle taught me how to ride a horse, she had several, and we would run around the hills and tease the chickens, especially the roosters. We would ride the horses around the dirt roads and she would always tell me that her favorite thing was to ride around the trails. This many years later I kinda suspect why, as the trails were very bumpy and the horse would make uneven steps that gave us a constant bounce and slide in the saddle.(Sex Stories)

One night we went to bed, I was on the floor in my sl**ping bag in my nightie and she was on her bed in her oversized pink teddy bear shirt with white cotton panties, it had flowers printed on them. I could tell she was waiting for something - when we heard the door shut to her parents bedroom she got up and turned on her little lamp next to her bed and then placed the lamp on the floor so the light only lit the area around my sl**ping bag and not the whole room.

She sat at the edge of her bed, I could see her panties and legs in the light, everything else was dark. She asked me if it was ok if she got into the sl**ping bag with me, I said 'sure'. She jumped right in when I opened the bag, her legs quickly entangled with mine we kinda played footsie and started talking and giggling but we had to be quiet so we whispered. She began asking me questions like 'have you ever kissed a boy?' 'Do you have a boyfriend?', I said 'Yes' to the first and 'No' to the second.

She continued asking me little questions and then she got into the boys she's been with and what she has them to do with her. It turned into a touch game as she would tell me something that a boy did to her or she wants a boy to do with her and then she would touch or tickle me, around the back, or my stomach or thighs and even my butt. Her body language encouraged me to do the same to her and I did touch her in the same places as she did to me.

Before long we were both flustered and feeling pretty free to touch each other and ask anything. She wanted to know if I knew about kissing, I did, but I was curious what she was going to ask. She wanted to know if I practice kissing to get good at it since that's what a guy expects. I said 'Not really', that's when she asked if she could practice with me, in that moment it seemed quite natural to do. She pushed her head forward and kissed me on the lips I did the same.

At first are kisses were tender but closed lipped but we progressed to kissing with our mouths open and then with our tongues - several times we bumped our noses and laughed as we adjusted to continue our kiss, it helped to break any last inhibitions to what we were doing. Soon we were really making out with full 'french kissing' she was also caressing my body with her hand as we kissed passionately, she even placed my hand on her outer thigh as I mimicked every hand motion she did to me.

I think we kissed for a long time, when we stopped we were both breathing heavily. When we finished I was laying on my back and she was on her side, both of us were looking into each others eyes, but her hand continued to caress me as she moved it across my inner thighs over my panties onto my stomach and then back over my panties. She could tell that I liked that cause I was wriggling around when her fingers danced over my panties.

She told me to show her my 'puddy' as she called it, gesturing and snapping the elastic of my panties. I just scooted them down slowly to where she could see most of my 'puddy' and then laid there for a few seconds, I felt really excited about what I was doing. I then quickly yanked up my panties and gave her a look that it's her turn to show me her 'puddy'. She notched her panties down to her knees and spread her legs a bit as I looked, I could see she had a nice 'triangle' of hair and I was a bit embarrassed as I was completely hairless.

She then suggested that we kiss again but without our panties on - for some reason we both kept our shirts on but hers was rolled up exposing her belly. I agreed, and my panties came all the way off - she had her panties all the way off except with one ankle through them so if any parents got up she could find them easily.

However, this time she climbed on top of me and said 'let's pretend we're boyfriend and girlfriend'. She laid her body full length along mine and we began to kiss with more passion than before. As she was kissing me I could feel the hair of her pussy rubbing my pussy. She began to hump her pussy into mine and I returned the action at the same time as we kissed.

We actually had to stop kissing because our humping was getting too fast to keep our lips together. Our pussies rubbed together for quite a while until she finished by arching her back in a pushup position so she could get her pussy in as much contact with mine as possible and our rubbing started to slow down. We kissed again after the humping but then we fell asl**p hugging each other, she got up just before sunrise to get back in her bed.

The next day we acted completely normal as if nothing had happened but that night we went straight to kissing and humping each other as soon as our parents went to bed. I had to leave after that as it was only a weekend trip but we saw each other every 3 months for the next 2 years and continued are girl-play and even learned to do other things with each other. However, in the mean time I took my experience back to my friends at home.