"Sex Stories" Babs & Alan

Sex Stories Babs & Alan
Arriving home after being shopping in town I was surprised to see my sixteen year old nephew Alan’s bike leaning against the garage, he was the 16year old schoolboy who I had seduced in the summer-house in our garden a few weeks before. I suddenly had the urge for hopefully a repeat performance at seeing his bike there. 

Going into the house all was quiet, perhaps he was in the bathroom with my knickers, he’d told me that when he goes to my bathroom, he rummages through my washing basket for my unwashed knickers, he sniffs at them, puts them on and has a wank into them. I went upstairs quietly, nobody in the bathroom, not in my bedroom, then I heard some sound coming from my 14year old daughter Barbara’s room, perhaps he was in there looking through her knickers. I crept along the landing, the door was slightly open, I was shocked, there, I could see two naked bodies entwined on the bed. Their position left me in no doubt that they were screwing. It was Alan on top of my daughter Barbara. I knew that they had been playing around with each other, Barbara had confided in me that she wanted to start screwing, her school friends were teasing her about being a virgin, and that she felt left out, she said that she felt comfortable with Alan and really liked him, and would prefer someone like him. I had told her that I would prefer for her to be broken in by someone she knew, someone that would be careful and gentle with her. I had thought of Alan, but selfishly I wanted to keep this young boy for myself. I could see his cock was stabbing repeatedly into her pussy. Her legs were spread as wide a they could go to receive his thrusts.(Sex Stories)

I was in shock, watching him fuck her, not wanting to believe my own eyes, yet not able to tear myself away or even look away. I continued watching, hardly daring to breathe, as the well built young man’s backside rose and thrust again and again, driving his large stiff cock into her pussy. When his cock emerged from her cunt, I could see that it was coated with thick-looking white juice, the same juice that dribbled from her stretched once virgin hole and was leaking down between her buttocks. She was moaning continuously and humping her hips up, rotating her bottom to meet him as he was pounding his penis deep into her vagina. I had never seen other people screwing before and found it thrilling and exciting, yet also turned on by seeing the young man screwing her so vigorously, even though I was angry that that young man was my nephew, and he was fucking my beloved 14 year old daughter. (Porn Stories)

I must have made some sort of noise, which betrayed my presence, because they suddenly scrambled apart and turned towards me. His swollen cock slid out of her vagina, leaving it gaping wide open, and his cock sprang back against his belly. It glistened with wetness. Barbara scrambled to sit on the edge of the bed, giving me my first look at her naked body for quite a long time. She was so careful to cover her blooming body when I was around, shyly scurrying into her bathrobe to cover herself up. Her breast were blooming, pert swellings topped by proud, now deep red nipples that stood out all aroused through their screwing. The rest of her body was slim and curvy, which made the size of her breast compliment her trim figure. The way she sat with her legs still wide apart allowed me to see her pubic hairs glistening with beads of liquid which had lubricated Alan’s penis. I wanted to turn away , but somehow I couldn’t, I continued staring at her, her cunt had remained open as if it was still full of Alan’s cock, and the inside was coated with thick lubricant. I was fascinated that she had been able to take his cock, and was envious that she had had him as well as myself. “Mum” Barbara cried out, “Please don’t be angry, you know I told you that all my friends were telling me that I should no longer be a virgin, and that I feel very close to Alan, and would prefer him to show me what I should do”. I feared if Alan had told Barbara about our sex session in the summer-house, and what she would think of her mother, and drive us apart. 

Alan stood there looking worried but confident, his dick wilting, Coolly, Alan came across the room towards me. “Aunty, don’t worry, Barbara knows all about us, and is excited that you have asked me to show her what to do, and she wants to watch while you and I show her the right way, and then you can tell her what to do with me.” He came up to me and started to undo the buttons on my dress, he dropped the dress to the floor, his eyes fixed on my breasts and I instinctively pushed my chest out. I stood there just in my white bra and panties, Barbara came around the back of me, unhooked my bra and let it drop on the floor. ”It’s alright mum, I’m glad that you were able to show Alan what to do, he says that you were kind and gentle with him, and you told him that it would be alright for him to take my virginity.” I realised that Alan had conjured all this up to let Barbara think I had approved it all, but really he’d told Barbara all this to get into her knickers. I noticed that as he stood there Alan’s eyes travelled down my body and I saw his cock begin to twitch and harden as he stared at me. 

He then slipped my panties off, we all stood there in all our nakedness. They both took my arm and led me over to the bed, I was in a daze as all this was happening, they both pulled me down on the bed, Alan leaned across and began to kiss my neck and nuzzled up to me. My breasts were kissed, licked and fondled, he moved his mouth down my body kissing across my stomach, travelling down my thighs, as my legs instinctively opened, his mouth moved further down to nestle himself right in my groin. His tongue darted about, fluttering kisses at the top of my inner thigh, until his mouth enveloped my swollen pussy lips. I could sense my outer pussy lips opening as if to welcome his mouth. Juices were seething within my hole and was dribbling through the puffy flesh of my sex lips down the inside of my legs, to be licked up by a wet tongue. In my dream like state I suddenly realised that my breasts were being fondled and a nipple being sucked upon, I opened my eyes to see my own darling daughter suckling on my breast. My God I thought, is this right, my reply and action to this was to breathe out. “Suck mummy’s tits, Barbara, that right, suck like a good girlie, please.”, as my own hands found Barbara’s petite tits, fondling the nipples and gently squeezing her pert swellings that my hands covered. My legs were splayed out as far as they would go, Alan’s mouth was licking at my clit, sucking me deep into his mouth and flicking his tongue over the open bud, his fingers had penetrated deep inside my cunt, I couldn’t really tell how many fingers, three maybe four were finger fucking me. His wet fingers were then slipping out and travelling further back to tease and explore my rear hole, I arched my back and lifted my legs further back to give him easy access as he teased a finger deep inside my arse, wriggling about to explore the forbidden entrance. 

My pelvis was responding to the pleasures that Alan’s tongue and fingers were giving me, as I arched my back to push my nipple deeper inside my daughters mouth as she sucked feverishly on me. 

Deep in my womb I sensed the birth of a growing climax, Alan’s tongue had coaxed my clit out of it’s hiding place, and he was lapping at it, making it throb into a fully erect state. The hard knob of my clit was vibrating with sensations as his tongue flicked it from side to side. My naked body twisted from side to side as my pelvis heaved In response to the increasing pressure in my womb, which I sensed was only moment away from exploding. The tongues, mouths and fingers never faltered in their kissing, licking, nibbling and caressing my flesh as I quivered in the highest state of arousal. Within the depths of my pussy I could feel the ever swelling bubble of pleasure that was an imminent orgasm. Then it swept over me, a small shudder, that first release of orgasmic pleasure as a tongue lashed at my clit like a miniature whip, then slid past my swollen gaping lips deep inside cunt, churning the oozing cunt juice into a foaming froth. The first explosion opened the floodgates to the most intense orgasm that surged from deep inside my womb, overwhelming my entire body. 

I moved my hands away from Barbara’s tits to grab at the back of Alan’s head drawing him closer in, his tongue working it’s way around my clit and then sliding it inside my creaming cunt, fucking me with his tongue. My other hand I put behind my daughters head and pulled her up to my mouth as we planted our lips to each other. I had never kissed another woman before, and to think my first time was going to be with my own daughter. I pulled her head closer and tighter to me as our tongues were in a frenzy, licking at each. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through my body, lifting me higher so that I was now only aware of the intense pleasure that seemed endless. I was panting heavily, my eyes still shut, as I felt the coolness of my sex juices and saliva begin to dry on my skin. 

Soft kisses on my eyelids, cheeks and again on my mouth brought me around from my satisfied state, Barbara breathed heavily to me “Mum, I’m ready now for you and Alan to show me how to fuck.” As she was stroking my wet, swollen pussy lips, slipping her small young fingers across my thickened clit, to delve deep inside my cunt, as she took my hand to her own young, recently penetrated virgin pussy, for my own fingers to play with her pussy. It felt so tight, gentle and creamy wet, as I slid a finger deep inside her. “We’ll play with each other later, my darling Barbara, if that’s what you want mum to do, right now, please let Alan and I show you what to do .” 

Alan lifted himself up from me to present his rampant cock up to my aching cunt, he teased the head against my wet pussy lips, stroking it up down the slit that was oozing with my flowing juices, “Please put it in for me Alan, I’m ready for us to show Barbara what to do now.” Alan then asked Barbara to come around to hold his cock to guide it in. She got hold of it and then pulled him in closer to me, and with that he thrust his body forward for his cock to slide in effortlessly right up to his balls. The ease with which it went in surprised me, I was so wet and ready for him to penetrate me, I could feel every ridge of his throbbing cock as it slid up my cunt as I ground my clit against his pubic hairs, Then again as I eased myself away until we were only joined by the head held firmly between the lips of my pussy. I could feel my love juices dribble down his shaft, lubricating it for the next thrust into me. I felt as if I could go on for ever, but I underestimated my excitement and soon I was increasing the rhythm as my lust grew. 

I felt the throb of my orgasm blast up from my womb, cascading down to my pulsating clit, my nipples swelling and tingling, I realised that Alan was about to cum also. His young virile cock, swollen to its maximum size, was twitching, ready to unload its precious cargo deep inside me. I raised myself so that only the head of his cock was enveloped by my cunt flesh. He thrust upwards, burying his cock deep back inside my creaming cunt. I moved myself and drove my cunt tight up to the base of his thrusting cock, grinding my clit against him as he came instantly, filling my pulsing sex with his thick shooting sperm. He pumped it full as my climax ravaged my senses. Each time I felt as if it were abating, his cock would jerk deep inside my flowing pussy and reverse the tide. It was the most intensely prolonged orgasm ever and it left me as weak as a kitten. His penis slid out of my relaxed pussy and I could feel how wet I was when the air reached my open hole. Alan collapsed on the bed next to me, panting and sweating. He said that that should show Barbara how do learn to fuck. 

With that she crawled over the bed to take hold of Alan’s wilting, leaking cock and brought her head down to stick her tongue out and lick at the remains of the spunk dribbling out of the end. Her mouth opened to take the whole head in and began to suck at it. This was something I was dreaming about, tasting the remains of someone’s spunk was something I had always imagined, but never done, and now my darling daughter was denying me that. I moved over to where Barbara was now kneeling on the floor between Alan’s open legs, and urged her to one side, we both had hold of his cock and balls, licking up the shaft, tasting the last remains of his and my own love juice off his cock. Our lips and tongues licking, kissing and nibbling at the shaft and to take it in turn to envelope our lips over the head to swallow it in each of our mouths. Our mouths drew away from his cock to plant kisses on each others lips. Kneeling facing each other, my arms wrapped around Barbara, holding her close to me, bodies pressed tight against each other, I could feel the swelling of her pert young breasts, topped by hardening nipples, press hard against my full pendulous tits. We slid down to the floor, I pulled my daughter on top of me, thrusting our bodies against each other, humping and grinding our pussies tight, mound to mound.

I was being swamped by the most incredible sensual feelings beyond anything I could imagine, My daughter Barbara was now kissing up my neck, and, looking me in the eyes she planted her lips deep on mine, our mouths opened to reach our tongues deep inside each other, out tongues were lashing and twirling around, love juices were flowing as our lips were almost sucking into each other. Her hands were feeling my tits as I brought my hand up to gently squeeze and feel her tits, pulling the nipples between my fingers to feel the soft gentle, pliable flesh, hot in my hands. Mother and daughter were in a deep sexual embrace, never thinking of her a sex object, least of all, my own little girl, exploring my body. Barbara drew away from my mouth, “Mum” breathed my daughter, “Please, let us be really close to each other, I want you to please me like Alan has done for you, let us get together to please each other”. My hips gave a lurch as my body moved against hers, sounds of passion came from within me, as my body ached to get satisfaction from, and to give to her. She rolled herself over from me, on to her back, my eyes looking down at her slim body, pert breasts topped by delicate stiff red minute nipples that were standing proud, a trim waist to fine wispy hairs that covered her pubic area, legs that were slightly apart that give me a brief view of what I had seen earlier. 

Ripples of anticipation swept through my body as I lowered my head down to close my lips around one of her hard nipple, swallowing it into my mouth and I began to suck on it, holding the base firmly with pressure of my lips while swirling my tongue across the tip. Her body gave a sudden lurch as her body began to squirm against me, gurgling sounds came from her open mouth, she arched herself to thrust her body against me, urging me to take more of her tit in my mouth. My hand slipped down her warm slim body, fondling her other breast, tugging at the inviting flesh, again topped by the delicate bud of her nipple. “Touch me please, mum” she groaned at me, as by now my hand had reached the fine hairs of her exposed pussy. She was awash with love juice as my hand just brushed past the opening, as I stroked her pubic hairs. Her legs quivered and opened, inviting me to touch her exposed cunt. I dipped a finger down into the churning mass of aching flesh that was being invited to me. My finger slipped in easily, making her cry out as the wet spongy walls of her pussy began to quiver and grasp at one, then two fingers, trying to pull them in further into the thick juicy depths., I couldn’t believe that I was fingering my own daughter. I slid my fingers out of her creamy wet hole to start stroking at he thick bud of her clit, my fingers stroked and pulled at the bud, it felt so tender and delicate. I pulled at the bud as if I was wanking a cock, my fingers slipping off, trying to hold on to it, I stroked at it, throwing her into a frenzy, as her obvious climax was ready to explode. The juices were flowing out her cunt, pouring over my fingers and hand, she screamed out at me, “Fuck my cunt for me mum, fuck me with your fingers, I’m cummin’ now, yes, yes , yesssss, cummin’, Oh fuck, I’m cummin’ now. Aaagh! Yes, fuck me please.” 

As she was in the throes of her climax, I released her nipple from my mouth, and still fingering her, I twisted my body around, facing her climaxing cunt, to look at my fingers stroking at her clit. I was inches away from my hand that was almost a blur, to look at her streaming juices flowing out her. I hesitated, but there was no way that I could fight the terrible need that had built up inside me. I stuck my tongue out and scooped away at the throbbing pulse of her clit. I lapped and licked at her, plastering my mouth against her cunt, my stiffened tongue lapping up the flowing creamy juice that was oozing out of her, to delve deep inside the convulsing sex flesh that was, my own 14year daughters quivering cunt. By now I straddled over her head so that my own sex was poised over her face, she grabbed at my body to pull me down towards her as I lowered myself down towards her. She spread the puffy lips of my cunt apart with her fingers so that the stalk of my clit was fully exposed. I spread myself down on her as she drew my clit into her mouth and began to suck on it, as I was now doing the same to Barbara. We lapped and licked at each other, we slipped our tongues in and out, round and round inside the clutching cunt of each other, while our lips mashed at the hard stubs of our swollen clits. 

We rolled and twisted against each other, our tongues moving faster and faster, lashing at the spongy cunt walls and hardened clits. Barbara’s bottom was thrusting up and down at my mouth as my cunt was pumping at her mouth. I slid two fingers deep inside her streaming pussy and wormed them in and out of the clinging, sucking hole. She gave a cry as another climax burst from her, juices flowed from deep inside her as if a flood had burst it’s banks, I lapped at the sweet thick cum juice just as my own threshing, churning orgasm came out of out of me, making me collapse with exhaustion as I rolled over off my daughters body, to lie there touching and stroking each other tenderly. 

Alan had sat on the bed playing with his cock, watching every move that we had gone through, his cock was now erect and looked ready for action. “I don’t suppose you want my cock now do you Barbara after that session with your mum?” Barbara give a smile as she looked at his rampant member, got up on her knees, slid across to take hold of his cock, peeling back his foreskin to reveal the red throbbing head, licked her lips and planted her mouth around the head sucking it into her mouth. I could hear Alan’s sharp intake of breath as Barbara fondled the length of his flesh as her other hand cupped the sac of his balls as his hips thrust up to meet her mouth. Down and down her lips slithered, taking the stiff meat between her teeth, cramming as much as she could into her mouth. I was amazed at her expertise of sucking a cock, looking at her I was sure that she had had been sucking Alan off before. 

“I’ll be cummin if you carry on doing that, Barbara” Alan said through deep breaths. Barbara lifted herself up on the bed and looked down at me still kneeling on the floor. ”Do you think it’s better for Alan to get on top of me again, or should I get on top this time?” she asked me. “Why don’t you try on top if you’ve never tried that way, then you are more in control of how much cock you want in, then you can let Alan get on top.” She laughed and told me she wanted all of his cock, seeing as I’ve had all his cock before. “It’s alright” I said, “because I’m sure that he will be ready for either of us the way he was able to perform today” I With that Barbara straddled over Alan’s body as I held on to his hot cock, as she squatted over his upright cock, she lowered herself down as I held on to slip my finger inside her still wet cunt so that the head of his member was slipping just inside her slit. I pulled my hand away just as his knob worked it’s way inside the well lubricated walls of her cunt. The big cock rode violently into her as she herself jerked up and down on his thrusting cock, matching thrust with thrust. He was urging her to fuck with him, grinding her bottom against him, as Alan was bucking underneath her. 

Suddenly, Barbara cried out as her climax was working it’s way through her slim bouncing body, her small petite tits hardly moving, more of a jiggle than a bounce. She leant forward over his body as wave after wave of her climax swept over her, her arse was bouncing up and down as I watched at Alan’s thrusting cock penetrating her flowing cunt. With a sudden burst, Alan’s body thrust up, his cock buried deep inside, without moving any further, he groaned out, “I’m shootin, I’m cummin, Oh fuck it’s good.” And with that his thick juice was spraying deep along the slit of Barbara’s pussy. He pumped his sperm until it was flowing down his still pumping throbbing deeply buried cock, until it was seeping down over his balls, to trickle down both Alan and Barbara’s legs. While his spunk was leaking out of her cunt, I slipped down to stick my tongue out to lick and lap at the flow of hot, thick cum that he had just shot into her cunt. Trickles as spunk seeped from my lips as my tongue licked all around the two sex organs that were exposed to me. Barbara was still lying across his body, leaving the whole of themselves open to my hungry mouth, I couldn’t believe that such a feast was available to me. My daughter and nephew were in a deep embrace, I could hear them kissing each other, as I delved in and found that I could lick and lap at both of them still engaged into each other. His cock was still embedded deep inside her pussy. 

While I kissed at his balls and the lower end of his embedded cock, I was still able to lick at the sweet delicate outer lips of Barbara’s exposed cunt that was still wrapped around his member. As I was doing all this I had aroused myself again, as my fingers lowered themselves to my own wet pussy. My thighs quivered as my fingers found the bud of my still tender clit. I dug my fingers against my clit. My heart was pounding as I stroked my pussy harder, running my fingers up and down the cleft between my pulsing aching pussy lips. I held my clit between two fingers and pulled at it. My cunt lips contracted around the two fingers I had slipped inside myself. It was enough to trigger another orgasm, I groaned as I closed my eyes as a massive surge of my climax exploded through me. When I came to, I turned my head to see that the three of us, somehow or other, had our bodies entwined and wrapped around each other, in an embrace that was to feature in many of our further exploits, either all three together, or, in various and excitable combinations, Mother and daughter, Aunt and nephew, or nephew and niece. THE END