"Sex Stories" Babs dresss

Sex Stories Babs dresss
My father used to look after and maintain the garden of a local business man who had a large mansion, and at times I would go with him to cut some flowers for the lady of the house to decorate the lounge and other rooms . She would show me how to do flower arranging using the flowers and ferns, she was always very nice and pleasant with me because they had no c***dren of their own, and would at times she would ask me to tea after school. I always agreed because my parents were always arguing, and it used to make me feel unhappy, I think my mother didn’t mind me going because she was a nurse and would work odd hours, and my father had other gardens to look after. So, I used to go there and have some flower arranging lessons and stop for tea.

It was on one occasion that Mrs. Edwards asked me if I would give my opinion of some clothes that she was making for her niece as a surprise and as a gift. “You are about the same age and figure as my niece Karen, so you can give me an idea of style and fit, you young girls have so much fashion sense that I may not be styling it right” I was only to pleased to be asked by her . “Of course I will, what are you making for her? “ I asked eagerly. “We will go to my sewing room and I will show you , and if you like you can try them on for me see what they will look like”(Sex Stories)

Up stairs we go to a room with rails of clothes, sewing machines and all kinds of rolls of material, there was hardly any room to move in there. “Give me a moment to get everything together and we’ll go to a bedroom where there’s more room.” She got a bundle of clothes together and I followed her to a bedroom where she put the clothes down of an armchair. Everything was so feminine and delicate in the room, no sign of anything manly, “What a lovely bedroom you and Mr. Edwards have” I said. “Oh my goodness, this is my bedroom, Mr Edwards sl**ps in another room, this is my own little boudoir, no men in here, my dear.” I was a little excited at that time, but for what reason I wasn’t quite sure. “Come, let us have some fun dressing up shall we? I have some really romantic clothes here as well, let us try these dresses that I’ve made for Karen shall we, and I’ve just about finished making some delicate underwear as well, if you would try those as well that would wonderful.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do next, “Here, let me help you of out of that awful school uniform, it doesn’t do anything for your figure, I just had my school blouse, tie and skirt on with some white ankle socks, I started to take my blouse off and held back with my skirt, “Don’t be shy with me Barbara, we girls together will be alright, nobody to disturb us, and those horrid men won’t see you in your undies, can’t stand men who leer and stare at you girls in school uniform, I’ve seen them outside the school when I’ve been there with some material for sewing classes.” (XXX Stories)

I was excited but apprehensive of what Mrs Edwards would think of my ordinary white bra and navy school knickers, “Will I be alright in these Mrs. Edwards?”

“My dear, please call me Rachel, we girls are going to have some fun here today, Yes leave those on for now, you can try the underwear that I’ve made later on” Rachel had a dress ready for me to try on, “You can step into this dress, it has a zip up the back.” As she fastened the zipper up the back she pulled the dress tight around my waist by putting her arm around me and pulled the zip, “There, that should do, turn around for me to see what it looks like.” It felt so good to be in something this delicate, a low down neck line that had the top of my breasts showing, “ I think that looks good on you, Barbara, it just needs some adjusting on the bust, I just need to pull your bra down a touch, you don’t mind do you?” as she unzipped from the back. “Still it may be better if I take your bra off, so we can see what the dress should look like.” And with that she unhooked my bra, slipped her hands around the front and slowly, very slowly both her hands were reaching around the front to take my bra away, with one hand she removed my bra and with the other hand she seemed to stroke her palm across my bare flesh, my nipple was aroused and standing out proud, “My! What a delicate little bust you have.” she said, with rather a husky voice. “ Just right for the satin bra I’ve made for Karen.” I was feeling rather light-headed from the attention my body was receiving, was I just imaging things or was I excited by the sensual feelings for this female attention I was getting. 

After trying on two further dresses made for her niece, there was no more contact made. Rachel asked me if I was ready to try on the underwear she had made, “ I would love to” I replied, was I anticipating to much, or was there going to be any more touching of my body? “Here, get out of that dress, you can take your ankle socks off as well, and take those horrible school knickers off, they don’t make you look attractive.” I stood there a moment wondering about removing my knickers, but Rachel said it was alright, there was only the two of us and nobody else was going to see anything. 

I stood there as naked as the day I was born, I didn’t know where to look, or where to put my hands to cover my modesty, over my boobs or to cover the little triangle of my wispy pubic hair area. Rachel didn’t really look at me, she fussed around getting a bra and a pair of knickers from a drawer. “We’ll try these on first Barbara, a pink satin bra.” As she held her arms out for me to slide my arms through the straps, I was faintly aware of her gazing at my body, with a hint and sparkle in her eyes. “What a lovely figure you have my dear, don’t be shy, nothing to feel embarrassed about, we girls together should be comfortable with each other. Turn around for me to fasten the clasp, yes that seems to fit, how does it feel, not to tight around the bust is it.?”, and with that her hands came around my front and encased themselves around to feel my titties. “Oh that feels just right to me” she purred in my ear, “Don’t you think so Babs darling”. “Yes just right Rachel” I said, with my voice thickening. “Try these panties on for me now” she seemed to say abruptly, and held a thong of pink satin for me to step into, ”Careful you don’t fall over as you step in them” she said, and stared to pull the panties up my legs, slowly over my hips and pulled them up tight up onto my waist, the material pulled deep into the vee of my groin and into the crevice of my buttocks. “ Now how do they feel, is the material cool against your young hot body Barbara?” All I could do was just murmur “Mmm, yes lovely, so soft” 

Her hands felt around my body, slipping around my titties, gently squeezing and fondling, caressing my nipples through the thin material, slipping down to the thong, pulling my body in close to her, her hands going around to my buttocks, again fondling the bare flesh that was barely covered by the narrow thin material that was disappearing up the crease of my buttocks. “I hope that the panties are not to tight and hurting your sweet little pussy is it?” and with that her fingers slipped inside the thong and stroked around inside, gently pulling the material away from my pussy.” Oh, what have we got here?” she groaned, as her fingers stroked just inside my pussy lips. “ You seem to be rather wet here Barbara, shall I take a look to see if you’re alright, just lie on the bed and I’ll make sure.” I was in heaven, this was the first time that anyone, other than myself, had ventured to my most private intimate place. “Oh, yes please Rachel, tell me it’s alright, please. It only gets wet like that when I’m in bed on my own and I feel my pussy lips and I have to stroke around before I get off to sl**p, am I alright doing that Rachel, tell me it’s alright.”

Rachel was resting her head between my legs and murmuring, giving the tops of my legs fluttering kisses and stroking her hands up and down, she pulled away at the thong and dropped it on the floor, her kisses continued up my legs, fleeting strokes of her fingers into my fine wispy pussy hairs, parting the lips to stroke the inner lips, now thick with passion, my juices flowing, “Oh my darling what a beautiful little cunt you have, I must lick it and kiss it.” and with that her hot tongue found my clit, she licked and sucked on the virgin bud, sucking it into her lips and flicking her tongue around it, I burst into my first climax, my body arched against her mouth, pushing my cunt for her lips to suck at my pulsating clit, my head was bursting, I felt as if I was going to pass out, convulsing my body, my hands grasping at her head pulling her into me, as her fingers found their way into my gushing virgin cunt, delving away, I could hear the squishing sound of her fingers going in and out, fucking my cunt with two, maybe three fingers, fingering me to a shuddering climax.

She stood up, looking down at me she undid her dress and dropped it to the floor, she was naked, her body for a woman of forty two, was slim to the point of blooming, her tits stood out, hard to believe there was no sagging, her waist was quite trim as were her hips. My eyes feasted on the vee of her groin, a pussy that was devoid of hair, I had heard of this but never ever seen a hairless pussy, in fact never seen a pussy before, other than my own. She moved over to the bed, and lowered herself over me, her legs straddled over me, “Barbara” she voiced huskily, “don’t think I’ve ever done this before, but seeing you in the underwear, and your body naked and I just had to do something, I’m hot for you.” 

“Please Rachel, don’t say anything, you have awakened something in me, I want you to show me what I’ve got to do.” She took my hands and placed them on to her tits, she then placed her hands on to my 30a size tits and fondled them, we caressed each others tits, she leant over me and took a nipple into her mouth, she sucked on it as her hand caressed my other tit, “Please Barbara,” she pulled away from sucking, ”Please squeeze my tits.” my hands began to fondle and hold on to those melons, she was only about a 38b, but to my little tits they were a handful that I suppose I could only dream of feeling. The nipples were a ruby red hard bud that I had never had the pleasure of feeling before, I fondled and felt the pendulous pair as they hung over me, kneading the nipples between my fingers, almost m*****ing the flesh. Rachel was still sucking on one then the other of my tiny nipples, gently squeezing my tits and nipples. He hairless pussy was rubbing up against my fair thin pussy hairs, I could feel the heat and moistness of her pussy pervading against me, as she rubbed herself up and down against my own aching pussy. She moved her lips up from my titties and placed gentle little kisses up to my neck, breathing hot little whispers against me, making me feel light headed and aroused at the same time. Was this right, I asked myself, am I sure that I want this to happen? 

My answer was “Oh, Rachel, please touch me, I don’t know where I want you to touch me but I’m sure you know the right places”. and with that she lifted her head to look down at my longing eyes and whispered, “ Barbara, you will soon find out where you want me to touch you, it’s the same place that you touch yourself, and it’s where I want you to touch me”. Her face came down closed to my face, looked deep into my eyes and lowered her lips down to mine, gentle lingering kisses, her soft and wet lips covered my mouth, I responded just as if it was the most natural thing to do, I lifted my arms ups to wrap them around her back, pulling her close to me, her legs spread out down my body so that we lay flat against each other. Our kisses became stronger, pressing our bodies tight to each other, our kisses were now so hard that our mouths opened and our tongues began to explore each others mouths, tongues flickered against each others tongues, entwined, licking around. I seemed to be in heaven, I had imagined and fantasised about holding, touching and embracing a tutor from my school who I suspected was a lesbian, but never thought I would ever get involved with someone. Rachel lifted herself up against me, put her hand at the back of my neck and drew my head down to her heaving breasts, drawing me down to the enlarged nipples that were standing out so proud, “Kiss my titties Barbara, suck on the those nipples and draw them in your mouth, be the first girl to taste my tits and to suck my nipples, be a good little girl Barbara and please Aunty Rachel, you don’t mind calling me Aunty Rachel do you, it sounds so intimate doesn’t it my little Barbara.”

I fondled her tits and played with her nipples, rolling and squeezing them between my fingers, feeling the tautness of them, amazed at the texture of a mature nipple. I took one nipple and licked at it, I shook all over as I opened my mouth to engulf what I could of the size of her tit, and to me feeling them was so much more satisfying than I could imagine. The pendulous pair were there for me to do what I wanted to with, squeezing, fondling and just rubbing my hands all over them. “Lovely darling Barbara, you suck my tits so good, it’s as if you have done this before, pull that nipple deep in your mouth and gently bite the nipple as you take it out, Oh, that’s so good I could let you do that all day.” I fondled and sucked on her nipples and massaged her tits until I was ready for some further exploration. Rachel now moved down my body so that we lying face to face, she kissed my lips again, pushing her tongue deep inside my mouth so that our tongues were again fighting against each other, entwined, swirling and really passing our love juice between each other. 

Rachel moved her body against me in a thrusting movement, arousing further desires in me, I wanted her to touch me intimately. With that, with our lips still kissing each other, she slid her body off me and lay along side me, her hands started to stroke and touch my pert little breasts again, plucking and squeezing my proud nipples standing up, her hand stroked down to my waist along my flat stomach, stroking around my naval arousing me further, I shifted my body on the bed making it easier for her hands to explore me further, arching myself up to her, trying to encourage her to touch me where I wanted to be touched desperately, I was thinking, please touch my pussy. 

I could feel the hotness of her body against mine as her hand started to stroke down to my pubic mound, pulling at the fine wispy hairs that were sprouting from me, her fingers going lower until I felt her touch the top of my clit, I parted my legs further to allow her to slide her fingers further down to delve into the sticky wet moistness of my cunt, one then two fingers finding their way inside me, stroking the delicate folds of my virgin pussy, slipping and sliding in and out, fucking me with her fingers. I was in heaven, just being touched like this was enough to bring me to another shuddering a climax. My lips parted from Rachel’s. “ Oh, Rachel, finger me please, I just love what you are doing to me”. I convulsed against her, my body going into raptures as wave after wave of my orgasm went through my body. I was helpless to do anything to Rachel, to touch her or to kiss her back again. She continued to finger my cunt, drawing her fingers out of my love tunnel, to start stroking at my thickening clit again. Her lips kissed at my lips again, down my neck to nuzzle her lips to my nipples, lingering kisses to my nipples going on down my body, over my stomach tracing the route she took with her hands only moments ago.

I spread my legs as wide apart as I could without being prompted, for Rachel to nestle her head between my legs. At the top of my clit she stroked her tongue downwards, licking at my bud so gently, opening her mouth to cover my whole swollen clit in her lips, drawing the pulsating bud deep into her mouth, her tongue licking the whole time, her fingers were again delving into my cunt, churning up the juices, her fingers awash with the cum just delivered from deep inside my womb. Rachel had now manoeuvred her body so that now she was straddled over me, her legs either side of my head, I was now looking up at her open pussy. 
I couldn’t believe it, a sweet bald pussy was staring down at me, not a hair was to be seen. The folds of her inner and outer lips were a deep pink and quite thick, I had looked at mine in a hand mirror and they appeared to be quite delicate, Rachel’s were a lot thicker but looked so inviting, her clit stood out so big, surely the passion made them like that. I brought one hand underneath to start stroking up her leg, moving up to the junction of her pussy, I brought my other hand around to stroke the other leg, moving both hands further up to part the lips. I slid a finger into the slit of Rachel’s cunt, it was so hot and wet I wondered if mine was like that. Rachel groaned above me, lifting her mouth from licking my cunt to say, “Barbara, touch me please, finger my cunt for me will you, I’m desperate for you to touch me.” And with that I slid one then two fingers deep into her wet flowing cunt. I couldn’t believe that I was now touching someone else’s most private parts, it was wonderful, she felt so hot, wet and deep that I was able to slip another finger into her, while with my other hand I was able to stroke at her clit. 

She ground herself against my fingers stroking inside and outside her cunt, all the while she was grunting and groaning in the throes of passion. “Lick me now Barbara, lick my clit for me like a good little girl will you, I want to cum in your mouth like you did with me.” And with that I took my fingers out of her cunt as she lowered herself down to me, I held her lips apart and stuck my tongue out to take my first lick at her clit. It was just a delight, the sweet tasting of her love juice was nothing like I imagined, I had tasted my own virgin love juice after I had fingered and wanked myself off, this was so much stronger, the deep cleft of her clit was so meaty. I was able to suckle on it at the same time still flicking my tongue around. It seemed as if we were tied to each other, our arms were wrapped around each others bodies, our mouths were licking and sucking at the gaping love buds now so engorged with passion, both of us climaxed at the same time, Rachel above me was crying with passion and lust, while I was so far out of my mind that I was thrashing about underneath her, my love juices flowing that Rachel was drinking them up, while Rachel’s was flowing deep into my open sucking mouth, juices so tasty that I was d***k on them. We fell on top of each other, turning around now so that we looked at each other eyes, smiling satisfied, orgasms now satisfied, hearts pounding in each others breasts. Rachel stroked my hair, now damp with perspiration and not a little pussy juice, “My darling Barbara, did you enjoy what Aunty Rachel was doing to you, I’m sure that you and I are going to be big friends from now on, would you like that, my dearest?” I think my look was enough to tell her that I was more than happy for that, and I would be only to willing for her to teach me some more about the Sapphic Love that we both desired. THE END