"Sex Stories" Babysitting P1

Sex Stories Babysitting P1
When I was eighteen I thought that I was finally a grown up as much as any adult; I knew it all. I was smart, I was fully developed physically, as well as sexually( so I thought.) I had a slender body with long legs but my tits were large, “C” cup, I was taller than my mom, in fact I was the tallest girl in my graduation class at 5‘ 8“and 120#’s. My name is Leslee, I know but that’s how it’s spelled on my birth certificate; my granddads names were Lester and Lee, they wanted a boy and when I was born they thought that they could create a cute girls name and of course they all call me Lez. Pissed me off when I was old enough to find out lez was short for lesbian. To embarrass me, some of the k**s yelled, “hey lez” when strangers were around.

In one sense it was very naïve of me to think that I knew the ways of adults at eighteen. Sure, I giggled when one of the girls talked about sex and masturbating, didn’t we all, as if we were all innocent of doing a naughty thing that we never talked about, and if asked we always lied about it. “You got to be k**ding, I’d never do that, I’m not a slut, that‘s nasty.” But every night my hands were between my legs as I humped them as I lie on my stomach until that great sensation took over and made me feel like I knew everything there was to know about sex; (again, so I thought). I slept well; I had so much more to learn about life; I wanted it all.(Sex Stories)

My parents would let me go out on dates on weekends as long I was home by twelve; but most weekends I was baby sitting for the young, very attractive model neighbor next door that had a new baby boy. And to tell you the truth I’d rather baby sit for her than go out on a date. Not just because of the money, but she would talk to me as an adult, like woman to woman. She would talk about sexually explicit things to me and I would act as if I knew it all. 

She was a very beautiful blue eyed blond, taller than me, maybe an inc or so She was slender and had long, beautifully shapely legs and had what you would call, a perfect butt.

After sitting for her for a couple of months, when I arrived at her home she stood behind the door with her baby in her arm; she was nursing the baby when I rang the bell; not only was she topless but she had on a pair of hot pants that was so brief and tight that I could see her pussy lips where the pants crotch was trying to get into her pussy opening. 

She noticed my attention on her crotch and said, “Lez, I usually don’t wear anything while I’m nursing, but when I’m horny I like to wear these shorts because while he’s sucking on my nipples, I rock my butt and the shorts rub against my clit and I get myself off. Hehe.” I smiled as if was fully aware of what she meant. I knew one thing about Christy, she was a highly sexual woman. Secretly I loved it when she told me things like this. Our conversations always led to and ended up one thing. Sex.(Porn Stories)

At twenty five she knew what I was going through at eighteen and we talked about a lot of things that I’d never dare to talk about with my friends at school or my mom. Also she seemed very interested in our conversations and would listen to everything that I said, I really appreciated that; truthfully I felt more like an adult when I told her about what I did, however sometimes I would say some things that I really thought were too personal. But Christy had something about her that wouldn’t allow me to hold anything back.

She was a model until they had their baby ; that’s when they moved in to the house next door. However her husband was a big shot executive with a large international corporation and he traveled a lot: I sensed that she would have me baby sit just for my company; she really didn’t seem to know any of the other neighbors; I wasn’t sure where they lived before, but evidently it must have been far away.

Her name is Christy Ivy, liker poison ivy she said as she laughed. Many afternoons she would have me over to baby sit because she said that she had a lot of chores to do around the house and would need some help from me; but as a rule she spent most of the time asking me about my social life, especially about dating boys. She really seemed to take an interest in me. I liked being there; and she paid me very well.

The thing that I thought that was really cool was at that time when she was nursing her baby; she would be topless and sit right next to me on the couch. Her breasts were large, but unlike my mom’s, she didn’t have any sagging, but then again my mom is about twenty years older than Christy.

One time she was sitting next to me, letting her baby suck on her nipples for his milk when she shocked me and said, “damn, Lez, when he sucks for his milk it gets me horny as hell, do you get that feeling when boys play with your titties when you’re on a date?”

In my innocent and naive mind at that time, I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was being seduced into an open and bi sexual future, for her pleasure as well as mine. From the _expression on my face she knew I was too embarrassed to answer the question. However, I want to add one thing that I wasn’t immediately aware of, she was slowly controlling me. I say that because it got to the point that I couldn’t refuse anything that she requested. 

“Lez, remember, we’re a couple of girlfriends; who can you talk to, but me? Especially if you can’t tell your friend about it, this is from girlfriend to girlfriend. I know that when I went out at your age, and even younger, the guys would always try to get a feel of my tits or their hands between my legs. In fact I didn’t realize until I let one boy that I really had a crush on, play with my tits as we were in his parked car. We didn’t go all the way but when he sucked on my breasts, and at the same time he quickly got his hand on my panty crotch, it was if I was hit by lightning. I came so hard that I thought I’d pass out; my panties were soaked from my cum. So you can tell me, I know that with your beautiful face , sexy body and large breasts the guys would really be aggressive to get a good feel or even to suck on them. I bet they‘re real sensitive.” 

So I started telling her about the boys that would, now and then get a feel of my breasts. “Ok, you’re right, I have to get over the fact that you’re not one of the simple girls at school that quickly tell everything that you told them, to all the other k**s, after they would promise to keep it a secret. But, well I would pretend to fight them off as they tried to undo my bra so that they could get a good feel of my tits; well a couple of guys that I really liked, managed to reach them, of course they were not aware of the fact that I wasn’t really making much of an effort to stop them.”

“Oh, you little slut.” Christy said as she laughed. “Now you’ve got to tell me all. The first time you came over I knew that sexually you would be just like me. Now you have to tell me how you masturbate; I want to know if you did the same as I did.”

Even as a eighteen year old girl, I was aware of two things when she talked to me about anything sexual; first of all I could tell that she would be getting aroused just by the way she would move her butt as I’m talking to her; I once read a book on what you can tell about a person just by their body movements. But then again maybe she read the same book because I would get aroused by answering her questions.

“Well, it’s the only way I know how, and I know that it will sound kind of c***dish to you, even though for a long time I didn’t think I was masturbating.”

“Stop, stop. I bet I know exactly how you masturbate. I know because you are so much just like me. You’re in bed, on your stomach with your hand between your legs. You fuck your hand as your fingers play with your clit, and, and you don’t take a long time to cum.”

She was excitedly nursing the baby but also, she had one hand on her crotch, and I could easily see the wet spot where she was gently rubbing her crotch. At that time I just felt like running home and jumping on my bed and humping away on my pussy,; I was probably as wet as she was. To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure who’s sexual arousal scent that I was smelling, hers or mine.

“Oh my god, how did you know that? Now you really think of me as a sex slut.”

“I knew that because you are so much like me. When I first saw you I thought of how beautiful you looked; like me, in a very sexy way. I also thought that if you were a couple of inches taller I could easily find a top modeling job for you with a little training from me; and maybe still can if you’re interested. If I could would you be interested? One more thing, if that’s the only way that you have had an orgasm, you’re in for a great surprise.

I really didn‘t understand what she meant by ‘ a great surprise‘ but I didn‘t want to show my ignorance so I didn‘t question her. . “Oh, wow, would I be interested? Oh, Christy, I could kiss you for that. You know what I mean. That would be so, so cool and so exciting; I’d love you forever. But what was it like to be a model? Another thing, how did you know how I masturbated, or even that I did masturbate. I mean it‘s kind of embarrassing telling you that I do.? “

“Oh god, baby, before I tell you all about it, would you give me that kiss now?” She had put the baby down, he was full and content, on a mat on the floor. He was sl**ping.

“Uhh… Well, ah, Christy, I mean I’ve never kissed another girl; maybe when I was little and didn’t know the difference between kissing a girl or a boy.”

She took my hand and replaced my hand on her crotch, inside her shorts; I could feel the damp heat from her pussy. Then excitedly she pulled her shorts down so that I had complete access to her opening love hole. I started to make a sign of protest. “You wanted to know what it’s like to be a model; well my beautiful friend, you are now in the process of learning. Now rub my pussy like you do yours; oh yea, finger fuck my hungry cunt.” She was completely hairless in her pubic area and I could see every detail very clearly; her clit, her fully engorged dark pink inner lips, I had never seen another females pussy this close, not even mine because my pussy was covered with a thick covering of black hair; she had a beautiful looking pussy; I loved the hairless feel; sooo smooth.

I was kind of shocked at the words she used, her vocabulary, but I did as she asked, pretending to protest, but my own pussy was on fire. “Now suck my nipples like a baby; pull on my nipples by grating them with your teeth, be rough on them.” She was getting louder and wilder as she was breathing hard. She had a wild look on her face as she humped my hand. Also she was squeezing the breast that I was sucking on, her milk kept squirting into my mouth and I really loved the taste of her warm breast milk.

“Oh, lover, I knew that you were what I needed, what I missed.” She was struggling to breath when she blurted out. “Oh yea, shove two fingers into my hot cunt, curl them up to the roof my love hole and rub hard and fast.” The she told me to stop, I abruptly stopped, thinking maybe I had hurt her because I was almost certain that she hadn’t cum.

“Let me see your hand.” She asked even though my fingers were soaked with her juices. She put my fingers in her mouth and sucked off her juices, savoring every drop. “I love the taste of my pussy honey. Her breathing started to get back to normal as she looked closely at my fingers.

“I see that you keep your fingernails short.” as she smiled at me. “As you can see my pussy really gets well lubricated and I’m going to ask you to do something to me that I haven’t done since before I got pregnant. But if you don’t want to do it I’ll understand.”

Oh god, I was starting to get frightened from what she was saying, but told her “Okay.”

Then she took a tube of jell that was near her and started covering my entire hand with it. She told me it was a antibacterial lubricant. I was really confused at this point; evidently she had this all planned out, knowing that I would do whatever she asked of me.

“Now, girlfriend, I want you to crunch all your fingers tight with your thumb bunched up with them.” She then took my hand and directed it to her love hole. “What I want you to do to me, lover, slowly work your entire hand into my cunt. And don’t worry, your small hand is just a fraction of the size of my baby.” I could really tell that she was getting extremely excited. She wanted me to fist fuck her.

I started by fitting two, then three fingers into her hole, then as I felt a little resistance forcing the fourth finger in along with the others. She quickly brought her hand down and took my wrist and helped me f***e it in along with my thumb into her oven warm hole. My hands, like my body are long and slender; my entire hand up to my wrist, was now fully inside her hot love hole

She let out a sigh of pleasure and then said. “Sweetheart, make like a little fist inside and slowly start fucking my cunt; oh god that feels so fucking great. Okay, okay, now as your fucking my cunt rotate your fist as much as you can. Oh fuck yea.”

Here I am, fist fucking a woman that I just recently met and at that point in my life I realized one thing from the words that came out of her beautiful mouth, as well as her craving for uninhibited wild sex, “you can’t tell a book from it’s cover.” She looks so sweet, so lady like, so refined. Is this really me I’m looking at. The fact of what I was doing was taking my breath away as much as hers, as she started fucking my hand with total abandonment. Her body was in the throes of reaching for the heavens.

She quickly pulled my face to hers, f***ed my mouth open with her tongue and then she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Screaming with muffled moans into my mouth, her entire body was contorting, shuddering, as she came to a convulsive orgasm and her love hole tightened up on my fist, squeezing it. Then she loosened up . I started to slowly pull my hand out but then her hand quickly grabbed my hand and f***ed me to leave it in her boiling cunt. She put her head back and relaxed with my hand still in her. Her cunt muscles would squeeze ,and then release my hand; over and over; she was fucking my hand just by contraction and releasing her cunt walls. The kegel exercises 

I sat there now looking at her naked, limp body but still quivering as if there were minor spasms like mini cums. I could feel her vaginal walls clutching my hand and then letting go, she did this several times and then Christy just relaxed as my hand slowly worked its way out along with all her juices. More from my aroused feeling and also curiosity, I took my soaked fingers and put them into my mouth. I still remember how I savored the taste her tangy juices; I had tasted myself, but this was so much more awesome.

What did I just do? I mean did I hurt her? As a teen I wasn’t really aware of what to expect. She was still breathing hard so I knew that she was alive. But as I looked at her beautiful body I was overcome with her awesome sexuality; I couldn’t help myself, my hand went down to my crotch, under my panties, and I started rubbing my clit feverishly, I now was as desperate to cum as Christy was just a few moments ago. I could feel myself getting closer to something like I’ve never felt before, as if I was desperate to cum, which I was. I had never had felt this urgency, this need to cum so badly; it was almost painful.. 

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me with a loving smile. For a second I was embarrassed because she caught me masturbating; in fact I never did (masturbate) except when I was in bed. Here I am, in my neighbors house with her watching me. I wasn’t a shy person but this was so out of character for me. My face turned a slight shade of red. I quickly pulled my hand out of my panties and looked her with a stupid, frustrated look.

“Oh, lover, you saved my life, thank you so much; I don’t recall my husband or any of the other models that ever made me cum like that. I think that you will do very well in the modeling world.” I didn’t get the meaning of what she just said and smiled at her like a c***d caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Christy slowly stood up and her cum started running down her thigh. ”

“Oh my, beautiful, you really made me gush.” As she said that she scooped some of her cum with her fingers and before I knew it, her cum saturated fingers were in my mouth and then rubbed what was left on my face. Then she scooped up more and put it into her mouth and sucked her fingers clean. Then she said, “don’t you just love the taste of women’s cum?” I didn’t answer, I was too shocked, as well as sexually stressed.

“Well, I think it’s time to put junior to bed for a nice long nap; come with me.” I was still shocked from Christy pushing her cum soaked fingers into my mouth, but as if in a trance, I followed her. I was still very wet and aroused and very uptight, I needed to go home and take care of my frustration. I believe that she noticed my dilemma as my body was twitching and I walked as if I was in pain. I was. I also was becoming aware of the fact that I was becoming her sex toy, but you know what, I loved it and I loved her.

“Christy, I think that maybe I should go home now. I mean I don’t think you need me anymore today. I mean I’m getting kind of tired.”

“In just a little while, I want to tell you more about being a model.” She carried the baby with one arm and wrapped the other around my waist as we headed to the bedrooms.

“That will take care of him for a while,” she said as she took my hand and took me into her bedroom.” The bedroom was large but what really impressed me was that the ceiling and most of the walls were mirrored and made the room look even much larger, also wherever you looked around you could see an image of yourself, even on the ceiling.

“Well, Lez, so you think that you would like to get into the glamorous world of modeling.” She was still totally naked as we sat on the edge of her super king size bed and I could see our reflection on all the mirrored walls. She wasn’t embarrassed at all about her nudity with me beside her, fully clothed.

She turned her face towards me as she hugged me tightly and started kissing my face gently and she started softly, gently sucking on my lips, first the lower lip and then the upper; so softly that I didn’t realize how erotic it was and how erogenous the lips were. The next thing I knew is that we were kissing like lovers, our mouths open and our tongues deep into each others mouths. I never let any boy kiss me like this.

My eyes were tightly closed as I felt her reaching under my shirt and unhooking my bra; she did this only as another woman knows how. My body stiffened up like a statue and I didn’t dare move or say a thing. Our mouths were locked together until she had my breasts completely exposed. She gently massaged them and pulled on my nipples.

“Sweet lez, you have the most outrageously sexy tits that I have ever laid my eyes on, and as a model I’ve seen many. They’re so full and firm, and they point straight up, oh god, I could play with these all day long and your nipples are so big, I love them..” My nipples hardened immediately from her touch as she started sucking on them, and it felt heavenly, as well as excite my pussy to the point where I thought that if she kept it up much longer I would go insane. Oh damn, I’m a lesbian.. But I like boys. 

“Just lean back, I’ll support you. Let’s pretend that I’m your boy/friend and that we’re on a date and then he parked and he was doing what I’m doing to you now. How would react to his advances; would you tell him to stop?”

“Please stop.” I said in a meek sounding voice, but I really meant it; I mean I didn’t want her to continue because I knew that I would really cum and that would embarrass me. “Please take your hands off of my breasts, I don’t know about the other girls you’ve been with but I don’t like to be touched this way.” The fact was that I was sincere, I really didn’t want her to continue. I was frightened as well as embarrassed about what I had just done to her, and that she wants to do to me but I seemed to be under her control. ( next Part 2 )

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