"Sex Stories" Babysitting P2

Sex Stories Babysitting P2
“That was pretty weak,” Christy said, again pretending to be a boy; my date. “ I’m surprised that you haven’t been ****d before, but I’ll tell you this, I don’t care what you want, I’ll do whatever I want to do with you, and if you give me any trouble, you’ll wish that you hadn’t.” I think she really meant it even if she was pretending to be a guy date.

She was kissing and licking my body from my waist, to my tits, my neck and then locked onto my mouth; I was aroused more than I have ever been but at the same time, afraid.

My body, however, responded on its own and I was kissing her back. Then I felt her hand go down and push my panties down until she had complete access to my pussy and she slowly started massaging the side of my clit. I felt my juices flowing down my crack.

“Well, my horny slut, I see that your cunt honey is running down to your asshole. How does it taste when you finger fuck yourself and then suck your cum off of your fingers?” I mumbled that I‘ve never tasted it. “I don’t believe that for a second but if you haven’t before I’m going to give you a mouthful now.”(Sex Stories)

She took her fingers and went deep into my love hole to get as much of my juices as she could, and then suddenly stopped as her two fingers went all the way to my cervix; she then pulled out her fingers, dripping with my juices, and put them into my open mouth

“You slut.” She was still playing the role of my male date. “You led me to believe that you were a virgin and I find out that you don’t have a cherry; who’ve you been fucking?”

I whimpered out that I was a virgin but my hymen broke last year when I fell off my bike and hurt myself. (Adult Stories)

“better for me,” she answered as she put her mouth back on mine and then continued to play with my pussy. She knew exactly how to do it to another female, and it wasn’t long before I knew that she could make me cum any second.

“Oh, please stop.” I said tearfully, I didn’t want this to happen to me this way with another person; especially with another female. “Please don’t make me cum. I’ve never cum when anyone was around. I’m afraid, I‘m too embarrassed.”

She pulled her mouth away from mine and then started sucking on my hard and sensitive nipples, she wasn’t about to stop. She raised her head, looked me straight into my eyes and said. “ I want you to look into my eyes; I don’t want you to shut your eyes for a fraction of a second, just keep them wide open and stare into mine.” 

She was saying this to me softly as she was touching me in all the right spots, the right way,. As if it were her own body and knew what I was feeling, my body was responding the way a female body reacts just before cumming, but this was much more from what I experience when I masturbate myself to sl**p.

“You’re enjoying this, baby, I can tell,” as she looked into my eyes. “I can see the excitement in your eyes and I know that you’ve never felt this much when you did it yourself. But you’re going into a whole new place; way beyond where you have been.”

Her one hand was holding my back and reaching around my body and pulling on my nipples as her other hand was in and out of my love hole, teasing my clit and then pressing on my mound area. She was driving me insane and yet I was loving her more.

As I looked right into her eyes, as I started breathing faster and faster, my pelvis pushing up on its own, I softly said. “Oh please Christy, please stop.” but it was too late. My entire body responded to her soft touch as she moved her two fingers into my hole and her thumb on my clit. “Oh god, oh god I’ve never felt like this before. Oh god I’m cuuming.” I cried out as I looked straight into her eyes. Then I broke my look from Christy to watching us in the mirrors as I was going through the throes of my orgasm that was so different from what I had experienced when masturbating. Christy mumbled “me too“ as she tightly squeezed her thighs together, as we watched each other cumming in the mirrors. The beauty and the pain I saw of our facial expressions at our peak, blew me away. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath.

After about fifteen minutes, I opened my eyes and noticed that we were lying on the bed and without me being aware of it, she had taken off my shorts and panties, I was completely naked, as she was. I was on my back and she was on her side, cuddling me. Her one arm under my neck and on my shoulder on the opposite side of her, and her other hand just delicately caressing my entire torso as she looked at me with a warm smile on her face. I just wanted to yell out, Christy, I love you, but I knew that it would sound c***dish, but I felt so much love for her; she could do anything that she wanted with me.

“Well, my sexy kitten, did that feel as good as when you did yourself? You looked so damn beautiful when you were cumming, and I could see all the fireworks go off as I looked into your beautiful eyes. Now do you feel like a woman? I mean a real woman? Also, my love, you’re going to learn to have one beautiful orgasm after another and enjoying the pleasure of many multiple orgasms.” 

“Oh my god, I was so embarrassed, and at the same time I never realized that it could be so beautiful. Thank you so much; I’m so glad that it was you who gave my first ever real orgasm. Uhm, please don’t laugh at me when I say this, but I love you so, so much.”

“I love you very much as well, but we will talk about that later. Right now I want to talk to you about your career as a model. First of all I want you to get out of bed so that I can get a good look at you and your sexy body.” I hated leaving her warm body that felt so great, like I wanted to stay like that all day; especially with her hands caressing my body.

It was a little embarrassing standing in front of her completely naked, but for some reason it didn’t seem to bother me. Was it because I loved her and she me? Then I remembered something I wasn’t sure if I heard her right. “Christy, did you really cum with me?”

“I sure did, sweetheart. I got so turned on by looking at you as you came, looking deep into your beautiful eyes, I just came by how sexy you looked and your reaction.

“Okay, now let’s get down to business. I think you’ve got what it takes to be a super model because you got the looks, the right facial structure, plus with your black hair, olive complexion and bright green eyes you have a very exotic look about you. Also you just passed the first test, being able to have sex with me. You see, Lez, in this business most models, male or female, are either lesbians, gay or bisexuals .. Also you have to accept and comfortable being naked in front of strangers of either sex that constantly touch your naked body to fit you properly. Do you think that you can be comfortable with that, even if the touch you in a sexual way?”

“I’m, well uhm, I guess, well I think that I can. I mean that I’ll really try. But, well, I really love the way you touch me, Christy, I‘ve never cum like that..”

“Thank you, sweetheart, I love you too; believe me, we will touch each other as often as we can, everyday as long as it doesn’t interfere with our getting you in shape to be a super model. In a couple of weeks three of the girls that work out of the same agency as I do, are going to visit me, as well as our agent, you’ll really love her, she is a doll. I haven’t seen them since I had my baby so make sure you don’t make any plans for that week One more thing, we have to get rid of all that hair covering that sexy pussy of yours. But don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of that later.”

“Oh my god, that would be super and I’ll make sure that I don’t make any plans for then. But this coming week I won’t be able to come over because we’re, a couple of my girlfriends, are making plans for our graduation party. But if you really need any help I’m sure my mom will be glad to come over; I mean dad’s going to be away for the next month or so and helping you will give her something to do.” I was so excited about all that we did and what she had said, but what did she mean about taking care of my pussy hair? Was she planning on cutting it off; or shaving me bald? 

“Great, that will be fine with me. You know, since we’ve been living here I’ve thought of inviting you, your mom and dad for a Barbeque some weekend or evening, but every time I think of it, my husband is gone; well one of these days. I think that your mom is very pretty but all we have ever done is wave to each other, I’ll look forward to getting to know her better.” 

The next day she called me over; now she didn’t say anything about baby sitting, just “come on over.”

When I got there she told me to undress because she had a lot to do today and was in a hurry; I didn’t ask any questions and did as she asked. She took me from the bedroom to her bathroom and then told me to get into the shower and to sit on the bench. 

“Well, Lez, it’s time to get rid of this growth between your legs.” and when I questioned why it was necessary, she answered, “first of all, my sexy slut, it covers that beautiful pussy of yours, and for another thing no other female would want to stick her tongue into that forest and have pussy hair stuck in between her teeth. Also all models are bald.”

“What am I going to say to my doctor if I have to have a physical and she sees my pussy is all bald; I mean why not just a bikini trim?” My doctor will think that I’m a uhm, a slut and that I …you know, have sex all the time.”

“First of all most women do it for sanitation reasons, as well as smell, but as far as your doctor goes, after she takes one look at your sexy, hairless cunt lips, she’ll want to down on you; that’s if she has any libido at all. Now sit still so that I don’t cut you. Once you become a model and make some money, I’ll take where they remove all your hair with a laser so that we don‘t have to go through this every couple of days.” 

Very professional like, Christy took her scissors and started cutting away; then she lathered the entire area all the way to my asshole and started shaving me bald. I know that she didn’t do it intentionally but my pussy was aroused from the second that she started cutting my hair until the time she finished shaving me and rinsing me off. When she put some lotion on to stop any irritation and bumps, and seeing how my juices were flowing, she gave me a little smile and with her fingers quickly made me cum, much to my relief.

Two days later, when I was away and busy getting together with my girlfriends for our graduation party at a girlfriends house, Christy called mom.

“Hi, miss Delano, this is Christy from next door. I wondered if you would like to come over this evening for a bite to eat so that we can get to know one another as we have a drink. By the way, your daughter is beautiful and super nice.”

“First of all, my name is Shari; to tell you the truth I would love that very much. I’m really ashamed of myself for not coming over long ago and getting acquainted when you first moved in. Leslee has told me how much she enjoys being with you and she never forgets to tell me how beautiful you are; really, she always glows when she comes home after she’s been with you, it kind of makes me a little jealous. Hehe.”

When I called home, I told mom that I would call her if I might just stay over at Emile’s house because we wanted to get it all decorated for the party; she was fine with that.

Mom got into a new, sexy outfit for the evening, and was very excited to be enjoying a drink with a model and she wanted to make sure her clothes looked like she knew what the younger women were wearing these days; she didn’t want to look drab and old. She wore a black skirt that to her was a mini but it was really only two inches above her knees, it fit tight but had a slit all the way from the hem almost to her waist; I have to admit, I’m sure she knew what she was doing when she bought this because it really showed her sexy butt.. She also had a white transparent blouse and you could see her sexy black sexy bra. She never wore this outfit when my dad was around, but I have to admit, when she put it on to show me, she really looked hot.

Christy didn’t want mom to think that she walked around the house half naked the way she dressed when I came over so she put on a beautiful, light blue dress that she knew hugged her sexy body as if it was her own skin, you could see the outline of her sexy breasts, her nipples as well as the outline of her pretty pussy mound along with her clit sheath, and was only about three inches lower than her butt. It was a very seductive dress and she probably meant it to be; and I knew that she rarely wore underwear. Also she had on a pair blue satin strapless sandals with slim four inch stiletto heels. She had tried this outfit on once when I first met her; I got wet just looking at her.

When mom got to her door, Christy opened it, looked at mom with a smile and kissed mom’s cheeks as she hugged her. “Well Mrs. Del… I mean Shari, finally we get to know one another; with Lez, uh, Leslee, all excited about graduation it gave us a great opportunity to really get to know one another. Your daughter is not only beautiful, she is also a fantastic companion. Please come on in and let me pour you a drink; I’ve already poured myself a martini and made enough for you, how about it.”

“I’ve never had one, besides I’m not much of a drinker, I’d hate to pass out on you. Hehe. But I like the looks of it, it’s the same shade of blue as your beautiful dress.”

After making some small talk, Christy said to mom. “I thought that you and your husband both worked and that you worked locally; the reason I say that is both of you seemed to be home every evening. Oh, that didn’t sound right, I mean I don’t spy on my neighbors, but the fact that both your cars are usually in the driveway.” I could just imagine mom thinking that with the dress Christy was wearing she could be naked just as well.

I didn’t know if Christy did spy on us, but I don’t think so; however I caught mom, not that I ever told her, looking into Christ’s bedroom after dark. Mom was in our guest room, and in the dark she was watching Christy. I know that Christy is, as a rule, naked when she is in her bedroom; when mom came out about fifteen minutes later, she looked flush and went directly to her room; I wish I knew what she saw Christy doing. 

“We were,” mom answered Christy, “but I quit a week ago and now my husband has a job that pays twice as much as his old job, but he also has to travel a lot. I guess from what Leslee tells me about your husband, he travels a lot as well.”

“That he does, but he makes too much money for me to complain about it. But you want to know the truth, it doesn’t bother me at all. Oh, I’m sorry, we’re sitting talking away and we need refills on our drinks.”

“Thank you Christy, you go ahead but I think that I’ll pass, it seemed like a very strong drink.”

“Just a little, Shari, I hate drinking alone; you’ll think that I’m an alcoholic. Besides if you get d***k I’ll call a cab for you. Hehe.”

Christy didn’t wait and poured mom another drink. I know that when my mom drinks to the point of getting a little tipsy, she gets a little silly and says things that she would never say when she completely sober.

Mom sipped on her second drink and the first one was already taking its toll. “You know, Christy, I think that I’m going to enjoy a little privacy myself. I mean I love my husband but I always have to take care of him, if you know what I mean, hehe.”

“Well, Shari, we all have our little secrets don’t we. But you can’t blame him, my god, you are so beautiful and sexy looking that if I was him I’d want you to take care of me all the time. You know, my hubby is the same way. By the way, I know that I shouldn’t be asking you this, but how old are you; I mean really? Lez tells me that you’re in your forties but you look like you’re not even in your late thirties.” 

Mom had reached the stage where she was giggling at just about anything Christy said. One thing that I do know about mom for sure; the only time she encourages dad to hurry to the bedroom is after they have had friends over and she has had more than one drink.

“That’s a very nice compliment coming from such a beautiful woman as yourself, Christy.” mom said as she continued her giggling. “I‘m forty five but sometimes I feel like I‘m your age. But when I see your body, I mean it‘s magnificent; it‘s so perfect. And those lip tattoo’s that you have on your butt cheeks are adorable.” Mom should have quit after the first drink; now Christy knows that mom has been spying on her.

“Shari, sweetheart, you have never seen my body, how would know that my body is so perfect and that I have those tattoo’s? Have you been spying on me?” Christy asked mom that question with a sharp tone.

“Well, no, oh no. I mean once I saw you, but, I mean I wasn’t spying on you, it was quite accidental. I, uh, needed something out of our guest bedroom and just happened to see you when you were, uh, naked.” I thought that mom was going to start crying.

Little did mom know that Christy was aware of the fact that mom spied on her when dad was away. What Christy was doing is seducing mom while knowing very well that mom was watching her and would masturbate with her toys. And now in retrospect, it evidently worked. Also as I think back, I believe mom went to the guest room frequently for a while. Yes, and after she would always go back to her room; she only did this when my dad was away.

Christy gave mom a hug, “Shari, I’m not upset about you watching me, after all we’re both women and we both have the same kind of anatomy, and I’m sure that we both masturbate the same, like most girls and women do. Don’t you agree?”

“Well we, uh, I mean Leslee, well I don’t think that my daughter; well she doesn’t.”

“She doesn’t what Shari? You don’t think that she masturbates like we do? How naïve. How about you; now you’re not going to tell me that you don’t masturbate.”

“Oh no, I think I’ve had too much to drink, Christy; I think I better go home now.”

The phone rang and Christy answered it. “Hi Christy, this is Leslee. I called home and my mom wasn’t there so I guessed that she might still be at your place. Anyway, would you please tell her that I’m going to stay at Emilee’s house tonight along with some of the other girls.”

“No problem, Leslee, I’ll tell your mom. But listen, since you have this opportunity, being that you’re going to sl**p there, I want to see if you have what it takes to be a model; I want you to parade in front of the other girls, naked. Don’t flaunt it, but just walk around as if you were home alone.”

“Christy, I know these girls. I mean do I have too. And what if one of them gets the wrong idea, you know, like she might want to touch me? And oh my god, my bald pussy? I know some of them trim for their bikini‘s, but bald; what will they think?”

“Leslee, just do it, and if any girl wants to have sex with you, you do that as well. Now that is all I’m going to say and I want a full report when you come home. Also be sure to put that overnight pouch where it will view the entire room like I instructed you. Bye.”

“That was your daughter, Shari; she just called to tell you that she was having a great time and was going to stay there overnight. It’s so much fun to be young and free, unencumbered , throw caution to the wind and just do anything that excites you; having fun. Oh, so where were we when she called? Did I mention how beautiful you look?”

“Thank you again for saying that; compared to you I think that I just look like a plain Jane. I mean I don’t feel beautiful at all.”

“Well love, I’m going to show you otherwise. I’m going to transform you into a raving beauty. Have you ever seen a model or an actress before they are all made up? Well, I’m going make you up just as if you were about to go on the stage. First of all you are extremely sexy looking even without any special makeup, but I want to show you what it‘s like; do you think that I model without any makeup on?” ( next Part 3 )

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