"Sex Stories" Babysitting P3

Sex Stories Babysitting P3
“Thank you, Christy, but it’s getting very late and I think that I should be going home.”

“Don’t be silly, I’m going to show you how beautiful you are.” Mom was not really d***k enough to be completely out of it, but she had the sense to know that she was saying things that were quiet personal and inappropriate because of her drinking.

Christy took mom into her room and sat her in a swivel chair that faced a mirror. “Shari, this is where I make myself look beautiful, you may have seen me sitting in this chair, and probably noticed how excited I look when I’m doing my makeup. Now I’m going to do the same for you. I promise, when I finish with you, you’ll think that you’re looking at a beautiful movie star. But first, let’s remove your sexy clothes and get started.” (Sex Stories)

At this point I think that mom was getting excited about what Christy was going to do for her looks, and of course Christy’s compliments and flattery got her going. Christy quickly removed mom’s clothes and was now standing with just her bra and panties on.

“OH, WOW, Shari, you’ve got a knockout body, but I’m sure hubby has told you that many times. Stand there just a second, I want to get something from my closet. Here they are, I want you to put on these sexy shoes with five inch stiletto heels, I’m sure that they will fit. Your legs are very trim and sexy, I don’t believe that you’re forty-five.”

“Oh my, Christy, yes that’s my size but I’ve never worn anything with heels like that. They do look kind of sexy though; but I think I’m too old for those.”

“Stop thinking old, for gosh sakes, you’re only forty five and don‘t look much older than me; let the real Shari come out and enjoy herself.. I bet when you and hubby are having wild sex, or when you’re masturbating and thinking all these erotic thoughts, you don’t feel old, in fact you probably feel like a young, horny teen aged girl, just like you look.”(Adult Stories)

“Now look at yourself in the mirrors. Look at how sexy you appear with those shoes giving your legs the sexy shape. Wow, Shari, you’re hot; damn, you’re making me wet.”

Mom didn’t know quite what to make of that last comment from Christy, but she turned a little flush, so she must of gotten the general meaning. But at the same time, the fact that she was standing there, with Christy looking at her, and mom looking at herself in the mirror, both of them admiring her attractiveness, that just did it for mom. SEDUCED.

At this point mom would have done anything Christy recommended.

“Now let’s get to it, Shari. Sit down so I can turn your pretty face into an erotic, uh, I mean an exotic beauty like your daughter; so just relax and tilt your head back onto the head rest. So that you will be relaxed I will turn on soothing, romantic music and now the chair vibrator, I relax in this chair almost every night. When I do my own makeup this really gets me into the mood to look as sexy as I can. I‘m sure you‘ve noticed.” WOW .

“Ohh,” Mom moaned when the chair first started vibrating. The chair had a rather unique design to it. A ridge was formed on the seat so that it followed the crack of her ass cheeks and curved up so that the ridge curved up enough to cove the crotch of her panties. It stimulated mom’s pussy clit as well as her erogenous asshole.

“See, I knew the music and my relaxation chair would relax you. I always sit on my favorite chair while putting on my makeup, it makes me feel so damn sexy ” Christy said as she was applying the makeup to mom’s face. “I don’t think that you’re going to recognize your real beauty when I finish.” But mom was feeling the pleasure from the slowly increasing intensity of the vibrating chair, especially on her pussy but also on her butt hole. It was massaging the entire erogenous area and she was getting quite wet.

“Just about finished, Shari, but you seem to be getting a little tense, lean your head and back a little forward, and I’ll give you a little neck and back massage.” Mom looked tense because she was slowly building up to an orgasm as the vibration got more intense.

As mom leaned forward, and the way Christy manipulated her body, the vibrating ridge was now up to her clit. Christy started massaging mom’s neck and shoulders; then seductively removed her bra. Mom was at such a sexual plateau that not only was she breathing hard, but she could not resist the pleasure that Christy’s hands were giving her.

At this point, as embarrassed as mom was, she was aware that she wouldn’t be able to stop her impending orgasm. Christy’s hands reached from behind her and started aggressively massaging mom’s breasts and hardened nipples, and at the same time Christy was kissing and licking mom’s neck, ears and throat. Just as mom reached that crest, that explosive moment; that (“Oh fuck yes, ohh gawwwd “) point, Christy turned and looked straight into mom’s eyes, Christy said “Oh yea, baby, your so fucking beautiful, cum hard for me. Oh yea, that‘s it.” and then gave mom a lovers kiss as mom had a shattering orgasm and was moaning loudly into Christy‘s mouth.. 

Christy gave mom a few moments to recuperate and then gently led mom to their bed; put mom down on her back, with no resistance from mom. Then Christy slowly pulled off mom’s soaked panties. Again, mom didn’t protest and lied there with a look of confused contentment. Christy took mom’s panties and smelled them, savoring the odor of mom’s cum, and then put the crotch into her mouth and sucked up all of her tangy juices.

Mom’s eyes were half open, having an orgasm had never given her this much pleasure before. She was only slightly aware that Christy had removed all of her clothing and mom marveled at Christy’s unblemished beauty. Christy dimmed the harsh lights, then lit several scented candles, the room glowed in a rose colored light..

Christy got down onto the bed next to mom, hugging her, kissing mom’s face, mouth her neck and worked her magic mouth and tongue down to mom’s full breast.; mom’s nipples quickly responded and became hard, but mom put up absolutely no resistance and was basking in the pleasure that she never in her life had experienced. Christy’s mouth reached mom’s very wet pussy. Mom let out several soft moans.

Christy gently spread mom’s legs and then her tongue, lips and hands did their magic. Mom’s hip and butt started to respond to Christy’s manipulations. Christy reached her arm up as she was drinking the nectar from mom’s love canal, and she started pulling and twisting mom’s rigid nipples, mom was now moaning loudly. But then Christy stopped and sat up. Mom’s body was on auto pilot, she was involuntarily still humping the air. She moaned in frustration.

“Okay lover, I also need to be pleasured so we will get into a position so that we can pleasure each other at the same time, I’m sure that you’ve done this many times with your hubby. But instead of sucking his cock, you’ll suck on my pussy lips and my clit. However instead of one on the top and one of us on the bottom we will lie side by side, my head between your legs and your head between my legs.

Mom didn’t have time to respond one way or another as Christy rolled her on her side and almost immediately both heads were in each others crotch and in a matter of minutes they were both moaning into each others cunts; oddly it seemed as if mom knew exactly how to do it and was giving Christy as much pleasure as Christy was giving her. In a matter of fifteen minutes of giving each other indescribable pleasure, they both had explosive, shattering orgasms; they came together.

After their heads managed to suck out all of each others juices for a few minutes, mom savoring it as much as Christy, Christy brought her self up to mom’s face and they started kissing one another as passionately as any lovers, tasting their own juices in each other mouths.

“Well, my beautiful and sexy neighbor, it appears to me that I’m not the first pussy that you have ever eaten before, in fact I think that you ate me better than most women have in the past; you have a very talented, long tongue.”

“I can’t believe that we did that, I mean it was so beautiful.” mom shyly said. “ Thank you so much. In college” mom said in a guarded tone. “ I had a roommate that taught me how and I really enjoyed it more than sex with men, but after we graduated I never had another, until now.” Wow, mom had lez sex in college, again you can’t tell just by looks and attitude of someone. 

That night and the days before that, Christy, our new, beautiful neighbor, changed our lives so dramatically that thinking about it now is hard for me to comprehend, as you will find out as I continue on with my story. Mom stayed the night and they slept like lovers.

At the same time I was with a few of the girls from school and we were preparing one of my girlfriends parents house for our graduation party. Her parents were overseas on business and had given my friend , Claudia, an only c***d, permission to use the house, but not to have any alcohol or any sort of d**gs, and no boys. We promised to behave like ladies and they trusted us.

However, one of the girls, Jill, found the liquor cabinet and thought that it would be cute to make some punch and pour some vodka into it. Obviously we couldn’t taste the vodka and in no time we were all feeling high; fortunately she didn’t put enough into the punch to make us all d***k; there were six of us.

Jill yelled out around ten p.m. that she was tired and thought we should stop for the night. The house had a large loft and we had decided put mats down on the carpeted floor and all sl**p together; if anyone needed a pillow, they were available. It was warm so we didn’t need any blankets so we all took off all our clothes except panties and bras.

We all took turns to use the bathroom, but no one had privacy because while one was washing up another brushing her teeth and another brushing her hair. None of the girls were aware of my (new) bald pussy yet, but I did notice Pam trying to get a good look at my crotch; I was beginning to believe that she did have a crush on m.. I then remembered what Christy had told me and that I had to give her a report when I got home.

Christy said she trusted me in telling her everything that took place when I was naked, but she wanted to see everything for herself. She gave me a little black leather overnight bag and explained to me that it contained a hi-tech, wide angle low light, digital mini, motion activated video camera. She told me where to place it so that it would cover the area that we slept in. I felt a little guilty about this, but at the same time I felt a tingle of excitement. She also gave me a plug in night light that didn’t show much light but she said it would create a movie as if it was taken in a bright, well lit room. 

We were all lying down on our backs and talking girl talk when one of the girls, Jill, started talking about sex and boys. Also, I might say, Jill had d***k more punch than the rest of us and was feeling it. Plus Jill was really pretty, all the guys hit on her.

One of the girls asked her what guy did she like the best. Since we all knew that she went out with so many different boys at school, Jill was real cute and very popular; also she was very open about how horny she was all the time. She always joked around saying things like, “I’d like to have a nice fat, long cock in me right about now, I’m wet thinking about it.”

She mentioned which guy had the biggest cock at school, but he didn’t know how to use it, but she then told us that she had the best fuck from a guy that once asked me for a date. “His cock was an average, about six inches, but wow, did he know how to use it, as well as his tongue; when he fucked me I would cum over and over again; he was great.”

Jill was a fairly petite girl; blue eyed blonde with long hair, about one-hundred pounds at 5’4” tall with small perky, pointed, coned shaped breasts. She would always look sexy in a cheer leaders outfit as well as her usual skirts that she wore that were just as short as her cheer leaders skirt; she would usually wear a T shirt with no bra, she really didn’t need one and her nipples would be very visible as the poked through her T shirt or jersey. She was real cute and always bubbly.

“Have you ever thought about sex with another girl?” One of the girls asked Jill. 

Jill was like my mom when she drank, saying more than she should. “None of you better tell anyone about what I’m going to say, promise!!! Okay. I have a s****r that’s two years older than me that’s now in college out west. When I was younger we used to play doctor, you know, like all k**s do and I really enjoyed her being the doctor. Well, when she came home for the holidays a while ago, one night she came into my room and said she wanted to talk to me. She got into bed with me and then she started telling me about her roommate she shared with in her dorm. One night her roommate heard my s****r masturbating, we did that often together, so her roommate quickly got into bed with my s****r and told my s****r that she would love to help, before my s****r had a chance to answer, her roommate was making out with my s****r.; my s****r loved it and they did it almost every night. So now when ever my s****r comes home and our parents are out, we really have wild sex. She has a strap-on dildo, vibrators. I love it.”

After about fifteen minutes of Jill telling us about sex with her s****r in explicit and vivid detail, I could feel it in the air, all the girls, including myself as I thought about my sex with Christy, were starting to breath faster and I got a drift of that familiar odor of female arousal. It was obvious that most of us were getting wet as Jill was telling us all the erotic action between her and her s****r; including how her juices tasted so delicious. 

It was now or never. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but at home I go to bed naked, I’m just uncomfortable with anything on while I’m in bed, so if you’ll excuse me I’m taking off my panties and bra; besides it’s getting hot in here, hehe.“ I stood up and took off my panties and bra and walked over to where my clothes were. I turned the lights on to make sure that they all got a good look at me naked; almost every girl had a hand between their crotch which they quickly removed when I turned on the lights. They all stared at my large tits, but also I could see them looking at my moist, bald pussy lips.

“Jeeze,” Jill said, “I swear you have a body just like my s****r, tits and ass. I didn’t realize you were so hot looking. Damn, I love that hairless pussy look, I got a nice bikini trim but after seeing you, I‘d like you to do mine, I mean shave me clean like yours.” As it was, I was lying right next to Jill who was about a foot away and on my other side about a foot away was Nicole. I gave her a sexy look I turned off the lights knowing very well that they all got an eye full watching me as I stood there.

Nicole and I had been friends for a long time, I really liked her. She was average height, about 5’6’ tall with short dirty s blonde hair and brown eyes, about 120#’ w/34B breasts. Like Nicole, I knew that she had sex with more than one boy and always had a smile.

After a while it was quiet except some of the girls were whispering to one another but they were barely audible. I slowly rolled over onto my stomach and immediately put my hand under my pussy and slowly, very quietly, ground my butt into my fingers. I didn’t hear a peep out of Jill or Nicole and just assumed that they were fast asl**p, so I started grinding, I should say fucking my hand more aggressively and had my free hand covering my mouth so as not to let anyone hear my moans..

Being totally engrossed with my impending orgasm I wasn’t aware that Jill had slowly inched her way and was now right next to me. She leaned her head over and started kissing my neck; I was shocked but didn’t move a muscle or make a sound. I stopped my action but really needed to cum.

Jill put her mouth up to my ear and whispered “Don’t stop because of me, let me help you cum.” As she said this her hand immediately worked its way from my neck, down my back, giving my body new sensations, I couldn’t help my body from responding and again I slowly ground my pelvic into my hand. Then her soft, warm hand found its way to the crack of my ass and she maneuvered her finger into my sex hole. I froze for a minute but Jill started to finger fuck my hole and there was no way that my body wasn’t going to respond.

My face was pointed to Nicole and I’m almost certain that she was watching what was going on with me and Jill. At this point I really didn’t care. Jill now had two fingers fucking my soaking cunt and I could sense that with her other hand she was doing her own pussy. Jill was now breathing rather fast as I was. I opened my eyes that were now adjusted to the near darkness and not only could I see Nicole plunging her fingers of one hand plunging deeply in and out of her pussy and the other hand squeezing her tits, but also she was breathing as hard as we were. It was as if there was a band leader with a baton and he signaled a climax. All three of us came simultaneously with hushed moans. But I knew that we weren’t the only ones that enjoyed a healthy orgasm that night.

Early in the morning as I slowly started waking up, I became aware of the fact that Jill’s fingers were still in my sopping pussy, but also Nicole had inched her way next to me and had her arm over my back. And I was very comfortable with what had happened.

“Oh, don’t you girls look cute.” One of the girls said looking at the three of us embracing one another on the floor. All eyes were on us and they started to giggle. Nicole, Jill and I, sat up, the three of us completely naked, I smiled at the other girls, then I smiled at Nicole and gave her nice kiss on her open mouth, and then did the same with Jill.

I stood up, smiled some more and then said, “Jill, Nicole, I really slept great and feel fantastic, hw about you two?” I looked at the _expression on all their faces of the other girls as they looked at us, especially me, in awe. I couldn’t believe I just said what I did.

“Well I guess we all know who the lezzies are in our group.” The girl named Pam said. They all laughed, including me.

“Yea, Pam, you could say that,” I said, “But considering all the guys that Jill has admittedly fucked, and the guys that Nicole and I have gone out with; I’d say we are not lesbians, we’re bi, we go both ways. hehe And you want to know something, we thoroughly enjoyed it and we slept like we were in heaven. How did you sl**p?”

“Well,” Pam said, I personally I find it rather disgusting; I’d never do sex with another female. So there.”

Pam, like most of the girls was about 5’5” tall, deep bronze kinky hair, green eyes, around 115#’s w/B cup tits.

All the girls were relatively attractive, but from one to ten, ten being the hottest, like me and Jill, I would say that Pam fell in the seven category; but she was the smartest.

We did the things that needed to be done and then we all went home. We weren’t completely through, but after a couple of days getting as much as we could get done, it was decided that we should go home clean up and change clothes.

I got home around eleven in the morning, but mom was still in bed. I tip toed around the house so as not to wake her up. I took off my clothes that were dirty and put them in the hamper and headed for the bathroom, I felt like I really wanted to soak in a tub full of warm scented water; our tub had relaxing Jacuzzi jets. Good, mom was still sl**ping.

I put my head back on the foam pillow, I put on my headset so I could listen to some hot music, I still like Bruce and Sting, and then closed my eyes and then started thinking about what just happened last nigh with Jill and Nicole. With that vision clearly in my mind, especially the way Jill finger fucked me, I drifted off.

I had two of my fingers deep into my love hole, fucking myself, in my dream it was Jill and Nicole as they fondled my body, pulled on my nipples. I was having a wet dream (literally) and was just about to cum.

“Leslee, are you okay? Honey can you hear me?” I was cumming, and I was cumming hard. I slightly opened my eyes and suddenly became aware that mom was leaning over me as my fingers were still deep into my cunt and my thumb was massaging my clit.

“QH WOW, mom, I didn’t hear you come in.” I froze and left my fingers in my pussy as I tried to control my body tremors from my orgasm. The palm of my hand somewhat covered my swollen clit. Mom has always respected my privacy and would never come into my room without knocking and calling out my name.

“Oh, honey, I knocked on the door and called out your name, but when you didn’t answer and I heard you moan, I thought that you might be sick or hurt.”

“I’m sorry mom, I guess that I was just having a bad dream.” I thought to myself that mom couldn’t be that naïve to not know that I was masturbating like a sex crazed girl. Then I messed up, I decided to casually remove my hand from my cunt and through the clear water, my mom staring, it was very obvious that my lips were open and aroused.

“Oh, uhm, well I didn’t mean to disturb you,” mom said with a blushed face and turned to leave. Oh shit.

“Mom, don’t leave, I mean I think that we need to talk, you know, like mother to daughter. Please sit on the stool so we can chat.”

Poor mom, last nights experience with Christy and now catching me jilling off. “Mom, well I really don’t know what I should say, but sooner or later you would find out, your pretty little princess, like most my age, have a need to masturbate. I’m kind of embarrassed that you caught me, but truthfully, mom, I’ve been doing it for a long time, but up until now I just would do it in bed. Mom, do I shock you by telling you this.”

“Honey, let me, uhm, well sweetheart, I’ve known for a long time, in fact I can even tell you when you started doing it, masturbating. But honey it’s a very natural thing for everyone, male or female, we were created that way so that we would continue to populate the world. It’s embarrassing to be caught, but it’s very normal for a person with a healthy libido, and as you know now, it gives you so much pleasure.”

Thanks for understanding, mom. Mom you, well you know, do you do it also?”

“Oh, sweetheart, you don’t ask your mother questions like that. I mean I’m your mother after all, c***dren don’t ask their parents that sort of thing, it’s, I mean it’s, well too personal and when you become a mother you’ll, uh, understand someday when you have c***dren.” All I had to do was look at the expressions on her face and I could tell immediately that she did, and at that point I wanted to jump out the tub and give mom a big hug and kiss.

“Could I ask you another question, I mean like, how did you know when I started masturbating? I mean I was always did it very quietly in bed.”

“I should let you find out for yourself when you have a little girl, but I’ll tell you. Who washes your panties? Who changes your bed sheets. Sweetheart, for the last five years, well I shouldn’t tell you this, but I will. After you left for school your scent, your sexual smell would be over your bed sheets and your panties in your hamper. I realized those years ago that my little princess was becoming a woman. I loved smelling you.” 

“I forgot to ask you. How did you enjoy our neighbor, Christy, isn’t she beautiful?”

Oh my god, mom’s faced flushed as if a red light was shining on it. Oh god, I couldn’t believe what I was thinking. Did Christy seduce mom like she did me?

“Well yes, honey, I, well I really think she’s so beautiful, I should say, uhm, very beautiful. I hope you won’t be disappointed in me, dear, but we had drinks and I think, well I had too much to drink and she insisted that I stay over for the night.”

“You never could drink, mom. You know what I mean; it’s not like you get d***k, but don’t get upset, but sometimes you do and say things, well truthfully, are embarrassing. So where did you sl**p, in her guest room?” Now I knew that the answer was obvious.

“Honey, I was a little confused. I mean, you are right, I shouldn’t drink. Okay, I think, uhm, I’m pretty sure that I slept in her bed. Well, uhm, maybe I shared her bed with her. I mean that she wanted to be sure that I didn’t hurt myself so she took off my clothes and put me to bed; and then, uh, I think that she came to bed with me. She was just taking, uh, well, care of me; I think that she knew that I was lonely. I really like her.”

“So how do you feel today? Do you have a hangover or anything?”

“Oh no sweetheart, that’s the funny thing, I really feel great, better than I’ve felt in a long time. I know what you mean when you told me she was so great to be with..”

I let it go at that and after I freshened up I wanted to go see Christy; I really missed her. I know that she had sex with mom, and to tell you the truth I was happy for mom. I showered and went next door; I also took my overnight bag that she gave me.

“Oh, thanks for coming over, we’ve got so much to talk about. First of all I talked to my agent and she doesn’t think that it will be any problem getting into the modeling field. I sent her a couple of snap shots of you, and I hope you don’t mind, this is what really got her interested in you, I sent her a video of the two of us having sex.“ I couldn’t believe what Christy just told me.

“Christy, when did you take movies of us having sex? I certainly didn’t see you with a camera. I mean Christy, I really like you a lot, but you should have told me.“ 

“Lez, let me ask you a question. First of all, did you enjoy having sex with me? Secondly, do you really want to make big money in the modeling field?”

“Yes, Christy, I did enjoy having sex with you, I mean a lot. You really showed me how pleasurable good sex could be. And, yes, I do want to be a successful model, that’s all I’ve been thinking about since you told me about it. In fact, I want to tell you about last night, I mean it was so cool to feel the way you said a model should be.”

“You don’t have to tell me a thing, we’ll watch it together. Give me the camera bag, I’m sure none of the girls were suspicious; I’ll just plug it into our 60 inch High definition screen and we’ll both see what went on last night when you turned on the camera. Sit back and enjoy.” She said with a broad smile. “Oh just a minute.” She went into the other room and I was certain that she made a call.

She told me how much she enjoyed my mom’s company last night, and then turned on the video. My god, I had put the bag on a shelf in the room and it had adjusted the focus on all of us, and if it saw some activity it would zoom in, it looked like it was daylight..

I started when we all took off everything but our bra and panties, the images were as sharp and clear as if we were in the room. Then came the part were I got up and said that I wanted to take it all off. Just then Christy’s door bell rang and in came mom. Oh shit, I was getting pissed, I knew that Christy called her.

“Christy, I don’t want my mom watching this with us. I mean some of this can be embarrassing.”

“Lez, let’s just tell Shari right now what our intentions are as far as you going into the modeling field….. Shari, the reason I wanted you over to watch a hidden camera movie that I had instructed Lez to place in position last night so that we could see how she could handle herself with a group of her peers. I had told her that you have to be a little callused, forgetting any inhibitions and not to be bothered by others touching her body, even if it was sexual. Now let’s see how she was able to keep her composure.” She started the video and I was concerned that mom might think that I’m a slut or lesbian.

As plain as day, in wide screen, high definition, we watched as I got naked, pranced around and as clear as could be, Jill finger fucking me and then Nicole joining in. Last night I was so engrossed in my own pleasure I watched as a couple of the girls were masturbating, thinking they were unobserved, but the shocker was when the wide angle camera caught Pam, the one that made fun of us being lesbians, had her eyes glued on me as Jill and Nicole were playing with my pussy, and she was franticly masturbating, one hand had her fingers deep in her cunt and the other was vigorously rubbing her clit.

“Very interesting, don’t you think, Lez? The girl that was critical of you, Jill and Nicole being lesbians, and making an issue of it, and yet, she herself was turned on enough to get herself off over and over by watching the three of you enjoying yourselves like healthy women, She herself being a closet lesbian. I think that you should invite some of these girls over sometime, we should be able to have a lot of fun.” (next Part 4 )

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