"Sex Stories" Babysitting P5

Sex Stories Babysitting P5
I had positioned myself so that my crotch was rubbing against mom’s thigh, humping her thigh as I was sucking on her nipples, in fact I could have sworn that I even tasted her sweet milk as I did as a baby... Then I heard Pam moan as she started cumming, then mom moaned loudly as she does when she is cumming. The tension was getting so great, I fucked my mom’s thigh hard and as I moaned loudly; we all came together.

Like a good slut, Pam quickly came over and started licking my pussy juices clean and then did the same thing to mom. I patted a place next to me on the bed where she could lie down. I then gave her a nice loving kiss, and said, “thank you, beautiful.”(Sex Stories)

“You taste so good, Leslee, I always knew that I’d enjoy the way you tasted, I want to always clean you up, and Shari too, when you cum. Can I always stay with you, even if you get married? I mean , you’re the only one I want to be with forever, Leslee. I want to go wherever you go, I mean even if you get married. Please?" 

Suddenly I was aware of the presence of someone in the room. “Damn, Lez, damn, I really underestimated you. Sweetheart, you’re going to go very far. Here all the time I thought that I seduced miss innocent, and hell, you’ve outdone me by a long shot. I’ve been watching you for the last fifteen minutes and I got myself off twice; hell, that was one hot show you put on.” (Erotic Stories)

Let me say this before I go any further with my story. I’m now older and wiser and realize that power isn’t something that means that you’re a bully, arrogant and without compassion; Hitler had Power, Stalin had power, as well as Saddam of Iraq, but they were evil and arrogant and had no sense of decency and to tell you the truth, I believe they loathed themselves. On the other hand, you can have power in a good and decent way. First of all you have to love yourself and have self esteem; I’m somewhat of a narcissist. When I’m masturbating I enjoy watching myself in a full length, but I’m not conceited or egotistical in the slightest. I love playing with a woman’s body and I love seducing them by conversation over a drink, but I would never, ever f***e sex upon an unwilling person by power, that disgust me, unless it is in a fantasy or an agreement between both of you. The bottom line is that I love pleasuring a woman that I’m attracted to, not solely because of her beauty, but for her sense of humor and intellect as well.

I got out of bed and told Pam to take my place next to mom; I instructed her to caress mom’s body, hug her and kiss her and if mom showed any signs of sexual arousal to make sure she does everything to satisfy moms needs. Pam obediently obeyed.

“Now that you have Pam and Shari under control, does this mean you won’t have time to spend with me. What I’m trying to say, Lez, is that I’m feeling a certain amount of jealousy and that maybe you won’t have time for me. You know it wasn’t long ago you told me how much you loved me. Oh Lez, please don’t abandon me.”

What the hell was going on? Not too long ago I was happy to hump my hand every night and go to sl**p happy and content; thinking that I would soon go to college, find a guy and have him fuck me every day. I know that I’m not a lesbian because I still have wet dreams of guys stuffing their hot cock into my hungry hole, but for now I seem to be satisfied without a guy,; the women around me have given me more sexual gratification than I’ve ever had, or expected, but then again I’ve become like Christy; almost sexually insatiable. I also realized later on that it was called ‘growing up.’

“Christy, I’d never abandon you; after all you’re my mentor. I do love you and I now know that I will be successful, with your guidance, in the modeling field and am looking forward to it and hopefully, with you at my side along with Shari.” Oh my god, now I’m referring to my mom by calling her Shari, is this being disrespectful or what?

“Oh Lez, when I first saw you I thought that I’d always have you to myself, and I never thought that you would always be there for me; not only sexually but for your presence of beauty combined with your wonderful disposition, but you are so like me. Anyway, do you have the other girls for tomorrows party as well as your Shari’s lady friend.”

As we were talking quietly we heard mom, Shari, moaning away and instructing Pam on what she wanted. “Yes, sweetheart, lick my asshole with your tongue and then put your finger in there. That’s it, oh yea, like that, fuck my ashore with your finger; oh god, I love my rear hole being fucked while you suck on my pussy lips. Yea, baby, stick some fingers in my love hole, ohh damn, fuck both holes as you suck on my clit, yes, yes like that. Oh yes yes, I’m going to cum all over you. Oh my god Yes, yes, yes.”

I couldn’t believe my mom was such a horny woman. How was she able to suppress it for all these years; and at that point I realized that I probably would have ended up just like her if it wasn’t for my beautiful neighbor, Christy. I turned to Christy and said, “I really do love you; can we go to your place and fuck?” We went and we fucked. End

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