"Sex Stories" birthday Surprise

Sex Stories birthday Surprise
I keep my wild c***d past hidden from my husband though I give him what he wants and needs sexually. A part of me wants him to read what I write here then again a part says no though I like the danger. I remember one particular birthday I was looking at my life .

At a table with some friends. They all had someone; I didn’t so I went home by taxi feeling sorry for myself. I went in the house, stopped, poured a glass of wine, and went to my bedroom and I stripped my clothes and looked at my body from every angle, sure, I’d had a k**. That was 17 years ago though and I sagged a little here and there but I still thought I could turn some heads. I took a shower and wandered downstairs in the basement to turn on the t v and pout I had on my white wrap around robe that accentuated my breast and clearly showed my moons. I had it loosely tied anyway. As if, I need worry living with just my son. Soon my thoughts turned to sex they usually do when I drink, so I untied my robe and began stroking my nipples and squeezing my breast and daydreaming about my sons father that was the only thing he was good for. (Sex Stories)

Soon my fingers found my my damp slit as I teased my clit and ran my fingers over and into my vagina. Soon I was moaning and heard myself so I looked around me and went pffft I was to d***k and feeling sorry for myself to care. I stood up and let my robe fall in a pile by my feet and playfully kicked it away and danced around the room. I sat back down and my fingers found my pussy and I was touching myself when I heard a noise, not sure I continued after not hearing anything after listening I thought oh yeah great wouldn’t that be something to have my son catch me rubbing one out. I laughed to myself and was intently rubbing my clit and gasping and moans escaped from my mouth. I orgasmed and slunk back on the couch and passed out. 

I was stirred later by a wet warm feeling on my pussy. I spread my legs and sl**pily enjoyed the sensations. Soon I was whispering yes yes oh god yes I need this sooo bad please don’t stop. d***k or no I started to realize what I had said and what was happening. I went to push whoever was down there away but a soft voice said no please don’t I won’t hurt you or anything. I spread my legs open and held his head as he ate my pussy, pushing two fingers inside me soon my hips were rising and falling to the tongue lashing and finger fucking I was getting .My body was enjoying all of this sexual release I felt building up. Soon I grabbed him and held his head with my hands and thighs and exploded all over his face. He started to say something and I said shh no names no nothing, as I felt him settling in over top of me and his cock was brushing my pussy I reached down and guided him in. 

I started rolling my hips and thrusting up on his cock as he pushed his hot throbbing cock up into my wet vagina. Soon I was crying out in my typical fashion of fuck meeeee fuck me oh god yes fuck meee soooo good so hard fuck my pussy you sweet man give it to me. He emptied his scalding hot sperm deep inside my pussy I felt it splashing the walls of my cunt. I was disappointed when he got off me and stood up. I told him bring me that luscious cock so I can suck it back to life. Suddenly more voices rang out saying there’s no need for that. One of the voices was my son’s best friend. The others I wasn’t to sure about. As I was thinking, I need to get up and go upstairs to my room. 

Two boys/men sat beside me one kissing my neck and shoulder and ear and the other teasing my nipples with his tongue. Another pushed my legs open and was slowly teasing my clit. One of the boys was whispering into my ear how hot I was and I had always been the milf they all wanted to fuck. I was afraid to ask them if my son had ever said anything to them but it turned out my son and I were caught fucking at the lake by a few of his friends. I was embarrassed by this but I was too horny and d***k to care at the moment. I was lifted up and asked which way to my bedroom as I was carried upstairs and laid out on the bed like a feast for the boys. Needless to say, my pussy was dripping wet and getting wetter all the time I could feel my juices running down and over my ass. Without warning, a cock found my pussy and pushed its way inside me. I felt another at my mouth and opened up to take it in and lick and twirl my tongue all along the head and shaft. I pride myself on my oral skills and took his cock into my throat and slowly withdrew it from my mouth wrapping my lips around the head of his beautiful young cock and made butterfly flicks of my tongue all over and around his cock soon, it was exploding in my mouth. 

My empty mouth was soon full again with another as the cock in my pussy worked into my cunt in a slow grinding motion. I was moaning around the cock in my mouth when I decided I on wanted to be on top and ride this throbbing cock and I sank down onto it feeling it spread my pussy open as it made its way inside me. I gasped out, bit my lip, and squeezed down on his cock feeling my juices flowing feely from my soaking cunt with each thrust my pussy made squishing noises and this brought me over the edge again and into another orgasm. I felt another cock pushing at my pussy entrance. I lay still with my ass up as I suddenly felt his cock inching its way inside me. Soon my pussy was stuffed with two hard young cocks. I had a mini orgasm when they started fucking me. 

My pussy was very content to take their wild thrusting cocks in and out of me as I lay forward kissing the one I was riding and whispering for them to slow down and give me a good long fucking, but there was no slowing them down as they fucked my sloppy wet cunt I felt ripple after ripple of pleasure through my well fucked pussy as they yelled out and shot off inside me at the same time causing my orgasm to rush through out my body and send my thighs and hips into spasmatic convulsions! My pussy was gripping their cocks but they soon fell out and left my pussy full of our mingled juices. I rolled over on my side resting and asked someone to get me a beer. I’m leaving names out for a reason but I felt another hard cock nestle in between my butt cheeks and I smiled and groaned at the same time laughing and saying I need to rest, youthful cocks are impatient and he started kissing my neck and whispering in my ear that he really wanted to try it back there. 

I turned toward him, smiled my evil little smile, took his hard cock in my hand, and said you want to put this in my tight little puckered asshole? He turned red but stammered out yes please. I told him to lick my pussy and then lick my ass and get it wet with his tongue and smear my pussy juices on my ass to get it ready as I got on my hands and knees and laid my head on my arms waiting for his hot wet tongue to find my puckered hole. Now I was ready for a soft easy tonguing and a much-needed rest from the fast hard fuckings from the other boys. I love the feel of a mans tongue sliding from my asshole to my pussy and licking and flicking my clit so I rolled over on my back and talked ****** through it all as he licked and finger fucked me. I was quite wet, I could feel his saliva and my juices washing down over my ass, and I told him to make a point of his tongue and push it in my butt hole. I was getting very aroused and wanted to feel him in me so I rolled over and presented my ass to him I reached back and guided his cock into my soaking wet cunt and told him move slow and easy. He was holding my hips and pumping me just right a nice slow fuck is what I needed.

Younger men/boys are so enthusiastic is one reason I love having sex with them because as I was grinding my ass back on the cock that was in me another of the boys crawled under me and started eagerly eating my pussy. I took his cock in my mouth and slowly bathed it with my warm tongue slowly sucking up and down his shaft and then swirling and flicking my tongue over and under the head of it I felt him jump when I pierced his ass with my tongue I sucked his balls into my mouth and wanted to go very slow and make this sensual as possible as I felt my pussy twitching and having spasm after spasm nearing an orgasm. I flooded his face with my sweet juices and held him around his hips as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth and soon I was rewarded with his hot jetting spurts of cum as he filled my mouth with his sweet tasting cum I held it in my mouth then slowly let it trickle down my throat until I swallowed every last drop. 

I kept his cock in my mouth, teased, and sucked on his cock until he was squirming and moaning softly. Behind me Kaydon grabbed my hips and starting pounding into my ass with hard deep strokes he was yelling out he was cumming and soon my asshole gripped his cock and I felt his hot molten cum shoot inside me which triggered another orgasm in my pussy and I threw my head back and screamed in primal bliss as he held me tight to his cock and emptied his scalding load into my waiting ass. He kissed my neck and said I was the most awesome woman in the whole world , as soon as he lay down I felt another cock pushing into my ass, the one thing I love about being fucking in the ass is once it’s relaxed a cock slides easily and gently into me. He began slow twisting strokes into my tight asshole I was surprised at how experienced he acted. I reached back, touched my clit, began to rub it, and alternately squeezed his balls as he pumped his hard cock in and out of my relaxed asshole. Soon another approached from the front, 

I took him in my mouth, and he started to fuck my face. I took my hand, wrapped it around his thrusting cock, and moved my hand up and down his shaft. As I reached back to rub my clit I felt his balls on my chin as he had f***ed his cock down my willing throat. He withdrew his cock from my mouth and I reached for it but he had another idea. He slid under me and my eyes lit up as I realized he was going to fuck my pussy. I felt an instant flood of pussy juices flowing out of my cunt and my nipples hardened as he reached up and softly bit and nibbled then one after the other. I was gasping for air in excitement and the thought of having his cock pierce my wet creamy pussy. I threw my head back, groaned, and thought to myself this is a night I’ll never forget just as his cock pushed up inside me. My pussy opened to his every thrust as he pounded up into my warm wet waiting cunt. I was like a mad woman filled with cock and desire. 

I thought to myself this is one helluva birthday present for any woman. I leaned down and pushed my tongue into his mouth and we kissed and he held me tight and I whispered into his ear fuck me like you own me make my pussy all yours fuck me hard and deep I was moaning and groaning as they fucked my like only younger men can, fast and furious and god could they fuck me. We became three bodies of mingled sex and sweat as they pounded into me, their grunts and my moans and groans filled my room with the sweet sound of sex as I screamed out over and over for them to fuck me hard and fast over and over I screamed uh huh uh huh oh god yes pound me fuck me oh yes uh huh fuck me fuck me oh god yesss fuck meee so hard and good yes it’s so good oh god yes do it uh huh do it to me fuck me it feels so good yes please please fuck me so good and so hard. At that point, they started to fuck me with deep hard strokes and my orgasm was building and building into wave after wave of pleasure. With final hard thrusts, they shot their sweet hot cum inside me. Which is what I was waiting for as I screamed out my orgasm as it washed through out my sweat-drenched body. We collapsed onto the bed and I felt a wave of emotion pour over me as I kissed them both and thanked them for making my birthday so special… until I write again…bye, bye Mrs. X