"Sex Stories" Block Parties Are Fun

Sex Stories Block Parties Are Fun
The neighborhood I grew up in always had block parties, once every month or two. The parties were always like two parties, the early party where everyone behaved and played goofy games and the k**s ran all over, then the real party started later when the stiffs went home. The drinking would get heavy, people smoked pot or who knows what else and things happened. I did not know about the second party till they held it at my house and me and my s****r could not believe all that went on. 

This party was held at my friends Steve house when I was only fifteen or sixteen. Steve parents had a pool and a really nice house, Steves room had its own bathroom and was pretty large and set way back from the rest of the house. Me, Steve, Rick and Bill had gone out cruising in Bill's car looking for girls with no luck. It was about 12:30 or 1:00 am when we got back. We strolled thru the house and several people were passed out on the couch and floor. It is always funny to see your parents passed out. We found some liquor and took it up to Steve's room. When we walked in two women were pased out on the Steve's bed. It was Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Tucker. Mrs Wilson was and older woman with curly brown hair, a little heavy set, big boobs. Mrs. Tucker was a smaller blonde with okay boobs and not too fat. Both had been swiming and were wearing panties and t-shirts. (Sex Stories)

We started drinking and smoking when Steve went over and lifted one of the womens shirts. None of us could believe how big Mrs. Wilsons tits were. Bill then moved Mrs. Tuckers panties to the side showing a nice thick black haired bush. Then we looked at Mrs. Wilson's bush. We were having a lot of fun looking at these women. Then Steve stuck his finger in Mrs. Wilson's pussy. He moved it around and pulled it out and smelled it, we all smelled it. It smelled great! We all had super boners now and to this day I can believe these women never woke up. Bill then stuck his finger in Mrs. Tucker. That smelled great too. We all were taking turns sticking our fingers in these womens pussies, I had never touched a pussy before. It was warm and wet, I loved the smell. Then Rick said watch this, He pulled his pants down, his dick sprang forth. He walked over to Mrs. Wilson and pulled her panties to the side and slid his dick into her pussy. We all watched and could not believe he was doing that. I almost nutted in my pants. He pushed it all the way in. "This is some good pussy!" he said.I turned and Bill had his dick stuck in Mrs. Tucker, And was moving it in and out. Bill blew his wad in Mrs Tucker in like thirty seconds, we all laughed. Steve stuck his dick in Mrs. Tucker next and nutted pretty quick. Rick blew up in Mrs. Wilson and then I jumped in there. It was the feeling I ever had. I made about four pumps in that soft wet pussy before I exploded, that was my first time to have sex and cum in a girl. When I pulled out a wad of goo came out. I then went over to Mrs. Tucker and fucked her and came in her. We all took turns fucking and cuming in these women for next thirty minutes or so. Then we thought we better clean up the mess and put their panties back so we would not get in trouble. I can remember wiping all the spooge off of Mrs. Tucker fine pussy. We left and went to Bill's house. No one ever said a word. When ever the four of us get together we still talk about it. I always wonder if those women ever knew that four k**s fucked the two of them several times that night or maybe they don't know it happened. Whenever I saw those two I wanted to ask. It was great first fuck for me.