"Sex Stories" Boning s****r

Sex Stories Boning s****r
Sometimes events don’t work out the way you pictured in your head. Like when my s****r Toni came home from her date two weeks ago. Being a year younger than her, I’d always kinda looked up to her. At 16 she was trying her best to break out of her niche as a nerdy girl, but if you remember high school at all you know that was impossible. People saw her as a chubby pale girl with glasses and braces who was smart and made good grades, and no amount of new clothes or makeup or whatever was going to change that. Actually, something did change, and that was the way I saw her.

Up until that night we’d been really good friends, as close as a b*****r and s****r could be I guess. We didn’t discuss details but I knew she wasn’t a virgin anymore, just like she knew I wasn’t, and we both know who each other had lost it with. And we both knew that the other masturbated a lot. I could hear her moaning sometimes through the wall that separated our rooms, and she walked in on me jacking off in the bathroom once. But it was when she began wearing tight jeans and those heels that showed off her cute toes, the slightly too tight shirts that left peeks of her belly exposed, the way she’d doll up in heavy eye makeup and switching to contact lenses…added all up, I began to bone for my s****r a lot.(Sex Stories)

It all broke when she came home d***k from her date with Brad Townsen. He was a basketball player, a real catch for Toni, and I was already mad as hell thinking about him fucking her. I love my s****r but I knew Brad was going to just use her. Fuck her and forget her, and Toni would have her reputation ruined and her heart broken. Then she stumbled in the door sloshed, laughing like she’d had the best time in the world, her blouse unbuttoned too far and almost hanging off one white shoulder, her blonde hair a little mussed like she’d been groping, her skirt not able to hide that the creamy pantyhose she’d left wearing were gone. She greeted me warmly, falling against me and reeking of whisky, her high heels falling from her hand where she’d been carrying them. I held her, concerned, angry, letting my eyes roam up and down her body, drinking her in.

And I boned.

She didn’t feel it at first. She was giggling, happy about the way the date had gone, but I wasn’t listening. There was a roaring in my ears, the pounding of my bl**d rushing like a flood. She was so soft. I held her in my arms a little tighter, inhaling the scent of her perfume, her hairspray, and beneath it all a hint of aroused pussy. I could look down at her tits and see her bra. I could feel her softness all over me. (XXX Stories)

“You’re not listening,” she accused, smiling up into my face. I might have been the younger sibling, but I was a full four inches taller, and maybe it gave me a sense of dominance, I don’t know. I remember touching her face, caressing her cheek gently, and watching her smile falter and fail as she realized that I wasn’t, at that moment, just her little b*****r.

My hand moved from her face to her neck, then to her exposed shoulder. I pushed the blouse further off. “What are you doing?” she asked in a small voice.

“Looking at you,” I told her. “You’re so beautiful.”

The smile returned. “You think so?” she asked, sounding like a little girl eager for praise.

“It was a fun date?” I asked, more to distract her than anything. I swear, I had no plan, I was just reacting to her. “Did you have fun with him?”

“It was fun,” she agreed. “Lee, what are you?”

“Shh,” I said and continued to caress her arm and shoulder, my thumb grazing the tops of her breasts. “Did he fuck you, Toni?” I heard myself ask, shocked by my own boldness.

“That’s none of your business,” she said. “Lee, stop.”

I pushed her back against the kitchen counter, trapping her, and she stared into my eyes with a mixture of fear and wonder. I slid my hand down to cup her tit. She gasped, tensed. “Lee!”

I brought my other hand up and cupped her face before moving my lips to hers. She didn’t kiss me back at first, she was just frozen in shock. That was the moment she felt my hardness pressing into her. The shock she felt right then kept her from preventing my next action. I slipped my hand into her bra and cupped her bare tit, feeling her hard nipple on my palm. Her eyes went as wide as saucers and stared into mine deeply. “Lee!” she hissed. Not shouted, hissed, as if she were complicit in a secret. 

“There’s nobody home,” I told her, maybe thinking I was reassuring her. “We’re all alone.” I tried to kiss her again and she pushed against my chest, trying to keep me away. That just made me more aggressive.

Now I want to make it clear that I am not a r****t. I’ve never f***ed myself on anyone, and what I did to my s****r wasn’t typical. I still think had she refused me a little harder, if she’d wept or begged or gotten really angry, that I would have stopped. But she didn’t. She pushed at my chest weakly, she kept saying “Lee!” in admonition. She even said, “We can’t do this.” Not “you.” She said “we.”

I found out later that she hadn’t let Brad fuck her. He’d wanted to, sure. She let him fondle her, finger her a bit, and she’d stroked his cock, but when she refused to go further he’d ended the date. She’d been happy coming through the door because she’d refused him, because she’d wanted him to fuck her but had said no. Because such a popular guy had wanted to fuck her in the first place. Then there I was waiting on her, her horny little b*****r who’d harbored a lust for her so secret that even I hadn’t realized it was there until her body was pressed to mine, before my hands began to roam her body.

I kissed her again, and she reacted instinctively, pursing her lips and returning the kiss briefly before she remembered she wasn’t supposed to be kissing her own b*****r. I put both my hands on her hips and pulled her to me f***efully, grinding my bulge into her midsection, digging in just above her pubes and just below the soft curve of her belly. She gasped again and her arms went around me, hands clutching my back. 

“I want you, s*s,” I whispered to her. “I want to fuck you.”

“Lee!” she repeated. “We can’t do that! You’re my b*****r!”

That’s when I ripped her blouse. I grabbed the material and jerked, popping buttons off, exposing her to me. She was really surprised by that and froze, a hint of anger in her eyes. Then I scooped my hands under her bra, sliding it up and off of her tits so quickly that she hadn’t time to react. And there they were, her soft C cups so pale and round, each capped by tiny pink nipples standing at full attention. I cupped each gently, as if weighing them, and caressed her nipples with my thumbs. She had thrown her arms back in shock when I ripped open her blouse, now she lowered them slowly to the counter behind her, to support herself as I fondled her. “Oh, my god,” she said quietly.

I lowered my face to her chest and sucked one nipple into my mouth. I’d never sucked a titty before and it was a wonderful experience to have my s****r’s so-soft breasts on my lips, pressing my face into her chest, feeling her nipple as my tongue flicked over it again and again. “Oh, my god,” she repeated. Her chest began to heave as her breathing quickened. When I felt her hand on the back of my head, I knew she wasn’t going to refuse me anymore.

I lifted my head and we stared into each other’s eyes. She had her mouth slightly agape, and her eyes glistened, unreadable. I leaned into her slowly, and this time she canted her head to one side, letting her eyes droop closed as we kissed. Her mouth opened, and I felt her tongue touch my lips. I opened to her, and just like that I was sharing a hot French kiss with my very own s****r. My hands fell to her hips to hold her to me so we could grind, and Toni lifted one leg to wrap it around my calf, an obvious sign to me that she wanted this.

I slid my hands up her body to cup her tits again. When the kiss broke her lips glistened with my saliva, and she was panting. I lowered my head to her chest again, sucking one tit then the other, and her hand moved to my head again. She sighed deeply, almost a moan, and said, “No one’s ever kissed my boobs before, Lee.”

“I’ve never done this either,” I said.

“Really?” she asked, surprised. I kissed her again then began tugging at her skirt.

She put her hands over mine. “No,” she said.

Not listening, I continued to pull. She pushed me away, putting strength into it this time. “No, Lee,” she said. “This is as far as it goes.”

“But Toni,” I began.

“No,” she said, voice as soft as a summer glade. She slipped from between me and the counter, pulling her torn blouse closed. “We can’t have sex. It’s i****t.” She turned away from me and moved to the door.

I can’t say what happened to me next. Maybe it was instinct that made me follow her. What did she mean, I wondered, as she looked back at me over her shoulder, smiling at me like that, swaying her hips as she walked, letting her eyes flicker to my crotch before she ducked through the kitchen’s swinging door into the dining room?

I followed a moment later, entering the dining room in time to see her passing through the other door into the hall. She looked back at me, smiled again, and the light in her eyes seemed to me a flashing invitation. I quickened my step, caught up to her in the hall, and when I grabbed her shoulder she let me turn her around without fighting me.

I pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard. She groaned and wrapped her arms around me, returning the kiss with strong passion. She hadn’t bothered to pull her bra back down and when her blouse came open I felt her bare breasts pressing into my chest through my shirt. I jerked up my shirt so I could feel them on my skin, and it had an effect of her too. She groaned again and pulled me closer, sucking on my tongue like a starving a****l. Then, just as abruptly as her passion had appeared, it dimmed and she pushed me away again. Wordlessly she turned away and began to hurry down the hall toward the perceived safety of her bedroom.

But my lust was a raging inferno by then, and nothing she’d done had convinced me that she didn’t really want me. So when she turned to close her bedroom door, I was there already. She screamed when I shoved the door open and came in after her. She spun away from me but I grabbed her. Whether she tripped or her knees gave out or she wanted it that way, she sank to her knees and I followed, keeping my hold on her. She sprawled on her tummy with me on top of her, grinding my cock into the globes of her ass, my hands on her wrists pinning her. “Lee, stop!” she gasped, but there was no fear in her voice.

Releasing one of her hands I fumbled with my pants using the other until my cock was free. Then I jerked at her skirt, pulling it up. It was trapped under her and she began to rock as if to throw me off, but instead it let me pull her skirt higher to expose her light pink panties. Maybe that’s what she intended. In any event, nothing stopped me from next pulling so hard at her panties that the cloth tore. At the sound of ripping she froze and said, “Oh, god.”

I leaned over her, pushing my cock between her thighs, thrusting desperately. She arched her back, maybe trying to dislodge me, crying out, “No! We can’t fuck, Lee! We can’t!”

“Fuck, Toni,” I growled. “I need you so bad. I want to fuck you, s*s. I love you so fucking much!”

“What?” she said, tense.

“I love you!” I nearly screamed, and then my cock touched the moist lips of her pussy, and the only sound I could make was grunting. She continued to just lay there, tense and resistive, keeping her thighs together but no longer trying to buck me off. Her closed legs didn’t stop my cock from finding her pussy. I felt her pubes grate over my sensitive head, then soft moist lips. I thrust and thrust, and felt her lips close over my cock, then more, further, deeper. She cried out again and suddenly went limp, falling to the floor. Her relaxed thighs parted slightly and my cock really began to slide into her.

I was doing it. I was fucking my s****r. I pulled back, thrust in again a little deeper, feeling real wetness from her now. My slick cock sank into her deeply on the third thrust, and Toni tensed again but not to resist me. Her hands clawed the carpet beneath her and she tightened her ass cheeks, and her sweet pussy hugged me as if in welcome.

“Toni!” I gasped her name. “I’m inside you, s*s.”

She groaned deeply. I pulled back and thrust, pulled back and thrust, delirious from the sweet sensation of her hot pussy milking my shaft. I held onto her hips and rode her, fucking her deeply in long, slow strokes, knowing I wouldn’t last long and wanting it to last forever. “s*s! I love you!” I screamed.

“I love you too, Lee,” she screamed back at me. I felt the cum boiling out of me suddenly, and she sensed it too as my cock swelled inside her.

“Don?t pull out,” she gasped to me. “Cum inside me, Lee. Cum inside me.”

I gave a strangled cry and drove my cock into her as deep and hard as I could. She tightened her ass cheeks, holding me inside her as I began to cum, my cock throbbing and pulsing with each jet of hot i****tuous sperm I launched into her quivering body. I pulled back and thrust, erupting with even more cum, a huge teenaged load filling her burning cunt to overflowing. When the spasms finally subsided I lay over her body, sagging with release.

She didn’t disturb me for a moment, then she finally said in a soft, gentle voice, “Get off me, Lee.”

I obeyed instantly, withdrawing my cock from her body and trailing a long tendril of slime that was our juices combined. I sat back on my haunches and watched her roll over, swinging one thick leg past my chest until she lay on her back. Her legs splayed, and I saw her pussy for the first time. Her pubes were lighter blonde than the hair on her head, and still sparse, just a tuft above an almost hairless slit. And her pussy was flowered open, pink inner lips a beckoning kiss glistening with wetness. She spread her legs wider, lewdly, letting me see all I wanted, then held her arms up in invitation which I gladly accepted.

As I lay on her my cock raked along her slit, and though I had started to soften already the touch of her hot cunt made me harden again. She put her arms around me lovingly and gazed into my eyes with a soft smile. “I’m sorry, Toni,” I said.

“I’m not,” she replied. “Kiss me, Lee.”

I knew then that this hadn’t been a **** at all. She hadn’t expected me to push myself on her, but she had welcomed it. We were both equally guilty. I kissed her feverishly, and as our tongues waltzed she lifted her legs into the air until she could dig her heels into my hips. I rotated my hips and found her entrance like she wanted me to. When I slid into her the second time she groaned a welcome into my mouth. I sank balls deep into my s****r’s pussy, pressing my crotch to hers so hard I could feel her pubic bones. The kiss paused briefly for her to whisper, “Fuck me, Lee. Make me cum.”

I pulled back and pounded into her, thrusting so hard it shook her body and made her cry out. Her moans after that were mostly into my mouth as I fucked her, fucked my own big s****r on her bedroom floor, driving my i****tuous cock into her inflamed cunt over and over, listening to the wet sounds we made together, shuddering at the vise-like grip her silky sheath held me with. I managed to put a hand on her tits and rub her nipples, making her moan more as she began to lift her hips and buck against me, fucking me back. Between kisses I was able to suckle her, and as I bit her left nipple gently she came for the first time. Not the first time for us, not the first time she came while fucking, but the first cum of her entire life.

She screamed loudly and clawed my back painfully, but I didn’t stop thrusting until her pussy locked onto me with an unbreakable grip. The walls of her pussy rippled as her body shook, a shiver that ran through her from head to toe and seemed to come from someplace deep inside, from beyond her soul. She went limp when it was done and she wept. “Oh, Lee,” she gasped.

“Are you okay?” I asked, a little frightened by the ferocity of her reaction.

“I’m better than okay, Lee,” she said. “You made me cum. I came!”

Smiling like an idiot I began to fuck her again, thrusts slow and tentative. She moaned. “I never thought sex could feel this good,” she told me.

“I love you,” I repeated.

“I know you do,” she said. “I love you too.”

I pulled back until just the head was left lodged inside her and paused. She gave me a confused look. I slammed my cock into her and her expression changed instantly to a wide-mouth groan of lust. Her hands clawed at me again, her heels dug into the backs of my thighs, and I held onto her hips as I fucked her hard and fast, pounding my cock into her. She screamed again, her fingernails biting painfully into my back. I was beyond feeling pain by then. I kissed her neck, bit her lightly, nibbled the sensitive place behind her ear, and felt my orgasm beginning again.

It came on slower the second time, a pressure building up behind my balls, a tingling that spread from my crotch to consume my entire body. She transferred her hands from my back to my ass and pulled me, urging me to fuck her and fuck her, and I slammed into her so hard it rocked her body, made her heavy tits jiggle, and she squeezed her eyes closed with her mouth wide and strangled noises coming from her throat.

“I?m cumming!” I screamed to her.

It rolled over me like a storm wracked ocean, waves of energy swelling from my core to fill me with white hot desire, and the focus of my lust and my unbridled love was my very own s****r writhing beneath me. She screamed loudly, and I think I screamed, and my cum surged through my cock and poured into my s****r’s body as her pussy clamped down on me again. As I came into her she came right along with me, pussy milking me dry, her body shaking and convulsing, tears streaming from her eyes.

Spent at last, I lay on her fully, and she hugged me tightly apparently not bothered by my weight on her. We kissed gently, lovingly, and slowly my cock shrank and slipped out of her. I felt a flood of wetness exit her and run over my balls to the carpet below us. She felt it too and we both laughed.

“You might have made me pregnant,” she said.

“What?” Shocked.

She nodded. “I’m not on the pill or anything.”

“Why’d you let me cum inside you then?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said with a shrug. “It just felt right.”

“But what if you do get pregnant,” I asked. “I mean…I’m your b*****r.”

“So? We love each other right?”

I paused. “Yes,” I said firmly. And it was true I realized. I don’t know when it happened, but there it was. I was in love with my s****r. Not the love of a b*****r for his sibling. The love of a man for a woman, and it had been there for some time.

“I love you too,” she said, and added, “The way you love me, I mean. I think…I think I’d like to have your baby one day.”

“Shit,” I murmured, smiling dumbly. We kissed again and I caressed her side from breast to hip. 

“I’m not too fat for you?” she asked a moment later.

“s*s, you’re perfect,” I said to her.

She giggled. “That’s why I love you,” she said. “Now, let’s go take a shower together. I want to see you naked.”

“You aren’t the only one,” I replied, laughing.

That was two weeks ago. We’ve made love every day since then, and right now I’m waiting on her to get back from the bathroom with the pregnancy test. What will we do if she’s pregnant with my c***d? I don’t know. But I’m not afraid of it. Love does that to you, I think, removes fear, even if that fear is because you’ve committed i****t with your own s****r and face a life of secret love. I don’t care. I want her.

The bathroom door is opening and there she is, my s****r, my lover. She’s holding the pregnancy test tightly in one hand, and she’s smiling.

She’s smiling.