"Sex Stories" A Boy's Discovery

Sex Stories A Boy's Discovery
I got my first lesson that life held more than masturbation. In my midwest hometown before Walmart there was a Man & Boys clothing store. I had bought clothes there with my mom picking them out up until I was old enough to do that by myself at around age 12. From that age on I went to that store and picked out my own stuff and got to know the manager well. He was an older guy and really liked to see me come in and help me. 

As time went on our conversations turned sexual with him joking about how many girls I had played around with and so on. Well, I hadn't because I was only just 13 and had jock thoughts on my mind not girls. Oh, by that time I was really into masturbation and walking around with a perpetual hardon 24/7.

I told Jack, the manager, that I really hadn't messed with girls but admitted that I beat off a lot. He laughed and told me that was what guys do and he did too. Well, that was a relief because I was going to ask him how long do guys do that. He assured me guys do it for a very long time even as they get old.(Sex Stories)

Well, I had trousers to buy and we picked out a pair and they had to be altered so I followed Jack back to the alteration room. He told me to slip them on and he would measure my inseam for cuffs. Back then that was normal.

So, I slipped out of my jeans and stood there in my tighty whities with my perpetual booner pushing out the hole. I gasped when I realized my dick was out and Jack was on his knees right in front of me. I tried to cover up but he handed me the new trousers and told me to put them on just like he didn't even see my 5 inch cock right in front of his face. I quickly put the pants on and Jack got out his tape mesurement and started doing the measurements. I started to relax a little as Jack just continued with normal converstion as he measured my inseam.(Erotic Stories)

That was when I felt his hand up between my leg and my ball sack. He took a lot of time holding his hand against my balls as he did the measurements on both sides. My dick was rock hard and I was so nervous. 

Jack told me to slip off the trousers and I did but I didn't have room to turn around and he was on his knees right in front of me. So when I dropped the trousers my dick was right there hard as ever. 

Jack said that I needed some relief from that as he stared at my hard dick. Hey, I was 13 and never had seen a man's dick or even pictures and I did not know what he meant by me needing relief. Jack reached up and took my dick in his hand and I about died. No one had ever touched my dick before and I just froze not knowing what the hell to do. 

Jack said that I had a nice dick and started stroking me. I then noticed that he had unzipped his pants and pulled out this fucking gigantic piece of man meat. Holy shit shit! A man's cock. The first thing I noticed was the huge mushroom shaped crown. I mean big like the size of a large plum. And to this day I have never seen a head on a dick as large as his. 

Jack continued to work my cock as he worked his and in nanoseconds I felt my cum starting to roar out of my balls and just as my cum got to the head of my dick Jack covered it with his mouth. Aw shittttttttt. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. A man was sucking my dick! 

Jack stroked my cock and eventually stripped every drop and he frantically worked his own cock. Then he pulled a hand cloth from his pocket and jacked his cum into it. I was barely able to stand. Jack did and showed me the biggest cock I had ever seen (in my youth.) But it left a lasting impression.

Jack acted like this was nothing and just went about the business of writing up the sales slip. He joked around a bit and told me when my new trousers would be ready. 

When I went back to pick them up Jack had been transferred to another store. 

That was real event in my life and I often think about it. I was never converted to gay sex but I sure thought about it plenty of times.