"Sex Stories" b*****r comes home

Sex Stories b*****r comes home
Matt was looking forward to getting home from University. Not so much to see his parents, but because he had missed his s****r more than he had ever expected. He also knew that this would be their last summer at home together. His s****r, Amy, was due to head off to University herself that autumn, and their parents had every intention of selling the house to downsize. For that reason, Matt made plans to get home as soon as the semester was over, despite knowing that his parents would be away in Europe until at least the second week of the holiday.

Matt was just 19, finishing his first year at Kings in London. He was studying medicine, but his idea of studying involved as little bookwork as possible. He spent much more of his time in the bars and clubs of the city, or staying at the halls of friends - particularly the younger women new to the city on his course. Cities were nothing new to him, having grown up with his f****y in Brighton. It was there that Amy was just finishing her college course as the summer began.(Erotic Stories)

As soon as he walked through the door Amy came running from the kitchen, leaping at him like an eager puppy as she jumped up, hugging him, and placing a firm kiss on his cheek.

"You're home... at last," she cried, thrilled to see her b*****r again.

"Looks like it, s*s," replied Matt, equally keen to be back in the heart of the f****y. For him, f****y had always meant Amy above all else. They'd grown up together, cared for more by au pairs and stay-in nannies than by either of their parents.

For a while, the two shared their stories, but as the evening drew in, Matt prepared for his first night's rest back at home. Amy followed him upstairs, and they parted on the landing - Matt into his room, Amy into her - with a peck on the cheek. It didn't take long, though, for Matt to re-emerge.

"Amy?" he called out from his doorway.

Amy appeared at the door to her own room. "What?"

"Who's been in my room? Has someone been staying here?" Matt's eyebrows rose as he spoke.

"Er... no-one," blustered Amy, "only Mum goes in to hoover every now and then." Her eyes widened.

"Haha... just checking," came Matt's response. He laughed at the look on his s****r's face. "I just wanted to check you hadn't been hiring it out for girlfriends... or worse, boyfriends!"

"Very funny!" Quietly Amy turned and pushed her door to behind her.

As the door closed, Amy breathed a sigh of relief. She had been into her b*****r's room several times, but she had always been careful to leave no evidence of her presence. Or at least, as little evidence as she could. The moment of panic over, she set about preparing herself for bed. She placed her pyjama shorts and camisole top out neatly on the bed before sliding her woollen sweater up over her head. As she stood, she glanced at the mirror, pleased with her soft pale-skinned 34c chest, but still look at her slim waist. 
Staring in the mirror, Amy once more heard the click of Matt's door, swiftly followed by his call once again. This time, though, it sounded a little more sinister.

"Amy?" the voice bounced towards her, before a rapid knocking on her bedroom door told her that Matt had found something more. "Amy?" Another knock.

"What now?" she replied, trying to sound as relaxed as possible under the circumstances. Without warning the door opened, and Matt stepped in, showing no sign that he had even noticed her state of undress.

"I thought you said no-one had been in my room?" he enquired, this time with something of a wry grin upon his face.

"They haven't." Amy retorted, perhaps a little too firmly.

"Is that so?" Matt began, "So... nobody use my room during or after a party?"


"And nobody stayed over at all? Ever?"


"And you didn't borrow anything?"

Amy could feel herself reddening as she desperately tried to remain calm. "No, I haven't got any of your stuff," she claimed, all the time sounding less confident in her own remarks.

"That's funny," Matt smiled, "because I would never have left these wrapped up." As he spoke, from behind his back Matt drew a box of condoms. Instantly Amy recognised her error. In her rush to replace the condoms she had used in his absence, she had forgotten to remove the plastic seal from the box she placed in his room. It had taken her such courage to purchase them in the first place, let alone to smuggle them into the house, that the thought of removing the seal had never crossed her mind.

Before she could find the words, Matt came to her rescue.

"Hey... don't panic." The look on his face changed instantly, from the grin, to compassion. Only then did Amy realise that her own face was a picture of fear. The news echoed around her mind as she desperately sought an explanation for her behaviour, realising there was none.

Matt stepped forward, and put his hand gently on her bare shoulder, his finger brushing against the strap of her bra.

"Amy, it's okay. It's not a crime." His calming voice was a relief, but it did nothing to stop Amy's racing heart.

"I'm so sorry," she began, almost choking on her own words as she struggled to overcome the panic. "I just..."

"s*s, s*s... it's okay. If you'd have asked I'd have said it was fine... you didn't even have to replace them. Look, think of it from my point of view. I knew my little s*s would be having sex one day. At least now I know she's doing it sensibly."

Matt's words of reassurance were lost as Amy's lip began to tremble and tears flowed over her cheeks. Almost subconsciously, troubled to see his s****r so upset, he drew her towards him, nestling her face into his shoulder as he wrapped his hands around her back, feeling the cold fear on her skin, as he did so.

As he hugged her close to him, thoughts raced through each of their minds. Matt dreaded the prospect of what had caused this sudden outburst. Had his s****r regretted what she'd done? Or worse, had she had no choice? Had someone taken advantage of her?

All the while she clung to him, ashamed of the truth about the condoms.

"Amy?" he began, tentatively, "did something bad happen? Are you okay?" His arms still firmly wrapped round her, protecting her, he talked quietly and calmly, attempting to reassure her. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Slowly Amy pulled away from his grasp, her tear-stained face before him. She shook her head, and pecked him lightly on the cheek. "Can we not?" she asked, almost pleading. For a moment, Matt stared at her, before replying in a whisper, "Okay." Gently, he released her from his grasp, stepped back towards the door and closed it behind him, before returning to his own room.

As he re-entered his room, Matt reached for his own pyjamas from his drawer and began to change. Neatly piling his jeans and sweater on the chair, his boxers into the basket in the corner of the room, his slid on his shorts and t-shirt before sitting down on the bed. Thoughts raced through his head about what might have occurred with his s****r. Terrible possibilities crossed his mind about what might have happened. And almost instantly, he felt guilty for leaving the condoms at home in the first place. Was he to blame for whatever had gone on?

Meanwhile, Amy stood in front of the mirror once more. She wiped the last tear from her cheek before slipping her jeans off, throwing them to the floor at the side of the room. She glanced across at her body in the mirror as she stood in her underwear. Again a tear welled in her eye, before she slumped down onto her bed, and lay, on her side, her knees wrapped up to her chest. More tears came. Then, another knock at the door.

"Amy, can I come in?" She heard his voice outside the door, but couldn't find her own to reply. Slowly the door creaked open, and moments later she sensed him sitting on the bed behind her.

"Amy... I'm sorry... is everything okay with you? What happened?"

Amy lay, almost frozen in her position on the bed. She had no words with which to answer.

"Amy?" again her b*****r's voice came. She stirred on the bed, as if to find the words, but still none came.

Matt knew he had to be frank.

"Amy... has someone hurt you?"

In an instant, things changed. The panic on Amy's face fell for a moment as she realised what was in Matt's mind. Almost involuntarily she let out her first noise of the conversation. It wasn't quite a response, but it served as one, as she sniggered.

Confused now, Matt glanced down at her. "What is it?" he enquired.

She looked up, her red blotchy eyes smiling at him now. "Thank you." Came her only response.

"For what," came the confused reaction from her b*****r.

"For caring," she explained, "for protecting me, and...," she paused, "for thinking that about me."

"I don't understand... what's happened?" Matt asked once again. "Has someone upset you? Or hurt you?"

Without responding, Amy sat up beside Matt. For the first time, he noticed that she was wearing only a bra and small white panties. And almost instantly he admonished himself for the thoughts that crossed his mind. Here was his s****r, perhaps about to tell him of the most traumatic experience of her life and the thought that had crossed his mind was... well, impure at best.

Gently she pecked him on the cheek once more before rising to her feet. She walked a couple of steps across the floor to her chest of drawers before opening the top drawer, she put her hand inside, before turning back to Matt.

"Did you think that someone had used your condoms to attack me?" she queried, half smiling as she did so.

"Well..." Matt replied, still concerned to know the truth about his s****r.

"The only person who's used those condoms is me, Matt." As she spoke, she gently raised her hand from the drawer, this time drawing with it a thick blue rubberised dildo, about 6 inches in length. As she drew back her hand, a rosy blush came to her cheeks, as did a small smile, almost of self-pity.

For a moment, Matt started unable to respond. Then, finally he spoke.

"I thought..."

"I know. But you don't have to worry. Nobody's f***ed me to do anything. Nobody's even asked me in fact." Amy gave a small chuckle at that thought. "The only person who has been wearing condoms in my room... is this." With that, she placed the dildo down on the counter top, and pushed shut the drawer.

"But...," the confusion in Matt's voice was still clear.

"What? What don't you get, Matt? I know it's sad, but... well, I did it, okay? I just wanted to know what it felt like. And I know I shouldn't have taken them, but... look, I'm really sorry."

"Hey, hey," Matt rose from the bed, again placing his hands on each of Amy's shoulders, "Don't apologise. I'm relieved, really. You can have as many condoms as you like Amy." Once more, he drew her towards him, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her in close. Instantly, his mind reassured about the worst of prospects, he remember once more of the state of undress in which his young s****r stood. Holding her in his grasp, his mind wandered again to the thought of her standing with him in only her bra and panties as he felt his own warm palms against her cool skin.

"Just one thing, Amy," he said as he drew back slightly from her, moving her face into view, "I don't think you can get pregnant with one of those," he smiled, glancing across at the dildo on the table-top.

"Haha, very funny," Amy retorted, pulling back again from her b*****r's embrace.

Again Matt glanced across at his s****r, admiring her smooth figure, and the softness of the skin of her breasts as they stood before him, tightly held into her white bra. This time she too admired the figure of the man stood in front of her. She knew the person well, but suddenly she realised that the body was different. He seemed slightly firmer now, leaner somehow, yet more full.

"Well," Amy smiled, "at least now you know your little baby s****r is still pure."

"Pure?" came the shocked reply. "Pure? Ha! I don't think this counts as pure!" Matt grinned at her as he grabbed the dildo from the side, waving it teasing in front of her.

"Stop it!" She stole it back from him. "Anyway, it's not like you haven't used any 'self-service' methods. I used to live with you remember?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Matt said.

"Haha... what do you think, Mr I'm-in-love-with-Britney-Spears?"

Memories came flooding back into Matt's mind. He could well recall the number of times he'd take himself quietly to his room to watch one of his Britney DVDs, and the result was almost always the same. So many times he'd fantasised about being with his popstar idol, and most of those times resulted in the use of copious amounts of Kleenex to clean up afterwards.

"Well, I guess we've both grown up a lot since then," Matt pondered, partly remembering happy memories of bedroom wanking with his latest video.

"Haha, yeah right... I bet you still do it," came Amy's quick reply.

With a raised eyebrow, Matt too was quick to respond. Holding up the dildo between them, he spoke with confidence "And so, it appears, do you, little s****r." A smile appeared across his face. "What about this... ever tried this?" Matt moved the dildo to his own crotch, holding it out as if presenting his own cock for pleasure.

"Stop it!" Amy shrieked, clearly embarrassed by his actions.

"You have, haven't you? You've pretended to suck guys off with this, haven't you?" Matt's voice sounded almost gleeful at embarrassing his s****r in this way. But the response he got was not what he expected.

"Yes! Yes I have, okay, and I reckon I'd be pretty good at it, thank you very much!"

For a moment, the two of them paused, shocked at realising the threshold they had crossed. Each tried to work out whether to back-track, or to succumb to the urges that were pushing them forward with their banter.

"Go on then," Matt challenged Amy. Nodding down at the dildo resting against his shorts, he encouraged her to demonstrate her new skills.

"No!" came the quick retort.

"Haha, not so confident now, are you?" Matt replied, willing her to take to the floor beneath him.

"Fine... but if you get jealous, don't blame me," Amy responded. And with barely a moment's pause Matt watched as she lowered herself to her knees before him, and guided her hand towards the dildo he held out in front of him. Almost instantly her approach seemed to change. Before she had been his playful younger s****r, sharing the laugh with him, but without a hint of sexuality in her. Not that altered as the glint in her eye seemed to tease him as she moved her mouth towards the head of the dildo.

He stood, awestruck, as he watched her flick back her soft blonde hair as she let her tongue reach for the tip of the dildo. As her wet tongue touched the end of the rubber cock, he felt a pang of pleasure in his own shorts as he imagined it was him feeling the soft touch of her. He started down in amazement as she left her left hand slip gently along the girth of the toy, her lips now gently wrapping around the thick helmet. Again he sensed his own cock burgeoning as the excitement of what he saw began to overcome him. For a moment he hoped to keep his own sensations under control, to maintain the appearance of observer in this little game, but once more Amy surprised him with her actions. As her mouth slipped along the shaft of the dildo, her hand pushed back along its length until eventually he felt the side of her palm pressing lightly against his shorts. Each movement of her hand pressed slightly more against his growing cock, and each time he seemed uncontrollably to respond, with his cock pushing back against her.

Unable to control his thoughts, Matt closed his eyes, desperately willing that his s****r didn't recognise his emerging erection, still unsure of whether her hand actions were deliberate or inadvertent. But it didn't take long for him to know the truth. Just as before, her hand moved a little further. Almost unnoticeably at first, but then, something different. This time the fingers of her hand seemed to cup him just slightly, as if to explore for his balls. Her head moving more quickly now along the dildo shaft in front of him, her hands reached gently beneath him, exploring, and once more encouraging his cock to f***e its way forward, reaching out for her.

Then, without warning, it stopped. As suddenly as the whole experiment had begun, Amy pulled away, moving her hand, and standing up in front of him with a smile.

"See... not bad, eh?" came her smiling suggestion.

"Not bad at all, s*s," was all that Matt could find in response, "Not bad at all."

"I guess you probably need to go back to your room then, big b*****r?"


"Well, you know," she glanced down at the more-than-obvious bulge in his shorts, "you might need to stick on a Britney DVD," she added with a smile.

"Oh right," Matt added, almost smugly, "and just exactly what will you be doing?"

"Oh, I'll entertain myself," Amy smiled.

A thousand thoughts rushed through Matt's mind. He knew that Amy was right, and that he needed to relieve the pressure in his shorts. He knew too that the safest way to do it was back in the privacy of his own room. But he also knew that the glint in her eye meant that Amy too had been turned on by what had happened. He knew that as soon as he left the room, she too would be keen to pleasure herself. And something inside of him knew that that was best done separately. But an equally strong yearning made him desperate to share that experience with her.

"Does that... turn you on then?" Matt asked, hesitantly.

"What do you think?" came the short reply.

Without further discussion, Matt reached up with his left arm and guided Amy backwards until she stood in front of her bed. Gently pushing her, she fell backwards, sitting on the edge of her blanket, falling slightly backwards on her arms. Reassured by her lack of resistance, Matt planned his move. Slowly, he let his arm fall to her naked thighs, where he gently pulled her left leg to one side, and then without comment, raised the dildo, still in his right hand, placing it softly between her legs.

"Matt...,"Amy began, nervously.

"Shhh," came his only response.

Carefully, he moved them dildo forwards, all the while staring directly into Amy's eyes. Gently he let the head of the cock press against the soft white fabric of her panties. Almost automatically, Amy's legs fell slightly aside as she felt the soft pressure of the dildo against her. As the cotton of her panties pressed against her, instantly Matt saw the darkening material as he pressed lightly against the wetness of her lips. Further he pushed, gently still, as he pressed against her body, still staring intently at her, as he watched her eyes close.

As Amy relaxed back on her arms, he knew that his actions were welcomed. Carefully, he ran the still wet dildo back slightly along her leg, allowing him to reach for her panties with his spare hand. Gently lifting aside the material, he slid the panties across to one side, revealing her soft pink fleshy pussy. Again he felt his cock firm up in his shorts, clearly protruding now as he stood, hard, in front of her. Gently again, still holding back her underwear, he moved forward the dildo, letting its head, still moist from Amy's blowjob, brush lightly against the wetness of her pussy. He sensed her body shudder as he ran the tip of the helmet up and down the lips of her cunt, gently pressing against her.

Amy lay back, knowing that what her b*****r was doing was wrong, but unable to do anything to stop him... or herself. Within moments of the dildo pressing against her, she felt her body relax, and involuntarily let out a soft moan of pleasure. Matt took this as his cue to proceed, and gently pressed against her lips, letting the helmet of the dildo slip inside of her young pussy.

He didn't know how often Amy had used this toy before, but it was clear that her cunt was still tight, as he increased the pressure to push the rubber cock further into her. He felt his own cock ripple with excitement, already matching the dildo in size, but not yet in warmth as he pressed it further inside of her. Gently he let the shaft slip inside his s****r as she lay back on her bed, her legs parted, welcoming his actions.

Matt let his free hand wander to his shorts, where already he could feel his cock reaching for the edge of the light material covering him. Gently slipping his hand along his left leg, he lifted his shorts, letting his cock slip out into the air. Almost immediately it sprung to attention, briefly brushing against Amy's leg as it did so. Matt took himself in hand, his right hand now pushing the dildo smoothly in and out of his s****r's pussy as his left hand began to imitate the action upon his own shaft.

Amy continued to moan lightly with each penetration, and soon her own hand reached down to rub against her clit as she enjoyed the sensation of the hard dildo slipping in and out of her. It was the first time she had ever felt something inside of her that was not in her own hand, and she could only begin to imagine the pleasure of a genuine cock slipping into her. She lay back now, her legs parted wide as she felt her b*****r pushing inside of her young wet pussy, and felt the pleasure of her own finger against her clit.

As she relaxed, Amy's head fell to the side and instantly in her view was the packet of condoms. The thought rushed instantly through her mind, and with her free hand she reached for them. Without speaking, she drew the packet to her mouth, biting through the cellophane wrapping, before handing the opened packet to her b*****r.

"What... you want a condom on it?" Matt asked, a little confused. Amy gave no response other than a light nod. Quickly he scrambled through the pack, pulling out a wrapper, instantly unveiling the condom inside of it, and positioning it in his hand ready to place it on. Slowly he withdrew the dildo from Amy's cunt as he prepared to cover it with the condom in his hand. But to his surprise, as he did so, Amy reached for it. Was she going to put it on?

Then, as she pulled the dildo from his hand, she sat herself up, resting again on her arms, and reached for his left arm. Instantaneously, he dropped the erection he had been caressing as she drew his arm towards her, but her mind was made up. As he dropped his cock, she too dropped his hand, this time reaching down for his now fully hardened erection.

"Oh here..." she whispered, nodding towards the condom and then his stiff cock.

Nervously, Matt responded, "You sure?"

Amy didn't respond. She reached again for his cock, this time sliding his shorts down past it, letting them fall to the floor. Matt needed no more encouragement than this as he began to prepare the condom to slide upon his thick helmet. As he did so, Amy guided his thighs to stand between her parted legs, his cock now hovering directly above her white panties. As the condom slipped over his shaft, Amy unhooked her bra from behind her back, letting it slide along her arms, and onto the bed beside her.

This time, as Matt moved towards his s****r with his cock fully prepared to enter her, it was she who moved aside her panties, once again revealing her now soaked pussy ready to enter. Once more he felt the pressure as he pushed the helmet against her lips, but this time he felt it more directly through his own cock as he prepared to penetrate her. Once more, he felt the tightness of her cunt as his shaft slipped gently inside of her, burying himself deep inside his young s****r. And once more he watched as her finger slipped to stroke against her clit.

Now, as he felt his cock moving more rapidly inside her, he watched as her hands explored her own body, one rubbing her clit, the other now starting to run slowly over her breasts. The pleasure began to build in each of them. Matt's movements became more rapid now, as did Amy's finger stroking across her clit. More frequently came her moans in the signs that Matt instantly recognised from his college conquests as a forthcoming orgasm. Amy too identified this, but it was entirely new to her. She had never felt this feeling before with a real cock inside of her, much less the cock of her b*****r.

As Matt buried himself deeper inside of her he felt her cunt gripping tightly around him as the pressure built in Amy. Then, with an unexpected rush, he felt her legs wrap around him as she groaned with pleasure, an orgasm overcoming her. This was his cue to unleash himself as once more he increased the pace of his penetrations allowing himself to shoot his load as he fucked her.

Eventually, the moment passed, Amy lay back on her bed, Matt still inside of her, smiling down at her near naked body. Gently he withdrew his cock from her pussy, slipping outside of her, a trail of cum streaking across her leg as he did so. Still smiling, he stepped back as his s****r raised herself once more onto her bed. Grinning back at him, she reached again for the dildo at her side.

"Don't think I'll need this any more," she smiled with a twinkle in her eye, dropping it to the bin.