"Sex Stories" Broomstick

Sex Stories Broomstick
It had been the strangest and yet the most exhilarating time in Sandy's life, these last two weeks. She looked at her naked body and was pleased with her tall, slender body with her small breasts. It was a good body. She could hardly believe she had been a repressed, inhibited librarian just two weeks ago, afraid of sex and feeling dirty whenever her own strong urges overcame her and she rented pornographic videos and played with her pussy until she came, often eight or ten times in an evening. She touched her nipple and felt it stiffen. Then she was k**napped for the entertainment of the Hellfire Club, and subjected to . . . all those things. The memory of being tied, helpless and f***ed to submit to whatever anyone wanted of her, without will, without volition, just a hot cunt and mouth and ass was sharp, and she felt the juices in her pussy begin to flow.

She touched her bare pussy and idly stroked her hardening clit. She wanted to try that again, only this time she wanted to be on the giving end. She grinned. It looked as if Janie and Davy would have to be the participants. The other day when they had ganged up on Davy had been fun, really fun. Tonight would be Janie's turn. She thought of her two neighbors and the night she had come home and dropped the pornographic video. What a kick it had been with them! She felt the strangest sense of freedom she had ever felt before, a falling away of the chains of the past and of her upbringing that had kept her true nature in a bondage that had threatened her very soul.. Knowing Janie was always late on Wednesdays, she would have Davy to herself for the short time that she would need. She took her purchase in the bag from the discount store and knocked on the door.(Erotic Stories)

"Oh, hi, Sandy," smiled Davy. "Come on in!" he said stepping back from the door. Davy was drinking a beer. "Care for a brew?" he asked.
"I'd take some wine," she answered. As she watched Davy walk over to the wine box, she noticed his fine body and how the muscles moved underneath his tight T-shirt. She felt a stirring in her crotch accompanied by a firm desire to pull off Davy's jeans and grab his big cock until it got hard. However, she controlled her impulse as she remembered Janie's words that she could have all of Davy that she wanted--as long as Janie could watch or told him to fuck her. This was too good a deal to mess up by being greedy.
"What's up?" he asked, handing her a glass of wine.

She smiled wickedly, throwing out her small breasts which were naked under her T-shirt. Her nipples were hard against the material, and she could see Davy's eyes had noticed them. "Oh, I just thought you might like to get even for last Sunday."
"What do you mean?" asked Davy, the light of interest showing in his eyes.
Wordlessly Sandy reached into her bag and extracted a rope, already cut into several pieces. When Davy looked at the rope with puzzlement, she explained. "Why don't we tie her up, and then we can do whatever we want to her," Sandy grinned wickedly. "And I do mean whatever!"
"Such as?"
"Spank her," said Sandy.
"Make her eat your pussy!"
"Make her suck your cock until it spurts hot come into her mouth!"
"Shave her pussy!"
"Spread her ass and have you shove your cock right up it!"
"Oh, Jesus!" squirmed Davy. 
"Now here's the plan," she began to explain.

A half hour later, Janie breezed in the door, happy from her encounter with her friends. "Hi, Sandy, what's up?" 
"Oh not much. I was just having a glass of wine with Davy while waiting for you."
"Let me change clothes. You know how much I hate being in my work clothes." Of course Sandy did. That was an essential part of the plan. Sandy followed Janie to her bedroom.
Janie undressed while Sandy chattered. Sandy watched as Janie unbuttoned her stylish office dress and stepped out of it, then removed her panty hose with an audible sigh. When she unhooked her bra, her large breasts flopping free, Sandy called out to Davy, who she knew would be waiting just outside the door.
Davy rushed in and grabbed Janie's almost naked body.

"Hey!" Janie squealed as Davy's strong arms folded around her. Before Janie could discover what was happening, Sandy had looped a piece of rope around her ankles. Then Davy pulled her arms cruelly behind her back while Sandy wrapped a second piece around her arms at the elbows and then at the wrists. The two conspirators said not a word. Davy then lifted Janie's bound body and dumped her on the bed. Another long loop was then run under the bed and over Janie's shins to keep her legs in place. 

Sandy paused to survey their handiwork. Crawling under the bed, she retrieved a broomstick with two large screw eyes in each end. Placing the broomstick at Janie's feet, she looped pieces of rope around each of Janie's ankles and through each screw eye. Davy took one and Sandy took the other, and between them they pulled Janie's legs apart.
"Let's shave her pussy, Davy." Sandy was hot, and she thrust her hand between Janie's thighs and stroked Janie's clit, feeling the slick wetness of Janie's pussy. "And when she's smooth and bare, I want you to lick her until she comes and begs for mercy."
Janie moaned at the thought.

Sandy took two more pieces of rope in her hands. "Pull the stick up here," she said, indicating a place above Janie. Obediently Davy lifted the stick, pulling Janie's widespread legs into the air. Sandy tied the stick to the bedstead. Janie was now splayed for them to do as they wanted.

"Get the scissors, a razor, a pan of warm water, a washcloth and the shaving cream," ordered Sandy. While Davy gathered the materials, Sandy plunged all four of her fingers into Janie's pussy, reaming it out and using her thumb to rub Janie's clit. She struggled against the bonds and moaned, a deep primal whimper from far down her throat.
Davy returned with the items. "OK, Davy, cut her pussy hair short with the scissors."
Davy was having some obvious difficulties with his hardon in his tight jeans. "Davy," said Sandy, "Take off your jeans and be comfortable."

Davy unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off, and then in response to Sandy's directions, slipped out of his underwear. Sandy reached out and gently grasped his hard cock in her hand and lightly massaged it while Janie watched.

Davy set to work with a will. Taking the scissors in his right hand, he pulled up tufts of Janie's pubic hair with his left and snipped them off as close to the skin as possible. Sandy walked behind Davy and thrust her hand between his legs and played with his balls and cock, sliding her hand up the hard shaft of it and enjoying the twitch of his thigh muscles as her fingers stroked the sensitive rim. When he had trimmed all the hair as closely as possible, he slid two towels under Janie's ass. Davy then soaped the wet washcloth and vigorously washed Janie's pussy, rubbing the rough washcloth over her sensitive organs. Janie was writhing and very close to a climax.

"Be careful, Davy, she doesn't deserve to come, yet."
"OK," grinned Davy wolfishly, taking the shaving cream and squirting a generous dollop onto his left palm. He smeared it all over Janie's sensitive pussy and around her asshole, delighting in very gently twiddling her large clitoris and keeping her at the brink of a climax. He took the razor and began shaving. 

Sandy felt her own pussy getting wet as she watched Janie's naked, pink cunt appearing with each stroke of the razor. With the final stroke of the razor on Janie's cunt, Sandy could clearly see her outer cunt lips spread apart with the pink, wet inner lips caressing the large clitoris that peeped out from the damp flesh. As the razor moved from Janie's pussy to her asshole, Janie's muscles contracted involuntarily, causing her asshole to pucker through the shaving cream and her vagina to contract like the mouth of a fish. Janie moaned.

As the last bit of hair was shaved off and Janie's sex organs were as bare as Sandy's, Sandy reached out and plunged her fingers into Janie's wet cunt, noting how Janie was soaked with pussy juice. "Davy, this bitch's pussy is dripping!" she exclaimed, sliding her finger up and down Janie's slit and over her throbbing clit. Sandy was overcome with lust and virtually ripped off her jeans and panties. Sandy actually whimpered with passion as she climbed onto the bed and straddled Janie's face. "Eat my pussy," she ordered as she lowered her body so that Janie's tongue could reach her own cunt. "Lick it! Lick it!" she ordered.

Obediently, Janie thrust out her tongue and lapped Sandy's dripping cunt. Tied and restrained as she was, there was nothing that she could do but lick. Her tongue stabbed into Sandy's hot, dripping cunt and along her fevered slit. On the third pass over her pussy, Sandy came for the first time.

"Oh, God, keep licking!" she ordered, readhing down and spreading her own pussy lips wide to ease Janie's tongue's access to her tenderest parts. "Davy, you eat her out, but don't let the bitch come!" she ordered. Obediently he leaned his head forward and attacked Janie's smooth cunt with his tongue while Janie licked and sucked Sandy's.

Sandy felt another climax coming over her. Her thighs quivered. She moaned and whimpered as Janie's tongue probed and licked all parts of her sex organs. Saliva and juices were running down the insides of Sandy's thighs. "Aahhhhh!" cried Sandy as the spasm overtook her.

This time she climbed off of Janie's face, and as she did, she saw her face was wet with what must be Sandy's dripping pussy juice. Somehow, the sight of her juice all over Janie's face and the vision of her tied up body with her thighs splayed apart was exciting. 

Sandy looked at Davy and could distinctly see his big, hard cock thrusting into the air. "Don't stop licking," she ordered as she knelt and grabbed his cock, massaging the hard shaft and squeezing the head. It was slick with his juices, and grasping the shaft, her thumb rubbed over the slippery end as she watched Davy licking Janie's naked cunt.

When Janie began showing signs of reaching a climax, Sandy ordered Davy to stop. "Quit eating and fuck her, Davy. I want to watch your big dick sliding into her bare pussy." She held Davy's cock in her hand as he rose from the floor and climbed onto the bed. She guided his cock toward Janie's gaping pussy and rubbed the head of it all over Janie's wet cunt, concentrating on her clitoris. She let Janie almost climax, watching with interest as her gaping cunt gulped like a fish. "Now, stick it in!" she ordered. 

Davy thrust forward his hips and his cock buried itself with an audible "shlourp" in Janie's dripping wet pussy. Davy was pumping hard, and Sandy was fascinated watching Janie's cunt swallow the entire cock with each thrust. Seeing how each stroke pulled on Janie's pussy lips and pulled her clit down onto the shaft of Davy's big, ridged dick had Sandy all wet, she noticed as she spread her own legs and rubbed her own pussy. Her climax came very quickly, and as soon as the spasm had passed, she ordered Davy to stop.
"Quit fucking her pussy, Davy. I think this bitch needs to get fucked in the ass!"
"Huhhhnnnn!" cried Janie, coming.
"Take it out!" ordered Sandy.

Davy withdrew his cock, and Sandy saw that it was slick and wet with Janie's juices, which had dripped all over the insides of Janie's thighs and onto her ass. Sandy reached out and dipped her fingers into Janie's pussy and smeared the juice all over Janie's asshole. Her finger probed at her tight little hole, and with her other hand she grasped Davy's slick, greasy dick and guided it towards Janie's tight little butt hole. 
"Oh! Oh!" moaned Janie, her face contorted with lust, as Davy's cock touched her hole.

"Just relax your ass," Sandy said soothingly. "Just relax and let his cock slide in." She turned and looked at Davy. "Push gently, very gently. We don't want to rip her ass!" Sandy looked down on Janie, her spread legs hoisted up by the ropes and broomstick to reveal her shaved pussy and ass with Davy's cock pressing insistently at her hole. He hadn't penetrated yet, but he was slowly pressing at her back door. Sandy was fascinated by the sight and to see better moved behind Davy. Her left hand slid between his legs and gently caressed his balls and the shaft of his dick. 

Janie's ass was relaxing, and Sandy watched as the very tip of Davy's cock buried itself in Janie's hole.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Janie cried as she felt Davy's cock sliding slowly into her ass.

Sandy watched as Davy's cock spread out her hole, pushing insistently against her back door. She reached out her hand and touched Davy's cock and Janie's ass, and with her other hand she began to stroke Janie's wet dripping cunt, rubbing Janie's hard clitoris with her thumb. Janie's spread thighs pulled back over her body and her shaved pussy with Davy's cock slowly sinking into her asshole to the accompaniment of Janie's moans and cries had Sandy very excited. Finally Davy reached bottom, and his entire cock was buried up to the hilt in Janie's ass. Davy was moaning himself and the hard muscles of his abdomen were quivering.
"Wait," she said gently, "Give her ass a chance to finish relaxing. Then fuck the hell out of her!"
"Yes ma'm!"

Sandy quit rubbing Janie's naked, wet pussy and crawled under the bed again, emerging with a large battery-powered dildo vibrator that she had purchased earlier. She turned it on and brandished it as it hummed while vibrating. "Look what I have!" she smirked, then turned it off. With her left hand she spread Janie's pussy lips wide apart, revealing both her hard clitoris and her cunt opening, which was pulsating with lust. She slowly slid the vibrator into Janie's pussy. When she turned it on, Janie cried out, "Ahhhhh! Oh, Jesus!" and began humping both the vibrator and Davy's cock buried in her ass. 
"Oh, God! Oh, God!" she cried rhythmically.
"Fuck her Davy!" ordered Sandy. "Fuck the living shit out of her ass!"

Davy required no prompting. Moaning with lust, he began pounding into Janie. Each thrust made her cry out. Sandy had the dildo thrust as far up Janie's pussy as she could get it. With her free hand she was rubbing Janie's clit. Janie began climaxing almost immediately. With each few thrusts, she would climax again. Davy couldn't last long. After no more than a minute he cried out, shuddered, and drove his cock hard against Janie's ass. The veins on his arms stood out as he groaned, and the muscles of his abdomen were quivering. Sandy knew that his big cock was spurting his hot load of come into Janie's ass.

As Davy came, Sandy knew she needed one last climax, so she slid the dildo out of Janie's cunt and, sitting on the bed with her own legs spread so that both Janie and Davy could watch, began rubbing the vibrating dildo over her pussy. She concentrated on her clit and moaned as the hard, vibrating plastic tool stimulated her sensitive areas. It felt so very good! 

This was going to be fun from here on out. She'd let herself go completely; do anything and everything she'd ever wanted to do. collect every experience she'd ever wanted, and best of all, she'd be in control.