"Sex Stories" Business Partner's Mother

Sex Stories Business Partner's Mother
This story is 100% true and I never thought it would have happened. I am a mid 40’s DWM, who is in great shape body wise, have been called handsome and blessed with an 8” cock that women have always loved. 

Over the past year I started a business with a woman and to date it has been successful beyond our expectations. However my partner has tried to have a relationship with me, and continually tries to. For many reasons I do not want one. She is an attractive woman, just the kind that would be far too into a serious relationship, and with owning a business together things could get all messed up. I have told her numerous times, that I do not want a relationship, yet she keeps trying. So much for being honest? (Sex Stories)

With that said she has a 24YO daughter, who has a very sexy body and is an average looking young girl. She is tall and thin, with “c” breasts and has a sexy way about her. She always has a date and many guy friends that come around. Of course I had noticed her body, but had never thought of her in any other way than my partner’s young daughter, plus there was such an age difference, so those thoughts never entered my mind. 

She has moved back in with her mother, due to a job loss, and is home all day. Often I drop off files, checks, invoices at her house. My partner still works at her full time job and I work our business full time. 

About3 weeks ago I stopped by one morning to drop off files. I always call ahead to make sure her daughter is up and also just the polite thing to do. She was up and just out of the shower. I came in and she offered a cup of coffee and was sitting at the kitchen island with her lap top. She had some very short cotton shorts on and a tank top tee that was short and showed her stomach. 

We chatted small talk, when she asked if she could ask me something without offending me. Of course I had no problem with that, and she asked me if I was dating her mother. I informed her I was not and had no intention of doing that. She stated that she thought that was the deal. She also said her mother leads others to think that she is in a relationship with me. But she never sensed we were, as she could just tell by my actions vs. her mothers. I told her that it has been a problem, but I have told her mother many times that would not happen. 

As we talked she crossed her legs under her butt on the bar stool at the counter. When she did that I glanced down between her legs, as any man would do, and noticed a very sexy outline of her pussy against her shorts. I don’t know if she caught me, but she placed her hands in front of her pussy. We talked small talk over another cup of coffee. 

I asked her about boyfriends and she said she was just about over them, and wanted to be like I was not having a relationship. She said every guy she sees, wants a relationship and she doesn’t. I asked her why she would go out with them, if she did not want a relationship. (dumb question) That’s when the conversation changed. She said she hoped I did not think badly of her, but she really loves sex. I did not know what to say, other than I can understand and who doesn’t like it. 

She asked that I don’t think of her as a slut, but she loves sex, and any guy she gets with wants a long term relationship, which pisses her off. I said I could relate to that! 

Then she asked me if I was having sex, seeing her mother is constantly calling me and wanting to get together for business. I thought very hard, feeling she could be fishing for info for her mother. She could see my hesitation and let me know this conversation was only between us! I felt better about that, and let her know I have had sex with a couple women lately but run into the same issues as she has. 

She laughed and said both of us just wanted fuck buddies. I laughed and said that would be perfect for me. Then she said WE should be fuck buddies. I was taken back, and laughed at what she said, thinking she was joking around. She said don’t laugh at her, and was I laughing because I would not want to fuck her or that I did not find her attractive. I could tell she had her feelings hurt a bit. I told her she is very sexy, and if things were different, like ages etc. it would be a great idea. 

Then she said she found me very sexy, handsome and fuckable. I froze and did not know what to say to her. She stood up, walked over to me and started kissing me. I stopped her and said we shouldn’t do this. She was not having that, she kept kissing me and slid her hand down on my now growing cock. She groaned a little and stopped kissing; she takes her tank top off and told me how much she wants to suck my cock! I smiled as I looked at her perfect firm breasts that had huge dark areolas. She dropped to her knees and had my pants open and cock out in no time. 

She saw my cock and gasped at my fully hard 8” meat, she said it is the biggest cock she has ever had. She starts slowly working my cock over, talking dirty and telling me how much she loves cock. This girl is getting into sucking my cock. As she keeps working on my meat, she told me to strip, and how much she loves being naked. She gets her shorts off and never stopped on my cock. 

Trying to concentrate on what is the best and sexiest head I have ever had, I am gazing at her sexy nude body. What an awesome ass, just about one handful, which I just love! Her long legs and sexy thighs, along with the best breasts I have ever set eyes on! I was trying my hardest not to cum too soon, and pulled my cock away for a bit. She knew why I did that and stood up, and I had my hands all over sexy body. It was incredible to enjoy her sexy body. 

I picked her up and set her on the kitchen table. She asked me to be careful with that big cock and go slow. I laughed and told her it wasn’t big cock time yet, and I had to taste her sweet little pussy. I lifted her legs up, and started on her awesome little shaved pussy. OMG it was beautiful, soft and a bigger than average clit. She was enjoying it, and kept talking dirty and sexy. Saying things like how much she wants to fuck my big cock, and how much she loves sex, and how she loves acting like a whore, etc. I keep licking and start working fingers inside of her, only to find the smallest I have ever had. 

I stood up with my big hard cock and aimed it at her small pussy, she warned to be gentle and go slow. I eased my big cock slowly into her, being gentle, taking my time working more of it in. She would wince,flintch, pull away, moan smile and grunt the whole time I worked it into her. Finally I had the majority of it inside of her; I had her squeeze down on my cock. I started working full strokes in and out of her, as I stretched her out to take me. She then became comfortable as she opened up to take me. 

Then she started getting into fucking, she loves dirty talk, no doubt. She told me to make that little pussy mine, how much she loves a big cock, how we are going to be fuck buddies forever, and I could do what I wanted with her, and she would do anything I wanted! It was sexy as hell, that tight pussy felt great. She pulled off my cock and jumped down to suck it more and lick my balls. Then she took me by the hand and led me to the living room, and she got on her knees with that sexy little ass in the air, and told me to get that cock back in her. 
We fucked and sucked for two hours and two orgasms. We crashed back on the couch, watching the TV nude. I had my hands and eyes all over her sexy body. From time to time she would suck my cock some more, and telling me how much she loves sucking my cock. Trying to get me hard again was her goal, but I was going to need some rest. She said that was fine, she just loves sucking cock. What a sexy girl. 

We talked about being fuck buddies, and she was serious. So since that day we see each other about every other day. She loves being naked and when she gets to my house off come her clothes and I enjoy her sexy body. We have talked about fantasies, hers is to lick pussy, but has not brought it up to her girlfriends. I told her I would love two women at one time, enjoying my cock. She said we should work on those. 

The next time she comes over, she tells me her GF wants to get together with us. I could not believe my ears, as she has set it up for Friday night. She then tells me her plan, that at some point she wants me to make her lick her friend’s pussy. We both thought it was a great plan. She said she got her friend to join us after she told her I had a big cock, and she wanted one. 

Friday night comes around and they both show up. After introductions my girl says we all should get naked, so we all stripped nude. Her friend was hot and sexy; she was shorter and had a solid body, with big tits. We all stood around naked having some drinks and I am just enjoying looking at two sexy hot young women, which is making my cock grow and twitch. I notice her friend checking out my cock. So I move over and kiss my FB and start rubbing her body, as her friend watches us. I reach over and grab one of her big tits and in no time she grabs my cock and strokes me. 

They both hit their knees and start working my cock over. Every now and then her friend would look up and mouth the words I love this cock. I suggest we all move to the bedroom and the King bed. We all got in bed and started enjoying each other. I had her friend on her back licking her pussy, and my FB gets behind my ass, and pulls my cock back to suck me, every now and then licking my ass. I was enjoying her friend’s pussy and would moan as I licked her. My FB asked me if I liked her pussy, I said it was great, as she came to watch me lick her friend. She told her friend she had a pretty pussy. 

As I licked, and my FB watched me and fingered herself, I stopped and told her to take a taste. I moved and she jumped right at it. Her friend was a little shocked, but I moved my cock up at her mouth and she just started sucking on me and relaxed. Eventually we all fucked and sucked till we crashed. The girls spent the night and most of Saturday. At one point during the night I woke up to her friend sucking my cock back hard and she mounted me for another ride. She whispered how much fun this was, how she loved my cock and how she liked eating each other’s pussy. 

In the morning the girls woke up and went to make some breakfast, how awesome to watch their two young sexy naked bodies. I said I would be down shortly wanted to snooze a little longer. After about 30 minutes and not being able to fall back asl**p I got up and went down to the kitchen. I did not see the girls but heard something in the living room. As I walk in they are 69ing each other, how sexy. I walk up and offer my semi hard cock at her mouth and she goes back and forth between my cock and FB’s pussy. Then she takes my hard cock and puts it in my FB’s pussy and I start pounding my cock in her. I was ready to cum and her friend pulled me out and drained my cum. Then went back to licking. 

They finished up and we all cooked breakfast, and lounged around most of the day. The girls let me take all kinds of sexy pictures of them for my personal use only. They made me promise not to show or post them anywhere. 

Anyway my FB was over this afternoon for a few hours. We talked about how much fun that night was, and how much she loves having me as a FB. She also said she loves licking pussy it makes her feel so sexy, and thanked me for helping her get some. She said her friend and her have licked each other since and they both love it. 

I am the luckiest guy that I know of, to have this 24yo hot sexy girl to be my FB. She has another GF she would love to bring over, I said let’s do it! So glad I never started anything with her mother!a