"Sex Stories" The Business Trip & My Revenge

Sex Stories The Business Trip & My Revenge
This is based on true story from a couple of years back. I was seeing a colleague from another office based in Leeds; I was based in London. We saw each as often as possible, we met working on the same project. A fact-finding trip to Scotland was ordered by my boss and she was down to come too with her boss. We joked about sneeking around behind their backs having wild sex then sitting with them at dinner as if everything was normal and business like.

The week before the trip, she asked her boss again about going and was declined. I was gutted. She said she would send a replacement colleague. On the day of the trip, I was on the train to the airport when I got a text from my girl...I was dumped! Talk about fury! When I got to Inverness, I was in a foul mood. The guy we were seeing and the replacement were waiting for me.(Sex Stories)

I new the guy well but had only met my girl’s replacement once...we were both having a ciggie outside of a meeting a few months before, which was the one and only time we had spoken. I will call her ‘R’. R was married, asian, busty and petite. I initially paid no attention to her sexually, barely knew her. We got to the hotel and found I was booked in room 101!!! I fell about. Binned that day – room 101 – nice reminder, thanks! But it broke the ice with ‘R’ as I explained why i was laughing about my luck.

My male colleague from Inverness showed ‘R’ and me a pub crawl around the town. After a few jars and a few pubs, I was getting restless. R was wearing a low cut top and tight jeans. Great ass and big big tits. I could feel my cock swelling, starting to throb and leak precum in my jeans thinking about sucking on those huge tits. My problem was our colleague...great bloke but to be frank not 3sum material. I don’t do short fat bald blokes!(XXX Stories)

We ended up in a pub with a live band. We were all stood together and R stood in front of me complaining about a pain in her shoulder. Without asking I started to massage it. Initially there was distance between our bodies...then I drew her back towards me..closer...my cock by now was rock hard. Our colleague was less than 2 feet away but I didn’t care. Each time my massage reached her shoulder, I pulled her backwards towards me, inch by inch. I paused for a second before deciding I was going to pull her ass onto my cock to get a reaction. If she pulled off...no joy...if she stayed put...we gonna fuck.

Our colleague must have known but said nothing and just watched the band...I was stood in the middle of a crowded pub with my hot throbbing cock attached to her pert bum. She didn’t move and after a few seconds nuzzled me, moaning softly, her head arching back falling on my shoulder. He went to the toilet and while he was away, we decided we had to leave and gave him the pathetic excuse that R wasn’t feeling well cos of her shoulder.
Back at the hotel, we sat in the bar. It was late, we were alone. I sat in an alcove, hidden from view of reception and sat R on my lap, sat away from me. I began to massage her shoulder again, she lay back over my body, her tits heaved as she breathed heavy. With one hand I massaged her shoulders, neck and brushed against her tits, the other I slid between her thighs. The heat was incredible, the gusset damp to touch.

As i pressed my fingers against her pussy she moaned and turned to me, plunging her tongue down my throat and rubbed her bum against my stiff cock, riding it thru my jeans. That was it, we were so fucking horny, I pulled her top off and cupped her tits through her bra, fiercely kissing her neck. I turned her round to face me. She sat astride me, bearing down on me, kissing me with such passion. I pushed her bra over her tits to reveal their full speldour. Long hard nipples, I pinched and squeezed, her groans started to fill the room. I pushed her back, gripping the throat and devoured both her breasts in turn. She reached under, unzipped my jeans, releasing my meat. She stroked the thick shaft and run her hand over the large head, covering her fingers in precum before putting them in her mouth.

Sucking hard on her tits, I reached down to unzip her. As I did I could smell her soaked cunt still trapped by her panties and jeans, only partly pulled down. I stood her up and yanked her jeans and panties down in one go, kneeling before her pussy as i did. She let out a yelp and quickly looked around, now almost naked. Startled and unable to move, she gasped as I gripped her thighs and pushed my head f***efully into her cunt. She parted her legs further, I plunged my tongue inside her and began to taste her insides. She was frozen to the spot so I grabbed her hands and placed them behind my head...holding me inside her.

I explored every layer of her pussy...the juice that escaped me, I lapped from her legs as it run down. God she tasted so sweet, felt so warm to touch. I could feel her body twitch as I neared her swollen extended clit. I teased her for a while...impatient she gyrated her cunt in my face...before I engulfed it in my mouth, sucking hard, drawing more bl**d into the nerve endings. Her body stiffened, I pushed my thumb inside her and felt her pussy tighten and contract....cumming hard over my hand and face. I held onto her ass with my other hand to ride her orgasm, my face still buried in her cunt. 

Soaked in her cum, i rose to her mouth. I looked her in the eye and told her to taste herself then engaged in a deep long kiss. We hurriedly gathered out clothes then headed for the lift. I pushed her to her knees in the lift and pulled her onto my cock. I was close to cumming anyway from before so face fucked her hard against the lift door as it rose. In between gasps I told her I cum hard and heavy, she moaned unable to speak, full of meat, gagging, choking but taking it all in. My cock swelled in her mouth, I pushed it into her throat then held. I let out a deep groan as my cock pulsed deep in her throat unloading my balls into her stomach. Shot after shot of hot cum gushed into her throat..I could hear her swallowing, choking on it. It spurted out past my shaft and down her front. I pulled out and collapsed on the floor. R was knelt against the door, cum around her mouth and down her neck, sliding down into her chest. What a slut...fantastic.

We arrived at her room, made small talk while cleaning up then fucked for the rest of the night. I was totally spent as dawn broke and she was sore....we had forgotten we were due at a meeting in a few hours. I lay on the bed while she rang the office to explain she would be late and had no idea where I was. Great liar.

Two weeks later I saw my ‘ex’...we had made up and arranged to see each other in a Sheffield hotel while I was up on business. She asked how Inverness was and what happened. I said we had a good time, R was a good laugh and we got d***k...

We fucked a couple of times during the night and she drank my load (she loved the taste of my heavy cumming cock) in the morning. After she’d finished she lay on my chest. I stroked her hair and said...’what you just sucked was in R’s pussy 2 weeks ago.’ I never saw 'ex' again ?