"Sex Stories" By the River

Sex Stories By the River
Michelle arrived at her house by the river feeling very horny and excited. Her b*****r Andrew's car wasn't here yet, which disappointed her, but she was really looking forward to his arrival. She unlocked the door and went in, making sure to lock the door behind her. A glance at the clock told her she had time for a quick bath. She went to the bathroom and turned on the water before she began to strip. She had some special clothes she wanted to change into, something she was sure that Andrew would love.

She stripped off her jeans and tossed them aside. Her blouse followed, then her bra. Wearing only her panties and her socks, she stepped into the bathroom to check the water. After turning off the faucet, she stood, and that's when a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around her. Michelle cried out in fright. A man's hands cupped her breasts and pulled her body tightly to his. She felt a hard bulge press into her ass cheeks and a hot mouth latched onto her neck. Briefly, she struggled, then she recognized her b*****r’s cologne. At least she hoped she did.(Sex Stories)

"Andrew?" she asked nervously, standing still as the hands squeezed her tits and the man ground himself against her.

"Shut up," the man growled in Andrew's voice. "Don't fight me, and I won't hurt you." A shiver ran down her spine. Suddenly, her pussy was getting wet, and she felt her nipples stiffening in his hands. Nothing and nobody turned her on more than Andrew, and that was the way it had been since she’d first entered puberty. She knew i****t was wrong, that what she and her b*****r secretly enjoyed here at the riverhouse was more than forbidden, it was i*****l, but none of that mattered. His mouth moved to her ear and gently suckled her earlobe. "I love you," he whispered into her ear. She started to reply, but he put his hand over her mouth, silencing her.

Staying behind her, he turned he around and pushed her into the bedroom. He shoved her against the bed, forcing her to bend over the mattress. His hands began to roam her body, stroking her skin in all the right places. She couldn't help moaning softly into the sheets. He slapped her ass sharply. "Be quiet," he hissed, but she could hear the lust in his voice. His hands grabbed the hem of her panties and pulled them roughly down her legs, exposing her. She tried to keep her thighs closed, teasing him with playful reluctance, but he was f***eful. She heard the fabric rip, and the panties came away in rags.(XXX Stories)

"Spread your legs," he ordered. Michelle shivered and did not move. Her nipples had grown so hard they were almost painful, and she wanted desperately to rub her tits, or have him do it. Her pussy was starting to drip. He smacked her ass again. "Open!" he growled. Slowly, she obeyed. The memory of the first time he had fucked her flooded her mind, a scene so much similar to this. He’d spied on her masturbating with her hairbrush, a skinny girl of f******n with a mouthful of braces and barely any tits. But he’d seen her beauty, he had always been the rock to which she clung, and when he came to her with his hard cock exposed and f***ed her to lay face down, she had done so willingly, eagerly. When his teenage cock had penetrated her virgin pussy, she had screamed, but it had not been from shame or pain or fear. She had put herself on birth control pills at the free clinic the next day, and ever since she had been Andrew’s willing lover, as he had been hers.

It hadn’t been easy keeping it secret for the last twenty years. He was married again now, his second wife, and she was married with two c***dren that her husband thought were his. She smiled as she remembered all the comments on f****y resemblance between her two girls and their father, Michelle’s own b*****r. Everyone said they were close siblings, and no one suspected that they sneaked off here to the river for ardent lovemaking at least once every week. Sometimes more.

She felt his hot breath on her skin, then she jumped as his tongue touched her, and he started licking over her ass. His strong hands spread her cheeks apart, and she moaned again as his tongue covered her rosebud, pressing into her. She spread her legs even wider without having to be told, and groaned as she felt his breath on her pussy.

He skipped over her swollen lips, traveling down her legs to her ankles, then back up. She felt so exposed wearing nothing but her socks. Then she forgot all about that as she felt his hot tongue lightly touch against her juicy pussy lips. He pressed that wiggling warmth between the folds of her slit, licking up her juices, swirling then pushing into her fuck hole. Michelle clutched the bedspread in her fists, pressing her face into the mattress to stifle her loud moans of pleasure. Andrew was tongue-fucking her now, using his hand to stimulate her clit. She raised her hips, humping back at his face, at his probing tongue, wanting so much to have him inside her. And she still hadn't seen his face...

She cried out loudly as she came. Her woman-cum flooded into his mouth, over his face as he pressed his mouth further between her thighs, harder against her throbbing pussy. He pulled away suddenly, even as she continued to shake and quiver in orgasm. His body covered her and she felt his hard cock press to her opening. He shoved into her, sliding in deeply in one stroke. He was thick, filling her better than any man ever had, and she was so wet that he slid into her with ease. He leaned over her, gripping her hip with one hand and pressing onto her back with the other, and began to fuck her.

This was what she had needed. His hard cock pounded into her, driving in deeply with each thrust, making squishing noises with each passage through her wet lips. Michelle tried to spread herself even more, wanting to give herself completely to this man. "Oh, Michelle," he moaned, driving his cock into her. "Oh, baby. I love you!"

"I love you too," Michelle moaned. "Oh, fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard."

"You like this, don't you, s*s?" he said. He pulled back until all that remained inside her was the tip of his cock, then he slammed his full length back into her, driving in as deep as he could. She felt a wet finger probe at her ass. "Tell me you like it," he demanded.

"Yes, yes, yes," she panted, grunting each time he thrust into her body. "I love it. I love it. I love you fucking me. I love my big b*****r so fucking much!"

"I love to fuck you, s*s," he moaned. He pushed in deeply and rotated his hips, grinding against her clit. Her orgasm exploded through her.

"I'm cumming, Andrew!" she cried out, then moaned loudly as pleasure raced up through her from the point of their union. He pushed his cock into her throbbing cunt, holding still as her spasms raced through her. He pulled back and slammed back into her, sending fresh waves of pleasure racing along her nerves.

He pulled out of her slowly, wetly, and pressed the end of his cock to her asshole. Michelle tensed a little, but she was too wrapped in the glow of her cum to protest. She felt a little scared as he pressed into her. She was surprised that he began to enter her so easily. And she was surprised that it felt so good. He was gentle, not like he had fucked her pussy, easing into her backside.

Michelle lifted her hips from the bed, urging him to penetrate her. He pulled back and inched into her, a little farther each time. Finally his cock was buried in her ass, and he started to fuck her. He moved very slow, pulling back, then sliding in deeply. Michelle thrust a hand below her and rubbed her pussy as Andrew fucked her ass. Already she was building to a strong climax, and she could tell by his breathing and the way he was moaning that he was going to cum soon.

Michelle felt her body quivering. She felt so alive, so wonderful with this man's cock buried in her body. She felt him push into her deeply and suddenly he was shaking. His cock throbbed in her ass and she felt his hot cum splashing inside her. "I'm cumming, Michelle," he yelled.

"Me too!" she cried out as her cunt spasmed. She felt her ass clamp down on his pulsing cock as he shot his load into her. She bounced on the bed, feeling a flood of happiness, a tidal wave of intense pleasure. Andrew was shaking as he came, moaning her name.

Finally he was spent and he pulled out of her. He rolled off her body and lay on the mattress beside her. Weakly, she turned to face him, pleased to find he was naked. She moved closer until they were in each other's arms. His smile warmed her, and the look in his eyes was something she had longed for all her life.

"I love you," he said, then kissed her.

Michelle sucked on his invading tongue before pushing her own into his mouth. She loved the taste of him. "I love you too," she said when they paused to breathe.

“We don’t have much more time together,” he said, glancing at the clock on the nearby table. “I have to admit, I love sneaking away like this to see you. I just hope we don’t get caught.”

She giggled and planted a soft kiss on his lips. “Me too,” she agreed. “Sometimes I feel bad about it, though. Then again, maybe there’s time for you make me cum again before we have to get back?”

He grinned. “Do you ever feel bad about this?” he asked. “About it being i****t, I mean?”

She laughed heartily. “Fuck no,” she said earnestly. “The only thing that bothers me is that we can’t be together all the time. Like husband and wife.”

“You mean that?” he asked. She saw the light in his eyes.

“Of course I do,” she told him. “Do you think…”

“Suzette mentioned separation,” he said. He was smiling. “It could be like we always talked about. You and Richard could split finally, we could move in together. Here.”

“What about the k**s?”

“They’re my k**s, after all. Right?”

She laughed. She kissed him. “Oh, Andrew. I love you more than anything.”

“I love you with all my heart, s*s,” he replied and kissed her back. Then they were moving together again, and there were no more words for awhile. But later, when the heat of passion had ebbed, and the sweat had been washed from their bodies, they would begin to make plans, and what had begun on a creaking bed as teenagers would, at last, culminate in a forbidden union they each so desired.

Then, at last, their long wait would be over, the last denial put behind them, and their real lives could begin at last, there by the river’s ceaseless flow, in their house of sin.