"Sex Stories" The Cheerleader

Sex Stories The Cheerleader
Carl was driving his daughter's best friend home after a late session of cheerleader practice. He'd already dropped his daughter at her mother's house, and since Jennifer lived in the same direction he did now after his divroce, his daughter had asked him to give her a ride. He didn't mind it at all because she was cute. But she made him a little nervous because his daughter had recently confided in him that Jennifer had a crush on him, and he hadn't been able to stop thinking of it. She was out of reach, though, only 16 years old. He kept looking at her when he hoped she wouldn't notice, letting his eyes run over her smooth pale legs exposed up to mid thigh because her cheerleader skirt had ridden up. He'd thought the outfits were too sexy when his daughter had come home wearing it, but it looked really hot on Jennifer. The top, more of a sleeveless vest, left her pale tummy exposed, and the strap of her bra was just visible through the sleeve. Sneakers and baggy white socks completed the ensemble, picture perfect.

"I was wondering," she said as they turned off the main highway, "about something we talked about last week."

"Oh?" he said, racking his brain trying to remember. This was really the first time he'd been alone with the girl, so they couldn't have talked about much.(Sex Stories)

"Yeah," she said, smiling. He loved that smile, her braces making her look so innocent, especially with her short-cut black hair. Her gray eyes were mesmerizing. "We were talking about when you met your wife. Back in high school, wasn't it?"

"That's right. I was a senior, she was a freshman."

"So, you like your women younger?" she said. He glanced at her sharply and she turned a little pink. She turned her face to the window. "You know what I mean," she added.

Yeah, I think I do, he thought to himself. Aloud, he told her, "We dated off and on while I was in college, and married just after she graduated. Beth was born a year later."

"She wasn't on the pill or anything?" Jennifer asked.(Porn Stories)

"No, we used condoms." Then it was his turn to blush. He hadn't meant to say anything like that, but it piqued her interest.

"I hate condoms," she said. "I wish my mom would let me have the pill."

He gulped. "I thought you didn't have a boyfriend," he said cautiously.

"I don't."

"Then why would you need to be on birth control?"

She shrugged. "Just in case," she said.

"Then...you've had sex before."

She grinned and hid her face in the window again, but her voice was mirthful as she said, "Yeah. But only twice. I mean, I'm not a slut or anything."

"I know you're not, Jennifer," he said. His stomach was in knots. His brain was buzzing. He shouldn't be talking about this sort of thing with her. And there was still three miles of road left to go.

"Did you date alot before you met your wife?" she asked.

"I guess," he said. "Depends on what you mean by alot."

"I bet you were really popular."

He laughed. "No, not at all," he said. "I was kind of a geek."

"I can't believe that. I mean, you're so...you know. Not geeky."

"Well, I was then. Most girls wouldn't give me a second glance."

After a moment, she said, "I would have."

"What?" he asked, numb.

"I said I would have," she told him, looking right at him. "I'd have given you a second glance. Beth showed me your old yearbook. I think you were cute back then. You're more handsome now, though."

He risked a glance at her and was snagged by her eyes. The tire dipped off the shoulder and they both jumped, startled. He fixed his gaze dead ahead, gripping the wheel with both hands, cold with fear that he coudln't name. And he was getting rock hard in his jeans.

"You know," he said thickly, "I think you're a beautiful girl."

"Do you? Really?"

"If I was younger," he said and let it hang with a shake of his head.

"If you were my age," she said, "would you ask me out?"

He took a deep breath. "Yes," he said. "I sure would."

"Why don't you, then?"

He could hear fear in her voice and knew she was serious. "Jennifer, you're sixteen. I'm thirty-five. Guys my age who chase girls your age are perverts."

"I'd never think you were a pervert, Mr. Rouseau," she said in a soft voice. "Not ever. Not in a million years."

He glanced at her. She was looking at him intently, smile gone. He gulped and f***ed his eyes back to the road. My god, he thought, what the hell is happening?

"Mr. Rouseau?" she asked a moment later.


"When you were dating, back in high school, did you ever date a cheerleader?"

His voice sounded small as he said, "No."

"Did you ever...make out with one?"

"No," his answer squeaked out.

There was a momentary pause that seemed to last forever before she asked, in a near whisper, "Do you want to?"

And there it was. She was offering. She'd made it clear she was receptive and wouldn't think bad of him for wanting her. And god, he wanted her. He let the truck slow as he stared at her. "Is this something you really want?" he asked her.

"Don't you?" she replied.

"I...we...I mean...yes. Yes, Jennifer." He sighed, pent-up emotion making him quiver. "I want to very much."

She swallowed hard. "Me, too," she said.

There was a utility road just ahead, one he'd passed a thousand times going and coming from home. Out of curiosity one day he'd followed it and discovered it led to a cell phone tower. Fenced in, but secluded with a small clearing in front of the gate. She didn't bat an eye as he turned down that road and parked in that clearing. As he shut off the engine, the silence that fell on them was deafening. He studied her, sitting there primly with her legs together and hands folded in her lap, glancing up at him again and again, waiting.

Was he really doing this? Was this really about to happen? He patted the seat beside him gently. She broke into a beautiful smile and scooted closer. He put his arm around her and she snuggled even closer, turning her chest toward him and laying her hand on his chest as sher cheek rested against his shoulder. She was trembling, and she felt so small under his arm. Her slender body, only five feet tall, was half his size. She looked up at him with those amazing eyes, and his heart melted.

Touching her chin with his fingers, he angled her face up a fraction more and bent to kiss her. She sighed as their lips touched, her eyes fluttering closed. Her pale hand touched his face as her lips churned against his. He wished he'd shaved, but she didn't seem to mind. His nostrils were filled with the scent of her, like wildflowers and sweat. Her mouth opened and she touched his lips with her tongue. He let her inside, and felt his cock surge in his jeans as he tasted her tongue. She groaned, the sound echoing into his mouth. Her right leg crossed over left then onto his lap. He jumped when her knee touched his bulge.

The kiss broke just a moment. Panting, she cut her eyes down and said, "Did I make you do that?"

In answer, he reached for her hip and tried to pull him onto his lap. The steering wheel was in the way, but she was more than willing to scoot over and let him slide out from under it. Then she happily threw her leg over him and straddled his lap, pressing her crotch down on his as his arms encircled her. He had to bend his torso to kiss her again, but found her just as hungry for his mouth as ever. His hands went up and down her back, her slender and petite back, a number of times before he dared touch her ass. She lifted slightly to let him get a better grip. She was so small, her ass fit easily into his palms.

The kiss broke again as they panted for breath. "I can't believe this is really happening," she said to him, caressing his face.

"I know," he agreed. "You're really sure you want this?"

She laughed. "Yes, Mr. Rouseau," she said. "I really do."

"Carl," he told her. "Call me Carl."

"Carl," she murmured as her lips sought his again. He squeezed her tightly and she rose up on her knees, devouring his tongue. Keeping one hand on her back, he caressed her ass with the other and moved lower, under the curve of her cheeks. There was skirt and panties between his seeking fingers and the prize he sought, but she moaned all the same and shivered. "Oh, Carl," she groaned, aiming her face toward Heaven.

Carl pressed his fevered lips to her pale neck. Her skin was a bit salty from her cheering practice exertions, but it was incredibly soft and delicious all the same. She leaned back as his kisses moved to her throat and tried to migrate south. He let go of her ass and used that hand to try opening her vest. He fumbled with the buttons a moment before she pushed his hands gently away and did it herself. The vest came open to reveal a white sport bra completely hiding her smallish breasts. He kissed the area just above them while his hand covered one, feeling a hard nipple through the fabric. She moaned loudly.

"You taste wonderful," he said to her.

"Oh, god," she groaned. "Carl...Carl..."

He pulled the bra up gently. Her breasts jiggled as they came free. They were perfectly round and pert as only youth could be, her flesh snow white and capped with small pink areola and erect nipples. "They're beautiful," he said, awed.

"They're too small," she complained.

"No," he told her. "They're perfect." And he put his mouth over one nipple. She gasped loudly, then moaned as his tongue swirled around the areola. He clamped his teeth lightly on the nipple and sucked. He pulled back and let the breast pop free of his mouth, then moved to the other one while his hand massaged the one he'd left. Using his thumb, he rubbed circles around her spit covered nipple.

"Jesus, Jesus," she gasped. "No one...oh god! No one's ever done that before. Oh, Carl, it feels so good! I love you so much!"

He squeezed her harder, glad his mouth was full. Girls were always falling in love. Holding her tightly, he scooted forward on the seat until her back was pressed to the dashboard. He turned, keeping her glued to him, and managed to lay her on the bench seat, ending up between her spread legs. He kissed her mouth and shoved his crotch to hers, wishing he didn't have to contort himself to do both at the same time. Holding her hip with one hand, he ground against her panty covered crotch, making her moan. He lifted her legs into the air and dug her shoes into his hip, encouraging him to keep going. But dry humping wasn't going to be enough.

Trailing wet kisses over her tummy, he scooted down. She put her feet on the seat and pushed herself back until her head was on the armrest of the passenger door. She watched in fascination as he lifted her feet into the air and kissed her beautiful legs down to her socks. He slipped the shoes off her feet and dropped them to the floorboard. She looked so damn sexy in just those socks that he thought he surely must be dreaming. There he was about to have sex with a sixteen year old girl he barely knew, and she was ten times as pretty as any girl he'd ever been with before. Moving his kisses from shins to thighs, he made his way back to her crotch. Her skirt was bunched around her waist by then exposing her dark blue cheer-panties. He inhaled her aroma, thrilled at the mixed scent of her old sweat and her new arousal. So clean, such an innocent smell. His ex-wife had never smelled this good.

He covered her crotch with his mouth, chewing at her pussy through the fabric. Jennifer groaned and ran her fingers through his hair. Hooking a finger through the side of the panty-crotch, he pulled the garment aside and gazed upon her pussy for the first time. He'd never seen one that he'd thought was beautiful until that moment. Her youth was evident here, too, with only a small patch of curly black pubes above her pussy. The flesh along the outside was nearly hairless, as pale as her breasts. Her inner lips were just peeking out, with beads of moisture appearing as her arousal grew. With a satisfied groan, Carl leaned forward and ran his tongue over the outside of her pussy. Her sixteen year old pussy. Moaning, he lapped at her again, pressing his toungue through the folds of her lips and delving as deeply as he could.

Jennifer's back arched and she cried out loudly, using her feet planted on the seat to lift her hips and pushe her crotch at his mouth. He scooped his hands under her ass and held her to his lips as he gave her pussy a deep french kiss. Her hands pulled his hair painfully. She couldn't make noise, she could barely breathe, and Carl himself was consumed by a type of desire he'd never known. There was nothing in the world he wanted more than to make her cum, as if her happiness was the key to Pardise. She was small enough that he could keep his hands on her ass and get his thumbs high enough to use them to spread her pussy. He leaned his head back, catching his breath, and gazed at her flowered pussy. Her inner lips were engorged and her clit was stiffly peeking from its hood. Everything was soaked with her juices and his saliva, all pink and inviting. He lapped through her slit, drawing her juices onto his tongue, and closed his lips around her clit. When he sucked it and fluttered his tongue against it at the same time, she screamed.

He felt her orgasm coming. It began deep inside and sent quivering waves crashing with hurricane f***e through her body like thunder. He thrust his tongue into her pulsating hole as thick juices flooded his tongue. Her hips bounced up and down as every muscle she had quivered. He rode it out, keeping his mouth on her while her woman-cum actually squirted into his mouth. She collapsed suddenly, spent, and he licked her gently, knowing she must be sensitive after a cum like that. He lifted his head from between her thighs and smiled at her. When her eyes opened, she laughed with joy and held her arms out to him.

Quickly, he crawled over her. She kissed him hard, breath coming in thick gusts through her nose. "I never came like that before," she said. "I mean, nobody ever...licked me. Did you like doing that?"

"I loved eating you, Jennifer," he said, grinning like a fool. "I think you tasted delicious."

She licked her own lips and said, "Is that what I taste like?"

"You like it?"

She giggled but didn't answer. Instead, she said, "Do you want me to do you now?"

"You can suck me next time," he said. "Right now, I want to fuck you. Is that okay?"

A groan leaked from her throat as she moved her legs up to squeeze him with her thighs. "Yes," she said, "god yes. Put it inside me. Make love to me, Carl."

As fast as he could, he slid her panties down her creamy thighs. She wiggled her feet cutely as he took them off her, smiling as he tossed the wet garment aside. His hands were tremblikn, but somehow he got his belt unbuckled and shoved his pants down. Once they were past his knees he lowered himself onto her. Her eyes widened a bit when she felt his cock touching her slick pussy, but she didn't seem apprehensive. He slid up through her slit, then pulled back. His first push missed, and the second popped out of her hole and raked over her clit. She shivered, then pushed her hand between their bodies. Pulling her knees almost back to her chest, she wrapped her hand around his cock and gave it a few strokes before planting the tip right at the entrance to her body. Knowing she wasn't a virgin, Carl expected to enter her easily. He was wrong.

He'd enver experienced anyone that tight before. Not even his ex-wife, who'd been younger the first time he'd fucked her, had been as tight as Jennifer. She groaned, this time in discomfort, as he pushed against her hole harder. She stretched and let the head pop in, and then it was a matter of rocking back and forth, working himself deeper and deeper into her body as she clung to him, digging in her heels and hugging his neck. His head was over hers so he couldn't kiss her while they fucked, but neither of them seemed to mind it. She kept looking between them, watching his cock moving in and out of her as if in disbelief. He knew the feeling. Watching his adult cock plowing into a sixteen year old pussy was beyond thrilling.

Finally, he felt the flesh of their crotchs meet. He was balls deep inside her, giving her every fraction of his seven inch cock. He rested inside her, just enjoying being mated to her. She angled her head back to look up at his face, and she broke into a wide smile. He didn't know why he said it, the words coming unbidden to his lips echoing the tremendous feeling of belonging he felt at that moment.

"I love you, Jennifer," he told her.

Her eyes lit like Christmas, and she managed to smile just a bit wider. "I love you too, Carl," she said softly.

He eased his hips back. She gasped at the feeling of his cock leaving her. He pulled out only halfway before pushing back home. As he did, she pulled at him with hands and feet, bringing her body almost off the seat and hanging from his, impaled on his spear. He drove into her, pressing her ass down into the seat. She squealed and cried out, "Oh my god!"

He pulled back further and pushed in just as slowly and as gentle as his first penetration. She cried out again. "I'm so full," she said, gasping. "I can't believe....you're so big....Carl!"

Every man wanted to hear that. Pleased that she was pleased by him, he thrust into her again, then again, savoring every inch of her clinging pussy as it slid wet and hot down the length of his pulsing shaft. He was inside her. He was fucking her. His cock was inside a sixteen year old girl's pussy. He was fucking a young cheerleader.

He was making love to Jennifer, the most beautiful young woman he'd ever known.

The idea startled him, that he really was in love with her. That it wasn't just perverted lust. He held himself over her with one hand and gripped her hip with the other, pulling their bodies together, diving into her. He wasn't going to last. Five minutes in, and like a high school boy all over again he was ready to blow his load. But she didn't seem far behind, and his desire to watch her cum on his cock was enough to help him stave off his own climax. He loved the way her face contorted in ecstasy each time he was completely inside her. He loved the aroma of her filling the cab of the truck. He loved how erotic she looked in her disheveled uniform. He loved the way her small, pert breasts pointed their nipples at the sky with each heaving breath she took. He loved her. God help him, he loved her.

And he was going to cum. "Jennifer," he groaned, and she knew what he was going to say. He felt her heels dig into him and her legs squeeze him tighter.

"I'm so close," she gasped, humping up at him. "It's never...been this good before...oh god!"

"I'm gonna cum, Jennifer," he groaned. "I have to pull out. We're not using a condom."

"I know," she said. "That's why...it feels so good...because it's you...all you! Don't pull out, Carl, don't pull out. Cum inside me!"

It was starting. He felt it like an explosion building deep inside his pelvis. "I can't!" he nearly screamed. "You'll get pregnant!"

"I don't care!" she screamed back at him. "Please! Cum inside me! I need it!"

She threw her head back and screamed loudly. Her pussy clamped down on his cock like a vise, and he was glad he was buried in her when the orgasm struck. The walls of her pussy rippled as she spasmed, and unable to hold back, he erupted. Orgasm felt like a million bolts of lightning in his brain, as if every dram of his soul drained out him, pouring through his cock and into Jennifer's petite body. His cock pulsed, pulsed again, each time jetting a thick squirt of sperm deep into the teenager's fertile womb. And it kept going, her body shaking, locked to his tightly with legs and arms around him, keeping him inside her where he never wanted to leave. He'd never cum so much in his life, he was sure of it. A brief eternity later, they both sagged, spent.

He managed to keep himself off her, mostly, but had to rest some of his weight on her small body. She didn't mind. She just kept hugging him, running her hands up and down his back, rubbing the back of his thighs with her sock-covered feet. His cock throbbed, sending a belated squirt into her. She giggled. "I could feel you cumming," she said. "I felt you squirting inside me."

"I'm sorry," he told her. "I might have made you pregnant."

"It's okay."

"You're only sixteen," he protested, feeling her deliberately squeeze the walls of her pussy to hug his cock. "You don't need to be pregnant at this age."

"You said you loved me," she replied. "I know guys say that, just to say it, but..."

She let the question hang, unspoken, giving him time to search his heart for the answer. But he didn't have to look far. It was there, in her gray eyes, in every soft line of her young body. He'd been drawn to her from the first day he'd met her, nearly four years ago now, but had denied it because she was too young then. She was still too young, but there was no longer any strength left in him to hide what he felt. Year by year, watching her grow, his daughter's best friend, trying so hard to keep her at arm's reach. Now he knew why. It wasn't little girls he craved. It was her. Just her.

"I love you, Jennifer," he told her. "I really do. I'm not just saying it."

She smiled. "I believe you," she said. She stretched and somehow managed to get her lips on his without dislodging his slowly shrinking cock from her body. "I love you so much, Carl. I want to be with you forever."

"You'll regret it," he said. "I'm too old for you. We'd have to keep it a secret..."

"Only until I turn eighteeen," she said. "Then, if we're still in love...we'll get married?"

He held her close and felt his cock twitch inside her. He was no longer shrinking. "One step at a time," he told her. But he already knew it was going to happen.

"Next time," she said, "I'm going to suck you. And I want you to cum in my mouth."

He shivered. "We'll have to get you on the pill," he said. "If you're not pregnant already."

"And if I am?" she asked.

"Either way, we won't have to worry about condoms, will we?"

She laughed. "My man," she said, kissing his chest. "My boyfriend. I love you, Carl."

"I love you too, Jennifer," he said, and began to move inside her again.

As he would for many, many years to come.